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The manager and the intern: Ray draws Lily into the web.


May 29, 2017
I had just entered the washroom when hands grasped my upper arms and propelled me into the door of the first cubicle. The door crashed inwards against the wall and we fell through, the assailant and me. He must have kicked the door shut because it slammed and he spun me round, smashing me against the door. One hand released me and pulled at my pants. By the time I had reacted, it was too late, they were round my knees. Then I felt pressure against my buttock, the right one I think, that moved towards my crack. I was puzzled at first, thought it might be the guy’s hand. But it wasn’t.

In that instant, I knew what was going to happen and understood that I was trapped, unable to get away. His free hand was now manoeuvring his cock between my cheeks and homing in on my hole. Instinctively I clenched my muscles but the force and pressure overcame them and he forced his way inside me. Slowly, almost gently, at first, and then one thrust that forced my mouth open to scream. But the scream was blocked by a hand.

And then it began. Pumping, fast, vicious, ramming me harder into the door with each thrust, his breathing getting heavier, hitting my neck in blasts. An image flashed into my mind, of me fucking my wife the night before, just like this, pushing her up the bed, her hands on the wall to protect her head. Except she thrust back against me, enjoying as I thought the pleasure of the power I brought to bear on her pussy. Did she feel like I did now?

I heard the washroom door open and opened my mouth to scream, but again the hand blocked it. We stood there, silent, unmoving as we heard the guy use the urinal, rinse his hands and leave, oblivious to what was happening behind him. Then it began again, more urgent this time. desperate, that was how it seemed to me. I was feeling detached now, wondering if he needed to cum quickly, or just had to get away in case he was missed at his desk, like I would be.

And then it was over, he had pulled out, pushed me aside and left, casually, so as not to attract attention by running. I slumped on the toilet, trying to take in what had just happened. Who? Why?


May 29, 2017
I took my time to compose myself before returning to my section. Their reaction to my arrival told me all I needed to know. Normally, they would look up to see who had come in and to check on what I was doing, but not this time. They all had their heads down, concentrating on their work or at least pretending to, all bar one. Ray the intern looked up and his eyes followed me as I walked over to my desk. Every time I looked up, he was staring at me, making no pretence of working.

Ray was a youngster, still in his late teens, who had been allocated to my section just after my promotion. Good looking, tall, muscular, he carried himself as if he expected everyone to be admiring him, as most of the girls and a few of the men did. In the end, I could stand it no longer. I logged off and walked out, making a casual remark about going to a meeting. There was, of course, no meeting, as everyone knew and I could almost hear the collective sigh of relief as I left the room.

I climbed into my car and drove home. That was where I needed to go, because that was where my wife was. Or so I believed. And I needed her, because, well, because I wanted to fuck her. It wasn’t that the rape had aroused me, definitely not. Nor was it because I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t attracted to this man who had just pegged my ass. No way, that’s just not me. I’ve not had a gay thought, not once. It was just that - and I know this sounds strange, but it happens to be how I felt - it was just that at that moment I felt the need to re-establish myself as a heterosexual male. Only then, when I had rebalanced myself, would I be able to decide what to do. Should I report Ray to the police or instigate disciplinary proceedings at work or just try to talk to him and find out what that had all been about.

So I arrived home expecting to find a wife who was only too pleased to have a husband back from work early and eager to pleasure her. Instead, I found that she was out shopping for provisions and that there, on the sofa, was her mother, who had arrived unexpectedly and probably on her third glass of wine. I paced around, trying not to show my frustration, under my mother-in-law watchful gaze. In the end, because she could never resist knowing what was going on, she had to ask whether something was bothering me.

‘No,’ I was curt, too curt to be believed, ‘nothing, I just expected Jane to be home, that’s all.’

‘I see.’ As usual she managed to convey that she understood more than I wanted her to know. ‘And is there anything I can help with why we’re waiting for her?’

I just stared at her. If only she knew what she was suggesting, I thought. But the next time she opened her mouth, it was clear that she knew, only too well.

‘It’s just that I’ve been sexually active since I was 14 and I can recognise a horny man when I see one.’

‘Cheryl,’ I tried my best to sound astonished by her suggestion, ‘you cannot seriously be suggesting that we-’

I got no further because she burst out laughing.

