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I made one of those dumb CYOA things for building a fantasy setting. Let's mess with it!


Jul 22, 2019
Well, really, I just wrote the text for one--haven't gone and done up one of the fancy image prompt things. If anyone wants to help find art to go with the options, be my guest!

Anyway, this is just something I threw together while pretending to work, but hey, I think it has potential to turn out some fun ideas. Anyone care to give it a whirl and share the results with us? I'd love to see what sorts of worlds you put together!

Fantasy World Creation CYOA

Hi there! Don’t be alarmed--I know you’re confused right now, but I promise, everything is fine. You’re perfectly safe.

...Where are you? Well...okay, I’m sorry, but there’s not really an easy way to say this: you’re dead. Calm down, calm down! It’s okay, really. I know this is a lot to take in, but please, let me explain.

...The afterlife? Well, sort of. I’m guessing you’re picturing a heaven and hell sort of deal, but that’s not really how it works. See, normally, humans and other sapients reincarnate into new bodies after they die, with little to no memory of their previous life. But you’re one of a lucky few! You’ve been randomly selected for training as what we call an Architect--that’s who I am, by the way. The Architect of Earth, along with a few other worlds you won’t be familiar with. Delighted to meet you! Although it’s not exactly my first time meeting you, seeing how I’m aware of everything that happens on Earth and know every detail of your life.

...Oh, come on, don’t be silly. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. Trust me, I’ve literally seen it all.

Anyway, if I can put us back on track: your selection as an Architect. To put it simply, upon death, a very, very small fraction of all sapient souls are selected at random to be trained for the position. What position is it, I hear you ask? Well, you might think of us as gods, although that’s not entirely accurate to how you understand the term. Architects are those who design and build new worlds, populate them with sapient souls, and administer them to ensure everything functions smoothly. We get a few perks with the job, notably immortality, which we can also extend to any loved ones from our previous lives upon their own deaths--so don’t worry, you’ll be with them again before you know it. The other big benefit, of course, is that we’re free to incarnate in whatever shapes we like to go down to worlds we’ve built and experience things there! It can be tons of fun, and the best part is, if you want, you can alter your own memories when you go down, so as long as you’re there, you’ll feel every bit like an inhabitant of that world, and get to really experience the challenges and thrills without it all being ruined by knowing you’re really immortal and in control of everything.

I know this is all pretty overwhelming--trust me, I remember my first time. That’s why, as part of your training, I’ll be riding along and helping you through the process of building your very first new world! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands--I’m an expert at this.

Why don’t we start off with something nice and familiar, just so you can get the hang of the process? Let’s try making something that emulates human fantasy fiction. Just follow along, and I’ll walk you through all the steps...

  1. World Type
First, let’s figure out what the world itself looks like, what kind of landscapes it has. You’re free to come up with whatever details you want, but I like to break them down into some basic categories.

Choose 1:
  • Earth-like. Just what you’d expect: a little of everything, spread across different biomes. You’ll get forests, mountains, deserts, arctic, oceans, all the stuff you’re familiar with. You can make the wildlife different if you want, but it’ll have more or less the same ecological niches.
  • Eden. Crank the wildlife up to eleven. This is how you get a whole world covered in jungle with trees the size of skyscrapers, and animals that would make Earth’s biggest, scariest predators look cute and fuzzy. Whoever lives here had better learn to coexist with nature, or it’ll fuck ‘em right up.
  • Wasteland. The opposite of the Eden type, this’ll make your world a blasted hellscape. Could be a radioactive desert, a global ice age, whatever; any way you slice it, life will be scarce, and the survivors will be all the tougher for the struggle.
  • Waterworld. Lots of oceans, not much land. You’ll probably get people living on islands and sailing to get around, and maybe some underwater or amphibious civilizations too.
  • Weird. Do something totally different, something that’s nothing like Earth at all! Ringworld? Dyson Sphere? Floating islands in an infinite sky? Go nuts!
  1. Inhabitants
So, who’s going to live here? You get humans by default, but you can replace them, add others, or both. To be clear, this is just sapients, not wildlife or monsters. Think playable races, if this were a game.

