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Feb 9, 2016
The Fourth of July was now in the rear view mirror and the calendar had just flipped over to August. The anticipation of a new school year was now moving full steam ahead. For some that meant to back-to-school shopping for new clothes and backpacks. For others, annual physicals for football and cheerleading. And for teachers it meant preparing your classroom for an influx of new students who would soon be invading their space as the end of summer vacation came crashing down on them.

For Ben Hamilton though it meant something different. For him, it meant - showtime!

Since he'd been a sophomore in high school when he'd been inspired by his math teacher Ben had known he wanted to be a teacher, inspiring and motivating young minds just like his mentor. He entered college full of excitement and motivation, ready to prepare himself for the career of his dreams.

However, once on campus he found that his priorities often became sidetracked. Sure, he was still excited about one day fulfilling his goal of becoming a teacher, but hey, to really experience college meant more than simply going to class, right? There were activities, social events, football games, parties, girls, so many other aspects to truly live a well rounded college life. And Ben wanted to experience them all.

Especially the girls. And the parties. And the girls. And the parties. Oh, and the girls. Ok, mostly the girls.

Fortunately, he was a bright enough guy that he could typically skip Friday lectures because he'd been out partying on Thursday. Or, Mondays if the weekends were too crazy. Or Wednesday morning if the sexy blonde he'd met at the bar the night before was ready for another round before she headed back home.

Worst case, Ben could be average with no problem. Solid C's with virtually no effort at all. B's and the occasional A if he stayed up and crammed the night before midterms and finals. Definitely sufficient to earn his degree and his teaching certificate.

What Ben didn't realize though until he'd begun his job search his senior year was that average performance earned you average jobs. Time and time again he was turned down when he applied at the elite private schools where he'd imagined himself teaching. Even the top public schools had no interest in him. So, much to his chagrin, although he did ultimately land a teaching position it paled in comparison to how he'd imagined his teaching career would be.

Instead of finding himself in the heart of a thriving city, teaching the young brilliant minds who would one day be leading the country, Ben instead found himself in the country, surrounded by corn fields and soy beans, teaching math at a small rural high school. Fucking awesome.

From the first day he set foot in the school Ben knew he was better than all of them, or at least that was his perception. For god's sake, he was urban, chic, hot and sophisticated. These people?? These people wouldn't know an Ermenegildo Zegna designer suit from an off the rack J.C. Penneys. His first three years had felt like a form of cruel and inhuman punishment. No fun. No excitement. No anything.

But, that all changed in his fourth year when he was offered the opportunity to hire a student teacher, someone who he could mentor and would also assist in his classroom. Much to his astonishment, after posting the job listing at the university that resided 15 miles away Ben felt a renewed enthusiasm. There was life out in the cornfields after all! Well, at least after you lured it in from the not too distant university.

The applicants who appeared before Ben, vying for his attention were like a breath of fresh air, exactly the sort of potential future teachers he'd been hoping to find. There were blondes, brunettes, redheads. Curvy girls, slender girls, tall girls. Hot girls, innocent girls, slutty girls. And they all had one trait in common - all of them were trying to impress Ben Hamilton in the hope of being the person selected for the student-teacher position.

Suddenly, his career in teaching had meaning again.

The first few years Ben all but exhausted himself, doing everything he could to drag the selection process out as long as possible. And oh, the things these girls would do for him. While the recruiting process dragged on Ben felt like a sultan with his harem, right out in the middle of the corn fields. Unbelievable.

Now though, ten years removed and in his mid 30's Ben's tactics had changed. No longer was he after quantity. Now, he was all about quality. Rather than wading through a pool of 6, 8, even 10 girls, stringing it out and leading them on his strategy had changed. Now, Ben's preference was to whittle the field down as quickly as possible to the two hottest, errr, the two best candidates, and then let them fight between themselves to see who would be willing to do the most to secure the position.

And today was the day this year's show was about to begin. Today he would place the job listing intended to attract exactly the sort of applicants he was hoping to find. Ben fired up his laptop, pulled up his listing from the previous year, made a few tweaks, then took one last read through it.

