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Bondage Club or Divine Prostitute

What setting would you prefer?

  • Modern- Humans only

    Votes: 35 53.0%
  • Modern- Humans and Furries

    Votes: 12 18.2%
  • Medieval- Fantasy races

    Votes: 21 31.8%
  • Sci-Fi- Alien races

    Votes: 24 36.4%
  • Other (please explain in a post)

    Votes: 2 3.0%

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Filthy Plaything

PBS is my safe word
Dec 9, 2019
not a wine cave, probably
Looking to start an open rp thread for a bondage club, where I play several female characters who are bound for use by anyone who visits. Think a woman bound in stocks, where anyone could fuck her holes. Or another woman with bound by a spreader bar and handcuff so anyone could use her. A nude or mostly nude waitress who has to serve drinks while getting fucked by another patron. A variety of toys and implements would also be available to the patrons, from dildos to butt plugs to vibrators, as well as whips, floggers, paddles. Basically, a sex club that caters to the desires and tastes of the clients, and makes it's employees available in all sorts of ways.

If other people want to play employees, that's fine by me. Male and female characters welcome. I would prefer to stick with humanoid characters, but if others want to be furries or whatever, that is fine too. If I get enough interest, I will set up a character thread for employees, so each player can layout their likes and dislikes and limits. Obviously, this could fit in a variety of different settings, so I am interested to see what interests other players.

I am also willing to play one dominant female character. Particularly in exchange for someone willing to play a group of men who get rough with one particular woman.

My kinks:
Anonymous sex
Bound Sex
Double/Triple Penetration
Sloppy seconds
Running a train on a woman
Rough Sex

Inspirations: (NSFW)
Cumming soon. 😏
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