‘Oh yes, I can seriously be suggesting just that. I’ve not had a fuck for over four months now and I’m as ready for one as you seem to be.’ Her eyes dropped to my crotch. ‘So we shall we fuck, here or in my room.’

I was spared the need to give an answer because she set off upstairs, unzipping herself as she went. By the time I reached her bedroom, she was lying on the bed removing her pants. By the time I had shed my clothes, she had spread her legs and I just let myself go, ramming her hard and fast, not caring that I was hurting her, which I was sure I was, and not even bothering to look at her, nor even to imagine that this was my wife who was getting the roughest sex she had had for a long time.

She didn’t say a word until I was drained and slumped beside her.

‘So, come on then, tell me what that was all about.’


May 29, 2017
Well, I had to tell her. In the circumstances, there wasn’t much choice. Not that I just came out with it. It took a lot of false starts. After all, it isn’t every day that a thirtysomething male has to tell his mother-in-law that he’s just been raped by a teenager. But I managed to stumble out something vaguely coherent and then added bits at random. Then Cheryl started asking questions, very perceptive ones, and soon the whole story was coming out.

‘And of course you went hard.’

It was a statement, not a question, but I couldn’t let it pass.

‘NO,’ I protested, ‘I did NOT enjoy it, I was NOT aroused.’

‘That’s not what I said,’ Cheryl pointed out. ‘I just said you went hard. It’s natural, just the pressure on the prostate gland. It would happen to anyone. Any man, that is.’

‘Look, Cheryl, please, you have to believe me. I am not gay, never have been, never even once have I entertained the idea of doing anything sexual with a man.’

‘I believe you,’ Cheryl was very thoughtful all of a sudden. Then she went quiet for a long time. I was worried that my wife Jane would be back before she said anything, but eventually she spoke.

‘Maybe that’s it. This kid, Ray was it?, this kid knows that and that is why he had picked on you. He’s not attacked you because he thinks you’re gay, he’s done it because he knows you aren’t, and that will have a bigger impact than if you were a closet homosexual. It’s all about power, you see, it always is.’

I was puzzled. ‘Power, what is always about power?’

‘Rape,’ she replied. ‘Rape is about power. Women are raped all the time. I’ve been raped three times now.’

‘What?’ I couldn’t believe this. ‘You? Raped? When?’

Se shrugged. ‘The first was a teacher at school. He did it to lots of us, all around the same time. Someone said his wife had left him, as if that explains anything. The second was when Jane was conceived. Her father was drunk, again, so I pushed him off and told him to come back when he was sober, but he just carried on. I’ve never told her that, so please don’t mention it to her. The third was four months ago, guy I met online. That was my last fuck, before just now. I thought I’d had enough of men and sex, until I smelt you.’

We sat quietly as I absorbed when she had just said. Then I asked what she thought I should do.

‘I think you should do nothing, not immediately. See where there is going to, if anywhere, it could just be a one off.’

‘You think so,’ I hardly dared hope.

‘In the meantime,’ she went on, ‘Jane won’t be home for a while, would you like to show me how rampantly hetero you are?’

We finished just in time, just as we heard Jane’s key in the lock. I rush to the shower and Cheryl went down to divert her.

The next morning, I got to work earlier, but found that Ray had been there ahead of me, and left a package on my desk, although he might have left it the day before. I opened it and tipped out a pair of white lace women’s panties, with a note: ‘Wear these today. I’ll know if you don’t and report you for what you made me do yesterday.’

At 11am, my phone pinged. It was a text from an unknown number. ‘Go to the washroom and strip to your panties. I’ll join you in five minutes. Remember, I want you naked apart from those panties.’

I did as he said – there was no doubt who had sent the text – and was standing in a cubicle in the panties and feeling ridiculous when the door was pushed open, a light flashed, and when my eyes had adjusted, I was on my own.

Back at my desk, another ping, a text with a photograph of me taken in the cubicle. ‘Do as I want or I’ll circulate this in the office, starting with your section.’

I forwarded the text to Cheryl. Her reply was almost instant. ‘Fuck, that’s hot, really hot.’


May 29, 2017
The next day there was another package on Barry’s desk, this time with a pair of black lace panties, and the following day they were light blue satin. Each day, he received a photograph, which he passed to Cheryl, and each evening she met him and insisted on seeing him strip to the panties before changing. She became more and more aroused as the week went on, but they had no time to fuck Jane with around.