Prominent math teacher, Ben Hamilton, at Hickory Hills High School is seeking just the right applicant for a unique student-teacher opportunity. Are you ready to be challenged? To expand your limits? Are you looking for something more than the traditional everyday ordinary student-teacher position?

Rather than limiting his student-teachers to low level, mundane tasks, Ben offers a more full bodied, hands on approach. An opportunity for you to demonstrate your desire and commitment, to showcase your skills and willingness to perform at the highest level.

Are you a
take charge person who enjoys demonstrating their leadership skills?

Are you ready to take your spot at the
front of the class?

Do you have what it takes to
separate yourself from the rest?

If so and you're ready for a learning experience unlike any other, please send resume, references, and a current photo to Ben at Let's make this a school year none of us will forget!

Ben grinned to himself with delight. Oh yes. This should do quite nicely. Especially with his photo front and center to capture the attention and hearts of the young impressionable co-eds. The moment he clicked 'send' to post the job listing his imagination was whirring with possibilities. Who would be the lucky two who would make the final cut to earn the right to vie for his attention this year?
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Aug 22, 2016


Candice Sweetwater
Age: 23, 5'9", Aries | Amanda Bryce Age: 21, 5'10", Libra | Samantha Jones Age: 22, 5'10", Gemini

Being born in the lap of luxury meant just about squat when your parents decide to throw you out on your ear at the age of sixteen. Completely disinherited and erased from all family records, Candice Sweetwater never would have survived on the streets if not for Samantha Jones. Sam's family didn't have much but what they did have, they shared openly with Candice. They practically adopted her, though they never went through with the full adoption paperwork. There was a grey area where all that was concerned. Since Candice had only been sixteen when her parents threw her out onto the streets she had every legal right to pursue legal ramifications against them. She wasn't an imancipated minor, nor was she of age yet. Though without access to her family funds, she had no money and therefore could not afford to hire a lawyer.

The Jones looked after Candice and taught her how to forgive her parents and move on with her life, but deep down she always held a grudge against them. Perhaps that is why she pursued a career as a lawyer.

It had been seven years since she had been thrown out by her family and with the love and support of the Jones - not to mention a favor or two from family friends, she had been able to apply for, and receive, a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University. With hew hard-won degree she could go to pretty much any law office in the country. She already had offers from a few of the most prestigious law firms in New York. Right now she was mulling over her options and spending her summer with the Jones before making her decision.

"Hey Sandy, what are you up to?" Candy asked, peering into the room of the girl that was as close to a sister as she had.

Samantha was laying on the bed with her laptop in front of her and she glanced up at the sound of Candy's voice. "Oh, not much. I was just browsing through the posting board at the University." The dark-haired woman was lating on her stomach, legs kicking back and forth as she scrolled through the Univeristy website.

Unlike Candice, Samantha - aka Sandy - wasn't born into the lap of luxury. In fact, her family was a very disfunctional one. Some twenty-six years ago her mother had left her previous husband and gotten knocked up by a one night stand. Samantha had no idea who her father was. As long as she could remember it had been her, her mother and her half-brother who was eight years older than her. Though for the past ten years her brother had been so busy working that she had hardly seen him. Just the occasional weekend visit.

It was Sandy's greated desire to become a teacher and she had been working hard towards her degree for the past four years. It was time for her to find a student-teaching position to get the mandatory 'hands on' experience needed in order to finish her degree. So for days she had been browsing the posting board at the University to find the right position. She wanted a high school position, but she didn't want anything too taxing. she had already eliminated a portion of the listings because they were for schools in undesirable locations.

"Oh, look at this one... It doesn't sound too bad..." She started to say, but then sighed and shook her head. "Nevermind. It's in the Bronx. Not doing that."

"Right. I'm sure if Sam heard you took a postion somewhere like that, he'd take a leave of absense just to come talk some sense into you."
Candy said with a grin, walking over to sit on the bed beside Sandy.

Her comment only made Sandy roll her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure." Her brother was always a touchy subject these days.

"What's that one?" Candy asked, pointing to one titled 'Hickory Hills High School'.

Samantha just scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I do not want to get my teaching experience at some hick school in the middle of no where."

Those words just made Candy chuckle. "Don't say that to Mandy."

At least Sandy had the good grace to blush. "Right, that's her old school, huh?"

