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Welcome to Sin City (Crime and Chaos playtest)


Dwarf King
Sep 17, 2018
Arkansas, USA
So I presented Crime and Chaos (Available on my discord and my dropbox) before, but the idea was incomplete, and perhaps not well presented. I've since gathered my notes and put a little polish on it. The people who made characters for it before can copy them here to reassert their interest. New entrants are also welcome since some of the old ones have gone silent.

Around the same time as the Atomic Energy Commission was testing at the Nevada Test Site in the 50s and 60s, mysterious disappearances started occurring, alongside some incredibly gory murder scenes that looked ritualistic. Since DNA testing is not a thing in 1963, cops can't say for sure if the disappearances and the gory ritualistic scenes are related, but rumors abound that they are owing to the fact that whenever an explosion goes off, the cops find a new scene. What they never find is a new body. By '63, they've all but stopped, but the fear of demon magic still runs strong in the citizenry.

Somewhere amidst all this is a woman named Lucy Lilin, a single mother who owns a speakeasy style deli that doubles as a strip club, called 'Wiches & Bitches. The group is all staff members of Wiches & Bitches that Lucy has called in to task with a special job. The task is hopefully one that will lead to a long and lucrative career for the gang. A few of the city's more prominent citizens may variously be in favor or against the advancement of a lowly deli-strip club owner:
  • Barry Bell, Esq.-- A personal injury lawyer who may be connected with gang activity in the city.
  • Lucky Luke Haught-- A pool shark who seems improbably good with a cue. He's also sidelining as a "fixer", capable of getting anything for a price.
  • Nathan Levi-- On paper he's a trucker. Unofficially, he's head of The Serpents MC.
  • Dr. William F. Igorsky-- food scientist who is here to warn Murica about the psychological danger of all that work ethic. Thanks to the wondrous advance of technology, the easy life is finally attainable!
  • Daniel "Deuce" Asmo-- Another competitor in the strip club industry, who runs the night club Tartarus, which has a VIP room called The Throne Room.
  • Jeffrey "Bubba" Beals-- Owner and Proprietor of Bubba's Grits and Shit, a southern "Comfort FoodTM diner that's in indirect competition with Bitches & 'Wiches due to proximity. The fact that it's a different kind of food means there's little overlap, but the competition is still there.
  • Mayor Mona Sims-- The Mayor. Rumor has it she practically bought the position.
The game starts in Sin City, 1963, on Friday October 13 (I don't care one way or the other whether Friday October 13 happened in 1963, it is what it is) with the city making preparations for President Kenneth Fitzgerald Johnson to visit on October 31. Since this day has such a strong occult significance, the President may be at risk for visiting. It's up to the group if they want to try to stop his assassination, or to try cause it to come to pass.
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