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Season 2 - Term 1: A Fictions “Normal” Life

Jul 17, 2017
The New Universes Project ~ Marsia Academy: The Third Wave
Season 2 – Term 1: A Fictions “Normal” Life
November 18th 4566 Daytime
Narrated by Sumire "Remi" Rembrant

When Sieg and I went down to Earth we were separated and I was confronted by Federation Security Personnel whom found out my secret… That I wasn’t really the age or person I said I was… A Princess sent away by her father in a form of witness protection… At least that is what it was designed to be. After being confronted by then I decided to work with the military to prevent more bloodshed and for my secret to not be leaked.

After a long two months Earth was attacked by the Swarm; a race of genetically engineered super bugs which were apparently mind controlled by some guy who was eaten by the queen bug… As part of the evacuation Marsia was moved to the Onyx Cityship. The cityship is a city in space surrounded by an advanced shield system and one of the mainstays of the new Trinity Combined Service; a combined galactic military with the remains of the Federation Military, Orteria’s military and member states of the glorified space United nations; the United Council.

The Onyx Cityship was chosen to house the Academy due to the cityship needing somewhere for educational activities to be conducted and for the security of the school; going to class on a military base… But with a history and background like mine I guess something like this should be expected; right? I wonder what unfortunate souls will be trapped on the Cityship and have to live through this hell or if all of us will even survive…
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