"Yup. That's why I was curious about the posting."
Candy said with a shrug.

With another eye roll, Samdy clicked on the link and began to read. She clicked on the first link, the teacher's picture and let out a whistle. "Damn, he's hot." She said, before returning to the posting.

Both girls read through it and then looked at each other. "What a sleezeball." Candy said, shaking her head. They hadn't even bothered to click on the other links but as Sandy opened them one at a time, they found pictures of, well.. a misogynistic view on a female teacher. "Sleezeball indeed. What the fuck. This sicko really thinks he's going to get a student-teacher with this?"

Sandy's eyes skimmed the listing. "Well, it looks like he's already got twelve applicants."

"Twelve? Jesus. We can't let him get away with this."
Then a smile spread over her face. "Should I call Augie? He could take the guy down."

The words actually made Samantha shudder. "No. He freaks me out. I know he's Sam's best friend or whatever, but he's always given me the creeps." She frowned and Candy arched her eyebrows but didn't say anything. "What if we handle him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm sure Mandy would be up for some fun. She and I could both apply, it would hopefully ensure that one of us get the spot. If this dickwad is doing what we think he is, he'd probably jump all over the chance to have either of us as his student-teacher."

"Ohh, yeah. That sounds like fun. I could be your point lady. The behind the scenes person that puts everything together."

They smiled at each other. "Last horrah for the Terrible Triplets?" Sandy asked.

"The best fucking hurrah yet!"

Candy, Mandy and Sandy were known as the Terrible Triplets. None of them were related and Candy and Sandy only shared a passing resemblance, but when the three got together it meant mischief. And lot's of it.

"Text Mandy while I work on my email to him." Sandy told Candy.

[Hey Mandy, check out the post for HH High. What a sleeze, right? Wanna help Mandy and my take him down?] Candy sent the message then looked over Sandy's shoulder to watch her type.

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

My name is Samantha Jones and I have spent the last four years at the top of my class in the University. I would love the opportunity to work with you at Hickory Hills. I have strong leadership skills and an even stronger desire to pass my knowledge on to the next generation. I have attached my resume, my references and a picture for you to review, as per your instructions.

Samantha Jones

Sandy finished and frowned, tapping the front of her laptop. "I don't know... It feels a little... short?"

"No, it's perfect. In fact, if we really wanna know if all he's interested in are your looks, you could make it even shorter."
Candy said.

Biting her lip, Sandy re-read her email again and shook her head. "Nah, I'll keep it as is. It's formal, but short."

At her words, Candy chuckled. Her friend couldn't half-ass something to save her life. It just wasn't in her. "Fine, then send it."

She attached a picture, her resume and references. Taking a deep breath, Sandy hit send.


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Oct 9, 2019
Eastern Coast
Hickory Hills, Illinois. It was a quiet town. Small, rural. Population 2,500. Everyone knew everyone, if not by name, than by face. Mandy graduated in a class of 125 students. She knew her entire graduating class by name.

"Did I tell you to stop?" She asked, her blue eyes glancing over the side of her bed. "Get that tongue back over here." Her words were soft, but they were clearly an order. The man kneeling next to her bed whimpered.

"Mandy, please... I've been licking you for a long time now. My tongue hurts." He said, looking up at her with a puppy dog look.

Reaching out her hand, she tenderly brushed his hair behind his ear. "Oh, my sweet Thomas... You can stop..." She purred sweetly.

His whole body seemed to relax as he said, "Oh thank you Mandy, thank you."

"...But that means your cage isn't coming off today. Maybe I'll have time for you next weekend..."
She said in such a casual tone that one would think she was talking about finding time for a friendly visit. Her words had a stronger impact on him though. His entire body shuddered and he let out a whimper.

"Mistress Maaandy..." He whined, pressing closer to her bed. "I need to get out... I need to cum!"

She smiled and reached out, stroking his cheek. "You don't need anything. You will get what I give you. You won't get anything if I don't get what I want."

Letting out another whimper, the man looked at her for a heartbeat before his long tongue slid out of his mouth and slid along her warm inner thigh.

