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Comic Books turned into movies


Nov 6, 2019
Previously I believed that super hero movies or tv programs that did not reflect the actual comic book stories lacked depth and accuracy.
However, recently, as Marvel and D.C. have come out with great movies, I believe that films are another - comic book genre per se.
No longer do they have to be 100% a reflection of any individual comic book story. What do you think?


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Oct 3, 2018
inbetween your legs
Hmm I think there's an arguement to be made that the films don't have to be accurate since in fairness to them they haven't got the time to go over the nitty gritty details but with TV Shows I disagree I think they do have the time and should be faithful to the comics. So I feel you're right but I just wanted to say TV programmes that do no reflect the source material haven't got an excuse to hide behind. Movies lack the time needed but TV programmes have got the time on their side.


Nov 10, 2019
While it is nice to have accuracy to the original story upon which an adaptation is based, it's probably not going to turn out the way anybody would want to have it be a carbon-copy of how the novel (graphic or general) and so having some deviation to the source material is a necessity to keep viewers engaged since they won't automatically know in advance how things will go, but there are a great deal of moments from the pages of the source material that are a must to have in or the true emotional impact and spirit will be lost (for instance, in Captain America: Civil War, the shot of Cap and Iron Man clashing with the shield and blasting hands was straight out of the original Civil War story arc form the comics but the movie deviated significantly from it without losing the spirit). Because comic books are normally so multifaceted in that there are many different universes and continuities, it's a bit more expected and easier for them to deviate from (or combine) the original stories than a novel adaptation since those are pretty much only a single version of themselves.
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