Choose 1:
  • Humans Only. What it says on the tin.
  • Limited Cast. You get humans, and maybe a few others that mostly keep to themselves. When different species encounter each other, it’s a big deal, and they’ll probably find each other scary and weird.
  • Cosmopolitan. Humans plus a handful of other species, all of whom are well aware of each other and interact fairly often, whether in cooperation or conflict. Think Middle-Earth.
  • Kitchen Sink. You’ve got humans, elves, kobolds, centaurs, ogres, just everybody, all living together in the same neighborhoods. Be careful who you make interfertile, unless you want things to get really crazy.
  • +Different Baseline. Want humans to be a minority, or not around at all? Pick this as an add-on. The most numerous sapients will be something other than humans; they can be like-humans-but-different, or another species altogether, whatever you want.

  1. Tone
What kind of place to be is your world, in a general sense? Is it a land of bold heroes and high adventure? A horrible dystopia? Somewhere in between?

Choose 1:
  • Grimdark. Everything’s awful, all the time. Have fun watching all hope and beauty be ground down into dust, you monster.
  • Gritty. This will be the most familiar to you, from living on Earth. A lot of people are gonna suffer a whole bunch, but there’s still hope and optimism to be found if you know where to look.
  • Heroic. Things aren’t perfect, but most people’s lives are pretty okay. The good guys will be more concerned with upholding the status quo than changing things for the better.
  • Noblebright. Life’s good, the heroes always win, the villains always lose, and everyone gets their happy endings. Kinda boring for my taste, but hey, it’s your world.

  1. Tech Level
What kind of technology are people working with? This doesn’t have to be the same everywhere--you can have some places lagging behind or forging a bit further ahead--but it’ll be the general standard.

Choose 1:
  • Neolithic. Fire and flint-knapping are still the cutting edge.
  • Bronze Age. Comparable to the earliest human civilizations.
  • Iron Age. Anything from classical Greece to the vikings.
  • Early Medieval. Chainmail and bows.
  • Late Medieval. Early plate, crossbows, and longswords.
  • Renaissance. Guns have entered the chat. Also, full articulated plate and fancy polearms.
  • Industrial. Steam engines, clockwork, and printing presses. Season with whale oil to taste.
  • Diesel Age. From the start of the 20th century up to the end of World War II. May or may not include Tesla coils.
  • Modern. What you had back on Earth, or close enough. Cars and computers.
  • Futuristic. Beyond where Earth is at now, but still with limits you can understand. Spacefaring, cyberpunk, that kind of thing.
  • Hypertech. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  • +Lost Tech. Pick two options. The first is what people understand and can produce right now; the second is more advanced stuff from a past golden era, which may as well be magic at this point.

  1. Gods
Okay, now we’re getting into the really fun stuff. See, for all intents and purposes, you’re the God of this world, yeah? But you don’t have to appear to the people there as just plain old you. You get to decide how your power and influence appear to them, and how they’ll understand you and worship you. Here are some options I’d recommend.

Choose 1:
  • Agnosticism. Definitely easiest on your end. Don’t make your existence known at all; let the mortals decide for themselves what they’ll believe. This will give you all kinds of different religions all over the place, all of them probably convinced they’re right and everyone else is wrong, even though none of them have any hard evidence.
  • Monotheism. Keep it simple: you’re the only God, and you make sure they know it. You can be as specific as you want about what kind of God you are, and how you want to be worshiped; let them decide, and they’ll probably all come up with their own ways of venerating you.
  • Polytheism. Come up with a pantheon of multiple gods to represent yourself. Everyone in the world will know that these are the only real gods, and will worship all of them accordingly.
  • Henotheism. As above, except people won’t worship all the gods equally; instead, different people and societies will pick favorite patron gods, and they’ll worship their choice as the best. They’ll still acknowledge that the rest exist, but they might ignore them, or they might actively oppose their worship.
  • Pantheism. Everyone will know that gods are real, but that’s about all they’ll be able to agree on. Come up with as many identities as you like, to use all over the world. You’ll end up with a million different religions that all believe in different versions of you, some monotheistic and some polytheistic, and they’ll all be right.
  1. Magic Rarity
I like to break magic down into multiple steps; this is the first. How common is magic in your world? Is it something only a handful of people can do? Is it everywhere? Is it a secret, or does everyone know about it?

