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Anyone Play Flight Rising?

Kyanite Key

Dec 17, 2019
Cryptid Coast
I know it's not a particularly *sexy* sort of game at surface level, but it is the only dragon sim with a reasonable lore that leaves LOTS of room for avid worldbuildy people to come up with interesting, complex details while also providing attractive art and a non-crashed online economy.

I've had a detailed world structure and infrastructure based on it kicking around in my head for years now--more or less in the style of E.E. Knight's Age of Fire series with a heaping of Game of Thrones aspect of politics, sex, violence and narrative questions and themes. But because it is such a xenofictional tale, I haven't been able to find a grown adult who would be interested in RPing such a thing. That and despite the main mechanic of the game is breeding dragons, the site is friendly to those of all ages. This is a fine thing, but in the context of telling an adult story that may include things like sex, violence, slavery and war, it's not easy to find a partner on the site forums.

Which, even apart from the dragon sim, functionally means a draconic civilization that rose out of the ashes that a human-like race left behind, and came to rule the world and the dragons all boasting a wide set of physical subspecies, breath weapons, adaptations and skills. To say the least of all of cultures.

In any case, I post largely in the hopes of discovering other mature writers who enjoy that sort of thing, or even if they just have accounts and like to play!
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