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Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
For millenniums humanity has gradually grown, finding new means to make their everyday lives simpler in living. The continuous evolution of science has improved on many aspects in the present world, but not without a price. With new inventions every day, human life within society is weighed by its worth, by its social status, and most citizens are sadly doomed before they can even fathom living out any dreams in such a mechanized world.

The social structure has not been the only thing hit by this reason, most resources upon Earth have long been extracted; that led to the galactic travel and discovery of other planets. Earth’s resources were mostly depleted in the late 35th century. By then humanity had found a new world deemed Atlantis that was very similar to earth in water and land composure. At that time, other creatures lived mostly peacefully upon the land; though most of their kind suffered through many centuries till the push of new laws came about that put a halt to the majority of hunting and enslavement of those from different worlds. Still, this wouldn’t stop others from continuing to illegally do so with those races.

The push to a new world also brought the rise of different factions, the largest today is known as The Empire. A heavily, militarily, organized group controlled by a monarchy by those destined next in line to inherit the throne. Many rulers came and went through the family line over the many centuries; they all brought about great tidings and even tragedies to the universe. Now within the 63rd century the present Mad King is nearing his deathbed. His insanity had long spark the rise of many other factions, competing and fighting one another to win favor towards the crown. This ruler is well pass his prime, even through enhancements, his longevity can barely be stretched beyond the two hundred years that he has presently reigned and now change is necessary.

To further entice the madness at the growing edge of his deathbed, the King has left a final goal to his heirs. Their sole purpose is to find any alien artifacts that can serve as a symbol of power and right of leadership. This has always been a crazed objective of his in his earlier years, though a fruitless adventure, but failure overall became drilled into his psyche as not an option; even for those heirs forced upon the ordeal.

Should the King come to pass, then the Noxius Empire will be completely obliterated. This is not to liberate what the King has in store, this is in fact an endangerment to humanity and possibly other races. The fail-safe for a new power is far worse than what any imaginable Noxius heir could bring. A deceleration that has left the world speechless and those with knowledge to the military secrets in shock. If no heir can qualified, then a ‘Construct,’ will take place in ruling the empire. These beings, being highly advanced, military grade, android and robotic weapons that only the Noxius family can choose to use into combat; but most times stay lurking through the shadows or safeguarding the ruler.

And thus the galactic race begins, at first it may seem just a harmless game; a quest with high state rewards for surely those serving under the potential new ruler can benefit greater once that power becomes established. Very few know the threat of failure and many are too ignorant to realize the catastrophe that a Construct in rule can bring to the universe.

While many Noxius heirs may linger close to the Emperor and send out ships under their flag, there are few that chosen to take a direct approach with participation within the expedition. As failure is not an option, the safest and most obvious of choices is to throw oneself into the very hearts of danger. Those partaking can expect similar; unknown worlds, anti-factions, alien species, treachery and even betrayal all play their roles within the universe. This will be a common exercise that these Otherworlders will be facing in their attempt to locate an object of power that may or may not even exist.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Races: Earth

Robotics at its finest, with the boom of technology, Androids have made the best of impacts on society. Though they may be costly to afford, they have little living cost other than general maintenance upkeep to keep them going. Androids come in varieties as well, some are more physically robotic, generally the cheaper of purchases for people to make if they aren't going for anything worthy of appearances and wish to have just something around to help around at a house or business. There are even more lifelike androids that those of the rich may fancy to.

The best about the androids is the fact that they are the most obedient, none can turn down a command from their owner and those that do are considered to be malfunction and are often returned to where they were bought for a refund. Androids are often customized to fit the needs of their owners be it for household tasks, safeguarding, or even that of pleasure. There are little to no taboos in the world of business and some may even mix and mingle what they expect of an android's duties when ordering; of course, such will often come with a higher price to compensate for their expertise.

Beyond that, Androids can be considered the most dangerous of the races; although this holds more true to those that are manufactured for battle. Being completely robotic they can minimize tasks and approaches to situations. With their core body as machines, they are far stronger than that of meta's who are still part human in the least. An android will always furfill their duties as efficiently as possible. In the events of incidents it often boils down to either their owners or the creators of said android being responsible for the outcome.

Once considered the largest faction of race, but with the scientific advancements and the separation between their species due to profiling, this factor no longer holds merit. As far as technology goes, the humans had evolved it the furthest to the point to give 'birth' to two other races from their achievements in science. Still, despite this, there isn't much exciting to be a human. Their society puts a strong emphasis on the separation between other species, even their own in a 'class,' system. Citizens are one of three things, first, second, or even third class; or in better terms, rich, middle, or poverty.