Choose 1:
  • No Magic. Boring! But hey, whatever floats your boat. And I guess if you already have hypertech around, throwing in actual magic too could be overkill. Obviously, if you pick this, skip all the other stuff about magic.
  • Low Magic. Most people will go their whole lives without ever encountering anything magical. Actual magic-users are even rarer. Society at large might not even be aware that magic exists, dismissing it as the stuff of fairytales.
  • Moderate Magic. Pretty much everyone will know about magic at this point, and seeing it won’t be too uncommon, but it’ll still be the province of the powerful. Kings might have court mages, but the common folk make do without.
  • High Magic. This is where you start seeing magic used on a societal scale, to really change how ordinary people live. Cities will have magical infrastructure; armies will take magic into account in their basic tactics. Anyone with a decent education will have a shot at becoming a magic-user, if magic is something you can learn.
  • Ubiquitous Magic. Just, fuckin’ everywhere, dude. Everybody uses magic stuff every day; people ride flying carpets to work, use pyromancy to cook their food, the whole deal. At this point, you don’t even need regular technology to have societies that look crazy advanced compared to Earth.

  1. Magic Power
Now, how strong is magic here? How much ability does it have to change the world? Is it basically just party tricks, or can it level mountains and raise continents? How versatile is it? Is it limited to a few very specific functions, or only by the user’s imagination? You can combine any of these with any of the above (except No Magic, duh), but some combinations might stretch belief a little. Just something to think about!

Choose 1:
  • Weak Magic. Think about the kind of stuff people who believe in magic on Earth say it can do. Telling the future in vague hints, warding off bad luck, curing common diseases--little things that make life easier, but nothing that’ll really change the world.
  • Potent Magic. This level makes magic about as effective at any particular thing as a highly competent person would be. A combat mage is as scary as a master swordsman, but not more.
  • Powerful Magic. A competent mage can do things normal people can’t dream of. One wizard can conjure food to feed a whole village, or blast away an entire platoon of soldiers.
  • World-Shaking Magic. The strongest mages are basically living gods, the sort who can level cities if they want to. If they don’t rule the world, there’s probably a very good reason why.
  • +Limited Magic. However much power a mage can throw around, they can’t just do it whenever they want--there’s some big limiting factor involved. They might need rare components to cast spells, or it might involve rituals that take hours.
  • +Focused Magic. Magic might be really powerful, but only at one specific thing. Maybe all mages just control the weather, or communicate with the dead. They can be as good at that as your main choice says, but that’s all they can do.

  1. Magic Type
Okay, now, bringing it all together: how does magic actually work in your world? Where do magic-users come from? What does casting a spell look like? Again, some options might work better with certain rarities or strengths, so just keep that in mind. Also, I’d personally advise against picking too many options here, unless you want things to get real crazy down there.

Choose any number:
  • Academic. Magic is a skill, just like reading or math. Anyone can learn it, but it takes time and training.
  • Innate. Mages are born, not made. If you have the power, it’ll come out whether you want it to or not; better learn to control it.
  • Spiritual. Magic is learned, but not the way you learn a language; it’s about attaining a certain state of mind, going on spirit quests, achieving inner harmony and enlightenment, all that jazz. Sort of like becoming a Jedi.
  • Miracles. Straight from you, baby. You’re the one who decides who gets magic and when. Maybe you grant it to worshipers, or maybe you just pick whatever schmucks you want and hit ‘em with the Saint Stick.
  • Pacts. Really the same as miracles, but with a scary coat of paint. Put demons or hungry ghosts or eldritch horrors or whatever down there, and anyone desperate or stupid enough who gets in touch with them can bargain for power at the cost of their soooouuuuuuuul...or, y’know, their blood, or years off their life, or whatever.
  • +Combined. Pick this as an add-on and stick any number of the above together into one system. Want mages to be born with the potential, but need training to unlock it? Holy sages meditating for years to commune with you and receive miracles? Go nuts.

  1. Monsters
You’ve already got regular wildlife (or maybe not so regular) and sapients; this category is for everything else. Assume everything you pick from here will be unfriendly to people; they might just be occasional threats, or they might actively try to wipe everyone else out. Your call!

