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Avengers Next Generation IC Thread


Dec 24, 2019
Prologue: The Interview

A Small Cabin In The Woods Of Virginia

“So…. You want to reform the Avengers?”

The reporter, a woman named Trish Walker (no relation to the old super hero Trish Walker) watched the girl in Military dress shift under the question. Her long, LONG legs were wrapped around the wooden chair and were showcased with a pair of simple black heels. The skirt she wore was borderline professional and the white shirt and jacket were open to expose her busty chest. She put her body on display, not because of any reason other than she found it put her interviewee slightly off balance. Even if they were a woman and straight as they came they looked… and if they were jealous it subtly effected them.

As for the men…

The woman she was interviewing was the complete opposite of her at first glance. For one thing, just on looks and body type along Trish was outclassed. Olympian or Amazonian would be a more accurate ascertain of the young woman. Putting it in simple terms, she was built not in any such way that made her look obscene or anything like that. No she was pretty damn near close to a demigod in that sense of the matter.

But… what did one expect of a second-generation Super Soldier?

“It’s time,” Amelia Rogers said speaking up. “My father disbanded them for good reason. Back then it was the right thing to do. Now though? I believe the world is ready for the Avengers to come back.”

“You’re talking about the Civil War,” Trish remarked tapping her pen to her plump lips. “The one where your father opposed the Super Human Registration Act?”

“Yes…” the girl said reaching up to tug at her long blonde hair currently contained in a straight ponytail. If not for the military dress she would look like an Eastern European model. “I think we all remember the events that followed after.”

It hung in the air between them. The Super Human Civil War had left it’s mark on the larger world. The world still held a day of remembrance for the thousands of lives lost in Stamford Connecticut. Wakanda was still absent from the world stage, and the mutants? Well that was a whole other story. Sufficient to say the world had scars from the event her father sat in the center of. Of course it wasn’t JUST her father but also his best friend Tony Stark.

Of course, one of them had come out on the side of angels while the other was known in his final days as a villain.

“Your father was awarded a presidential pardon after his death five years ago.” Trish remarked leaning in. “Though many still think the entire debacle is his fault. The Sokovia Accords as you know were ratified two years ago after the Bloodbath I-“

“I’d prefer you not to use the media name for it,” Amelia Rogers said her mouth pressing into a firm line. “What happened to the heroes on Manhattan should have NEVER happened. In registering they were supposed to be protected.”

“I don’t think anyone expected the Kingpin to organize the heroes like he did but I understand,” The woman nodded. “Either way you have to admit that the blo-“ She paused clearing her throat. “The events in Manhatten did lead to the fractured state of the super hero community. Are you sure you can bridge the gap?”

“My father had a saying,” Amelia said her eyes narrowing. “All it takes is one… one person who still believes in the good fight and liberty and justice over all. Hope can spring eternal when given the chance. It’s my hope and desire to bring back that hope for the people.”

“And the Avengers can do that.”


Chapter 1: Introduction Are Needed

It was the early days of spring, not that one could see much change in this vast swathe of Arizona desert. These coordinates each of them received, they led to such a remote area of the territory that there was nothing for miles. This was a place where isolation and quiet went hand and hand, and a place where one could see the sea of stars for miles and miles. This world was alien, to the great many who stayed in the city and or had never been this far out. In the middle of all that though nature suddenly gave way to something else…

Something forgotten.

Thought it once had a SHIELD presence, Director Tony Stark was a cocky man and believed no one would ever find the graveyard. With his insistence on AI and Drones that would surely be enough to watch over the sea of decommissioned Helicarrier that dotted the large gorge they were dumped in. That same insistence on AI had led to those Helicarriers early death as SHIELD used the Iron Legion variant know for any of their engagements. In truth the rusting husks that jutted into the air like broken teeth or bones were a sad reminder the day of heroes were dead and gone.

There were no more colorful spandex costumes, no more silver silly guns, and no more heroes to swoop in an save the pretty girl (or guy). Civil War had ruined the Golden Age, brought everyone back to a screeching reality of AI, Intelligence Gathering, and wars fought in the shadow. Super Villains replaced with terrorists and the eyes of the world turned outwards. It was that thinking that had led to that god forsaken blood bath all those years ago. It led to people dying plain and simple.

Inside the largest hellicarrier a group of women worked to get it up and running. They wore blue and white jumpsuits and did everything from welding to practice hand to hand fighting in the large ship. Today was supposed to be the day, the day the people they would be working with arrived. Their was an added pep to many of their steps as the spy ring worked to get everything ready. All while giving their leader a degree of space so she could prepare as well. Eventually Amelia’s second in command a woman by the name of Veronica moved towards the entrance so she could bring people in and guide them to the war room that would serve as a meeting place.

“I suppose you have to get up now?” A lazy seductive voice asked from the large bed that dominated the Captains Quarters.

Amelia grunted in acknowledgement, having already gotten up and out of bed and dressed in her uniform. She knew if she looked back she would see one of her girls stretching and getting up herself but made a point not to. She was focused entirely on the news feeds, watching as Mayor Norman Osborne gave his speech.

“Is today the day?” The girl asked coming behind Amelia and draping her arms around her lover’s shoulders. Amelia felt her soft breasts pressing against her powerful shoulder through her uniform and blushed. Doing… well what she wanted to do always left her feeling guilty. She knew it was wrong, to feel guilty about one’s sexuality but the feelings remained all the same.

“Yes.” She finally said as she turned up the volume. Mayor Norman Osbourne… The fat cat of Manhattan who’d won his second term under one VERY specific platform. A iniative he was revealing today. Amelia leaned in eyes devouring the feed.

“As many of you remember,” Mayor Osbourne said his voice authoritarian. “Ten years ago today the late Wilson Fisk organized a band of thugs and murders and went after the loved ones of New York’s greatest Defenders. The system that was supposed to protect them failed and the fine men and women of the New York City Police Department weren’t allowed to defend them because of SHIELD. A great many beloved New Yorkers lost their lives that day and since then we’ve held a day of remembrance for them on this day.”

He paused doing a fairly good bit of acting as he looked sober before continuing. “Today though… today I want to do something a little different. When you reelected me it was on the promise that I would make these streets safe for EVERYONE hero and cop alike. Anonymity protected the Superhero community for decades but why stop there? Why not give the Cops the same strength? And give those heroes till wanting to fight a chance to work with them? That’s why today I am happy to introduce you to the NYPD’s FIRST Blue Knight department.”

Norman turned waving over the group of cops hiding behind the banner of the NYPD. They came out wearing modified versions of a regular policeman’ uniform made to look more heroic. Their faces were covered, either by blue bandanas or full masks. What was more curious was the man leading the group.

“Fuck.” Amelia said rising out of her seat as she took in Daredevil and his shiny new blue costume.



Dec 24, 2019
Enter The Spider

NYPD Holding cell

Six Months Ago

“Parker!” The Police Guard called out. “Get your ass up! Your bails been posted.”

A attractive young man in a T shirt with blood on it rolled off of his cot. Instead of hitting the ground he shifted moving pretty damn fast as he landed on his feet. He rose slowly his body twisting in intricate ways suggesting dancers background. He kept twisting, until finally he felt a pop as his back ache from the hard cot eased. Large nimble hands ran through his luxurious brown hair as he made it stick up slightly.

