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Fx Male A new beginning (reviving old ideas!)


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Sep 25, 2012

Harry Potter- (Any pairing really, Even Next generation. )

Supernatural- (This is basically wide open.)

Buffy, Angel- (Once again wide open)

Charmed- (Open to compromise.)

Vampire Chronicles/Queen of the Damned- (for this I would prefer Marius or Stewart Townsend as Lestat .)

X-men- Rogue/ Gambit Jean/ Logan or Logan/Storm

Batman Beyond (Dana X Terry)
Kitty Pryde/Peter Parker/Morgan Stark

Hard cravings

Okay so I have a few new ideas up my sleeve, granted some of them will be vampire/human oriented. I’m very obsessed with Dracula, his everlasting love for Mina Harker.

One: My character finds herself having weird dreams, she’s been having these dreams for a very long time. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s the reincarnation of an ancient vampires lover. (More details can be discussed in p

The sorority girl.

A young woman between the age of 19-20 so she's basically a sophomore or junior in college, she basically finds herself falling in love with either one of her professors. Or a boy from one of the fraternities on campus, of course at the various parties thrown on campus said girl could act like she doesn't like anyone. She could be constantly called slut behind her back because despite the way she acts her sorority sisters could think she's quite promiscuous, so on. (If you have any plot twists, or happen to be interested Please pm me.)

I'm also open to fandom suggestions so feel free to shoot me a pm, I'll let you know weather or not it falls into my likes or dislikes.



X-Vampire\ Human




X- Angel/Demon

X- Witch/Demon

X- Gypsy/Prince etc.

X- Witch/Mortal

X-Princess/Knight/Peasant etc.

X- Maid/Butler/Master etc.

X- Musician/ Band mate/Manager

X- Athlete/Coach

X-Rehab Patient/Therapist/Patient

X- Lawyer/Client,Client/Lawyer

X- Employ/Bosses Daughter

X- Goddess/Mortal or Goddess/God

X- Escort or Prostitute/Client

X- Assassin/Target

X Fairy/Human

(More to come, or pm me with possible Pairings I might consider.)


Below you will see a few ideas I've come up with, some that are old or somewhat new.


1st idea. Homeless, pregnant. Which deals with a young woman maybe 19-21 discovering she's pregnant after her first time of unprotected sex with her boyfriend, her parents are very strict so she'd tries to hide it as long as she can. Until her younger sister finds her diary, tells her parents. Of course her boyfriend being the kind of guy that isn't ready for fatherhood dumps her as soon as she tells him, her parents kick her out leaving her with nothing. A little twist in the mix since I love vampires, stuff the guy that discovers her could even be a vampire or any kind of supernatural being.

2nd idea. The high school reunion. A woman in her late twenties returns to her home town for her ten year high school reunion, while she was in school she was very popular. She graduated went onto college, got married just before her college graduation. After graduation number two she found herself pregnant, with child but due to complications she lost the baby. Then lost her husband, has been single since. But after she signs in, gets her name tag she bumps into the one guy she'd always wished she had given a chance while in high school.

3rd idea. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. A young woman in her early twenties maybe she's celebrating her 21st birthday with some friends, she has a little to much to drink. She meets a hot guy, one things lead to another. She wakes up next to the hot guy, then looks down at her ring finger realizing she got married. Now there are two ways this can go.. One she can be happy with the guy, they can live their life happily or two she can have a boyfriend back home that she knows will be very mad so she could ask for an annulment.

4th idea. A soldier's widow. This idea is similar to the widowed Bride idea that I'm currently pursuing, the young woman finds herself widowed a few months after what would be her two year anniversary with her husband. Since her husband had to ship out before they ever got a honeymoon she was never able to get pregnant, now with her husband gone. She's moved back home, is living with her parents but would love to fall in love again, hopes that this time she'll be able to have more time to actually have a life with whoever might catch her eye. Her age would be between 22-25, that would make her still young but at least child baring age. (Appearance will come later on. Please pm, do not reply to this thread.)

5th Idea. The Preacher's daughter (Plot coming soon. Feel free to pm me if your interested though.)

6th idea. The runaway-A young girl seventeen or eighteen years old get's into a fight with her parents, tells them she's going to run away. So she backs a few things, does just that. She manages to rent out a hotel room with some money she had saved up for whatever, stays there with no intent on ever going home. While she's staying at the hotel she finds herself feeling lonely, seeking companionship. (More can be added, please pm if interested.)

7th idea. This idea is kind of old but falls under one of my pairings-A young woman seventeen-eighteen don't really care how old she is anyways. She finds herself in rehab after her mother discovers drugs, alcohol in her room. While in rehab she could fall in love with an orderly or even one of the doctors I don't really care who she falls in love with but I love the drama that a rehab normally has, well the rest will just be added as the plot carries hopefully.