Choose any number:
  • Monstrous People. Now, this option used to be a lot more popular, but it’s fallen out of favor lately--a lot of us have had it pointed out that it’s kind of unfair to make species that are as smart as people but stuck in the role of monsters. I’d advise against it, but if you really need to have your goblins or orcs or lizardfolk or whoever be just threats for everyone else to kill, this is your pick.
  • Magical Beasts. If you want dragons or chimeras or any other big scary critters that aren’t covered by the wildlife you’ve already got, this’ll do for ya.
  • The Unquiet Dead. People die when they are killed, except when they don’t. Pick this if you want some of them to stick around and cause problems for the living--ghosts, ghouls, vampires, all of the above.
  • The Fair Folk. Think fairies, but old-school. Awe-inspiringly beautiful, completely alien. They might help you for some bizarre price while just acting creepy, or they might slowly torture you to death and laugh over your broken remains.
  • The Created. Stuff that someone made once, now out of control and wrecking everyone else’s shit. Robot armies, legions of vat-grown super-warriors, that kind of thing.
  • Demons. Not necessarily the traditional fire-and-pitchforks kind--we just use it as a general term for evil spirits, or at least ones that don’t like people. If you want, they might be open to buying mortal souls, or maybe they just want to eat everybody.
  • Things From Beyond. The kind of stuff that Lovecraft guy had nightmares about. These can overlap with demons, but at least people can understand what demons are about. Anyone who’ll make a deal with these guys definitely doesn’t have their shit together.

  1. Sexyness
Finally, the part I know you’ve really been looking forward to. While many Architects think of themselves as above that sort of thing, there are plenty who aren’t ashamed to build a little fantasy-fulfilment into their fantasy world. Know what I’m sayin’? Pick how much you want to crank up the sex-o-meter on this world. Some cultures might be more or less conservative, but this will set the baseline.

Choose 1:
  • Non-sexualized. Pick this if you’re not interested in sexing up this world any more than Earth. People will still be far from asexual on average, but sex won’t have any kind of extra influence on society.
  • Lewd. This one will put things in the realm of the improbable, rather than the impossible, when it comes to sex. People’s appearances will tend to be idealized; almost everyone will be on the horny side, and pretty much any situation that conceivably could lead to sex, will. The weird and magical parts of the world, including the monsters, will likely have a sexual bent.
  • Pornographic. Here’s where sex starts to affect every part of daily life. Stuff like walking around naked or having sex in public becomes normal; people will still have preferences and a concept of consent, but if they like each other, they’ll fuck at the drop of a hat. Monsters are likely to be more interested in sex than anything else.
  • Sex-Obsessed. Sex isn’t just everywhere, it’s everything. People think about it constantly; every activity and institution becomes organized around it. Anyone will fuck anyone. Sexualized fashion is universal. All gods are sex gods. Combat is exclusively to the rape, rather than to the death.

  1. Kinks
Last but not least, any special touches you want to put on the sexy parts? Any kinks you want to indulge that you couldn’t without a little divine help? Pick any number of these (except ones that contradict each other); all your choices will have an increased presence in your world, happening almost routinely. The form that takes will be affected by how sexualized the world is in general. For example, say you pick Incest. If you made your world Lewd, family members will fuck each other frequently, but they’ll probably still be conflicted about it, tell themselves it’s wrong and they shouldn’t do it, try to keep it a secret, and so on, with all that angst acted out in the sexiest manner possible. On the other hand, if your world is Pornographic, then incest will be seen as totally normal and not shameful at all, and if you picked Sex-Obsessed, every family will do it constantly. Anything you choose will still have some cultural variation in how it’s viewed, just to keep things interesting.

