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Fx M or NB Little Bit of Story, Little Bit of Smut - smut plots up (rare occasion)


Dec 18, 2019
I'm setting this thread up so it's easy-to-read and people don't have to slog through tons of word count to get information.

My RP writing adheres to general grammatical rules.

- About Me​
- Preferences​
- Absolute No​
- Cravings + links to all plots​
- Bare bones RP Ideas (a x b)​
- Stuff to draw inspiration from​

Here's the all important F-List.
About Me
Absolute NO
  • 30​
  • she/hers or they/them​
  • prefers plot and building relationships to insta-smut​
  • central time zone / UTC-5​
  • ditch-friendly​
  • will play men, women, and non-binary characters​
  • willing to take on multiple characters and hopes you will too​
    • will share secondary characters to make the story progress
  • poly relationships possible​
  • prefers PMs or e-mail for roleplay​
    • never used GoogleDocs for roleplay but not against it
    • not interested in Discord (too easy for me to forget)
  • 21+ year old main characters
    • I prefer the characters I play closer to mid-20s to 30s
  • 21+ year old partners
  • 1 – 3+ paragraph length replies
    • I will probably write more than that 3 paragraphs.
    • You've been warned.
  • illustration or descriptions only
    • I prefer descriptions.
  • some humor please
  • don't make dialogue 90% of your post
  • purely sub characters
  • high school settings
  • slave x master
  • main characters under 21
  • scat
  • piss
  • vore
  • insta-romance
    • Even if our main characters have sex early on, that doesn't mean they're in love.

Note: The gender in the description does not have to be the ones we play.
If you'd like a play a certain role, but not be the gender in the little blurbs, we can roleplay it a different way.

GoogleDocs of all plots - Example of my writing style


A longtime war between humans and orcs has come to an end. In an effort to establish a peace with orcs, a treaty has been created and an offer has been made: The queen's hand to the Orc Rebellion Leader/Warchief. (The war could have been about orcs getting rights in the country OR just orcs seeking to conquer territory. We can figure that out.)

However, just after the announcement is made, the queen is killed by some anti-treaty faction.

Justifiably, the orcs are upset by this turn of events. However, heave no fear! The princess - being the next in line for the throne - can replace the queen in the arrangement. However, another problem: the princess has a poor constitution and hasn't been seen outside for years. Or... well... had a poor constitution. Sometime during the war, the princess passed, but the queen breathed not a word for the sake of her people's morale.

That's fine, though. The human advisors have a solution: a woman born between the late king and a former maid. She bears a striking resemblance to the princess, and what differences can be explained away as 'getting older.' This woman isn't particularly eager to play the role, but the advisors tell her it's for the sake of they country. So many could die if this peace falls through. It's what her father would've wanted. Etc. Etc.

In an effort to delay the wedding, the advisors ask for time for the "princess" to be prepared. Basically, they're trying to teach this lowborn woman etiquette and whatever it takes to be a ruler.

The orcs decide that, while the princess is being prepared to take on leading the kingdom, they will - also - have her betrothed teach her about orc culture. Which may be rough or not. That's your decision, again.

The queen, however, is still alive. She's plotting with the advisors on a way to eliminate her orc problem. The "princess" dying in the process is just collateral.

- I'm playing with the idea that MC was born from a sex worker instead of a maid and, as such, has done sex work too.​
- We can talk about the orc culture as we go or iron out some starting details and then build off that.​
Monster x Human
Group of Monsters x a Human
Group of Monsters x Group of Humans
A Monster x Humans (maybe)

Base Idea:
In the dark of the night, the Monster Group swoops into a small village and nabs some human women.
  • This is NOT non-con.
  • There's misunderstanding, miscommunication, and not being aware of each other's cultures.

All the Monster Group’s “domestic” population died from something. Could’ve been a disease, a bloodthirsty rival faction, feral creatures more fearsome than the monster group, or a tragic poisoning (such as bad water) while the explorers/traders/hunters/etc were off doing whatever.

Problem is, the population that died knew best how to tend to the agriculture, the livestock, the “domestic” stuff, and the rearing of children. The surviving population does their best, but winter is approaching soon, their stores of food are low, and everything is basically going wrong.

Desperate for someone to help, the monsters decide to raid the nearest human village. The village has the typical misogynist set-up with mostly women doing domestic jobs and child rearing; the place could even be culty. Anyway, mostly adult women and maybe anyone doing domestic/agriculture stuff gets nabbed. However, the Monsters did not take any children. Which would come back into the story later.

From deduction, the Monsters assume MC is the closest thing to their version of a leader female. Maybe she was the wife of the village leader. For whatever reason, YC is chosen to approach her. (YC could be a leader or chosen for some other reason.)

YC intends to talk to MC about what they need. Maybe he does intend to have sex with her, because maybe some cultural "your men were too weak to protect you, now you're mine" thing.

