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Group Rehab/Institute rp

Redneck Queen

RP Drama queen with an over active imagination.
Dec 14, 2017
Ruby Heights was built in eighteen ninety two, it was run by Dr Samuel Roberts until he died in eighteen ninety four he was ninety two years old, little did he know that after his death Ruby heights would become abandoned but not for long because his son who was at least in his early seventies now would run the place until his son was old enough to have his own children.

Ruby heights ran quite smoothly until Doctor Joseph Roberts died in nineteen ninety one the year his grand daughter was born, the same year his son took over Ruby heights turning it into a very successful place for troubled teens to get help for drugs alcohol and many other issues.

Little did Doctor William Roberts know that his daughter would be his very 1st patient only because she had developed an eating disorder after her parents divorce because she thought it was her fault, her mother was starting to worry about her so she sent her to Ruby heights for help but Taylor was like her grandfather in many ways and just as stubborn.

Ruby heights is one of the best Rehab clinics around it's been voted number one in the world only because it's known to cure all patients what ever issues they may be dealing with, the staff can be your best friend or worst nightmare it's up to you do as your told their your best friend disobey them and it's not pretty.

All characters are open except for the main girl which I’ll probably play. But doctors/white coats etc are all open.
( @Gannameade ) Doctor/therapist possibly main characters father
@Redneck Queen Main Character (Patient)
@AndNich123 Patient
@Abstraktia Patient

Still need more staff such as doctors nurses, more patients. So if anyone wants to take on more than one character they can.
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