Choose any number:
  • No STDs. I highly recommend this one if you’re cranking up the sex at all, but if you want to keep things more grounded, feel free to leave it.
  • Anthro. Replaces all the sapients in your world with anthropomorphic animal people of whatever types you want. Up to you whether this is just a cosmetic change, or if people actually act like their type of animal in any way. I guess you could’ve already just made all your sapients anthros, but since so many of you humans have a fetish for this, I figured I should put it here too.
  • Kemonomimi. Anthro-lite, you could say. Instead of full anthro animals, all your sapients will have minor animal features, like cute little ears and tails.
  • Light Patriarchy. Tips social power in favor of men, but, unlike when this happens on Earth, most women here are pretty okay with it. Those who aren’t will usually end up getting comeuppance in ways that range from hilarious to sexual, and deep down, they all just want dick anyway. Women aren’t brutally oppressed or treated as slaves or anything, but they’re kept out of power and generally seen as inferior.
  • Heavy Patriarchy. As above, but more intense. This is where women are actually slaves or property, with no rights or allowed free will. They’ll have the same range of reactions to this as to the above.
  • Light Matriarchy. The opposite of Light Patriarchy, with women in charge. You know those stories some people would write on Earth about worlds where the stereotypical gender roles are reversed? This is like that.
  • Heavy Matriarchy. Once again, the opposite of Heavy Patriarchy. Here, it’s the men who are slaves and property, with women controlling every part of society.
  • Sex Slavery. Makes sexual slavery a ubiquitous cultural institution throughout the world, but without the gender bias of Heavy Patriarchy or Heavy Matriarchy.
  • Free Use. Makes both consent and sexual assault nonexistent concepts in the world. It’s totally normal to just walk up to anyone and start fucking them without preamble, any time, anywhere; no one will think twice about asking permission, or refusing to fuck someone. Can apply equally to all genders, or unequally, as you like.
  • Pansexuality. Makes everyone completely pansexual--sex and gender are no longer factors in attraction, for anyone. Or, you can apply it to certain genders only, like making all women pansexual, but leaving men unchanged.
  • Hermaphroditism. Makes some portion of the sapient population into hermaphrodites of any type you like, or more than one. By default, they’ll be a minority, but check out the next option.
  • Gender Imbalance. Skews the ratio of sexes and genders, any way you want. You can make a world where only one tenth of the population is male, and all men get harems. If you have Hermaphroditism, you can make a world without any men at all, just women and futa. Any combination and ratio you want, go nuts.
  • Breeding. Makes sex much more likely to lead to conception, and gives people a preoccupation with and fetish for pregnancy and childbirth, from whatever side of the equation they can work. If you want, you can make birth much less painful, or not at all, and generally lessen the work involved in raising kids.
  • Lactation. Anyone with breasts will produce milk, in increased amounts. Breastfeeding may or may not be socially acceptable for adults, as you like.
  • Monstergirls/Monsterboys. Replaces some or all of the world’s monsters with sexy monstergirls and/or monsterboys. All of them will be as intelligent as humans (though not necessarily smart humans) and able to communicate. They’ll still act like their monster types for the most part, but with modifications as appropriate to their new nature.
  • Tentacle Monsters. Increases the preponderance of monsters with tentacles among the types you’ve placed in the world. All of them will be eager to use their tentacles for exactly what you’d expect.
  • Parasites. Makes a desired portion of the world’s monsters parasitic in some fashion. They might implant eggs in victims, or they might physically parasitize other creatures themselves. You can make it so none of this is lethal or really harmful, unlike parasites on Earth.
  • Transformatives. Makes transformative magic more common than the default, basically guaranteeing that anyone who goes and interacts with magic will end up with at least some transformations.
  • Impossible Physiology. Gives people the ability to perform sex acts that are impossible on Earth. Cervical penetration, nipple fucking, docking, whatever you want, it can happen, and feels good for everyone involved.
  • Hyper Proportions. Giant dicks and massive mammaries, ahoy! Won’t cause their owners any pain or discomfort, and by default, no one will have any trouble taking such huge penetration.
  • Size Queens. Makes everyone prefer bigger dicks, always, without exception. No such thing as too big, within whatever reasonable limits you want to set.
  • Incest. Family members will fuck each other. By default, this won’t cause any of the expected problems if pregnancy happens.
  • Teratophilia. Makes everyone generally okay with fucking and getting fucked by monsters, even the ones that aren’t remotely humanlike. Optionally, you can make sapients and monsters interfertile.
  • Bestiality. Like teratophilia, but applies to regular animals. If you really want, you can also make sapients interfertile with said animals. Weirdo.
  • Watersports. Makes urine a feature of sex, in whatever form you want. You can keep it light, like just public urination being a normal thing, or make it as heavy as you please, up to things like people pissing inside their partners during sex. If you want this to include urine tasting and/or smelling better, it can do that too.

...All done? Remember, once you lock in these choices, it’ll be a whole lot harder to go back and change them. Either you’ll have to tweak things in the present, which is tricky and can take a while to work, or start mucking around with time travel, and trust me, that’s a headache you want to avoid if at all possible.

Okay? Great! Congratulations, you’re now the proud Architect of your very first world. Welcome to the club, kid. Now get down there and explore!


Poorly Tamed
Sep 17, 2019
A high horse. Nice, wooden, sharp horse.
So, I didn't follow the rules very well, but I figured I'd just make something ad-hoc and put it here for sport. I went a little too 'in' point by point to follow the fluff, but eh. I'd either merit grudging respect or be a bit of a PITA if this was really my afterlife.
World Type
Eden, why not. Start off crazy and just get better from here.