Below is a list of my likes, dislikes..


High School


Interracial Relationships

Worker/ Co-Worker (Secretary etc.)

Supernatural themed. ( Werewolf witch etc.)

Angel/Demon or Demon/Angel Even Angel/Human

Love Triangles (*girl is in a relationship, falls for another guy etc.*)

Doctor Patient (Therapist etc.)

Lawyer Client


Comic Book (Dc Marvel etc)

Harry Potter (Beginning or after deathly Hallows)

Greek or Roman God or Goddess/Human

Sailor Moon (Live action oriented or Anime)

Buffy the vampire slayer/vampire diaries etc.

(This list could actually be longer but Oh well.)

Anything I'm not sure of.
Horror (Major Dis Interest.)
Anything Animal themed. (no interest there sorry.)
Post Apocalyptic Themed Rpgs. (Not a huge fan.)
One Liners. (I normally try to type 3-6sentences which is a paragraph, I expect the same back. Anything less then that is hard for me to respond to. I have been known to type more but my muse has to be in the right element.)

Old/new plots
Here's some older ideas but ones that didn't really get much of a chance, well thought I would post them again in here, see what happens.

Agent/Client- An agent in his early 30's maybe could fall in love with with his client who could be an aspiring model or actress, he could do everything to get her name on the billboards but soon he realizes that he's falling in love with her. But before he can tell her how he feels she falls in love with someone else.

The boss's daughter- A young intern or junior vice president at a large marketing company could suddenly develop feelings for his boss's daughter, he could attempt to ask her out but every time he does her father would explain why he doesn't want her dating him. But they could start dating against her father's wishes, things could really work between the two of them but her father could some how find out about their secret relationship sending him in a rage. He'd explain to his daughter that since her mother passed away she's all he has, he doesn't wanna lose her to some random guy especially one as immature as a co-worker.

Good Girl/Bad boy- A heiress could be single or in an arranged relationship, she could go out with a couple of girlfriends. She could be drinking age, maybe she meets a guy at the bar or club. He could have a reputation maybe he's an ex-con or something to that effect, she could be pretty drunk so he offers to take her home or something yada yada.

Fallen from Grace: A young angel answering to the name Serenity finds herself falling in love with a young man that she's been watching over since birth, she isn't to young but she was only seventeen when she was killed in a car accident. She knows all the rules, never let's him see her or hear her but she's always there watching over him. Serenity was assigned to the boy before he was born, was told she would be his guardian angel but as the boy grew up and matured she found herself falling in love with him. Of course Serenity still has the appearance of a seventeen year old she's actually older, hides her true age well. She was born in 1980, died in 1997 two days before her eighteenth birthday. Her charge the young man she's been watching over him since he was born on April 11th 1997 three days after she died. despite the fact that his mother gave him up he was placed in a well rounded foster home.


Alright so there's the movie with Taylor Lautner, then there's the Carlina White story with Keke Palmer. Both of those movies kind of inspired this idea granted I only watched The one with Taylor Lautner once, anyways it's pretty simple.

A young woman 19-20 is taken from the hospital as an infant, raised by people who aren't her biological parents. Her baby picture is posted on a missing person's website, her real parents all over the news. She calls the missing person's hotline, tells them she thinks she found a missing person. Tells them it's her, so on. But the woman, man that raised her are still her parents, she struggles with the decision of who she wants to stay with. She could fall in love with someone maybe someone that's known her her entire life, could have been her next door neighbor while she lived with the wrong family.

If at all interested in this Please Pm me, further details can be worked out.

A Soap Opera of sorts

Okay so I don't really watch actual soap operas unless I'm extremely bored, even then I don't really pay attention to them. But I love the love triangles, the drama that comes with Soap operas. So anyways the general idea of this is basic, well normally a soap opera deals with tragedy drama etc. So here's the plot or least what I have of one anyways.

A woman in her late twenties early 30's could have been in a really bad car accident, could be in a coma or critical condition. Anyways while she's in the hospital her husband or boyfriend could be cheating on her, could pretend like nothing has changed since her accident. Maybe it was worse then doctors thought, she could be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life. So her husband or boyfriend maybe even fiance thinks about leaving her for the other woman, he could have been involved by escaped with a few minor injures while the woman took the blunt of the damage.

A royal love affair:

Okay so this could take place in modern times or it could take place in the Victorian period I really don't care, anyways. This idea came to mind just a minute or so ago so I'll try to give a good summery, then see what happens.