Growing up in a small, rural town where everyone knows everyone should have lead Mandy to be a sweet, chaste girl but it had instead had the opposite effect. Her sex strive was so strong and unquenchable that she was always acquiring new 'toys'. By graduation nearly all the males in her class were her pets. She had been subtle about it though. None of them knew she had the others wrapped around her finger. Only a few others in her class had known what she was up to. Everyone else saw her as the sweet, chaste girl she pretended to be. After graduating she had used her certain special skills to help pay for school. Men, like Thomas here, would actually pay her to dominate them. To lock their cock into cages and determine when, or if, they would be allowed to cum.

Just then her phone let out a small chime and she smiled, picking it up and all but ignoring the desperate, needy man between her legs. It was a text message from Candy. Her eyes skimmed the words and then she frowned. Hickory Hills High had a posting? How had she missed it? It had long since been her dream to return to her home town and teach there. It was the whole reason she had gotten into teaching in the first place!

Setting her palm on Thomas' forehead and pushing him away, she stood and walked over to her computer.

"Mistresss...?" He asked, remaining in a kneeling position before the bed. Not that he had much choice. The man was naked save for the plastic cage around his cock and his wrists were secured together, tied expertly to his ankles in a carefully crafted hogtie.

"Just a minute, my pet... I just need to check my email..." She said casually and winked at him. Her attention then turned to the computer monitor as she opened the listing board. It wasn't hard to find the posting in question. That's why she had missed it. It has only been up for twelve hours and already had twelve applicants? Jesus!

When she clicked on the link, her eyes immediately went to the name and she smiled. "Ben Hamilton... The one that got away..." She purred. In high school she had such a crush on the teacher. There had been so many nights she had taken one of her fellow classmates to bed and pretended he was Ben. If she had made an advance on Ben in high school, he would have been hers, she was sure of it. But, as appealing as that had sounded, she had restrained herself. If any of her adventures with her fellow students had gotten out, the town would have labeled her a tart but they would still associate with her. If she got involved with one of the teachers, then the town would shun both her and the teacher in question. It hadn't stopped her from openly flirting with him though.

Now she had a second chance at him.

Quickly she composed a message to him.

Hello Mr. Hamilton!

It's Amanda Bryce! Do you remember me? Well guess what? I'm almost done with my teaching degree! You really inspired me to be a teacher and it has always been my dream to come back to HHHS to teach. I would absolutely love the opportunity to come be your student-teacher. Imagine the fun we could have! You know that I was a dedicated student and I am just as dedicated now.

I look forward to hearing back from you!
Mandy :heart:

She read it over and shrugged before attaching her resume, references and a current picture. She specifically chose a picture that reflected a comely 'home-town girl' feel. It was just provocative enough to be enticing but also so sweet and chaste. Did a man love anything more than taking a sweet, innocent girl and corrupting her?

She then composed a text message back to Candy. [I've just sent him my application. That hound dog will be like putty in our hands šŸ˜˜]

With the email composed and sent off, she returned to the bed and spread her legs. As Thomas returned to licking at her, she closed her eyes and imagined it was Ben between her thighs. "Oh, yes..." She moaned in pleasure, her hands cupping her breasts and rubbing at them as she felt Thomas' long tongue plunge into her sweet folds.


Feb 9, 2016
Job posting day had to be Ben's favorite day of the year. Now that his cleverly worded listing had been disseminated among all of the young, naive university co-eds his work was done. Now, he could sit back and reap the rewards. Already his inbox was filling up far faster than anticipated.

Each year his process became a little more refined, a little more streamlined. Long gone were the days of spending weeks poring through resumes, reaching out to references, scheduling first, second, then final interviews. What a waste of time those processes had proved to be. No, over the years Ben had come to realize what traits were most important to him in a student-teacher, and now those were where he focused his attention.