“I’m afraid I must be going fine gentleman,” Benjamin Hardy Parker said bowing to those in the cell. “I thank you all for the glorious night of revelry and good conversation. You lot might be a variable bevy of scoundrels but I wish you the best of luck! Dave don’t forget what I told you about tax trading and Bone Crusher make sure you go and see my man when you get out about that rash on your bum!”

With that he moved to the doors whistling as he did. The others inside of the cell called out to him as he left. He always made friends wherever he went it seemed… not that he was complaining. One might think there was nothing of worth in the bowels of Manhattans holding cells but he always found a few diamonds in the rough… or maybe a more accurate metaphor was truffles in pig shit?

“All my money better be there man,” He said reaching out as he went through outtake. “I worked my ass off ALMOST quite literally for that.”

Ladies night at club Essexxx always brought in the big bucks. Sure the ladies tended to get a little handsy but the scratches on his ass made him look dangerous for the ladies. He liked to vary the stories he gave depending on the type of woman he brought home. The more outlandish that he could convince them of the better!

“I’m a stripper.” He said flatly when he saw the policemen’s weird look at the ball of dollar bills.

“Uh huh.” The officer said pushing the singles over to him along with his phone and his web shooters. Thank god THOSE were finger print locked. His Aunt would have killed him if the police got into that tech. He pretended they weren’t anything special as he slipped them onto his wrist and waved good bye to the guy behind the heavy-duty window. For a second (just a second he wore) he was tempted to put his fist through it just to see his reaction. Eventually though he let his childish idea pass.

Instead he walked out of the police precinct, leather jacket swung over his broad shoulder. The mid-morning sun greeted him and caused him to winced. Digging into the pocket’s he pulled out his dad’s old glasses and slid them on over his face. They polarized and second later through the special speakers on the tips near his ear he heard the voice of his AI come online.

“Good morning Ben,” FARADAY said her tone happy. “Are you well?”

“Couldn’t be better Fara,” Ben said moving down the steps. “Auntie not to pissed at me is she?”

“Auntie can hear you.” A breathy voice tinged with anger came on over the COM. “Hurry up will you?”

He turned his head to the left. There waiting was his Aunt Mj leaning against her red convertible with her arms folded and a pair of large sunglasses. That combined with her floppy sunhat provided her a modicum of disguise from those walking down the street. Despite that she was starting to get a couple of curious stares. People were placing her, realizing that one Hollywood’s top actresses was right in front of them. He moved to her quickly and by the time he reached the passenger side door she was back in the driver’s seat waiting for him.

“I can explain…” He started to say as she smoothly turned on the car and pulled out.

“Save it,” Aunt Mj said shaking her red locks. “I’m sure you have a perfectly good reason for stealing from the senator.”

“He was-“

“Save it Ben,” She said weaving through traffic. “When you dropped out of MIT I thought this was only a phase, when you told me you were going to be a stripper I said fine, and when you started appearing in costume I thought things were finally going to change.”

“I told you I was just trying it out,” Ben shot back shifting in his seat. “I get it… I get what dad was about but look where it got him.”

Mary Jane’s lips pressed in a firm line. “Benjamin Parker…. You will NOT talk about your father and my husband that way. Your father BELIEVED in being a hero.”

“Yeah,” Ben said putting his head back. “Look where that got him.”

“It got you with me you mook,” Mary Jane said reaching out and placing a hand on the top of his head and ruffling his hair. “Lord knows I tried to keep you on the straight and narrow.”

“Yeah yeah,” Ben said a smile pushing up the corner of his mouth. “So what do you want? You told me you wouldn’t bail me out after the last time.”

“Right…” Mary Jane said turning to him. “About that!”

“I got a job for you.”

Queen of the Damned

Come join the coven
Jul 28, 2012

Sporting a navy blue long dress, Oaklynn glanced around the room. Tonight she was in the estate of an criminal organization in Italy, a missio for her mother. After the Avengers dissembled, her mother and father created their own agency. Only the best of the best spies and agents got except. Oak thought her mother had left that life behind when she joined shield and she thought her father had left that life after being accused of killing a world leader of Wakanda before the T'Challa took the role.

But never the less, Oak had followed in their footsteps. Natasha had trained her in the Red Room along side her father, Bucky. While her parents were always harsh on her when it came to her training, they made she grew up knowing her parents loved her.

Oak clapped and smiled as she brushed the blonde strand of hair off her bare shoulder. Tonight she dawned a long blonde wig along with her dress. Her mission, getting files from the head of the organization. After dinner was served, Oak would glance at the second in command. She would give him small smiles here and there, making him think she was flirting with her.

After dinner was time for the socialization. Oak spoke to many people here and there but kept an eye on the second. Finally, he would come over and introduced himself. Oak gave him a shy smile, "I know who you are. I'm Annette Bisset. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Aww but the pleasure is all mine, m'lady," he said charmingly. Oak twirled a blonde strand around her finger. "Do you mind if we go somewhere private, maybe somewhere we won't get caught," she asked flirtatiously. He nodded and started taking her upstairs. Surely he wasn't that dumb as to take her to his bosses office. But at last, he was dumb. He moved her to the desk and pressed against her. She smiled at him as she glided her hand along his strong next. He went in to kiss her but as soon as his mouth touch her's, he was on the floor passed out. Inside her ring was the tiniest needle with poison. Not enough to kill someone, just make them unconscious.

With the second dead to the world for the time being, Oak moved to the computer and hacked into it. There she popped a micro flash drive hiding in her necklace into the drive. As the files were downloading, she got a phone call. Oak looked at her phone and rolled her eyes, it was her mother. " What? I'm in the middle of something," Oak said annoyed.
" 1. Do not give me that tone. And 2. There's a new job for you."
Jul 27, 2014

A gloved hand thumbed briskly through a dossier marked with a broad red stamp that read, "Classified." Inside was filled with a list of details their client had given to help locate their target. "Name: Adelaide M. Lebeau, Age: 20... Home of record: New Orleans." Elle cited out loud to himself. There were two types of assassin's. Trained assassins & assassins that were still in training. He was the latter. After months of honing his hand-to-hand combat skills in the wilderness with a clan of self-taught hitmen- so to speak. Elliot Rebel Wilson had been assigned his first mission from a corporation called, "Freeman Enterprise".

Snakes, birds, and even alligators scrambled to & fro out of the way of the purring white speedboat bobbing up and down the brackish water. Moss covered Cypress trees, jutting out of the marshland, whizzed by Elliot's amethyst hues as they flew by some craw fishermen, a few moonshine distilleries, and a couple of old wooden shacks. Twin smoke rings filled the air as glowing embers ebbed away at the husk of a Cuban cigar. It was held by the driver; a 2 ft tall monkey rocking only a bandolier, a maroon beret, black shades and a pair of forest green camo jeans complete with black combat boots.

One might've thought the warm muggy air was getting to Elle, but on the contrary...

"To all of you friendly readers out there. This is not a hallucination. The monkey is real." Spoke the young male to no one in particular. " Ai, yai, yai, ya remind me of your fa'tha." Elle's tiny comrade voiced sternly, shaking his head in disapproval as he took another drag of the cigar. "Y'know Elliot." His tone grew with concern, "You should really get yer self checked out fer schizophrenia."

