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Fx Male Up for anything!


Nov 4, 2019
Hey everyone! I had an account here before, but I’m unable to get back into it so I decided to just start fresh!
Like the title says, I’m looking to roleplay and I’m pretty much open to anything besides the things listed on my flist and down below! I’m not too picky on the plot or anything! So if you have an idea that you’re craving to do, just send me a message! I promise, I’m nice! 😁
Now I do have a couple of rules! I’ve decided to add them after discovering some things I don’t like! Nothing dramatic, though! 🙂

~This is the only place I roleplay. I don’t roleplay on discord or anywhere else, just here and preferably in PMs
~I only roleplay in third person.
~When you message me, please start with either simply saying you want to roleplay or maybe even the plot. Please don’t just send a random starter. I like to have a plot or at least a discussion before just jumping in.
~I do both BxG and BxB. With BxG, I only play a submissive female. With BxB, I only play the submissive boy, though depending on the plot, I don’t mind my character being a power bottom for BxB.
~The length of a post doesn’t bother me, I always try to match your post. However, keep in mind that for me, the longer the post is, the longer is might take me to reply. I’m normally on my phone and I don’t like typing long paragraphs on it, so I tend to wait until I’m on my laptop for that and that could be a while.
~My replies also might take a while due to work and other things, so please be patient! ☺

~Public Sex
~If the roleplay is some type of fantasy or so, tentacles

Turn Offs
~Suicide or Death related
~Scat or Pee
~Too young of character. I prefer all the characters to be at least 18 unless both characters are under 18.

And here’s even more!: F-list - Warning
Things like non-con don’t really bother me! If you’re unsure about if I would be interested in whatever you have planned, don’t be afraid to ask! I’m pretty chill!
So message me if interested!
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