First Class Citizens are either those in power or those in highlight positions; rulers, high ranking officers, ship captains, individuals behind big corporations, etc. These are generally the types of people with plenty of bodyguards in their possession and most often result to the more robotic ones to safeguard their protection and flaunt their wealth.

Second Class Citizens are the middle ground, people that scrape by on an average salary, that do not have to fear in dropping in tier of status. Some may have robotics in their household or that of lesser servants if they manage their credits well enough. Most individuals of this class are either owners of a small business or some of the upper elite in a large corporation. Other professionals be it doctors, athletes, lawyers, or Chiefs of Police.

Third Class Citizens are the bottom of the barrel and to prevent the growing rate of poverty with bums polluting the streets or others turning to crime, other ethnics have been put in place. These citizens either become a member of the bulk of the working force that scrape by or they find themselves as slaves/servants to one of the more well blessed of individuals. These types of citizens do not generate enough income to even imagine affording a slave or servant of their own.

Beyond the classes of humanity, there is nothing special that really distinguishes one human out from the other. They are the most crude of creatures, living on a sense of social system and outward appearances. With most of society's sheltered view towards Metas and other races beyond a full human as a whole, any that may even think of enhancements to their body would have to do so in complete secrecy. The smallest misstep, even for those in power, can immediately cast them down the barrel of power and into the ranks of fellow poverty.

Meta Humans
Meta-humans are third class citizens, these are individuals who are mainly human, but have been altered either with technology or genetically somehow. Like other races, most can barely hope to go beyond third class; although there have been those rare instances where such Metas are employed by military and live a better of lifestyles. Metas often have a part of them that is visibility altered, unless they have enough income otherwise to make themselves look more human. Most Metas are the result of machinery being applied to parts of their body generally that of missing limbs or sometimes eyes. Some individuals have been known to get almost their entire body turned as close as robotic as possible.

Due to such enhancements, Metas make fine individuals in the working force as some may be much stronger than others with said enhancements. There have even been Metas who have military grade hardware installed in them, the very few core that achieve a higher living than that of a third class citizen; depending on how valuable of an asset they are. Artificial limbs can provide greater strength or speed than a human's along with durability depending on the grade of resources used. Artificial eyes can allow one to have higher vision. stimulate different visual modes, and even added rooted brain stimulus can provide quicker judgemental skills and reflexes.

Still, many Metas are treated no better in society. Most humans shuns them and the idea of becoming robotic, even partially. Many individuals fear the potential dangers that Metas could pose on them and there had been instances in the past of some Metas revolting which led to drastic outcomes and a further loathing to their kind. One who trades in their humanity for technology cannot always expect an easy travel path of respect.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Races: Atlantis

A discovered species that lived on the planet Atlantis; these exotic, humanoid animals have became an attraction in themselves. From what has been discovered so far of their kind, Atlantians often seem to live in groups of similar race of whatever creature they may be. Some have even proved to be strays or wanderers, just like other animals in the wild on Earth. Many are primitive in terms of technology and it is expected those that may be dressed and weapons they wield are likely from the bones and skin of other Atlantians.

As for capabilities, the animal in which they represent may greatly enhance their humanoid abilities. It isn't rare for sub-humans to escape within the terrain from would be hunters making a mistake in pursuing them. It is even less rare for prey to become predator as instances have rose where hunters never returned from their adventuring trips. Sub-humans are still considered dangerous entities, even after their capturing and many safeguards for such as future pets for those crazed enough to seek them are placed. Of course an owner could make further requests, such as having said sub-human declawed, or other defensive mechanisms remove be they able to spray or something else entirely.

Of course, slavery now on the most part has been outlawed in regards to Atlantian keeping. An Atlantian must 'willingly' submit themselves to such lifestyles these days as the laws to give them similar freedoms and be treated equally to that of at least meta standards has became a thing from the constant craze activists seeking freedom for all. If anything, Atlantians being able to more freely live in society has been a blessing, if only a minor one where still most won't find it much of a difference from before. Human life is a dog eat dog world, especially with technology that can just as easily out perform most; the only thing Atlantians have going for them is there keen animal abilities, but only that can carry them so far.

Their lifespans are unknown, though some believe they to be close to that of a humans or even longer given their species. Once more, all Atlantians are chipped to allow for easier communication.

A slightly more evolved species upon Atlantis; although far from the civilization span of their once Earthly invaders. The Kirx live and operate in a more feudal base level of technology. Out of the three species, they are one of the few that has developed to a level of open community in some instances in allowing different racial categories of their kind within whatever cities they thrive in. Given their animal like qualities, not all Kirx conform to similar thinking nor are all so peaceful in mannerism or behavior.