Elle swatted at a pestering mosquito that buzzed incessantly in his ear as he groaned impatiently, "Hit-Monkey? How much longer til we make our arrival?" Ashes fell from the tip of the cigar as a gray fog shot out of the macaque's nostrils. "Yerr askin' too many questions, kid. Just sit tight, we'll get there soon enough." And with that, the boat picked up the pace. Elle slouched back in his seat, pulled his shirt over face, and remained silent for the duration of the ride across the Mississippi River. He hated the stagnant smell of boiled, rotten eggs.

Parking the boat at the wharf, Hit Monkey the 3rd hobbled out onto the pier. "This is our stop, kid. The Big Easy. Our target is not too far from here." A long finger aimed at a metallic box behind Elle's seat. "Grab yer gear and make sure that thing's screwed on nice & tight." HM3 grinned, revealing a single canine as his cigar wobbled on the corner of his lip. Elle did as instructed. Inside was a .45 acp, 1911 Dan Wesson, Discretion complete with a magazine packed with hollow points & a suppressor. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. After racking back the slider, chambering a round and switching on the 'safety'; Elle holstered it at his waist. The foreign metal felt clunky as the apprentice strutted with a limp along the abandoned pier.

Soon they were in a seedy district near the French Quarter, surrounded by warehouses. Security was at a minimum. "Based on the intel our client provided this should be the place." Broken neon lights flickered throughout Pirates Alley, a small pedestrian street that ran about 600 feet; and was adjacent to one of the city's largest churches. Entering a strip club, Elle & his acquaintance flashed their ID's as a woman groped his crotch to check for a weapon. "That's all me baby & yes, I am excited to see you. " Elle smiled convincingly.

For some reason he was often able to charm others into believing him with relative ease. He chalked it up to his good looks as the woman frowned upon HM3's hairy visage. She didn't go anywhere near him. "Oh him? He's..." Elle lifted a hand and whispered, "a premie." His normal voice resumed as he continued, "He was born that way. Sadly, coming to places like this is the only way Diddy Kong here will get his rocks off." Reluctantly, Hit Monkey nodded in agreement as they moved past her.

"Ok, according to the blueprint in the files, there's a hidden entrance right" An inconspicuous out of order pool table concealed a button beneath it. Pushing the button caused a wall behind them to shift to the side revealing a staircase linked to the lower level of the club. Cheerful laughter roared through the winding corridor as Elle brought the gun his chest. He poked his head out, from around the corner just far enough to see dice being rolled and cards hitting tables.

"Some crimes never go out of style." Wheezed HM3. An illegal gambling ring was being ran underground throughout the catacombs of NOLA. Spotting his target, Elle raised his gun and aimed it at her. The veteran macaque was busy studying the patreons, taking account of their habits. "Whoa kid, wassa matter with you? Put that thing down. Too many eyes. You want this to go off without a hitch, yeah? " Elle nodded wordlessly, lowering the weapon. "Then we gotta do this thing quietly."

Stalking their prey, the pair waited until she was alone with no more than at least 3 others to accompany her in a nearly darkened tunnel. "On my signal. 3... 2... 1..." HM3 ushered, "Now kid." The gun jiggled in Elle's hand as he steadied himself, disengaged the safety & squeezed the trigger. The bullet resounded loudly as it struck the ceiling causing a some debris to sprinkle on those below.

"Ah sh--, cheese it !! " HM3 hauled ass as the assassination failed. It was not a user error, the silencer given to him by guy's at Freeman Enterprise had been designed to immediately fly off once the weapon was fired.

The gangsters armed to the teeth, turned & returned fire on Elle with submachine guns & assault rifles. Turning on a heel, he panicked & scurried, and zig-zagged as a few bullets grazed his arms, back, & legs forcing him to wince & yelp like a wounded puppy. Tripping over a water pipe, he tumbled face first and rolled onto his back. His right shin was on fire. Left alone with nowhere to go, Elle crab walked backwards until he was up against a stone wall.

"Yup. That's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess." He muttered to the audience, "It all started when a Russian man known as Clorox, I think, offered me the deal of a lifetime. I would've been given enough money to fund my mother's surgery. Looking back on it all..." Elliot's monologue was interrupted as a smoking barrel was pressed to his skull. It was still hot & burned like hell.

"Who sent cha', kid?" A brash man quizzed. Elle was under an extreme amount of pressure. He just knew he was going to die as a pair of glacier blue pools stared menacingly into the depth's of his soul. "Uhhh...uhhh..." Was all that the young assassin could manage. "I'm NOT gonna ask again." Elle felt the barrel nudge his temple. "Ain't no place like home. Ain't no place like home." Elle repeated frantically and as he clicked his heels three times something bizzare happened. His body faded into nothingness. 'Am I...dead?' He moved an invisible hand before his purple eyes. He couldn't see it, but he knew it was there. 'Am I...No way?!?!?! The spell actually worked !! Thank yoouuuuu, Dorothy !' "What the? Where'd he go?"

Footsteps pitter pattered back toward the underground casino as a New York ID dropped from his pocket. He had been fumbling around for an earpiece when it happened.

"'re...alright kid." The reception was shit downstairs, but it gradually improved as he made it back to the strip club. "No. Thanks to you." Elle retorted. "It's all water under the bridge, kid. Come on. I'm back at the dock. We gotta get back up state. Something new just came down the pipeline." ... Still traumatized, Elle tossed the 1911 into the Mississippi River as he boarded the speedboat that was loaned out to them, labeled Weapon X.

"Fuck guns."
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Oct 2, 2018
Aaliyah was adopted as a baby so she grew up normal. Now growing up she was very sickly from asthma, diabetes, etc. But all that changed when she turned 13. On that day her brother pranked her in front of the entire family and something inside her snapped.

Her once blues eyes turned white along with her hair. The sunny June day turned into a severe thunderstorm and stayed that way for three weeks... Which is not normal for small town in Georgia during the summer time. So again she found herself back in the foster care system and the process starts over again but this time she remembers everything.

From the shock therapy, constant fighting, multiple therapy session and down right abuse from the orphanage workers, the people who were supposed too protect her.

Then it happened she was adopted at the age of 16 she was adopted by a nice couple who didn't mind her umm gifts. They even helped her with controlling them, but at the same time allowed her to be normal.

Evan and Destiny Rogers

Present Time:

Aye Liyah when you gonna let tap that?" Eric asked (co-worker)

Liyah rolled her eyes as she packed up for the day " Never Eric." She tossed over her shoulder as she walked out the building

Since she didn't live far she walked home like normal, texting her mom she was heading home and was safe. She noticed something different about the area the children wasn't outside playing, music wasn't loud and there was a lot of black Escalades outside her apartment area.

must be a drug bust next door

Unlocking her door she walked in not noticing her parents or the others sitting in the living room. She felt eyes on her as she flipped on the light she pulled out a gun she had hidden in her bag pointed at whoever was the closest.
" Pops! Really who are these people." Liyah asked holding tight on her weapon

" We need to talk."


Dream Weaver
Sep 7, 2019
Jurassic Park
Hard Wrought Iron

Morgan Stark was at her favorite elevation on Earth- 10,000 feet above [REDACTED BY SHIELD] Afghanistan in a United States Air Force operation. But unlike her famous father, it wasn’t in an iron suit, with only advanced nanotechnology between her and the sky. No, for the past four years as a reservist, she’d flown for six tours of duty and thousands of hours in a F-A/40 Stalker fighter jet, bombing the crap out of the Ten Rings.