Each day, Ray visited him in the rest room and photographed him as before, but now he stayed to ridicule him and, on the day of the satin panties, he reached out and rubbed his crotch. Barry willed himself not to go hard, but the vigorous rubbing of the tight fabric across his cock overcame his resistance. Ray grinned, snapped another photo and left, laughing.

Barry was wearing the satin panties when he went out for lunch. He was waiting to cross the road when he heard a voice beside him. It was Lily from his section. She was about five years his junior, a serious, plainly dressed woman who did her work conscientiously but barely spoke to anyone.

‘Barry, could we talk, please, somewhere quiet?’

Barry led the way to Costa and bought them both coffees. When they were settled at a corner table, side by side, he asked quietly her what she wanted to talk about.

‘Ray,’ she told him. ‘I know what he is doing to you. You see,’ she went on before Barry could ask anything, ‘he did the same at the office where my brother worked. He caused a lot of trouble before they managed to get rid of him.’

‘But why do you think he is doing the same here?’ Barry managed to ask eventually.

‘He raped you, didn’t he, penetrated you anally, I mean. That’s what he did to the manager there.’

‘I don’t mean to doubt what you say, but how do you know what happened?’

‘Because,’ she replied simply, ‘the manager was my brother. He told me. And now he is making you wear women’s underwear.’

‘Is that what he made your brother do, Lily?’ Barry was trying to avoid answering the question.

‘No, he made him do other things.’ She fell silent.

‘So how do you know?’

‘Because he’s making me give the panties to him for you. You’re wearing the blue satin, today.’

‘Really,’ Barry turned to her in surprise, ‘I never imagined you wearing pants like that.’

Her reply was spontaneous. ‘So you’ve been imaging me in my underwear, have you, Barry.’ She rested her hand on his thigh and for the second time that day Barry felt his cock straining at the fabric. ‘They must be very tight on you.’

Barry didn’t want to pursue this subject.

‘But why do you let him have them?’

‘Because he did to me what he did to you, and then threatened to tell my friends. I couldn’t bear that, you see I was …, I mean I hadn’t …, that is, I’m, or was rather, a virgin. He took me in the equipment cupboard and we had intercourse, he made me.’

‘Lily,’ Barry rested his hand on hers, ‘I am so sorry this has happened to you.’

‘No worries,’ her tone was flat and matter of fact, ‘it had to happen eventually and at least the next time will be better than the first.’

She pulled her hand from under his and sipped at her coffee.

‘Do you mind if I ask a question?’

Barry nodded his consent.

‘Did you have an erection when Ray penetrated your anus?’

This was not what he had expected, but he reluctantly admitted that he had.

‘And how did you feel?’

‘I felt abused, demeaned, degraded, humiliated and emasculated, since you ask, Lily.’

‘In other words,’ she replied, ‘he treated you as if you were a woman. He treated me worse than a woman.’ She paused as if she had intended to say more but then changed her mind.

Finally, as she was about to slide out of her seat, she rested her hand on his thigh again and leaned close.

‘He’s made me bring in stockings and a thong for you to wear on Monday. He wants to imagine you wearing it during the monthly briefing.’

With that, she was gone, leaving Barry wondering just whose side she was really on and what Ray might be doing to other members of the team.

When he got home, Jane was out and Cheryl did to him what Ray had done to Lily. Fast, rough and without getting his permission. When they were done, she examined the panties and sniffed at them. ‘I see you couldn’t wait today,’ she laughed. ‘I wonder what he’ll make you do next week.’


May 29, 2017
It was late on Saturday afternoon that my wife Jane came into my den. ‘Mum’s asked if she can stay an extra week. I’ve said that’s OK.’ I nodded, trying not to look too gleeful about it. ‘Sure, no problems.’ Half an hour later, Cheryl appeared. ‘Jane’s busy ironing, so I thought I’d drop in for a chat.’ ‘Chat?’ I queried. ‘Okay, so maybe not, it’s difficult to talk with a cock in my mouth.’ Twenty minutes later, she was licking her lips and I felt as if my balls had been put through a ringer. ‘Pity that skill cannot be inherited,’ I remarked. Jane had never been any good at oral and was no good at it anyway. ‘I tried teaching her once,’ Cheryl grinned, ‘but she could never get the hang of it.’

