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Fx Any Come on an adventure with me (NSFW Imagery)

Feb 18, 2020
My name is Holly, and yes, I like playing with monsters :) I'm a nerdy girl and a child at heart 💓. Love my MMOs and also MMO inspired play. Other than that I am very flexible and can't wait to hear all your wicked desires, see if we make a good match.

Love nurturing and being nurtured 🥰. But I'm not opposed to giving/taking a little pain. As long as we each bring some creativity to the tale, what could go wrong? I am very strong willed, and will only submit to the right Dom (must be kind unless the scene calls for nasty). Otherwise I'm quite happy to take the lead. I love medieval settings, but am open to my partner's desires. I'm looking for a long scene and am enticed by a journey with a companion.

I don't mind a bit of slice of life, but there must be a pretty dirty kink involved, such as family play or

  • Monsters
  • Bestiality
  • Furries
  • Watersports
  • Anal play
  • Pet play
  • Incest (mother/son; brother/sister)
  • Face-sitting
  • Body worship (cock, pussy, ass, legs, feet)
  • Rimming

Hucow and Farmer A blossoming relationship between a farmer and his/her first Hucow. Set in a world where Hucows are domesticated, and are the lowest of farm animals, this farmer does not see her in such a light. This cow has become accustomed to such treatment, and is just happy to be of service to humans. How would things change with a much kinder owner.

Brother and Sister : This is still just in the idea phase but I'm hoping to create something with someone who has a shared passion. Basically a historical scene in an alternate universe, where Two twins are on a long journey together. I'm hoping for this to be a long scene with 60/40 plot/smut.

Adventurer and his female centaur companion
Slime Girl: Up for a different sort of adventure with your slime girl companion? Perhaps she is an unwanted companion at first, bringing pleasure but rendering you useless by trapping you inside her body.

I promise I'll have more here soon, but for now, how about we try draw inspiration from the links below? My tastes are not for everyone, so please check to see if they disturb or inspire you.

Holly 💋
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