The Ten Rings was a terrorist organization run by the elusive Mandarin and thought decimated by Tony Stark after he escaped their capture in the Mark 1 Iron Man suit. Afghanistan had finally started to know a semblance of peace with their fall. That was, until the Superhuman Registration Act and the Civil War gave them an opening to announce their existence once again with a series of car bombings in New York timed to coincide but not in direct coordination with Wilson Fisk’s deadly ambush. And they were out for revenge.

Since then, they’d conquered half of Afghanistan in an unholy alliance with the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda and had started to spread cells in war torn Syria, Iraq, Libya, and even far flung countries like the Philippines and Argentina. This had caused the UN Security Council to send UN Peacekeeping Forces, in conjunction with SHIELD and a coalition of international forces ranging from the US to Russia to China, on a mission to crush the Ten Rings once and for all.

Several of Morgan’s friends had died in New York on that fateful day, and so she had signed up to enlist. It helped that the Air Force would get her in shape and put some distance between her and her father.

Tony and Pepper, ever the loving parents had, of course, strenuously argued against it that same night. However, Tony eventually caved to his little Squirt when she agreed to train to use a Mark 51b suit he’d been developing for her since she was five, and keep it with her on her mission even though she didn’t plan on using it. She did manage to extract a promise never to meddle in what that mission was so that she would never appear to be receiving special treatment. However, it annoyed her that he ended up using his contacts to make sure that her plane had a direct connection to Stark Industries’ satellite network, was armed to the teeth, and came preinstalled with a state of the art copy of Jarvis called, imaginatively enough, Jarvis II.

“Ma’am, coming up on the target now,” the AI warbled in its trademark British accent as the aircraft approached, making that first word sound like “mum.”

“Alright, Raptor Leader to Raptor 2 and Raptor 3,
prepare the presents, over,” Morgan said over the intercom to the two other F-A/40’s on her left and right flanks.

“Acknowledged, Raptor. Presents wrapped,” Raptor 2 said.

“Balloons are on deck and ready to surprise on your signal,” Raptor 3 said, barely suppressing a giggle as they descended to 1,000 feet to deliver their payloads.

“FIRE!” Morgan screamed, upon which three GU63 50,000 pound bunker buster missiles obliterated the cave entrance, which then collapsed the entire western face of the mountain, sealing any terrorists who weren’t killed inside.

“I detect no remaining life signs in the upper cave complex,” Jarvis II said plainly.

“Hear that, Morgan? Er, I mean, Master Sergeant Stark! The fat robot sang,” Raptor 2 whooped.

“Drinks are on-!” Raptor 3 started to say. Suddenly, a boulder hurled at lightning speed took out his plane in a fiery inferno before he had time to launch any defenses. All that could be heard on the radio was his dying screams.

“Fuck this shit! I’m out of here!” Raptor 2 yelled and then ejected just before a second boulder smashed his plane too.

“What the hell is going on, Jarvis?” Morgan demanded as she pulled up hard on the stick to avoid a third rocky missile.

“Ma’am, it appears to be a man severely mutated by gamma radiation,” Jarvis II explained. “With bony spikes,” it clarified.

“Whatever it is, it ain’t leaving here alive. Firing everything we have! Hang on, Dave!!!” Morgan yelled as her comrade descended to earth in his parachute, subsequently emptying her entire air to surface missile payload at the monstrosity.

It just grinned at her with contempt as it stood standing among the crater, and then she peed a little when it roared and jumped at her with inhuman height. However, Morgan managed to pull away with a barrel roll and then rocketed back up to 10,000 feet to avoid any further attacks by her bestial opponent.

“I was afraid this might happen,” Morgan sighed. Her father had warned her about the possibility of fighting metahumans, especially if they were anything like Dr. Banner. “But I can’t leave a man behind...”

Tony was going to lord this over her for a while, but Morgan had no choice.

“Jarvis, activate Cinderella Protocol.” God, her father had the stupidest names for these things.

“Are you sure, ma’am? You strictly told me...”

“I know what I fucking said. Just do it, and then get Dave the hell out of there before he reaches the ground and that thing grinds his bones to make its bread.”

“Understood. Ejecting pilot in” Jarvis counted down.

Once Morgan was soaring through the sky, pieces of her suit flew themselves out of her plane and wrapped around her body until she could no longer escape her legacy.

“Pilot ejected and safely suited up. Engaging auto-pilot,” Jarvis said as Morgan plummeted to the ground at Mach 1.5.

When the punch connected and the not-Hulk went soaring away, Morgan dealt with her own hard landing’s impact on her ribs and so did not know where her assailant had gone to. She only realized it a second too late as it grunted, “Puny Stark girl! I will have head on wall!” and punched her into a rock.

“Oh...fuck, I’m definitely gonna need an ice bath tomorrow,” Morgan groaned. But a minute later, as the beast charged at her like an enraged bull in the arena, she knew what she had to do.

“How does this thing work again?”

Despite her genius level intellect, Morgan did not know these suits inside out, like she would’ve liked her father to believe.

“C’mon, c’mon...”

There! The arc reactor on her chest opened, and a massive repulsor blast, along with thousands of bullets and micromisssiles from her other armaments, finally slowed the creature’s advance by forcing it to shield its head.

Jarvis’s voice appeared in her head, declaring, “Airman David Braddock is safely on a medical gunship.”

“Then I think it’s time to phone home.”

“I’m sorry, Morgan, but that could lead to your death. I am prohibited by my programming to...”

“Override code 3000!” Morgan grunted just as the monster jumped at her, pinned her to the ground, and started wailing on her with its fists that were starting to crack her glass. Finally, her dad’s schmaltzy words were good for something.

Thirty seconds later, a tungsten rod fired by a Stark Industries satellite from orbit five miles above the surface whistled through the sky and landed directly on the thing’s back, pulverizing its spine, creating yet another crater, and leaving two tons of extremely dead gamma monster on top of Morgan. Her suit was definitely banged up, and she would need, like, all the Band-Aids (with cartoon characters on them, of course), as well as a cheeseburger, but Morgan managed to roll it off of her.

“Hey, Madam Secretary,” Tony said. Morgan muffled her groan of discontent.

Only it wasn’t really her father. It was that stupid party trick of his where he’d send and control an empty Iron Man suit to communicate with her without ever having to actually, y’know, be there.

“Hi, Dad,” Morgan sighed.

“You might kill your poor mother when she hears about this,” Tony said, “but maybe she’ll forget about all that when she’s kissing your boo-boos. Your uh...lots of boo-boos.”

“Ugh,” Morgan said as they both flew up, carrying the corpse for analysis by SHIELD as Jarvis II tagged along. “So, what now, oh father mine? Am I grounded for life, or several lifetimes?” she then asked sarcastically.

“If by that, you mean that I had lunch with the President and you’re being ultra grounded at Avengers Tower, then yeah.”

“For what?”

“You wanted to be a soldier so bad? Well, your country needs you, soldier.”
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Dec 4, 2019
somewhere amongst the stars
New Orleans, Louisiana
3:35 am


Adelaide hadn't been able to calm her nerves. Not even after sucking down two marijuana pre-rolls and a cig in a matter of a hour tops. She had lit up the first one as soon as she made it out of the city, heading down the narrow backroads towards the swampy outskirts. Her brown boots, now caked in dust, shuffled against the uneven dirt road. Gently she brushed the chestnut locks from her face, arranging them snugly behind her ears.