After posting the listing he created one folder with four sub-folders, labeled and organized as follows:

No - this folder stored applications from all male candidates, and any female candidate who either failed to attach a photo, or whose attached photo was not worthy of consideration. Any application that was dropped in to this folder would receive no further attention.​
Consider - this folder was a 'pending' folder. It included applications from females whose attached photo made them worthy of consideration. These applicant files would then be sorted based on the worthiness, i.e., hotness, of their photo, based upon Ben's own subjective 1-10 rating system.​
Interview - once Ben was bored with waiting for more applications, the top five applicants in the 'Consider' folder would then be moved in to the 'Interview' folder. These applicants would undergo a 'video interview' by phone to ensure no foul play had occurred with the photos and that the attached images are indeed representative of the applicant. During the interview applicants would be re-evaluated for hotness, as well as attractiveness of their voice, and perhaps most importantly what Ben referred to as the WTHF factor. (For those unfamiliar with Ben's system - Willingness To Have Fun)​
Final - after the video interview and additional data was tallied, the top two applicants would be dropped in to this folder. These would be the two lucky young women who would have the opportunity to prove their worthiness to Ben. (In the unlikely event of a tie, a cursory review of their resume, skills, background and experience would serve as the tie-breaker)​


Hearing his email alert Ben headed for the computer to see who the next lucky contestant would be. Samantha Jones. Ben opened her photo and said to himself, "Well, well, well... look at you Samantha Jones. How do you do?"

Those lips. Those provocatively bared shoulders. That naughty, mischievous look in her eyes. Oh yes, this girl had student-teacher potential written all over her. Ben's hand drifted down in to his lap, idly rubbing himself through his pants as he continued gazing at her picture, evaluating her... skill set.

After dropping her application in to the 'Interview' folder Ben composed an email to her:


Thank you for for your submission for the student-teacher position. I am indeed very impressed with your application. As a result, I am pleased to inform you that you are under serious consideration for the opportunity to serve as my student-teacher.
As part of the hiring process I will need to conduct an interview with you by video phone. I have you scheduled for this coming Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. I feel I should inform you that this process is very competitive. Only two applicants will move forward in this process, so it is my suggestion you do your very best to present yourself in the very best way possible.
Also, the school system is currently undergoing maintenance and upgrades on its email server. Until further notice, please feel free to contact me though at my personal email ( or should you feel the desire to speak to me directly you may call me anytime on my personal cell phone at 555-3825.
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
Ben Hamilton


Rather than sending the email though, Ben saved it in to his draft folder. Although he was confident Samantha would make the cut Ben would wait to send out invitations until he was finished accepting applications. Plus, he did not want to appear overly eager. He much preferred savoring the stress and anxiety these poor girls must be going through, waiting and hoping on pins and needles to see if they would be the ones considered for this highly sought after position.

Later in the day when an application came through Ben's eyes widened. Amanda Bryce?? In a soft voice of disbelief, Ben muttered to himself, "Fuck me....," as he read her introduction. And when he opened up her photo attachment he added, "Fuck me indeed Mandy Bryce...."

Jesus, it was actually Mandy Bryce! The smokin' hot blonde who sat in the front row of his class years ago driving him mad! Those long, sleek legs swaying, the way she would lean forward showing off her cleavage, that habit of always sucking on a pen cap or sucker that would ensure more often than not he'd have an unrelieved hard-on by the time the period was over. Unbelievable. Mandy Fucking Bryce.

Clearly, she was in. Ben had not only lusted after her the entire time she was a student in his class, but for years afterwards as well. Finally, it was payback time. He would soon have little Miss Mandy doing everything in her power to win him over. Fuck, the thought of that made him rock hard. Time to compose another email.


What a pleasure it is to receive your application. Of course I remember you! You've always been one of my favorite, most memorable students. I'm so excited to see that you're interested in the student-teacher position, and I couldn't agree more. You and I could have such fun!
I'm sorry to tell you that as part of the hiring process I have no choice but to require you to participate in an interview by phone. Quite honestly, I think your chances of being one of the two finalists is very high, but I'm sure you understand how these processes and formalities go. My interview schedule has filled up during the day, but I'm more than happy to make an exception for you. Let's talk later in the evening, say 10 p.m. next Tuesday evening. Obviously I'll be out of the office, but I'm happy to take your call at my home. It should be a low-key, relaxed discussion so given the lateness of the hour there's no need for professional attire, please feel free to make yourself as comfortable as you like.
Also, the school system is currently undergoing maintenance and upgrades on its email server. Until further notice, please feel free to contact me at my personal email ( rather than my school email. Also, you are welcome to contact me on my personal cell phone, 555-3825, if you have any questions, concerns or needs whatsoever. I very much look forward to seeing you on Tuesday night.