As much as I'd like to just throw in the kitchen sink, I think I'd mentally crash if I tried to combine a lot of races with an eden-level diversity and what comes next. So, I'mma go with limited cast variety, where it's mostly humans or branches of humans with various distinctions from area to area, perhaps a sliver of kitchen sink for not-human races (the distinction between humans and conventional elves, basically, with all forms of colors, particular shapes, and possible extras). Cosmopolitan in the sense of what they'd think of each other and general knowledge of everything else; something different won't be 'what the fuck are you', but it might be 'wait, what are you exactly/where did you come from'.

My bread and butter tends to be on the range of gritty to grimdark. Bugger it, how about a comedy laced grimbright. Yeah, people can get screwed up, things don't look too well, heros get their asses kicked all the time, but there's always slivers of hope at least, and the worst could be worse, to be made more clear in later decisions.

Tech Level
I'm all over the place when I make things, and really, the completely different context would justify odd development cycles anyways. Iron age/early medieval for the highest possible innovations save for jumps to modern on convenient details, and late/just post roman technology for the larger civilizations. More classic celtic/viking mixture for the broader populations. Founded on societies leaning traditional and in opposition to a vast array of natural threats, per the eden choice and following choices.

Ripping myself off to a large extent here. Mostly henotheistic with some 'heresy' to be found here and there. Catch being, particular worshipped trees form much of the societal foundations. For Depth™, a very wide variety of trees ranging between the dumb and cuttable to ones that will annihilate anyone who tries to ones that are big enough to make a city on.

Magic Rarity
Enabling the vision so far means high magic would probably be optimal. Things are getting sufficiently weird that the day to day may be perceived as almost moderate, but the extent of integration would make it high level. I can already tell that suspension of disbelief would prevail on a true delving into this context thing I'm flinging together.

Magic Power
Powerful generally being the peak, but for threats people usually acknowledge, potent. But hearin can be an element of mystery. Mystical entities tend to possess the greater powers. Mortals can be extremely dangerous, but by and large, unlikely to be that scale of a threat. Proper handling and diminishing returns would rapidly make mages a counterable, though still quite potent threat in combat. But at this point I have to imagine that combat wouldn't be so much a matter of vast battlefields so much as a far higher focus on individual prowess. More of a mush of colorful forces than organized rank and file.

Magic Type
Combination. Spiritual more than not, an aspect of miracle/pacts in combination with one another, and a degree of innate for some to get the best deal. Across the board, very much requiring one to be unique in order to make proper utilization of self-driven magic. I have a far, far more detailed execution than this stuff in my own context, but I'm avoiding too much projection, and since I'm just making all this stuff up, I'm game to just elaborate this independently with only a few callbacks to how I parse it in general. One aspect I would steal from my root lore is a strong look and distinction between external and internal magic, the sort that can be 'picked up and used' vs the stuff requiring all/virtually all self-driven efforts to execute.

Everywhere. I've already taken to a somewhat campy, brightish but some things being pretty fucked up premise. A decent splattering of Monstrous People, both naturally spawned and some less so natural. Fair folk paired with demons to introduce something similar to how I've already assembled demons elsewhere, with a different foundation and something a bit more grounded for the people of the world to understand, even if they may still be fundamentally alien in context to a mortal's understanding. Perhaps some splatters of the Beyond for antagonistic purposes and the deepest of threats.

This is where my existing stuff sharply deviates, since kink is not a fundamental aspect. Given the site, given my interest since first looking at worldbuilding and given the fact I've already tried to compose a few kinky contexts to little avail, how about a strongly lewd, borderline pornographic context that draws a bit from sex-obcessed. Die? Nah, not very often. Bad end, sexual slavery and 'worse than death' for the darkest parts, with some chance for recovery at various stages? Sure. Societies with at the very least a very liberal sexual outlook or even traditions/regulations that would involve this? Certainly.

