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Dec 29, 2018
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Current Season: Spring
Talundor occupies a vast plain surrounded by the Indigo mountains on three sides and ocean on the fourth, formed during a super-volcanic event millions of prior. The coastline of Talundor, while plentiful, is made up mostly of soaring cliffs with a nasty habit of falling away without warning, and so, despite possessing coastline spanning several horizons, the country possesses only a single deep-water port. Trade and movement within the kingdom is facilitated by way of a major river bisecting the kingdom east-west, fed by the near-permenant snowpack capping the eastern-most reaches of the Indigos and falling hundreds of feet at the end into the Breakwave sea. The mountains, while a source of valuable mineral deposits that have provided the small kingdom with impressive wealth, remain mostly unexplored save for a few rich veins of precious metal and the three major passes eastward by which most land-based trade is conducted.

With Earth as a reference, Talundor occupies a landmass comparable in both size and climate to mid-Portugal.

Talundor was united under one family and one banner roughly five hundred years ago. Histories of the precursor fiefdoms suggest that the area was first settled in waves beginning two hundred years prior to unification.

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The present ruling line, the Silidras family, came to power nearly a century ago at the end of a divisive and bloody war of succession that extinguished the previous Winton line and many of it's cadet branches.

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The Royal Family
In order of succession to the throne
  • King Jacob Silidras, 58, married to Consort Christine Silidras-Vanthauf, 53
  • Crown prince Erik Silidras, 35, married to TBD
    • TBD (Erik's daughter, 13)
    • TBD (Erik's son, 10)
  • Princess Sabrina Silidras, 33, married to TBD
    • TBD (Sabrina's twin son, 11)
    • TBD (Sabrina's twin son, 11)
    • TBD (Sabrina's daughter, 7)
  • Prince Casey SIlidras, 30, unwed
  • Prince Professor Jon Silidras, 27, unwed
  • Princess General Zoe SIlidras, 25, unwed

The Military
In order of rank
  • TBD, First General
  • TBD, Second General
  • TBD, Third General
  • TBD, Fourth General
  • Princess General Zoe Silidas, Least General
    • Daniel Adrison, First Colonel
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • Adam Bergent, Fourth Colonel
    • Sander Dukaas
  • Madeleine Cornwall, first field-surgeon of Camp Vernes
  • Samuel Smith, chief steward to Princess General Zoe Silidras

The Crescent Empire
The Crescent Empire is a vast and sprawling nation, but has its deepest roots in the dense and steamy jungles common in the southeast portion of the largest of the world's continents.

With Earth as a reference, the Crescent occupies a landmass comparable in both size and climate to southeast Asia, though it's satellite colonies stretch nearly a thousand miles west.

The Crescent Empire came into proper being roughly one hundred years prior, when the kingdom of Asthishar invaded it's neighbors Kerhran and Pethp and demanded their kings declare fealty to the Asthishar queen. Even prior to this conquest, however, Asthishar was both a thaumaturgically and technically advanced kingdom. The magic academies at Miang-Chi, Purtess, and Bavot-Ur were the sites cutting-edge research, producing groundbreaking work not just in true thaumaturgy but in related fields such as maths, meteorology, alchemy, metallurgy, and even agriculture. The King's court of surgeons practiced true medicine nearly a century ahead of what any other nation had access to, and basic notions of hygiene and healthcare were commonplace even in the poorest and most ill-educated households. In addition, the dense, steamy, and biodiverse forests that made up most of the Asthishar countryside were host to hundreds of natural remedies which enjoyed long histories of traditional use, including several potent antibiotics and analgesics.

While possessing of advanced weaponry and military doctrine, the Crescent has no indigenous beasts-of-burden more spirited than a plough-ox. With the exception of a few small groups, mostly mercenaries but a few from conquered nations, there is no tradition of mounted units in the Crescent military, and there is no cavalry nor well-developed tactical knowledge of how to use them. Military maneuvers from the Crescent rely instead on the use of overwhelming force to crush their enemies, utilizing their extremely well-trained troops to execute complex battle strategies designed to box in and skewer their foes with a weapon mix heavily favoring pole-arms. This strategy has proven frighteningly effective in most encounters. What nations the Crescent cannot subdue through force, they have subdued through more dubious means, with several smaller city-states reported to have inexplicably laid down their weapons opened up their gates to welcome their conquerors inside with neither formal negotiations nor concessions made by the Crescent.

The conquest of the Crescent ranges far beyond the empire's official boarders, with troop deployments often ranging two or three countries ahead of their present stronghold. This aggressively expansionist policy has brought the Crescent into spitting distance of Talundor over the past few decades, with the first aggressive moves being made roughly five years prior. However, the stubborn nature of the desert states to the east have proven surprisingly tricky to subdue and continue to occupy the invading force's attention. At present, the Crescent has devoted the majority of it's troops in the area to suppressing a near-continuous series of rebellions in the "subjugated" desert states, fighting in brief but bloody skirmishes against mounted warlords who melt frustratingly away into the sands. What forces remain they have dedicated to making slow but consistent progress through the heavily-fortified mountain passes leading into Talundor.

Owing to the long overland travel times involved in sending any sort of message, military leaders in far-reaching Crescent operations are offered near-total autonomy. While a general style persists between military units owing to common themes presented in formal training, actions in one conquest do not necessarily predict actions in another.

Exceptionally little is known about the Undying Empress of the Crescent Empire, save that she is equally beautiful and bloodthirsty. Rumor holds that she is a powerful warlock, and has sat the Ruby Throne for over three hundred years. In the fashion of the ancient kings of Asthishar, she keeps a harem, but though she counts her consorts by the dozens she has yet to ever name an heir, or, supposedly, ever mother a child. She subsists on milk, honey, and moonlight, and bathes in the blood of virgins to preserve her youthful looks. In the deepest and oldest recesses of the sprawling Empire, whispers suggest that she counts among her patrons one or more of the Otherfolk.
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