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The Order of Charitable Knights


Jul 23, 2016

Name: Cornelia Heresfel
Age: 25
Weapons: Streel falchion and steel dagger
Armor: Full steel Armor and steel shield
Other items: Hoese Alistar
Biography: Cornelia was born in a family of merchants, she was not the richest girl of the city, but surely had a better youth than most, her father always wanted a male heir, however her mother died when giving birth to Cornelia, the merchant fell in a deep depression and never married again. Having no other choice Cornelia was taught everything she needed to know about the bussines, however she was not happy, since she was young she dreamed about being a warrior, and running into as much adventures as possible. With the money she had saved she bought a sword with which she practiced without her father noticed. One day when she was already 18 she ecaped from her home and ran to join Astram's army with th hopes of learning as much as possible about warfare, she served the army for four years, on one cold night her group was patrolling the forest and was attacked by bandits, all the soldiers died, Cornelia would have died too if the order of the Vharitable Knights had not appeared and killed the bandits, Cornelia was so greatful she soon left he army and joined the Order in which she has been for a year
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