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Bring Back the Original Design For the Sonic Film

Prince David

Nov 10, 2019
New York
The original design for the film Sonic had been censored, just because cringey SJW snowflakes don't like it. This violation of the creator's artistic vision is a blatant attack on free speech, and must not be allowed to stand in our great nation. The fact that the team that revised the design had been laid off just goes to show that even the film makers admit the redesigns are a mistake, and they're only doing it to pander to a vocal minority of far-left audience. This behavior of adapting to a changing market is an erosion of free market economics, and threatens the very foundation of the Capitalist ideology that holds the world together. Make no mistake that more than a movie is at stake here: nothing short of the freedom for thought and speech in the developed world and the very soul of Capitalism and democracy hangs in the balance. Do not let the original film Sonic be censored by political radicals and professional malcontents; entertainment should stay apolitical like with Call of Duty or American Sniper. Bring back the original film Sonic!



Minx ❀
Feb 15, 2020
You might be the only person ive ever heard of wanting the first glimpse of the Sonic movie back. Honestly I'm glad they changed it updating him to look like what person were expecting to see and closely resembling what he should be.

I think the first glimpse was horrible. :|

<<Also just realized how old this thread was >_>


Aug 27, 2019
Shanghai, China
They haven't been on since they posted this.

I had it Watched so I could respond thoughtfully when I wasn't on my phone. I'm glad I didn't bother. *unwatches*
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