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Looking for steamy fantasy roleplays


Nov 25, 2013

I'm not looking for any long lasting games, but permanent rp buddies to possibly create new characters with after getting bored of the old ones.
My favorite type is to make a cute innocent girl that gets herself into a lot of trouble, and then either gets Stockholm syndrome or rescued by a hero she can fall in love with.

Would prefer to roleplay trough Discord, by writing only. Would prefer someone who can respond daily and with multiple messages, but less is fine too.
Someone who knows how to keep the story going. I can do it, but it's liberating to go along for a change.

That's just to put it vaguely, send me a message if you have any ideas or suggestions. I'm open to pretty much anything!
With the exception of:
-No incest-
-Definitely no necrophilia-
-No old ages on characters. Anything above 40 feels weird for me somehow-

Neko girls are my favorite thing.

Mainly wanna play as women, but if you are into M x M I can easily adapt into playing as an "uke" male character too.

Cheers! Waiting for some pm:s. <3
- Angel


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