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Fx M or NB Plethora of Possibilities (general search + plots thread)


Dec 18, 2019
I'm setting this thread up so it's easy-to-read and people don't have to slog through tons of word count to get information.
My usual writing style adheres to general grammatical rules.

Monster x Human

she/hers or they/them​
prefers a plot of some sort vs aimless smut​
central time zone / UTC-5​
prefers PMs or e-mail for roleplay​
never used GoogleDocs for roleplay but not against it
not interested in Discord (too easy for me to forget)
will play men, women, and non-binary characters​
I prefer to play a woman right now, obviously
BUT don't be afraid to ask otherwise
willing to take on multiple characters and hopes you will too​
will share secondary characters to make the story progress​
poly relationships are a plus​

21+ year old main characters​
I prefer the characters I play closer to mid-20s to 30s
1 – 3+ paragraph length replies​
I will probably write more than that 3 paragraphs.
You've been warned.
illustration or descriptions > real-life face claims​
I feel weird using another person's face for my character.
some humor please​
don't make 90% of your post dialogue​

purely sub characters​
high school settings​
slave x master​
main characters under 21​

feel free to mix and match
I'll still want some sort of plot, but these are starting points.

non-human x human​
fantasy, sci fi, modern. I especially like werewolves, demons, and orcs.
Really enjoy this element added to general pairings for modern fantasy.
boss x employee
no coercion
conflict comes from admitting it to selves, keeping it a secret from work, etc.
celeb x non-celeb
college professor x college student
no coercion
feels happening naturally and the two struggling with it
maybe the professor is married so... gotta figure that shit out
superhero x villain​
superhero x superhero​
villain x reporter​
usually with a corrupt hero as an antag

knight x royalty​
dragon x royalty​
dragon x human​
dragons will have a human form
fairy tale inspired​
Red Riding Hood or Beauty and the Beast are my faves
anything where my character can be a witch​
anything with monsters​
werewolves, demons, orcs, etc.
world building & developing cultures with them is fun
seriously by this point you should figure out I'm a monster-fucker

sci fi
alien x human​
android x human​
lab subject x scientist/worker/etc
something like The Shape of Water, for example
aliens, zombies, whatever
space opera​
like everyday life on a spaceship, but this can morph into a more in-depth plot later on, too


Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia
OC x Canon
Canon x Canon
ONLY canon adult characters as main
Not interested in roleplaying as or with canonically underage character. (Even if aged up.)
All-Might/Toshinori x Inko Midoriya is my OTP
My OCs:
Tomomi Imai - Counselor for UA after the latest villain attack.
Kaiya Ward - American Investigative Consultant
will probably make others if neither of the above fit a good OC RP
Beastars (kind of craving)
Not looking to play against or play as any canons
The world just seems like it'd be interesting to write about
Note: I don't usually play furry-style characters, so bear (lol) that in mind.
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Dec 18, 2019

Note: The gender in the description does not have to be the ones we play. If you'd like a play a certain role, but not be the gender in the little blurbs, we can roleplay it a different way.

Rebellion has been a long time coming. And now, the non-humans have an ace up their sleeve: They’ve located the Unwitting Magical Conduit (we can come up with a fancier name.)

Perhaps, UMC has magic that could sway the tides of battle. However, she doesn't know she has great wells of power inside her. Sure, she can do a few little magical things, but a powerhouse? Her? No way. Magic is a sign of nobility in blood and she was born of peasantry or some other arbitrary thing.

The Monster faction want her on their side, but if she won't be on their side, they'll keep her captive until the very end. (If they kill her, the magic will just go to someone else.)

From there, it's a struggle between her and the Leader. He wants her on their side, but she constantly tries to escape.

What's worse: The enemy side could get word the UMC is with the non-humans and try to steal her back. Or kill her. (Again, the magic just goes to someone else.)​

Villain has found out Hero is actually not all that honorable. Hero pays people to commit crimes, funds super villains, and doesn't actually donate to charity. All in the name of fame. Whether angry at the hypocrisy or frustrated by the fact Hero isn't getting caught, Villain decides to kidnap alleged squeeze, Reporter!

Reporter doesn't believe Villain. Even when Hero sends people after them, instead of saving Reporter himself, she holds out hope... until it's clear Hero doesn't care if the mercenaries also take her out. Now Villain and Reporter are on the run, trying to find comrades against this super-powered Hero-For-Fame.​

While stocking shelves, Employee stumbles on an odd book. She flips through it, reads a few passages. Something is odd about the text and, for whatever reasons, she reads it aloud.

Tentacles coil from the book, around her limbs, touching places that really shouldn’t be touched without consent. A demonic figure solidifies and he asks, “Who calls upon me, to sate their desires and give them power?”

Employee screams, utterly terrified.

Demon pauses. “I believe there’s been an misunderstanding…”

Turns out, Demon is an inter-dimensional being who simply comes when summoned. Typically, people who summon them are looking for some good, tentacley time, perhaps with a bit of feigned innocence.

Demon has been assigned the job, just so other inter-dimensional beings aren’t constantly taken out of their dimension. Usually, Demon will return to their own plane of existence after the request - often a fuck - has been fulfilled. However, Employee summoned them with nothing particular in mind.

Demon and Employee are stuck together, until they can figure out a way to send Demon home.​

An errant knight has destroyed the tower the kidnapped princess has been imprisoned in! However, the knight destroyed himself, too... Having saved the princess from the destruction, the dragon realizes they must return their charge. They cannot fulfill the contract he and the King drew up: guard the princess, test the knights, await the King's chosen one, and fake one's own death.​
So, the dragon does the only thing he can do: return the princess to her kingdom. There's two problems: with the destruction of the tower, the sleeping spell on the princess lifts and there's a large expanse of "dragon-unfriendly" territory to cover. Good thing the dragon can take on human form, but will the princess believe he was contracted to guard her? Will she run? And what of dragonhunters along the way?​
- Dragon has a human form.​
- Can encounter issues, like a "fertility festival" that affects the dragon really intensely.​
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