Typically Ben would wait a minimum of three days before he no longer accepted any more applications. No point in that this year. Mandy was in and this was down to a one person contest for the other spot. It was time to bring this process to an end so the competition could begin.

So, after forcing these poor girls to wait for 48 hours to hear back from their applications being submitted, mercifully Ben put five hot, young women out of their misery, sending out all five emails, including those to Samantha and Mandy. Now all that remained to be seen was who would be the lucky girl who would be given the opportunity to battle Mandy for the position.
Aug 22, 2016
After sending her email to Ben Hamilton, Sandy waited. Soon Mandy sent a text to Candy to let her know that she too had sent in an application, but then they all just... Waited.

Maybe Ben wasn't the hound dog they had taken him for. After Mandy had come over and explained her 'history' with Ben, they had been sure that he would at least go for her. But nothing.

Seeing as the summer was quickly drawing to a close, the triplets were spending a lot of time together. With Candy bound for who knows where with her law degree and both the others out looking for student-teacher positions to fulfill for the summer, it was hard to tell when they would see each other again. For this reason they were all together when the emails came through. The fact that Mandy and Sandy got alerts at the same time was their first tip that it was Ben.

"Oh look, he wants to do an interview with me." Sandy said with a smile, skimming through the email. "2:00 next Tuesday. Hmm, he seems perfectly polite in his email."

Candy leaned over Sandy's shoulder to read the email on her phone. "Except, look here. He claims the school email servers are down and requests you to correspond with him on his personal email. And look, B-Ham-69? Oh, come on. That's just childish. Who puts 69 in their email address?"

Candy chuckled at Sandy's comment and nodded. "Yeah, that's just lame. What time does he had you down for you interview, Mandy?"

"He says, and I quote, 'My interview schedule has filled up during the day, but I'm more than happy to make an exception for you. Let's talk later in the evening, say 10 p.m. next Tuesday evening.'"
Mandy replied and both the others turned to look at her.

"You're kidding!" Sandy exclaimed but at the look on Mandy's face, her eyebrows arched upwards. "You're not kidding? Holy crap. What else does he say?"

Now Sandy and Candy came over to read the email that Mandy had received. Candy let out a low whistle. "Damn... He already likes you. I bet you'll definitely get the spot."

"Wait, look here. This is one of the consistencies between the emails. He states there will be two finalists. We just have to ensure that Sandy gets that second spot. After that, well we'll see what he does then."

"Okay, I'm going to compose a response and send it to his personal email. Help me get the wording right."
Samantha said and pulled her laptop out.

"Wait, I have a better idea. You should send him a couple more pictures." Candice said, smiling.

For the next hour the girls worked on making email responses from both Sandy and Mandy. They would send Sandy's now to make her seem desperate but Mandy would wait a day to send hers, as though she wasn't as concerned about getting the position.


Hello Mr. Hamilton!
I wanted to send you an email before I lose your personal address! 2:00 next Tuesday sounds perfect. I will have my phone ready and charged. As it just so happens, my roommate will be out at that time so there will be no chance of being disturbed during the interview.
As a side note, I have attached two more pictures. Do look them over and let me know which one you would prefer me to be wearing at the time of the interview.
I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

The email had been carefully crafted. It sounded professional - though maybe a little desperate since she had replied so quickly - but because of the pictures it clearly conveyed that she understood the hidden meaning behind his posting and was more than willing to play along.

After a long debate it had been decided that it would be best if Sandy didn't use her nickname. Sandy wasn't exactly a common nickname for Samantha and having to explain why she went by Sandy might tip him off that Sandy and Mandy knew each other.
Oct 9, 2019
Eastern Coast
Unlike Sandy, Mandy's approach to her reply was more subtle. They had decided that Sandy was to appear desperate, but Mandy wanted Mr. Hamilton to know that she wasn't. In fact, she wanted to appear confident and in control. So her reply to the man was a lot more simplistic than Sandy's. She didn't bother adding in more pictures or anything silly like that. Instead, she just put in little hints of what she had been up to since leaving the high school.