As for the Kirx themselves, most of their features are have animal deviations about them. These qualities generally range anywhere from eyes, ears, and even tails. There are many different sub groups within their named species, some look similar to felines, others canines, bovines, lapines, etc, etc. They tend to stay in similar groups and are known to only be able to breed with those of their same, inner, racial circle. Kirx come in varieties of heights and weights, although their race also plays part in that. At largest, some may range close to eight feet of the bovine nature while rodents average around four feet. They don't have supernatural powers at most they may share enhanced senses.

In the distant past, Kirx have been subjugated to slavery like the other races upon their home world. Though as new laws came to be, they were inevitably granted freedom and for the most part left alone in their lesser world advancements. That did not, however, mean the humans ever left their planet. For the most part it was simply outlaw to interfere in the lesser culture advancements of such worlds. Should their kind wish to live among those with such advancements was another story, but intentionally aiding their growth or stopping it was taboo.

Kirx are often chipped as well, one of the few allowances of 'interference.'

Another discovered species from Atlantis, the terminology of Mythos in regards to their kind is only a reflection to the representation they share to many mythological creatures from various cultural background. Almost all Mythos share qualities between a human and that of an animal; whether their bodies being a mix of the two or them appearing more humanoid with said features. Examples of these in common lore can be directed to naga, centaurs, satyr, harpies, etc.

However, Mythos do not possess any supernatural qualities to them as those within the lore might. Their only enhancements is what they may be genetically born with and like Atlantians, in the past they generally kept to their own tribes/racial factions.

In the past, like Atlantians, they have made a fine target for various hunters and many of their kind had been forced into slavery or to live the life as some 'exotic' pets; never granted much freedom or opportunity to learn the ways of their human aggressors' society, culture, and sometimes even language.

Their lives these days haven't been much more pleasant, most of their planet occupied, their former forests and other environmental dwellings destroyed. Many finding themselves forced to adapt in the human society to try to survive. Sure, they may of earned their rights too, to some extent, but they are in a similar boat as Atlantians. Unless they have something to offer to make them stand out, then generally grimmer fates await their kin. Nearly all Mythos are also chipped to allow for proper communication.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Races: Caplilles

The Felgros are a rather unique race, resembling mostly human save for their rather pointed ears. Their kind come in a variety of skin colors; from tans, browns, blacks, greys and sometimes even blues. Technology wise; they are not as highly advanced as humans. The Felgros have evolved, at best, on a former modern 20th century level that humans once shared. Though unlike human advancements, they had not made much achievements towards travel within space or development of any advanced objects to allow them to branch that far.

Although Felgros do generally put more emphasis on their advancements within the medical field along with their other talents of a more supernatural level; Magick. Most of which is applied to their modern technology, the study of magick for their culture is only a means of how to benefit society or others and in rarer instances, how to keep themselves protected. Of course, not all Felgros hold an affinity to such and also their kind at best can only master one type of magical prowess.

The Felgros have a longevity many years above that of humans. Their decelerated aging is the equivalent of fifteen human years for every one transpired year for their age. Therefore, by human standards, an eighteen year old would of actually lived 270 human years. GM NOTE: Applied characters/npcs of this race can only be 240 years old and up.

Like other races, the Felgros have interacted with the humans prior before as well. It isn't uncommon for those strange(human) creatures to adventure to other planets within the system. Some Felgros have even joined the mortal expedition for a new home world; besides the one that they were born into.

Felgros are also chipped to allow for easier communication between the races.

The Vors are waves apart from the Felgros, in appearance they may share some similarities; such as their pointed ears. Though Vors also often have tusks as well and their kind come in a different set of shades from tans, darks, greens, blues and sometimes even rare reds. The Vors are a bit more scientifically advanced than the Felgros, such advancements has allowed their kind to become augmented with machinery in similar ways that humans have their 'meta' sub-class citzens. The Vors do not put such emphasis on such, their hierarchy ladder is a symbol of strength and power and the stronger someone is the more influence they have within their social structure.

The Vors are warriors first and foremost, they lack the magical aptitude that the Felgros shared, but again they combat this with their achievements in the science field; always finding advancements to aid them in battle. There are many different nationalities among their kind, but all can be looked at in a tribal point of view at often being at war with one another and sometimes even terrorizing the Felgros. They are a barbaric tribe or so most of their kind is often painted the picture as such.

They have a longevity of lifespan equivalent to that of the Felgros. Easily outliving humans, unless something intervenes in their natural span and many Vors honestly do not see life above 500 years, less they are seasoned warriors or live a simpler and less violent of lifestyles. GM NOTE: Applied characters/npcs of this race can only be 240 years old and up.