Come Monday morning, the day of the monthly briefing, and there was a package on my desk. I glanced inside and, for a change, went to the equipment room that Lily had told me about to put them on. Dark red satin thong, fortunately not one of those skimpy strings, but still a tight fit, with matching suspender belt and pink stockings. I put them on and went back to my desk feeling self-conscious even if no one could tell.

Ping. My phone went, summoning me to the washroom and the inevitable photo session. Ray took a series and then put his hand on my crotch. ‘Tight fit, isn’t it Barry. Let’s hope you don’t get too excited. Like you did with Lily last week.’ He massaged my balls so vigorously that I flinched. ‘She fancies you. Did you know that? She’s always throwing glances at you when you’re not looking her way. Everyone on the section has noticed. They think it’s funny. She knows what you’re wearing and she’ll be imagining you looking like this. Shall I send her a copy of this photo, what do you think?’ I didn’t reply, not wanting to provoke him. ‘Do you imagine what she looks like under those frumpy clothes?’ Had she told him what I’d said when we were having coffee? ‘Well, today she’s naked, butt naked. And, just to help your imagination, she doesn’t shave. There’s a thick tangle of pubes, wet and sticky from thinking about you in her undies. Just imagine that.’

As promised, I forwarded a copy of the photo to Cheryl, who texted back with one of her in a similar outfit. Fuck, she was hot. If only Jane would dress like that for me.

The briefing was delivered standing up. Company policy, meetings are always held standing to reduce them to the shortest time possible. Lily was watching me, openly now, her eyes flitting between my crotch and my face. The feel of the satin as I moved around was arousing enhanced by the sight of her hand drifting not to subtly down her belly as her tongue slipped between her lips. And then a thought struck me. Like before, I wondered if she was part of this and not another victim as she claimed. And whether others were in on this too. Did they all know how I was dressed, would they all be laughing at my predicament behind my back? And, with a shudder of dread, what more did Ray have planned for me? I didn’t have long to wait.

Ping. Another message, summoning me to the equipment room, where Ray was waiting with Lily. ‘Come on,’ Ray had his back to the door, ‘show us what you’ve got Barry.’ Sheepishly, I lowered by pants and avoided looking at Lily. ‘Do my eyes deceive me,’ Ray asked sarcastically, or is that a damp patch, Barry? Have you been playing with yourself or was that from thinking about Lily here?’ I said nothing, waiting to hear what he had planned for me. ‘Did you think about Lily while you gave that briefing?’ Again silence. ‘Would you like to see her naked?’ No response again. ‘Go on, Lily, show Barry.’ Lily did not move from her position, but simply reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. She was, like he said, butt naked. Small tits with dark red nipples slightly off centre, slim, nice hips and a large damp patch of hair.

‘Fuck her.’ This time I did respond, out of shock, I suppose. ‘What, you are not serious, this has gone too far.’ But Ray would not be deterred. ‘Don’t worry, Barry, it’s what Lily wants, isn’t it Lily?’ She nodded almost imperceptibly. ‘But,’ I protested with a sinking feeling that the outcome was inevitable, I can’t, I mean I’m a married man.’ I expected Ray to come out with a slick remark, but it was Lily who spoke. ‘Don’t worry, Barry, ‘I’ll turn my back so you won’t see my face when we have intercourse.’ Her insistence on using precise technical terms was appealing, to say the least. As she turned, she bent over a table, revealing a small ass. ‘Go on,’ Ray instructed, his tone brooking no argument, ‘take your pick. Ass or cunt. They’re both just as tight, take my word for it.’

There was no denying that I wanted to fuck her, my cock told its own story, so I made my decision. I took her at her word that only a week ago she had been a virgin and assumed that anal would be a bit advanced for her so soon, and as she would have said penetrated her vagina. She was hot and moist and, as Ray said, tight. I thrust gently, but holding myself in control just seemed to arouse me more, and I shot within a couple of minutes.

As I withdrew, Lily picked up her dress and let it fall over her shoulders. ‘Thank you, Barry,’ she smiled, ‘that was very satisfactory, very satisfying indeed.’

No way, I promised myself, would I mention this to Cheryl. No way. Absolutely. This was something she would never get out of me.

You’re right, you guessed it, she did.
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