Thanks Mr. H!
I can't wait for my interview! I understand that it has to be so late. I've got a photo shoot that day and it's wrapping up around nine so that actually works out pretty well for me anyway. ZarZar is pretty flexible and I could have probably worked an earlier interview into my schedule, but I'm glad I don't have to.
I gotta jet, they're calling my name. Talk to you on Tuesday!
XOXO Mandy :heart:


It was all there for him to fill in the blanks. She even incorporated a link to the modeling agency inside of her email. ZarZar's Modeling Agency was a prestigious company inside of the US that dealt exclusively with female models. It had contracts with Victoria's Secret as well as a dozen magazines so their models were often in widely distributed publications. The site she had linked to even had Mandy herself front and center in a picture with the subtitle, Above: The Famous Victoria's Secret Angels & Victoria's Secret Supermodels.

When Ben saw that he would hopefully start looking for more pictures of Mandy, only to discover that she was, indeed, a Victoria's Secret Supermodel. Any pictures he found from there would put her modest 'hometown girl' picture she had sent him to shame. There was no way he would pass up the opportunity to have a supermodel as his understudy. Having her working close to him day and possibly at night... It would be too good to be true.

She giggled to herself after hitting send and imagined Ben sitting at home and receiving that email. She imagined him opening the link and the way his eyes would go wide as he realized that she had become a model and even imagined the way he would be sitting at his computer stroking himself as he looked at picture after picture of her. Would he get so excited he would want to reschedule her interview to an earlier time or date?

It was Sunday afternoon when she sent her own reply. Which meant that Ben would have to wait more than 48 hours to have his interview with Mandy. How many other gorgeous girls would he be interviewing before getting to her? How riled up with he already be by the time he got around to her?


"Here, pet. You will kneel here and be very quiet while Sandy is on the phone, do you understand?" Mandy asked, looking down at the man she had instructed to meet her here at Sandy's today. The poor man looked dazed and confused to find himself with not just his Mistress, but her two gorgeous friends as well.

"Yes Mistress..." He whimpered, looking from Mandy, to Sandy, to Candy and then back to his Mistress. "May I touch, Mistress?"

"Such an eager pet, so desperate to please..."
Mandy said with a chuckle. "You have permission to touch me. Though only from the knees down. And remember, not a sound."

Though as she repeated her words, her bare foot went to his naked and exposed cock and began to teasingly stroke it. This was the first time he had been instructed to be naked for anyone other than his Mistress and he had been hesitant to disrobe, but after Mandy had threatened him with a month of no cumming, he had shed every last piece of clothing quite quickly. His hands went to her leg and he began to caress it, leaning close and kissing at her soft flesh.

As he closed his eyes and bit his lip it became obvious that he was trying desperately not to make a sound.

Mandy continued to stroke the aching, dripping cock as she casually turned to look at her two friends. "You can play with him too, if you'd like." She said and suddenly his head sprang up, eyes wide. He opened his mouth as though he were about to say something but then his cheeks flushed and he bowed his head again, remaining quiet.


Feb 9, 2016
With his emails now sent off to his top five candidates it was time once again for Ben to wait. Which applicants would be the most eager? Would anyone exhibit any out of the box thinking or creativity? Who would show signs of being willing to go the extra mile to earn the position?

Ok, so although he did in fact send out five emails the reality was that four of the young women were competing for one spot. After reading Amanda's email and seeing her picture, the sexy blonde who he still remembered vividly from lusting after her when he'd had her as a student had already nailed down one of the spots.

Ben didn't have to wait long though to begin hearing back. Little more than an hour after he'd sent out his interview requests he received his first reply. "Excellent, well done Samantha Jones," he said to himself, pleased at her obvious eagerness.

My roommate will be out at that time......

No chance of being disturbed....

Which one would you prefer me to be wearing....

The more he read of Samantha's email, the more captivated he was with her. But, when he viewed the two pictures she'd attached? His eyes lit up and with a grin he said, "Well, well, well.... look at you Samantha Jones. I believe someone is trying to work her way to the front of the class?"