MC has been separated from the others, maybe tied up, and considering her options. Since the village is already set-up as kind of a misogynistic, shitty place, chances are she’s not unfamiliar with being treated like an object. And she’s aware the other captives are looking to her as a leader, whether that was her role in the village or not.

So, MC has already decided to use sex as a tool to help herself and her peers. She plans to submit to YC, under some conditions. Maybe YC agrees, since it’ll make him the de-facto co-leader if she submits to him. Maybe he gets the wrong impression and presumes she's into him, and thinks the rest of the women would follow. He doesn't know, he's not an expert on humans!

From there, it’s a matter of keeping the peace between the monsters and humans; maybe the humans quietly plot to leave; maybe a big bad shoves the two factions closer together. Plenty to do with this.

- Open to doing singular monster x human, but the plot obviously changes a bit in places.​
- The human children would need to be saved from the shitty village.​
- Open to polyamorous scenes, but not really into harems.
- Rival clans, feral monsters, etc could still be a danger.​
- I'm interested in how MC and YC build up their relationship.​
- Miscommunication and misunderstandings due to cultural differences would play into this a lot.
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Dec 18, 2019
feel free to mix and match
I'll still want some sort of plot, but these are starting points.
modern or medieval
  • non-human x human
  • boss x employee
  • celeb x non-celeb
  • college professor x college student
  • superhero x villain
  • superhero x superhero
  • villain x reporter
  • gods
  • anthro/beastman x human
  • dragon x human
  • orc x human
  • knight x royalty
  • knight x peasant
  • fairy tale inspired
    • Red Riding Hood or Beauty and the Beast are my faves
  • pirate x captive
  • lab subject x scientist/worker/etc
  • space outlaw x bounty hunter
  • alien x human
  • post-apocalyptic
    • aliens, zombies, whatever


Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

OC x OC​
OC x Canon​
Canon x Canon​
ONLY canon adult characters as main
Not interested in roleplaying as or with canonically underage character. (Even if aged up.)
All-Might/Toshinori x Inko Midoriya is my OTP

Tomomi Imai - Counselor for UA after the latest villain attack.
Kaiya Ward - American Investigative Consultant
will probably make others if neither of the above fit a good OC RP

OC x OC​
Not looking to play against or play as any canons
The world just seems like it'd be interesting to write about
Brand New Animal
Ogami x OC
Not interested in roleplaying as or with canonically underage characters. (Even if aged up)
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Dec 18, 2019
just some things I thought might be fun to incorporate or draw inspiration from

non-human options
goo being​
includes Zora-esque designs​

general story elements
annoyance/rivalry masking feelings (even to oneself)​
fake dating/marriage develops actual feelings​
getting intimate, just to be interrupted​
just because you have sex doesn't mean you're in love​
learning to work together​
sexual tension​
slow burn​
snowed in​
stuck in an elevator​
stuck together on a job​
verbal teasing​
villain is actually the good guy // hero is the bad guy​

ship dynamics / relationship tropes
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Dec 18, 2019
These are at the end, because I'm not always in the mood for them.
As of 8/6/2020, these ideas/plots are active.

Scenes I don't have plot for:

  • Summoned incubus, being denied an orgasm for a long time.
  • Thief schemes valuables off someone
    • This can be continued by her getting tracked down
    • If she sold the valuable, maybe she has to help retrieve it, because "it can't be in the wrong hands."
  • A morale officer for a space captain (or crew.)
    • Officer be a human, alien, or android.
    • could also work for a pirate ship
  • Succubus RPs
    • If you want to be an incubus that seduces MC, that'd be cool too.
    • Taking a limited amount of these.
  • Goo Aliens x Abductee
    • Aliens are ladies looking to have babies because some contrivance that killed all the males. You know how it goes.

Heat Helper
This is a society that's aware of the existence of lycans/beastmen/anthros/creature of your choice. They're also aware that, at certain times, the ache for a partner grows in them. MC is one of the sex workers at a place where customers can give into their heat fever. Basically, it's just a huge room where customers will mill about, fuck who they want, or wait for their turn.​
However, there's rules:​
1) Condoms are non-negotiable​
2) No knotting​
I have a small plot involving MC propositioning YC to knot her. It's not something she can experience, at work, because they need to get through as many as possible.​

Looking for Trouble

MC lives in a small village. Either she's unhappily married or she's not taken. One day, other village ladies are gossiping about some Big Bad Monster and how he took advantage of one of them. They're all giggly and flushed, so it wasn't exactly taking advantage, but the men in the village can't know that!​
As the days pass, more women share their experiences with the Monster.​
MC goes to find the monster, half expecting the other women to be lying, but also half hoping they're not.​
YC is the monster, obviously. He can either be annoyed, because he didn't do anything with the women. Or he did have sex with them. Or however we want this to play out.​
MC is flirtatious, though, and is willing for the experience with him.​
We could easily expand this to have more story to it.​
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Dec 18, 2019
lol I keep finding stuff to offer inspiration. *ship dynamics/relationship tropes added*
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