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NBx Female Dirty Futa Demon seeks willing slaves for corruption and breeding

May 7, 2012
United Kingdom
Why hello sweetlings,

My, how delightful you look. I wonder if any of you would like to come and play with me? It's been a long time since I frequented this place, before the accursed real life dragged me away from writing. Thankfully I have a little more time now to devote to my favourite hobby: smut.

I'm looking to start some one on one roleplays featuring my favourite themes: monsters, futa, transformation and breeding. Corrupting innocent young things is just so much fun but I'm willing to teach bad girls a lesson or two as well. ;) In order to go on this ride you will need to be:

- Fluent in English with good spelling and grammar
- Willing to write 2 - 3 paragraphs each post, preferrably once a day (although obviously real life can get in the way of this)
- Happy to plot out and discuss things via PM (communication is essential darlings)
- Willing to write in threads
- Wanting to write some interesting roleplay as well as smut

I like my roleplays to be highly smutty with great descriptions and if you're willing to indulge my kinks, I'm certainly willing to indulge yours.

For my brief, but not completely extensive F-List, look here: F-list - Warning

Come explore my lair soon sweetling... xxx
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