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[Discord] Heroes Journey – A My Hero Academia RP


Sep 16, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
The hero’s journey; a classic story construct that goes back centuries and is still used to this day in all forms of storytelling mediums. Here at U.A., every student is allowed the chance to shape their own unique journey to heroism… do not misunderstand, though. It’s true that getting into this academy itself is a feat not a lot of people can do - especially getting into the Heroics course. That’s why you should be proud of that. Be proud that your potential has been recognized and that we, the staff of U.A., have chosen to believe in that very potential. However! Remaining in U.A is an entirely different matter. It is not rare to see students drop out after experiencing the intensity of the hero course. The job of U.A.’s staff is to create heroes, not to pamper to people’s dreams. Having the passion to be a hero is admirable but you will need a lot more than that to keep attending this academy. If you choose to take this call to adventure nonetheless… I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Principal Minamoto.

UA | Heroes Journey is an MHA/BNHA roleplaying game set far past the events of the current series. The game has been open since February 2018. We're looking for new writers to join in and make a splash as we begin to delve into the main meat of the RP: the villain plot arc. The students have already been involved in two major attacks and upcoming events will continue further down that route. This means we are only looking for skilled and experienced players who are able to craft fully developed and complex characters, plus take initiative to involve them in plot. This arc will last until after the current season wraps up, so please be committed to long-term role play if you choose to join.

While we are a fairly established group, it's easy to get your foot in by participating in scenes to become a core character. We love seeing players that come in with passion for their characters and the world of the source material. We also highly recommend reading MHA: Vigilantes as we feel it gives greater world building to go off of.

We're primarily looking for characters that add a new dynamic to the game, so it's highly encouraged to get a look around at the cast and introduce yourself before working on your own. The group is also very collaborative, so we tend to plan out major storylines and arcs in advance as opposed to playing those larger plot aspects by ear.

We look forward to anyone that decides to take this call to adventure!

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