Fuck. she winced, feeling a pain shoot into her shoulder. Most likely from the tumble she had taken during a visit from her unexpected visitor. Unfortunately for her it hadn't been the girl scouts selling cookies. Rotating her arm in a tight circle she waited for a small pop, a few more curse words fallow after. Tilting her head to the side she gave her neck a crack as well, already feeling her body healing.

Despite being on a road that was seldomly traveled, unless you were a local, she couldn't let her guard down. There was no telling who had issued the hit, but not many people were in the mutant bounty business these days. Well, unless you were another mutant. If there was a trophy for being at the top of most shitlists it would surely go to Miss Adelaide Marie LeBeau. Question was, who would know to find her here in Louisiana?

Her deep sienna eyes narrowed as the structure slowly came into view. A new feeling stirring inside of her. Softly glowing lanterns lined each side of the narrow walkway, inviting clusters of moths to dance around its warmth. A heavy sigh escaped her full lips as she continued forward, the colossal home coming more into view amongst the heavy vegetation.

Oak Alley Plantation.jpeg

Before Adelaide could reach the door it abruptly swung open. Stepping out of the French styled doors was a silver haired women, dressed in a long cotton nightgown. "Oh good god, child. You gonna give me a damn heart attack one of these days." The women placed an aged hand onto her heart before giving the girl a small smile. "Look Lottie, I'm sorry..I know you don't like it much wh-" a hand moved out to hush her, "We can talk bout it in the mornin, sha. For now I think you need a hot bath and pillow to lay on."

The Next Morning

Plush grass caressed the tips of her fingers as she let her arm drape over the side of the hammock. Letting her eyes fall shut she took in the surroundings, the warm sun resting against her bare stomach, a gentle breeze rushed through the trees, birds singing in all directions. She focused on the sound of the cicadas, always having loved their humming melodies. It brought her back to her childhood on the plantation, after her parents had left for the last time. Countless days she had spent under willow tree waiting for them to return.

"Marie! Maaarieeee!" The voice made her smile though she kept her eyes tightly closed. She could hear the light crunching of tiny shoes approaching, "Marie?" the voice called out once more, this time right next to her. A set of small fingers began to poke at her cheeks. Sensing the frustration when the child moved away she reached up for his arm, "Gotcha!" swooping him up with ease she placed the boy in her lap. "I knew you weren't sleepin, Marie!" he giggled, trying to wiggle from the kisses she placed on his blonde head.

"Awe, you caught me, kid." her arms went around him, helping to steady him in the swaying hammock. "Nanny Lottie said she needs to talk to you, its inportmant." his tone went deep and serious, which only made her laugh and hold him tighter. "Did she now? Whelp, we better not keep her waiting or she'll be turning us both into gator grub," Adel lifted him from her lap and set him on the ground before pulling herself up and out. Taking the child's hand she led him towards the back porch, "If she tries you'll just fly us away!" he chirped beside her, tossing whatever toy he had up into the air.

Adel only eyed him, keeping her lips pressed into a hard line.
"Nanny Lottie said you can fly, but don't. She says you do a lot of things you shouldn't....why?" And there it was, a million dollar question asked by a six year old. After a few more seconds of silence she parted her lips to speak, only to lose the words immediately. The question was a hard one, especially coming from the closest thing to a sibling she ever had.

Stopping just shy from the last wooden step she crouched down to rest on her knees,
"Nanny..worries. That's all." she said. The boy nodded slowly, obviously not taking her answer but also knowing better then to push. "You go on and play, leave the worries for the oldies." she smiled, giving his golden curls a light brush. It wasn't until Lucas had turned to leave that she saw what the toy was. It's worn out red and gold plastic catching the suns rays peeking through the trees. It was an old Ironman action figure.

"You gonna tell me what the hell you were doing at that club?" Lottie placed one hand on her curvy hip, her pale eyes looking hard at the girl. Her grey brows furrowed as she impatiently waited for a response. Adelaide rested her elbows against the top of the dining table, setting her face in her hands. "It was the weekend, figured I'd meet a couple friends for a drink...and strippers," Adel shrugged. "After all these years you still think you can lie to me? Try again, sha," Lottie moved away from the table, grabbing a rag to clean the ccounters which she had already done ten times since they'd been in the kitchen.

"Honestly, Lottie. I was there meeting friends."

"In the catacombs.."

"No- fuck....yes." Adelaide sighed, letting her head smack into the table. "Damnit. You know I don't like my thoughts being read. Especially by you." Lotties telepathic abilities were mild, but she hardly ever used them. Only doing so if felt it was absolutely necessary, which was why Adel never had a barrier up around her.

"What if they killed you, Adelaide? I don't know why you always put yourself in the middle of things that you have no business being in. Hell, you didn't even try to defend yourself...."

"And blow up the entire place in the process? What was I supposed to do? I was this close to getting information. Besides, the kid had a terrible shot-"

"Nobody knows where your father is, and this isnt the way to go about findin him. I know you want answers, petite. So do I. But now isn't the time."

Adelaide swallowed hard, fighting back the lump in her throat. She was right. Enough was enough. The women had taken her in as a child, cared for her like she was her own blood. The chaos that seemed to accompany Adel was not an easy burden to carry, yet Lottie never turned her back on her.

"Your right, I'm sorry. I would never put you, or Lucas in harm's way. I'll always protect known that don't you?"

"Of course I know that." she reached a hand up to rub the girl's cheek, "but the universe has different plans for you. Something bigger than all this right now. It's time to be the person who you were meant to be.."

"Soooo, no more strip clubs owned by illegal gamblers?"

Lottie threw the wash rag. Smiling when it hit her face. "That's exactly what I mean. I'd eat up if I was you. You gotta long trip. Bags are already packed."

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Dec 17, 2019
Marcus was in the home of a shapely young woman. He was putting the system together and was seeing her stand over him. He could sense the change in her breathing, the quickening of her pulse, he did his best not to smile as the light skinned woman seemed to be staring at his groin as he continued to wire the security system.

When he looked up at her, she quickly averted her gaze. He shook his head. It was what he expected when he sold her the system at the tech shop. He was well muscled in his company polo shirt and he didn’t have a probably with women looking as he was an impressive specimen to say the least.

But he was probably too greedy for his own good or he would have…taken a lot of women up on their offers.

Since he knew the normal signs of arousal. He just wasn’t here for that. He wasn’t trying to seduce the Congressman’s daughter, he needed info. This was the best way to get it. His knowledge of tech was second to none. I helped that he was from a country with tech at least 20 years ahead of currently tech systems. He could do this wiring thing in his sleep. But information was the bigger commodity right now and he so much wanted to find out lucrative deals going on so he could capitalize on them.

“Ok that should just about do it.” He said sitting up cleaning up and getting off the floor. She was eating him up with her eyes as he knelt on the ground in front of her. He turned around to face her she was practically fanning herself. He walked over to stand in front of her. His deep growl.

“Is there anything else?” He looked at her knowing there was, he could smell it now.

“Yessss.” She stuffed a piece of paper in his shirt pocket and kissed him deep and hard.