Ben kept both pictures up on his laptop in side by side windows, his gaze going back and forth between them, his mind whirring with fantasies. Eventually he put together another brief email to her:

Hello Samantha,​
So good to hear from you. I will tell you that yours is the first response I've received back, and I'm impressed by how prepared you are making yourself for your interview. Clearly you're demonstrating the sort of attitude and enthusiasm that I'm looking for so I'm happy to say you're off to a great start!​
I appreciate your desire to 'dress for success'. Well done on your part with coming up with two great choices. My recommendation would be 'Attachment 2', I think that would help to create a very favorable first impression indeed.​
I very much look forward to seeing you on Tuesday as well!​


Over the course of the day he received responses back from the three other contenders for the final spot. All of them were astute enough to have included at least one additional photo, none though were as hot as Samantha or Mandy. One though did catch his attention.

Abby Martin.

Her reply included a comment of, "I'm very much looking forward to our phone interview, but in the spirit of being transparent I wanted to tell you something else about myself. I've been putting myself through school working as an exotic dancer at a local gentleman's club. I can understand if that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way but thought you should know. I hope it's not a problem for you, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about it, but I wanted you to know."

Well, damn.

Ok, Abby Martin was an attractive girl for sure. But, Samantha Jones? She was a knock-out. As appealing as the image of Abby seductively peeling off her clothes and grinding on his lap was Ben still couldn't get out of his mind what it would be like to have Mandy and Samantha battling it out for his attention. Without a doubt, it would have to be the hottest, most epic competition he'd ever managed to create.

So, pending how the interviews went at the moment it seemed like a three girl race for the two final spots. Mandy in the lead, Samantha in second, with Abby trailing close behind her. It wasn't until the following day that he received his response back from Amanda. As dazzled as he'd been with her initial response and picture, this one absolutely floored him.

Mandy Bryce from the front row was now a supermodel? A Victoria's Secret Angel??

Dear god.

Oh, and she'd even signed it with XOXO? Unbelievable!

His fingers were flying on the keyboard, Googling and searching with his jaw nearly hitting the floor. Each picture he found of her seemed to be hotter than the last. Sexy swimsuits. Erotic lingerie. This girl was a living, breathing wet dream!

He'd barely noticed that two hours had passed since opening her email, his hands alternating between searching for more images and stroking the now massive bulge in his shorts. Eventually he forced himself to pull himself away and send a reply back to her.


Hi Mandy!​
Wow, look at you! You've sure come a long way since you were sitting in the front row of my class not so long ago. I've had a chance to take a little time to look in to the progress of your career and must admit I've enjoyed seeing your work. Very impressive!​
So glad to hear the late night scheduling works for you. I've got a very good feeling about you Mandy and am so looking forward to seeing you Tuesday night!​


On Monday Ben had two interviews, one at 1 p.m., the second at 4 p.m. Although both went well, neither were all that memorable. To be fair though, Tuesday was the day was Ben was most excited about. Sandwiched in between his interviews with Samanthat and Mandy would be an interview with Abby at 5 p.m. Definitely should be a memorable day.

Wanting to convey a calm, casual appearance Ben put on a simple white t-shirt and jeans before his 2 p.m. phone interview with Samantha. Rather than sitting at the desk in his home office he sat in the corner of his leather sofa as he dialed her number.

Ben was delighted when he saw that she was indeed wearing the ultra sexy dress, if you could call it that, he'd recommended. He greeted her with a friendly smile.

"Well hello Samantha, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've been looking forward to this since I received your initial application. Even moreso after receiving your follow-up. I have to say, I appreciate your approach to the interview process."

After making some more small talk, his eyes taking in her gorgeous face and curvy shape, in an attempt to inspire her he dropped in a a few less than subtle comments about her competition.

"You know Samantha, it's funny... I never fail to be fascinated by how diverse the backgrounds are of the young women interested in this position. Take this year for example, the girls you're competing against include an exotic dancer and believe it or not, a supermodel. Amazing, don't you think?"

He paused long enough to allow those words to sink in before adding, "But, don't let that intimidate you. I've got a good feeling about you Samantha. You strike me as a young woman who does not back away from a challenge."

Leaning back in to the corner of his sofa and stretching, Ben held the phone so that she'd see a glimpse of his flat, toned stomach peeking between his t-shirt and jeans. "So, tell me a little more about yourself. In particular, tell me why you feel like you're the person I'm looking for as one of my two finalists."
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