The Vors have had their fare share of interactions with humans as well; good, bad, and ugly alike. Of course, there would be those among their kind that would seek adventure in a new world and human words do seem sweet. Maybe they want an escape, maybe they are thrill seekers, maybe they are looking for the next good fight; all and all, there are various reasons why some Vors have aligned themselves with the human expedition.

Vors are chipped to allow ease of communication.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Races: Xabrides

Strange and alluring humanoids, most could be passed off for probably a human if it wasn't for their various distinct traits that may speak otherwise. All Syvia are born with a pair of fangs that allows them to easily extract blood from other humanoids. Their kind also possess uncommon hued eyes and hair and their skin tones vary, but a good faction of them are often paler than others. Syvia are not that technologically advanced; at best their evolution is along a Victorian scale. As such, their kind also pride in proper mannerism and etiquette in the company of others.

Syvia can be closely expected as the 'vampires' of human lore. Though unlike vampires, Syvia are unaffected by light, they do not burn to ash in the sun, silver does not effect them, garlic is another jest that they may find insulting along with other holy or unholy 'relics.' For the most part, Syvia are mortal, their lifespans are lengthy and it is believed that the consumption of blood can keep them living indefinitely; although they do not need blood for survival. They eat and drink normal food just about like anyone else, but again there are those of their kind that prefers to maintain their youthfulness and strive down the other choice path for lengthy living. Also it is foolhardy to believe that they can 'turn' someone into one of their kind just as it is idiotic to expect that they may be unable to reproduce.

Those that do consume blood are stronger, faster, and more durable than normal humans and can gain some regenerative capabilities; though for the latter they tend to heal faster while in consumption. Of course, this is not on a supernatural scale; a Syvia will not be able to lift a vehicle, move at superhuman speeds, survive collapse debris, etc, etc. They are simply a bit more hardened but not to any obscene or abnormal levels.

The Syvia have various reasons in accompanying the humans in their expedition and like other races they too are often chipped.

An oddity of species, sometimes looked upon as the things of nightmares as well. These beings are humanoid, though their features often reflect on things of darker lore. Their skin tones vary, though there are those that hold abnormal hues of pale, red, blue, etc. They also possess various traits that differ from their kind, some may have horns, pointy ears, wings, scales, hooves, glowing eyes, etc, etc. Some may not look humanoid at all and just that of monstrous abominations. The Zantarians are often interpreted as 'demons,' to human society and are generally feared or distanced from by such simpleminded creatures. They also come in various heights, the tallest ranging close to eight feet while shortest may be around four feet in height.

Their society is more feudal in nature, thriving in medieval level technology. Their kind has their fair share of tribes and factions, each with their distinct appearances to go along with it. These tribes cultures vary, some prefer peaceful lives; others may crave war, fame, wealth, etc, etc.

Zantarians are a dangerous lot as they are all born with an unique ability that sometimes separates them from the rest of their kind. These powers can be foreseen similar to that in magick in some regards, but for the most part, it is just a trait, an extension of themselves that they can freely use. Some may have abnormal physical strength, others speed, teleportation, elemental control, the list goes on and on; although for the mast majority it is only usually one power/trait. The exception to this rule usually falls towards those of the more noble lineage. Lords/Ladies normally have two abilities and those that may be royalty up to three. GM NOTE: One has to be really convincing to play noble and even more so royal. Since Zantarians can be some of the most OP races.

Beyond that, they are mostly mortal as well. Their lifespans are long, much longer than that of most of the other races. A Zantarian ages slowly, it takes their kind a hundred mortal years just to achieve a single year of growth. It isn't shocking that their children outlive so many other races, before reaching stages of adulthood. GM NOTE:Applied characters/npcs of this race can only be 1,600 years and up.

Like other races, they are also chipped to allow proper communication.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016

The advancements of science has continued to thrive, even after the introduction of spaceships capable of transporting hundreds to thousands of people. In the past, such shuttles were used as mining vessels, where its passengers would often collect valuable minerals out in space. Now and days this is continued as a practice, but usually with that of robotics or sometimes lesser class citizens. With the discoveries of a planets that could harbor life in distant solar systems, technology continued to boom, ships were expanded to provide larger living quarters for colonization and better hyper drives were made to reduce the trip between two solar systems.

Human technology it at its utmost boom today. From flying vehicles, laser weapons, to even a finally established network database for those higher in tier within society. There are also lesser holographic devices that are used for communication among the middle class and poverty can still afford those old head pieces to allow communication to others that may be distant.