He returned her kiss, his hands gripping her rear. Then he heard it in his ear. <<Are you done? Are you done? Can we do this when I DON’T have to hear you rutting forever with the woman. Mission now…make ‘ere your playing thing lata!>>

“I will make sure I use this…and call when I am off the clock.” He said with a smile, stealing another quick kiss, to let her know she had his attention..even if he never came back. It was distracting for sure. As he activated the system.

He gathered his things and was outside in the truck, a moment later.

<<Must you try to think sex is the only thing a woman wants. You can let go of your mandingo dreams once in a while boy.>> The voice came through.

<<Auntie…why must you act like dat. If I am da flava…let me be! I will not be young foreva. Not my fault I haven’t found the one!>>

<<And you won’t find ‘the One’ sticking yo spoon in every pot boyyo. The system is coming online we will have his information as soon as he comes home. You have the night off for now…do try to spend it all in one place…I may need to put my hands upon you…very very soon. I love you, Nephew!>>

He couldn’t help but sigh.

<<Fine I will be a bit more picky on my pots, Auntie.>> He could hear the melancholy in her voice. It was always like that when she was remembering her brother…his father.

<<I love you too, Auntie…turning my mic off!>> She always kept tabs on him. But for now he had the night off. He was tempted to turn around and go back in. But he still had to clock out and go home.

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Dec 24, 2019

Inside the largest hellicarrier a group of women worked to get it up and running. They wore blue and white jumpsuits and did everything from welding to practice hand to hand fighting in the large ship. Today was supposed to be the day, the day the people they would be working with arrived. Their was an added pep to many of their steps as the spy ring worked to get everything ready. All while giving their leader a degree of space so she could prepare as well. Eventually Amelia’s second in command the woman who'd been in her bed and was named Stella moved towards the entrance so she could bring people in and guide them to the war room that would serve as a meeting place.

“Well this isn’t the way I wanted a first meeting,” Amelia said sucking in a deep breath through her nose and exhaling slowly through her mouth. “To be all flustered like this.” Thank god she was dressed at the very least! There was bound to be some minor bumps when it came to their first time interacting together.

“If you guys will come with me,” Stella said coming out wearing her uniform jumpsuit and seemed decidedly non plussed by the fact that her and Amelia had just woken up together and now she was interacting with the next generation of Earths heroes. “We can all sojourn to the meeting room.”

“Thank you.” Amelia said to her lover watching it from her room. Stella merely waved her hand in response and turned to indicate those outside waiting should follow her. Her intention to take them to the actual meeting room and give Amelia a second to compose herself before she joined them. She was more than happy to answer any questions about the craft they were using as a base during said walk.

Amelia splashed some water on her face and mentally went over her speech slash offer. Once she was sure she was ready she moved out making her way to the War Room. There was a sort of Knights Of The Round Table styled table in there and chairs for everyone to sit. The door swished open letting her into the cool room as she moved to the “head” of the table. Though given it was a circular table it was more accurate to say she moved to the forward point of the ship where the large windows were.

“Is everyone ready to begin?” She asked finding her “commander” voice as her dad used to call it before his death.

“I guess this is where the party is?” Ben came into the meeting room dropping his duffel bag on the gun metal floor. He took stock of all the people that were in the meeting room as he made his way to one of the free seats and slid down. Was there already some kind of greeting? Did he need to stand up and say his name or some silly shit? He was half tempted to just to be funny but decided to treat this semi seriously. He idly picked at the button on his loose gray long sleeved t shirt. He’d gone for something of a Nathan Drake look with tight ripped jeans and combat boots.

“Alright,” Amelia Rogers said her eyes flicking over the assembled group. “I think that’s everyone. Well those that I invited that accepted my invitation. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for coming. In this day and age I know the hero stuff comes with an inherent danger. The actions most of our parents took, and the way the world reacted to those actions have left the world in a strange place revolving around superhero’s. People like Norman Osborne want to try and use that place to twist things for their own agenda while people like Stark use it for their own means.” She heard a scoff from the round table and didn’t bother to glance over at Ben Parker. Amelia didn’t do shit halfway, she knew just how angry the young man was about his father’s death and who the source of that anger fell on. Did he yet realize? That Tony Stark’ daughter was part of the group assembled? If he hadn’t realized it yet he would soon figure it out. Amelia didn’t bring them here to hide who their parents were, no it was her hope that they would be a public team! Even though it went against her training.

“I don’t know if you guys have noticed,” Amelia said reaching over and pressing a button on the table. A holo map of the world sprang into place dead center of the table. “But the worlds… well kind of gone to shit as of late.” She explained as she spun it around. “America’s turned inward under SHIELD, protecting only it’s interest, Wakanda and Atlantis went to war before Wakanda cut off all ties to the world, and then there’s the Doom situation.” She paused it right on the European territories. Though the map didn’t show his aggressive conquest it was there all the same.

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Jul 28, 2012
Oak arrive at the hellicarrier wearing a graphic tee that says Just want to take a nap and watch true crime documentaries all day crop top along with skinny jeans and black convers. She brought with her two duffle bags; one with her clothes, including her "super hero" outfit and in the second duffle is all her weapons. She kept a knife in her jeans, you wouldn't be able to know but it was there. Looking around, she wasn't sure where exactly she needed to be.

After putting a pillow under the guy's head, she deleted the files from the computer because she was vindictive and these people made money off selling girls in the black market. Once safely out of the mansion, she called her mother. "The job is completed. So what's this about I have a new one already," she asked. Normally her mom would give her some time in between jobs. " Remember how I was apart of an elite team of super heros," her mother asked. "Yeah," Oak responded. "Well apparently Captain America's daughter is getting the group back together but they want legacies," her mom explained. Oak thought about this for a moment as she hopped into the car she came in. Putting her phone on Bluetooth so she could drive and talk, Oak responded "well I mean look how well it ended last time. What could go wrong."

Oak smiled as someone took her bags, hopefully to her room and not throwing them off. Another person led her to a room full of chairs. Oak assumed it was the conference room. She watched as Amelia walked in. They grew up together, with their fathers being best friends. But forcing friendship on people doesn't always work. With Oak training in the red room, she grew distant from everyone. She sat there watching her as more people filed in. Oak listened before speaking, "So you want what? A team to defend the world? We all know what happened last time when it didn't work."


Oct 2, 2018
Sitting in a blacked out Escalade along with her "parents" who she now knew where just agents that where assigned to take care of her. She was pissed at them and Shield in fucking general.

" Honey, we still love you we basically raised you. We hope you will forgive us one day." Evan said reaching out to touch her

Her head snapped to the side before his hand made contact with her. Her eyes white and her hair was slowly turning to her natural white color.

Don't fucking tell you love me when you lied to me ...faking that you cared about me. I was a God damn mission to you people." She deathly calm " I spent years in that orphanage being "cured" of my powers which never fucking worked because I still have them. Y'all knew and could have rescued me sooner but no they had to break me first so I can depend on you two. It's gonna take some damn time away from y'all if y'all want forgiveness. Until that day don't look at me ,talk too me or even breathe near me."

After her ummm speech in the SUV she quickly got out and headed inside the tall building. As she looked around she started feeling a little out of place as she was guided towards the board room. Once she entered she noticed the woman standing at the head of the table who she instantly knew was the sister her parents told her about.

She knew she probably should stay hidden since no one knew who she was but she wanted to get a good look of the daughter her father kept. So she made her way to the front her heels clicking against the floor as she made her way to an opened seat up front next to the blonde girl.