A queen or a princess even possible a king or prince could be betrothed to someone but not really have romantic feelings for the someone, could secretly be having an affair with someone that is technically beneath them. Maybe they were promised to marry the person before they even knew what marriage was, they could have grown up with the one they are in love with. The royal council could disapprove of this, perhaps the queen or the princess or whatever could maybe be the last heir to the throne because maybe his or her parents died when he was just a boy which would have put her or him on the throne at a young age. He or she longs for companionship but was promised to another prince at the time of birth or something like that, longs to be with another.

(( None of these are really new ideas their just old ones that I'm trying to revive, I will have some new ones in the near future.))

The healing touch: A young man who has been sick ever since he was born, is bound to a wheel chair due to his illness could somehow seak the help of a healer. Maybe he has a nurse or someone close to him put an article on social media or in the local want adds, since he's never really known companionship he could very easily fall for his healer. ( Pm for further details, this will be male x female)

Charmed the next generation: This takes place after Piper Phoebe, Paige have retired from fighting demons. Wyatt Chris, Melinda have taken over the task but Melinda finds herself falling in love with a guy she meets at her mother's club. Little does she know he's a demon even more he's the new source of all evil but desires a queen etc. ( Pm for more details, discussion)

Forty five minutes in heaven: Similar to spin the bottle this takes place at a party, will involve multiple characters. Anyways two teenagers a boy, a girl maybe the shy quiet type kind of goth or emo to the point of where they kind of feel invisible. An item of theirs gets tossed into the middle of the floor, without even thinking they pick up the item of that person. Sparks fly while their upstairs, even though they just basically talk for the whole time they realize they were meant to be.

A holiday Fling: A young successful business woman or man in his or her late twenties or early thirties goes to a business conference at a luxerious Resort located in the alps. Finds him or herself falling in love with a rival from another company, the entire time he or she is away sparks fly which cause things to happen. When he or she realizes that they can’t live without one or the other pops the big question is asked, the answer is yes.

The Perfect match: A young person in their late twenties early thirties puts a profile up on a dating website, starts talking to a man or a woman over the internet. They discuss meeting for the 1st time, when they do meet it’s literally love at 1st sight. Sparks fly, the question is asked with a good answer.

The lost Mystic Scrolls: A young fairy or elf doesn't really matter what mystical species I'll play either.. Is told that the scrolls of her or his people have been stolen, so the Fairy elf or whatever has to set on a journey to find the lost scrolls of her people. These scrolls hold ancient secrets etc about her people. So in the wrong ends it could mean an end to her people, she could meet a few different people but he or she tries to pose as a normal human in order to find these scrolls. The only problem is he or she doesn't know who stole the scrolls so he or she searches every where until he or she is caught by a rival clan of elves or fairies.

A holiday romance: A business woman in her late twenties early thirties could be given time off to go on vacation, of course she could be single or with someone but things could be rocky. While she's on holiday/vacation she could meet someone , sparks could fly. She could return home married, happy for the first time in her life. Or she could go on holiday/vacation with her boss they could share a suit with a queen or king size bed, stuff could happen.

The Princess, the thief: loosely based on the story of Jasmine, Aladdin. A princess around 19-22 finds herself falling for a lowly street rat, doesn't have the courge to tell her father. This story doesn't nesscerly involve a geanie like the original Disney story but it can, as the story progresses the princess realizes she can't live without her lover so she is wiling to live the common life just so she can be with him. To add a little twist maybe she could be betroved to a sorcer or another prince, takes sometime away at a local spa to get her thoughts together which would be where she encounters said street rat. (Please pm for more details.)

The rule breaker: Okay so this is based off a story on the game app episodes. Anyways my character an 18 yea old female is told by her fa that he’ll be gone for a whole week on a business trip. But while he’s away she isn’t alone... An old friend of her fathers who just broke up with his girlfriend will be staying around to look out for her, last time he saw her she was still a little girl. Now he’s not poor by any means, actually has own company called kings investments. His last name is a big deal, his first name is up to you. My character well name Alessandra “ Alex” for short, she’s not poor either just doesn’t flaunt things around.

1. Third person past tense.
2. Para/semi para posting
3. Face claims: (real life or art depends on the rp)
4. Brief character description/short bio.
5. Pm/thread (my discord is listed but I’m not big on using it.) you can add me, we’ll talk but I prefer to rp on the site via thread or pm.
6. Replies: While I’m away or lacking muse my replies will be sporadic, please don’t assume I’ve lost interest just because I’m more active in the forums then I am in private conversations.
7. Starters: If I start a rp conversation weather it’s out of character or in character. Please don’t leave me hanging for months with no replies, visa versa. I understand real life can get busy but if I’m putting in all the effort, getting nothing back I have the right to refuse to rp/discuss plots.

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👸I’m the queen of rp drama! Need I say more? 👸
Sep 25, 2012
All plots are still open, I’m working on new ones to post in a new thread so here‘s a bump!
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