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Fx Male [Discord] This willing fuckslave is seeking a dominant and aggressive male to wreck her holes. Is that you?

Jun 16, 2019
Discord: To The Fairest#1491 (spaces included)

Send me a friend request on Discord if this interests you. I'm not at all bound to this scene and am open to other ideas as long as it fits the themes of male domination and female submission. This advertisement is written in first person but I roleplay in third.

You are my god.

I'm reminded of this every time you savagely thrust your cock inside of my tight little cunt with your hand wrapped around my throat. Each brutal push forward of your hips splitting open the walls of my pussy reinforces the dominance and control that you exert over me. The squeeze of your hand on my neck which causes me to see stars and makes my gorgeous tits rise and fall as I try to gasp for breath only serves to prove that you have nothing less than the power of life and death over me. There is not a moment of the day when I don't think of you. The more that you use and abuse me the wetter my cunt becomes and the more my addiction for you is kindled. It's funny how the things in the world which are the worst and most destructive for us are what we crave the most, and above anything else in my life that I've ever wanted, you're the thing that I desire the strongest.

I want to please you as much as a person can please another human being. When you come home from work and sit down on your favorite chair I want to spend the next several hours with my mouth attached to your cock, face shoved against your groin with that dick buried so deep your balls are on my chin and my nose is pressed against your pubes. I want to willingly fuck my face on that huge piece of meat while you completely and totally ignore me. Then when we're finished I want to get up and cook you dinner, after which you'll utterly destroy my gorgeous pussy with your cock because a nice and brutal fuck is how you like to relax after eating. I never think about myself. The only person whose needs and wants I ever consider is you, because in the grand scheme of things I'm completely fucking irrelevant, and you're the person who matters most.

The funny thing about this is that you could easily replace me and I'm just another fucktoy for you to use. Currently the most beautiful and capable fucktoy, sure, but I could definitely be replaced. You, though. You're irreplaceable to me and I would probably die if you ever threw me over. The fact of the matter is that even though you know that, you could give two shits less about my welfare or state of mind. Those things are only relevant - and even then, just barely - as long as I am providing you with pleasure and gratification. You know that you're my god and that I would do absolutely anything to be able to continue worshiping at your feet, which I will do as long as you'll let me. So until the day comes that you throw me out I'm going to continue doing everything in my power to take care of your needs like the good little whore that I am.

Currently seeking - writers who can play in real-time/live via Discord and are capable of writing multiple paragraph posts. Normally my posts are about the size of these three paragraphs and I'm looking for players who are capable of consistently matching that length. Send me a friend request if you're interested in putting something together.
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