After listening to the girl talk she rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair.

" I agree with umm you (she pointed to the girl that just spoke) they almost all were killed, or turned into fugitives by the government and the ones that are alive now are mostly hidden to stay alive.... So may I ask Why am I here? I wasn't trained to be a hero..." She said not wanting to be around daddy's favorite little girl anymore. And from the glare on her face and her body language everybody knew she didn't want to be there.
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Dec 4, 2019
somewhere amongst the stars
Adelaide rubbed her fingers against the smooth plastic, trailing a freshly polished nail along the corners. She sat with her back against the wall, her long legs outstretched on the seat. Her brown eyes shifted as she continued to study the picture. There was no doubt in her mind that it belonged to the individual who attempted to kill her in the catacombs. Why would he have brought his ID? A rookie perhaps, but even then most knew better than to bring something like that on a hit. It was too easy to be found if things went sour.

Not my problem now, she reminded herself as she shoved the card into the front pocket of her duffle bag. There was no point in obsessing over a lost cause. She hadn't been shot, or worse..discovered snooping by the club members. The kid had offered a great distraction when he missed his shot, which allowed her to escape almost harm free. She had found the ID in one of the tunnels, immediately knowing it couldn't have belonged to anyone else down there at the time. Not to mention the stench of mutant was all over it.

Time had been lost the moment she left Louisiana. Everyone she met and every place she stopped was treated as a secret. Only being told what was necessary, which mostly consisted of when they switched transportation. One thing was certain, Lottie had been right it was long hell of a trip. Apart of almost wished flying herself would have been an option, being confined in one spot for too long made her anxious.

Adelaide stepped out into the open space once they arrived. Not wanting to go another minute without stretching her legs. Slinging her maroon colored duffle bag over her shoulder she let out a small yawn and stretched her hands upwards. Her doe shaped eyes widened as she looked about beneath her sunglasses. "What in the hell did y'all sign me up for," she muttered, making slow turns as she headed for area she was instructed to.

Before she could go inside what turned out to be a large meeting room of some short, her bag was taken.
"Thanks babe. Nice talking to you," she winked, seeing that it was the guy who assisted in escorting her. Per usual the man remained silent, even after she reached up and gave his cheek a squeeze. There was a moment of hesitation in her movement as the door opened, unsure of what awaited inside. Already she could see some faces, all of which unfamiliar. She could hear Lottie's voice in the back of her mind; Its time to be the person you were meant to be.

There was tension in the air, so much so that it could be cut with a knife. She kept her sunglasses on despite the room being dimly lit. Her black boots patted lightly against the floor when she made her way around the circular table. She stopped at a available seat, not paying mind to who it was by. Her attention went to the blonde female who seemed to be in charge of, well, whatever it was. Assuming they were all about to be let in on this sudden and obscure assembly.

A sudden burst of laughter left Adelaide once the blonde had finished her speech. Everyone present having their own similar reactions. She couldn't help but agree with the curly haired female, hero wasn't on her resume either. "No offense sugar, but the world is different now. You can't just pick people at random and expect the next Avengers. I don't even know who y'all are," Adelaide shook her head, "and you calling for my help tells me you don't know who I am."

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Jul 28, 2012
Oaklynn looked at the two girls as they spoke. She wondered who their parents were and if they were one of the original 6 avengers. She knew Amelia's dad was and she recognized Stark's kid. Well kid was a little over statement. Oak also knew Morgan from a young age. Tony had gotten Oak into all the best schools but Oak never really paid attention to anyone until she left for training. "I mean technically, this would be my parents legacy. My mom was on of the original avengers and my dad was best friends turned assassin of Captain America. If my mom didn't approve this she wouldn't have sent me here..."

Oak stopped talking as she realized that she was babbling on and on. " Don't get me wrong, I'm a trained professional but in the art of spy shit and secret agent life. Not super hero shit."
Jul 27, 2014
After failing to eliminate Adelaide, Elle found himself back in New York, parting ways with his longtime partner, Hit Monkey the 3rd; who was now garbed in a black suit & a chauffeur cap. "And re-memba, if ya eva need anything, call me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some business to attend to." Puffing his cigar, he leaped into the front seat of a rented limo & took off. Gathering his belongings from an empty apartment, Elle took one last sorrowful look at his family portrait on a mantle & placed it faced down.

He promised to exact his revenge on the one's that destroyed what was once a happy home. Recalling the event as he stepped out the door shook him to his core. And it bothered him even more so that he was helplessly unable to do a damn thing about it ! Because of his inability to fight back, his mother Betsy "Psylocke" Wilson (Braddock) was placed inside of a Trauma Center in a deep comatose state; leaving only him to cover for her medical expenses & treatment, which didn't come cheap. Hence his occupation & recent affiliation with Hit Monkey.

He headed down a flight of stairs, and out his apartment with one last place to visit before he would embark on a long & strenuous journey.


Tears flowed down Elliot's cheeks staining his visage as a single 'red' rose fell from his hand, and landed on the colorful burial plot beneath him. A white marble monumental headstone engraved with an all-too- familiar insignia erected before him read:

December, 11th 1990 - redacted - 2040.

Here Lies

Wade "Winston" Wilson.

A father of -redacted-. A legend in his own right.
"He died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people.", His final words were, "One simply does not...forward a chain letter."
Reading this made Elliot smile for a moment. Even in death his dad was quite the comedian. However, this epitaph was a lie & he knew it. Something far more sinister had taken place that day. This was merely a cover up for the public eye.

A day later, Elliot disembarked an airplane & keyed in the coordinates that HM3 had given him on his GPS. Arid heat blasted him in the face as he stumbled upon a massive gravesite for a helli-carriers. Arizona was nothing like the ' Big Apple ', or hell, Tokyo for that matter. A foreign wasteland of wreckage was all that awaited him. Some of the smaller airships were badly mangled and canted with their damaged cargo spilling all over the rusty surfaces.

'Hit monkey, this had better be the right place.'
For a moment, Elle thought that he had been given the wrong address. After all, this deserted place did seem more like a landfill than anything else. When he drew near the largest helli-carrier, a woman in a blue & white jumpsuit performing maintenance saw the disoriented look on his face.

Flipping the window of her mask up she commented, "You must be one of the new recruits. Take a left, chile, and head up that there airgate. You can't miss it ! " Mouthing thanks... Elle passed by a black SUV as he boarded the aircraft. His short, purple & black hair wavered wildly in the wind before coming to halt. He pondered whether or not, he was last to arrive as he caught a glimpse of a peculiar woman's hair bouncing about. Streaks of her black hair were white as a cloud. It reminded him of the bride of Frankenstein.

Another girl, was even further up ahead. Although, Elle couldn't confirm it just yet, she had similar features to his target in New Orleans. Elle contemplated if he was in heaven or not as he spotted a red headed girl over his shoulder. There was no sign of any other guy present, that he could see at least.

Elle donned a purple hoodie, loose fitting cargo joggers, and low top matching Puma running shoes. On his person he carried a large, black & red duffle bag on his back & in his right hand he held weapon's case. Elle handed his baggage off to a servant & locked eyes with a woman, who had been waving at another person further back before commanding his attention.