All humans are also 'chipped,' a practice that has been done since Earth and these chips provide a citizen's identity along with acting as an internal form of bank that accounts for their wealth or credits in the world. Everything is generally computerize to allow for transferring of credits virtually to buy real worldly items. Chips are also signature mark, meaning it is impossible for one to obtain credits from them if they were to try to rob another; a good incentive against crime. Of course, the other flaw to this is that coercion and the like can still play a part and if one is presently within the Matrix they are also vulnerable to being hacked and virtually robbed there.

The Matrix system is the inter-web database that all of those that are chipped can access at any given time. The only downside to this, is that they must be in a vicinity that supports this and very few worlds have been established enough to allow this interface; Earth and Atlantis. Still, people who use the Matrix enter it as their own avatars and can find and communicate with anyone as long as the signal can reach said being. There are vulnerabilities within the Matrix, but there is also safeguards. It is possible to die inside the Matrix system, but this is only caused by high electromagnetic shock to the brain that is often the outcome of would be hackers tampering with government or other highly safeguarded virtual merchandise. It is unheard of of ordinary systems dying, less they try to tamper with something or break into access of something they shouldn't.

Beyond that, other advancements can be found in modern technology. Objects that react to voice, generally that of household appliances that are mainly governed by a computer system. Again, these refine establishments do not apply to everyone, mostly that of the first class citizens that may have the fortune of almost literally never having to lift a finger to do anything in their home. Second class citizens often employ some form of servant to keep their homes more tidy, but the difference of having a machine acting as a power brain to do almost everything for you is like night and day compared to manual labor.

Also most advance homes will relay sensors of a visitor to determine who or what is allowed or not in them. It isn't rare to hear of other common defense mechanisms, some that may be even lethal to intruders. Many middle class citizens homes are often fortified with a key-code or hand print signature to allow one inside the residence; but of course nothing may be there to stop someone from breaking in otherwise unless there are guards present.

There are also the various advancements to cyberware and hardware; although anything that is military grade is illegal to be in possession of if the said individual is not a member of such an unit. Other robotic machines to make labor much easier be they self operating or piloted and things of that ilk. Vendor machines that will serve one just about anything they want as long as they have the credits to afford it. The examples are almost endless, but such is the case with the boom of technology.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Human Established Laws

Illegal Activities
I. Murder

This crime is often punishable by death.
It is not considered murder if someone is trespassing.
It is not considered murder if the defendant was defending themselves.
It is not considered murder for a human owner to destroy their own lesser servants(non-humans.)
In event of Android committing the act, views will be placed whether it is justified, owner liability, or poor manufacturing.
In event of lesser humanoids being killed/destroyed by intruder, such is considered property damage and not that of murder.

II. Theft
Crime punishable by enslavement, compensation or citizenship drop in tier for humans.
Metas and third tier humans often suffer severe beatings to even potential death for such activities.
Androids should never be responsible for such acts; such is considered poor manufacturing or tinkering with their counterparts, the latter illegal.

III. Rape
Crime punishable by enslavement, citizenship tier drop, compensation or even death; depending on importance of victim.
Metas and third tier citizens that may commit this act to human citizens are often sentence to death.
Individuals under personal ownership of another cannot file for complaints of rape, be they metas, androids, or other races.
Androids that commit such acts are considered malfunction or have been tinker with; again the latter an illegal activity.
Slaves who are responsible for such acts will lead their human owners being subjugated to the consequences that follow depending on severity.
In event of androids or slaves being assaulted by someone other than their owner or someone who doesn't have permission in touching them; these actions are treated as damage to property

IV. Kidnapping
Crime punishable by enslavement, tier drop, or even death; depending on importance of victim.
Metas and third tier citizens that may commit this act to higher human citizens are often sentenced to death.
Once more androids committing such acts are considered malfunctioned or have been tinkered with.
In event of a slave committing such an act, their owners will be held accountable for whatever charges and outcome.
Androids, and slaves that are victims to this are not considered kidnapped; but an act of theft by whoever is responsible.

V. Trespassing
Crime is often punishable by enslavement.
It is not considered trespassing if one was invited there.
It is not considered trespassing if one has a legal right to be there.
Owners of private property are in their legal right to kill any trespasser.

VI. Assault
Crime punishable by enslavement, tier drop, or death.
Metas and Third tiers are often sentence to death if they are the aggressors.
It is not considered assault if a human is defending themselves against another.
It is not considered assault if a resident or lesser citizen may attack a trespasser.
Androids assaulting someone is considered poor manufacture or tinkering with if not program that way.
Androids and slaves that are victims to such are considered damaged to property and not assaulted.