Well, based on the above spitballs, lets whimsically toss things in by appeal and hope the world doesn't get too crazy.
  • Vastly reduced to no STDs. Brighter context, lewder situations, but if we have this kind of thing, we could introduce at least unusual concepts for copulating with unusual pairings or beings. I'll add to this by reducing disease as a role in general, instead focusing on more supernatural results, even supernatural diseases.
  • Not all anthro by any means, but I see no reason not to allow for the potential of some. Perhaps smoother integration than 'person with ears', more along the lines of Elder Scrolls - but not full body fur/furries. I dunno. Exceptions might apply. It's not my kink, but a world's a bit bigger than that fact in my mind.
  • Light Bias. Yeah, I just combined the patriarchy/matriarchy thing. A previous idea of mine had these worlds conflict; though I never got far with it, I think it's worth opening to this again, with certain societies being female biased and others male. Conventional real world reasons to apply patriarchy might not be so applicable given the degree of change, the level of magic, and the far less realistic/more unusual approach to biology in general. But for a case to case basis? You can bet there'll be some leans.
  • Sex slavery, mentioned above, you bet.
  • Free use could occasionally happen. I wouldn't make it a world trait, but in a more 'liberal' society...
  • Not everyone ought to be pansexual, but like above, perhaps we could bend this depending on particular societies/races. I'm disproportionately biased against male/male pairings, so while I don't want to destroy the idea in a plausible context, that specifically would probably barely ever show up if I was to write in such a setting.
  • Gender imbalance, hmm. How about an uptick in female fertility + reduced pregnancy impact (innate and through the functions allowed above) to strengthen that angle? Not to make males a rarity or even a minority, per se.
  • I don't have any kind of breeding fetish and the entire idea of pregnancy inspires completely different thoughts from me. So, I mentioned female fertility above. I'd actually reduce the successful 'seeding' and even make the catching important, with it being easier to control when it happens and make the act of breeding itself hold more meaning. Massive focus on sex for entertainment, but a different deal for biologically valid copulating.
  • I don't actually care for Hermaphroditism, but it does have its kinky place, and this is already a very odd world. I imagine this could be a thing in 'off breeds' and alternative beings, not so rare it's a 'what is that' reaction, but to the point it's a 'oh wow, that' reaction.
  • Lactation - you could build tribes off this kink. It's not strictly my kink, but for kink's sake I can sometimes get some heat from the concept. Not opposed at all. Wouldn't mainstream it though.
  • Monstergirls/Monsterboys, precisely what I mean with the Monstrous People. They're just finding their place in the world like the rest, but they'd certainly have their own advantages/disadvantages in doing so.
  • Parasites, could probably have some in a less than lethal, but still undesirable capacity. This may well be a form of 'disease' for the context.
  • Some impossible physiology and hyper proportions can be blended in with the more unusual/monstrous individuals and scenarios, but I probably wouldn't trivialize things to the widest extends found on their descriptions. More like, people are generally more durable/flexible, but still mostly believable, with consideration for the exceptions and those who've spent a life on more strenuous conditions.
  • Fairly case by case Teratophilia. Certain entities may be actively desirable, others 'they fucked me! oh well, at least it was kinky' and others still, not so much, but I imagine there would still be quite a bit of this in consideration of the brighter tone.
  • I'm not much into conventional bestiality, but there could be some integration for it, especially for entities that mix the line between monster and animal. And if we're all about kink, I do have this slightly unpopular, guilty pleasure of a monstrous spider fetish. So eh.
  • I'd probably skip over transformatives, watersports, and size queens. They aren't my kink, really not my kink, and logically make me say nope, in respective order. The latter might be a thing for specific contexts, but I dislike that last one specifically on the way its described. Not to put down the presence of it on the list, of course. Diversity has its place. I'd put no special focus on incest, it's really not my thing - but I'd defer to the context itself for particulars on this kink.
There are a few suggestions/custom integrations to build up the list a bit,
  • I'm one of those weirdos who likes substantial s/m, d/s, so on, sexual power playing and the like for kinky roleplay in general, so I both add this to the list and say 'yep, big thing in a lot of places'.
  • I'm also a pretty conventional rope bunny. So yeah, big thing in my roleplays, and I'm sure I can justify this being common to the degree that finding someone who's never been roped/doesn't know the fundamentals of restraint is like finding a complete virgin in a community full of stereotypical uninhibited, party crazed college students.
  • Now, I'm not a fan of anime in general. Might be a shock, but I digress. I will borrow one thing. Ever notice how it's kinda difficult to call someone legitimately old without actively trying? This could be a powerful aspect of society. A general lack of age being apparent or relevant, fairly reliable lifespans, and generally folks being at their peak for a lot of the time - just, well, a lot more ways to go out early and a lot of other problems to be handling.
Locking all this in, well, that's where I broke the rules - simply picking them as static things I'd consider dangerous to authentic worldbuilding, and ultimately, I'd be approaching this in a more layered crafting style. But looking at the above? I'd come back to this and give it actual substance still.

I do gotta admit, if this is the afterlife, I'm signing up to the religion that truly offers it pretty much no matter what it is.
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