“If you guys will come with me,” A woman with bed hair stated. She looked she had just woken up, yet her tone showed no signs of that. The lady was in a blue & white uniform, that bared 'some' similarities to the welder outside the collosal airship. "Sure, thing." Elle responded cooly as she lead them into the War Room, she said, “We can all sojourn to the meeting room.”

His violet hues slowly shifted from left to right, as the door to the War Room hissed open. In contrast to the heat outside. It felt surprisingly cool in there. A blonde woman marched towards the "head" of the table, where a lone seat divided each side. Elle took note of the large windows that were behind her back as her voice boomed with authority,

“Is everyone ready to begin?”

“I guess this is where the party is?”

An unfamiliar masculine voice interrupted, as they entered the War Room & slouched into a chair. “Alright,”, the blonde started up again,

“I think that’s everyone. Well those that I invited that accepted my invitation. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for coming. In this day and age I know the hero stuff comes with an inherent danger. The actions most of our parents took, and the way the world reacted to those actions have left the world in a strange place revolving around superhero’s. People like Norman Osborne want to try and use that place to twist things for their own agenda while people like Stark use it for their own means.”

The more she spoke the more questions filled his head. 'Just who the hell was this Norman Osborne & Stark guy?!' Elle picked up a nearby pen, and twirled it between his right thumb & index, as he watched the new guy fiddle with his button. Soon after that, he saw him scoff for some reason. 'Uh oh, someone struck a nerve.'

“I don’t know if you guys have noticed,” she proceeded, pushing a button that triggered an Earth-like digital globe to appear before them. Elle tried touching it, his left arm merely phased through it. "Cool a hologram." He mused, quickly retracting his arm before drawing her ire. “But the worlds… well kind of gone to shit as of late.” The globe slowly whirred around for them to see as she drove her point home.

“America’s turned inward under SHIELD, protecting only it’s interest, Wakanda and Atlantis went to war before Wakanda cut off all ties to the world, and then there’s the Doom situation.”

'What's the Doom Situation? Wakanda. Europe. America. Atlantis.' Gears were grinding left & right in Elliot's head as he tried remember the details for these locations on the map, which were clearly labeled. 'Ooh. I know some of these places! ' He smiled to himself and the quickly swallowed his lips, realizing now isn't the time to be smiling. She had just told them that this world was fucked.

As the lady droned on, the assassin studied the features of the girl who sat across from him, and muttered an expletive. He needed to get out of there, pronto ! He decided a bathroom break was in order as he shielded part of his face with his hood from her. There was now a 'conflict of interest' with his previous contract. He'll need to cancel the hit on her without her knowing it was him, but doing so would mean that his client's company Freeman Enterprise would come after him for retribution. It was one of those contract's where you received half up front & collected the rest later.

They invested a great deal into Elle. They provided him with an arm's dealer. Money for the flight their & back. A boat. The gun he tossed into the river. He was a dead man.

Somewhere in middle or at the end of the ladies speech, an outburst of anger directed at the apparent captain, from a few of the team members took place. Elle used that opportunity to disappear into the bathroom, place his call, void his contract and come back in the middle of the red head's conversation.

With no one the wiser, or so he hoped...

"So you want what? A team to defend the world? We all know what happened last time when it didn't work."
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Dec 17, 2019
Marcus came back home, he had a grand night he found a lovely set of redhead twins to go home with and he was sure it was going to be a grand night. But instead he found a beautiful shapely black woman in Wakandan warrior garb. She looked at him a smirk playing over her face.

He glared at her. “I am sorry ladies I am going to have to take a raincheck…I sincerely apologize. I do. I will make it worth your while. Do call.” He gave the more buxom one his card.

The look the dark skinned woman with long dreads was giving him was not one they wanted to mess with even for a roll in the sac with that one.

He phoned for and Uber for them to be waiting downstair to take them wherever they wanted to go.

“Why are you here Auntie?!?” He all but growled, he wasn’t being disrespectful, but she often told him certain things need to be done, they needed to stay away from one another they both couldn’t die together and yet here she was…why?!?

“It is time T’chall. You have to be our new emissary to the world. We must not let the world our brothers feel as if we have abandoned them.” She spoke to him.

“I don’t want this duty crap you want to spout at me right now. We ain’t abandoned shit Auntie…They abandoned us! They took to destroying our kingdom cause we didn’t give them what they wanted…they aimed Atlantis at us, but we survived that now you want me to do what? If you say SHIELD I swear fo' Bast I will choke you!” He had a particular penchant for hating SHIELD as they knew and had enough secrets to locate Wakanda again. It was his birthright that he didn’t want till he had completed his mission of those that took his mother and father from him.

“They know who took her over…they will give you a complete dossier on where to find the person that took over your mother and killed your parents. You simply have to work with them for a time and they will give it to you on a silver platter.” She was trying to be strong for him, but the memory of seeing her brother’s decapitated head was still fresh, even after all these years.

“And you trust this source?” Marcus was cold right now, he knew she was trying be strong for him but his own mission was coming to a head. “Where is this meeting?”

She tossed him a bead and watched him snatch it out of the air and link with the others around his wrist. He winced briefly with the influx of information.

“So the meeting is that soon? Fine…I guess I should pack my bags and be going then?” He responded.

“Already packed and waiting for you by the door. I put something special in there for you!” She spoke looking at him the perfect mix of her brother and his mother.

He moved to hug her, he held her tightly, she was the only mother he knew now. “I love you, Nana.” He didn’t say it often.

“You say that like it is good bye?” The tears welling up in her eyes as if this was the last time she would see him, she pulled away caressing his cheek.

“We are dealing with SHIELD, how do you know…its not Nana.” It was his turned to become teary, he grabbed his back, the black duffle. Put on his sunglasses, he wasn’t effected by the night. “Lock up, Nana.” He said as he closed the door and headed to the rendevoz.

He walked in the room. ‘Nice eye candy at least.’ He sat quietly and just listened he didn’t give up his bag just yet as he had yet to assess it and he didn’t trust these people, that was just the long and short of it.

He listened to the woman that would be called Oak and found her banter with the other woman Amelia walked in.

‘MMmm I do like chocolate.’ He listened to all of this so who was that, they were all like him, but who were they, the rolodex of heroes came up on the inside of his glasses as who some of these people might be or their parentage at least.

‘So this was what his father spouted off as being the group that saved the world many times over. Now they wanted a bunch of loners to work together.' He chuckled to himself as he gazed over at the woman Adelaide walk in.

He looked at Oaklynn and his HUD indicated she was at least Black Widow’s daughter. ‘Fits!’ He thought.

Then the other guy came in, he saw the quiet one but this one seemed off somehow and he couldn’t put his finger on it just yet. But they all said the same thing…but they were all here. He didn’t respond for a bit.

“What do you want us to do? I mean since we are all…here.” He wasn’t leaving till he got what he came for. He fully intended to make his mother/father’s killer disappear. All of this bantering back and forth wasn't necessary. There was a job to do, lets do it so he could get back to his life. They were somewhat interested they were all here after all for one reason or another.

Queen of the Damned

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Jul 28, 2012
Oak looked around at everyone but stopped at Marcus. She was curious as to why he was pretty much on board with this plan. She knew who everyone was. On her way here, her mom sent her files with everyone's information on there. It had information on where they lived,who their parents were, if they were alive or not, and so forth. She figured most them who worked in a field like hers would have the same files. But alas she sat back to see what the golden child had to say
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