VII. Property Damage
Crime punishable by enslavement, compensation, or tier drop.
Subs committing such acts will again have their owners held accountable.
Androids committing such acts are malfunctioned or have been tinkered with.
Anything belonging to a resident is considered that of property; this includes slaves and androids.

VIII. Smuggling
Crime punishable by enslavement or tier drop.
Most items that are nontaxable are considered smuggled goods.
Slaves committing such acts will again have their owners held accountable.
Androids committing such acts are malfunctioned or have been tinkered with.

IX. Nontaxable Goods
Crime punishable by enslavement, compensation, or tier drop.
All goods and services must be taxable; this includes that of drug peddling individuals or prostitution.
Illegal wares that are considered of military grade hardware or other black-market items that cannot be tax.

X. Hacking
Crime punishable by enslavement, tier drop, or death depending on severity.
Androids committing such acts are again considered to be malfunction or tinkered with.
Any virtual trespassing of anywhere, gaining information one shouldn't be taking or tweaking ones own or someone else's cyberware/hardware, is considered hacking.

XI. Enslavement
Crime punishable by tier drop, enslavement, or even death depending on importance of the enslaved.
Enslavement is a deed legally performed by licensed law, military, or even bounty hunters.
It is not considered enslavement if one sells themselves into that type of life.
Nongovernmental or licensed androids committing such acts are considered defective or tinkered with.

XII. Treason
Crime is often punishable by death.
Anything with intent to hurt the Noxius Empire is considered treason.
Spreading false propaganda or enticing fear within the Empire.
Defecting from the military in times of war or other crisis.

XIII. Civilization Interference
Crime is punishable by enslavement, tier drop, or death depending on severity.
It is forbidden to leave/abandon technology on an inhabited planet.
It is forbidden to given technology to lesser civilizations to help them advance.
It is forbidden to use advance weapons/warfare against lesser civilizations in their territory.
I. Territory is a deciding factor of where a group has established living or even set up camp.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016
Segregation has always been a factor. Most humans look down upon other races, some races may feel differently about others.

Hierarchy systems have always existed in human history; though with where technology now stands as it is today, the lines of importance are seen far more clearly. One is either born into wealth or struggles to ascend to a first class citizen; those that fall into as second classes can count their blessings. The lives of third class civilians are in a completely different league. There is no telling which day when a Meta or Human may find themselves replaced with a better working force either from that of androids or other humans or metas that will fill in their place. Unemployment is common ground and it is no surprise that third class citizens may find themselves bouncing from one job to the next in desperate hopes to avoid potential enslavement. This is the cruel reality of the world that many are faced with. It shouldn't be any surprise where higher class citizens may use or abuse their superior status in weeding out the unfit or completely replacing them. In many years such diversity has resulted to rebellions and strikes from third classes that were just as quickly and easily oppressed. In time many have accepted their fates or gave up into selling themselves, fell victim to debt, or just got in the bad with the law.

The division between the metas and humans is from the basis that a human is no longer considered human once applying mechanical hardware to their bodies. Several centuries ago it was not deeply looked upon as of today. In truth, with the technological advancements of mechanical limbs, it helped paved the way of future robotics and the later birth of the androids. Though over the continuous span of years a clear rift between humans and metas was visible and the fear and dangers of them begun to over weigh most rationality of equality. In time, most metas were reduced to third class citizens and it is rare these days for any to be anything higher than that. The same majority are employed to general labor, Metas that may be of military use may of already had such training as humans and possibly lost their limbs as a result. Still, these metas and their hardware are in service strictly to military and should they retire, their limbs will be replaced by less dangerous models. Over all, most metas are faced with scorn and disdain given the fact that even in the class system they can easily replace humans in the working force. It isn't unheard of for businesses to often employ metas over humans, since one the pay is no different, two it is cheaper than buying an android, and three a meta can often do more than human depending on their specs; plus with how business is ran these days, they can just as easily be replaced or dismissed for better models.

For the other races.

Androids are solely built to serve out their owner's wishes. For the most part, they are not treated as humans, they are mainly seen as possessions and tools by most of the world. As a result, they are not trialed for any actions nor are they considered to have any rights. As machines they are generally handled as such and are usually sent back if they start exhibiting defective qualities. Their treatment is entirely up to their owner(s.) Although there has been small groups of human activists in the past trying to get better treatment for androids; these attempts have blown up in smoke.

