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Fx Male Dom/Sub RP (Incest rp welcome) Also Fandom rp~


Apr 9, 2019
Lately I've been really into grooming/incest rp's so~

Here are a few plots for that lol (feel free to offer up your own for brainstorming~)

Harry Potter:

Snape: OC is Harry's twin sister, who Snape has essentially been grooming her whole time at Hogwarts. Year 7 comes along and she graduates (18 years old) and he sets his years of planning into motion. OC could be dating another character but it's not necessary~ (AU where either Snape never dies or Voldemort didn't make Harry into a Horcrux and therefore dies before Snape does)
Harry: OC is his twin sister, they've gotten waaay too close over the years (Harry never married Ginny, follows book plot aside from that)
Lucius: OC is Draco's younger sister and Lucius has been grooming her for his own satisfaction her whole life, and once her final year at Hogwarts comes to a close, he acts out his desires on his youngest daughter. (AU where Voldemort didn't really come back after getting defeated the first time.)
Draco: OC is his sister, either twin, or older/younger sibling.
Fred or George (or both~): OC is their sister~ Don't really have a specific direction for this one tbh but yee (AU where FRED DOESN'T DIE I CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT AGAIN *gross sobbing*)

Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit): Thranduil takes his daughter (Legolas' twin sister) as his new wife after grooming her to be his lover based on his own lust~
Open to other LOTR characters~

I'm also up to incest/grooming rp's for the other fandoms/ideas that i've posted before this update~

Historical RPs:

A young daughter of an american general gets kidnapped by British general and is kept captive in his camp, as the days pass by she slowly realizes he’s not nearly as bad as his reputation makes him seem. Well at least to her, as they slowly fall for eachother she has to deal with her conflicting beliefs and her emotions. Will she stay with her newfound lover or go back to her family and her countrymen?

Historical Fantasy/ Fantasy RPs:

An Orc chief's daughter fights alongside her people to defend their village from invading forces, as an effort to find peace and keep it, her father arranges a marriage between her and the opposing side’s prince. Will she remain stubborn and fight the arrangement or will she allow herself to fall in love?

A viking warlord is raiding and searching the Swedish countryside and as he’s traveling with his fellow vikings they come across a Huldra, she puts up a good fight, but is ultimately taken down and captured. The warlord decides to try and make her his wife, but the task turns out to be much more troublesome than expected.

The German lakes have been haunted by a creature, the Lorelei, for centuries. A young man is fishing one day and hears her call, but unlike all the other men, this one catches her eye, and she decides to keep him rather than take his life.

The queen of the demons known as the Succubi and Incubi is fighting against the king of hell who wants to take over her land. As an attempt to end the unnecessary violence, she offers a proposal, no more fighting; if he agrees to leave her people alone. He agrees, but under the condition that she marries him and births his heirs.

Fandom RP’s:

American Horror Story:

I don’t mind rping as an oc for any season of this show, and I’m open to most plot ideas as long as they don’t go against my kink limits~


Honestly right now I mostly want to RP as the Winchester brothers little sister. Y’know… Smut~

The Walking Dead:

Hanna is a drifter, she doesn’t have a group, a family or anything. So when she comes across the Saviors and they take her in, she’s more than happy to earn her place in their community. As a few months go by, the one and only Negan takes a liking to her, the only problem is she refuses to go along with his whole harem thing he has going on… So she gives him a choice, her, or his ‘wives’.


Sherlock has a twin sister, Mary, when they were teens their parents didn’t like how close they were, so she was sent to a boarding school and kept away from her brother. When she comes home and sees him for the first time in a while, they have a rather heartfelt reunion, followed by a rather passionate night in bed.

Game of Thrones:

Asta is one of the daughters of the Starks, despite her mother’s wishes, she’s always been close to Jon. They’ve been close since they were young, and as they got older, their bond only grew in strength as they aged. One night, during a holiday party, the two get rather drunk and decide to go up to her room and have some fun. They continue to fool around until one day, she can’t stop vomiting, she’s been gaining weight a lot recently, and she’s been having odd and insane cravings. She has an examination done by the Stark house Maester and come to find out… She’s pregnant. What will happen to her, let alone her child with her own brother… Will he even want to stay with her once he finds out?

Devil May Cry:

I don’t have much of a plot… I honestly just wanna rp with someone as my OC Maya and fuck either Dante, Vergil or both XD

Bright (Netflix movie):

I honestly just wanna rp as my half orcish oc and sleep with either Jakoby or Kandomere (blue haired MTF elf dude)

Non-Fiction Modern RPs:

Charlie is a young, fresh new employee at a major fashion and modeling business, and her boss is an insanely attractive man. When he offers her a ‘bonus’ for spending time with him, she questions why he’d want to spend his free time with her instead of a model or a woman more on par with his social class. Much to her surprise, he likes women who are more relaxed and down to earth, so when he goes from just wanting to go on dates to having her in his bed, she is both shocked and very excited.

Fantasy Modern RPs:

Welcome to Hell, well… Correction. Welcome to what is technically hell. It’s more like an entire plain of existence for demons, monsters and creatures of many kinds. Lilith is the daughter of the king of Hell himself, Lucifer. She lands a job as an investigator in Hell’s protection task force, she just so happens to catch the PTF’s captain due to her amazing physical strength and tracking abilities. He takes her under his wing and what started as a professional relationship quickly turns into a rather rough and sexual relationship.

Zombie Apocalypse:

It’s been four decades since an outbreak of fungus based parasites infected hundreds upon thousands of people and the world crumbled and crashed into the dirt. Hanna is only 18 years old, and she’s been fighting for survival since she was born, so when she is fighting a group of survivors one day and they capture her, taking her to their boss… She definitely wasn’t expecting the attractive older man to offer her a place at his side, no work, no earning your food or belongings. Just earning his affection and his lust as he spoils her rotten.

Nuclear Apocalypse:

It’s been a year since the nuclear bombs dropped, eradicating all life on the surface. Charlie is a young girl of 19, she was one of the few who made it to a fallout shelter before the hour was up and the world ended. She’s put to work as a lower class survivor, the rich and powerful people of the world still run everything, and she’s expected to serve their every need. When one of the male survivors in the privileged class takes a liking to her and starts spoiling and flirting with her, the other girls who had their eye on him lash out at her, only for the attractive man to come to her rescue. Now she’s in his bed every night and the leaders of the fallout shelter consider her higher class.

So like:
All might

Probably any bnha dude (hero/villain lol)

and then y'know


Just finished Season 1, so I don't really know much just yet but LEMME THIRST OVER SEASON 1 DUDES PLZ

Same kink limits and everything so- f-list still applies lol


I also wanna do an rp where my OC just gets used up and bred by a monster (cryptids like mothman, werewolves etc. more humanoid. but not bigfoot...)/alien (like AVP yautja or Xenomorphs. Or like dbz aliens lol)

Actually let me make it it's own idea. Werewolves/ABO/Omegaverse rp. I enjoy this a lot~ or we could tack this onto any of my ideas~
Please do not respond with ideas/kinks involving rape, bathroom kinks, foot fetish, necrophilia or unfaithful/harem themes! Thank you~
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