Atlantians, Kirx, and Mythos eventually earned their recognition as 'human' beings, but this took centuries to come into practice. Even today, there are many that still look down upon their kind. They especially may find it hard to establish good roles within society as again, it is a primary human governed world these days. Discrimination is pretty common for their species; although not all humans practice as such, but to live in a world that is booming with technology then they surely need to have something to offer to keep them atop of the game.

The Felgros and Vors are in similar boats; although typically most Vors who do join up with the Humans end up employing themselves into the military and serve as fine warrior examples. The Felgros often achieve higher practices as well, usually given their medical skills should they choose to indulge in such.

Syvia and Zantarians are typically rare to see in human society. They usually stay within their own communities or may accompany humans should common interests aligned, but hardly would they settle down into new culture worlds.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016

Slavery is a common and acceptable theme in the World. With the advancements of technology the worth of human life has dwindled due to the class system. Most working force individuals can easily be replaced by that of machines, even that of working low tech is easily affordable to business owners that wish to cut corners. There are also the metas who may have exceptional skills to make them just as valuable as machines and just as less respected. The only difference between being a citizen and being a slave is that slaves have nearly no rights. Slaves do not get paid(unless their owners are generous,) slaves are at the complete mercy of those that purchased them. A citizen can still press charges of anything that may be unlawful to them, but a slave is incapable of relying on the law for any protection. Of course most slaves are still considered 'property' in society, so outside forces damaging them can be held accountable by said slave's owner. Lets take a gander at each race and its role on both slavery and citizenship.

Humans: The only prime ones that benefit or suffer greatly from the class system, for a human they either hit it off wonderfully in society, just got by, or find themselves in a possible living hell. In the world of humans it is simple to be outranked in terms of physique or other capabilities beyond their realm due to the advancements of technological with races that are given such attributes. It shouldn't come to any surprise that many humans sell their lives to become slaves; maybe as a means to benefit a family member or friend or perhaps they fell into that status from debt collectors or crime. Regardless, humans are often considered the cheapest and most affordable of slaves due to other races easily outclassing them. Humans are the core race that can be found to be in possession of over 90% of slaves.

Metas: Metas are just like humans, the only difference is the machine parts installed within or attached to their bodies. The other difference is the parts of segregation that force most metas into third class citizens. Only few metas make second class and those are usually in service of military or police forces due to the higher grade of hardware installed on/within them; although this hardware is replaced with something lesser should they retire from the force. Just like humans, metas often either sell themselves to benefit a family member or they are forced into such roles due to debt or crime. Metas are slightly more valuable then humans given whatever mechanical traits they may possess. Metas in very rare cases can own slaves, but these cases are base on the Meta's status in society; in an affordability sense.

Androids: Androids are the only race that cannot be truly considered slaves. They are merely products of mankind, but they are not technically 'free,' either. They are just another commodity to own. In the world, there are many different sorts of androids, the civilian grade ones that are often used as general housekeeping, entertainment, or even pleasure. Their prices are usually cheap and more affordable, even for some second class citizens. Then there are the military grade ones, ones that are often used as personal bodyguards to first class citizens. These are the types that can be expected patrolling large businesses and corporations. These are the types that will be safeguarding banks and private residences. Between military and civilian class, the price difference is clearly that of night and day. Regardless, most androids are primary built to serve whatever task given to them and those that disobey orders are treated as defective. Androids cannot own slaves.

Other Races: In the past it was a common theme for other races to be hunted and sold into slavery. Now and days such themes are outlawed and deemed as interference in the cultural growth of differently worldly societies. This doesn't mean that they are completely out of the water, other races can still fall victim to becoming a slave if they become a 'Human' citizen. As a citizen they must follow all laws practiced by humans. There are also various illegal groups that still seek to poach and hunt other races; of course such is a crime, but with specialized chips they can turn any race into a legitimate appealing criminal that is now to be passed off as merchandise.


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016

The worldly currency is that of credits. Humans, Metas, various Alien races, and in rarer instances some Androids are all chipped with a digital wallet in their bodies. This makes thievery much harder(but not impossible) due to signature imprints that nearly prevent ones income within themselves being stolen by someone else. Also another function of the currency is that nearly all purchases are automatically taxed during transactions. There have been illegal loopholes where one can easily 'gift' another a set amount of credits without being taxed; but this in itself is a major crime.

Credit currency serves as a two decimal figure at base with numbers making up the bulk of any wealth. Credits are also similar to distant past USDs to their value.
Common credit network on slaves is as follows
Humans 1,000.00 - 10,000.00
Metas 1,500.00 - 45,000.00
Xenos 5,000.00 - 75,000.00

Androids are not considered slaves, but products. Their general prices can vary greatly, at cheapest.
Civilian Grade
Older Models 1,000.00 - 25,000.00
Newer Models 25,000.00 - 275,000.00
Military Grade
Older Models 15,000.00 - 50,000.00
Newer Models 100,000.00 - 1,000,000.00+


Architect of Worlds
Nov 12, 2016

There are many established factions, the majority of which end up competing with one another to gain favor in one way or another from the main governing faction: The Noxius Empire. Not all factions are as power hungry, there have been more peaceful and political groups that have made a push and impact upon the change of common cultural practices- to some extent. The liberation and recognition of other worldly races is one prime example; although both legal and illegal slavery is still a common practice that cannot be completely altered. To counter such illegal matters, those that are found responsible are more commonly punished.

Noxius Empire
The Noxius Empire is the primary governing faction of humanity, ruled as a Monarchy with either a King or Queen overseeing everything. It has reigned over three millenniums and those who had inherited the throne had brought forth many tidings both good and bad to the galaxy. What makes the Noxius Empire so intimidating is the sheer amount of military presence and advanced weaponry within the group. The quantity of robotics employed within this faction is believed to overshadow the human presence; although there is no hard numbers to back that claim; especially with the repetitive amount of citizens applying to the military to try to avoid a more pitiful, third class status as a civilian.

The present and ending reign of this Empire is governed by the Mad King, Darius Noxius. It was this very King that sparked high conflict, a rise of factions, and crazed skirmishes, battles, and even small wars between the many factions. It is this same crazed King that has now set out for an expedition for a potential future heir or the passing of the torch to a different rule should none be found. These factors have brought about further chaos as there are multiple groups that would rather see the Empire completely obliterated and may do whatever is necessary to hinder the progress or end it of any heirs. In the end, the Noxius Empire has raised plenty of ire with its current ruler; and whether people are for or against it doesn't change the fact that is is dangling by a thread after its many millenniums of rule.

The Constructs are a more secretive group, known only by heirs of the Empire and those who are in the higher circle of chain of command. They have been publicly announced to the world with the King's recent crazed declaration of the race for power; but hardly any information has been disclosed about them. To society that caught a glimpse of a potential different leader, these beings appear completely human in image; though for those that assume such, that is blatant foolishness. There is a reason why the Constructs are a dangerous group that are kept secret, these are primary robotic beings created to ensure the 'benefit of humanity.' They have grown and learned alongside the various exchange of rulers within the Noxius family line and they are the primary figures of many alterations through the web of history. This is a faction that has ensured the Noxius reigned, protecting them within the shadows and eliminating any threats towards the throne. In truth, there is no telling what may happen should one of their kind take rule and those with sense in the Noxius line and inner circle fear the crisis of humanity potentially being doomed; whereas most of the world are oblivious to the concealed truth of what these 'humans' really are beneath all of that fake, synthetic skin.

Free Traders
Free Traders are an organization that runs the majority of the trade society, they have been mostly responsible for many distributions of merchandise and supplies throughout the galaxy. They are mostly middlemen, although some of the more wealthy members have been dabbling in their own enterprises to further monopolize the trade environment. This group has had a large impact upon society as a whole, both good and bad. It is the least favorable of those that are starting businesses, less they may be wealthy and independent enough to risk such against an otherwise grand trading faction. As a result, many people often find themselves forced to join the Free Traders, just to ensure their own survival as a growing market. Also, as expected, this faction has its hands on some military grade hardware and its own militia for added protection.

Obviously, the Free Traders consider themselves a neutral organization, they do not like to take sides in anything, and only strive to continue to promote their business and growth.

The All Seeing
The All Seeing was once a 'notoriously' known hacker organization. Though unlike some smaller hacker groups, this faction did not spread terror or mayhem along the web, nor did the target innocent civilians. Instead, what drew most of the ire towards them, was those that had been in corrupted positions. Politicians, high ranking officers, Noxius bloodlines, it did not matter who, but those that done wrong were often targeted by the All Seeing. Of course, these 'crimes' were never violent, in most instances they often leaked information or used information for blackmail to coerce those in the wrong to do something right. One fine example to this had been the recolonization of other races as something more than alien and should not be mistreated so commonly. It was the All Seeing that played a hand in the inevitable liberation of the Atlantians and other races upon the home world Atlantis and it was this same group that were likely responsible for the new established laws that criminalize and forbid the interference of other races growing societies.

Unfortunately, the All Seeing hasn't been heard of much in the last century, it is believed that this group has been abolished sometime during the reign of the Mad King. The same King that painted a target on their heads and treated them like a terrorist organization. At best they are assumed dead while others theorize that many of them may of became known as the ruthless front known as The Faceless.

The Faceless

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