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Remnant (Dark Lovecraftian Horror)


Born of blood, and risen from ash...
Apr 20, 2018
Story Idea

Representing the embodiment of the mystical forces behind the festering corruption and symbolizing the pinnacle of human ambitions; in true Lovecraftian style, an all-powerful being is slumbering deep within the crust of the earth, ethereal and ever vigilant in its pursuit. This omnipresent deity is manifested through humans’ misdeeds, whose upending conflict has given birth to a vessel for the creature to cross over. It is a being revered by cultists and priests alike, who have, under the influence of its cosmic trickery, become distorted entities of horrific proportions.

Remnant is characterised by its dark Gothic setting and atmosphere, strengthened by ominous creatures and stressful plot points, accompanied by a ruthless opposition, primordial, without fear, and without remorse. In the world of Remnant, corruption and eldritch horrors seep into the world through the coagulated cracks of weakened reality, lending them purpose as they run rampant through the once idyllic landscape and surrounding acres of farmlands.

As if being plagued by a mysterious disease aptly named, “The Grimm” wasn't enough, the people of the impoverished land must now withstand unthinkable nightmares spawned by this strange sickness that results in bodily mutations in both human, creature and fae alike. It is believed that the origin of the Grimm is tied to those who meddled with dark forces in pursuit of immortality after lifetimes of perverse debauchery, subsequently awakening a being beyond reason; its nightmarish influence once entombed far below - now unsealed.

Bequeathed upon the survivors, they are urged to purge Remnant of the slavering horrors that now roam freely. However, news of the spreading corruption, and the inevitable bounty of treasure travels far and wide, piquing the interest of steadfast warriors, devotees of the arcane, and opportunistic rogues willing to brave the manic marshlands and creeping dungeons of old with the promise of fame and glory.


Originally inspired by these pictures, I found myself craving a more plot-driven, adventurous story, hopefully with its fair share of combat (and smut, of course), world building and interesting plot and character developments.

I'm personally interested in roleplaying as this one, and her loyal companion, a corrupted creature ; a Nevermore. MC would be a corrupted human, a champion of the legions of Grimm - far more dangerous than your average infected, keenly aware and fully sentient. I'm thinking she's one of a few lieutenants of sort. YC's entirely up for discussion, but ideally there'd some conflict to be found between our characters regardless of what "side" you're on.

That being said, this RP will likely involve niche or taboo fetishes. such as tentacles, bestiality, breeding, all-the-way-through, violence, monsters, rape, possibly snuff/gore (not smut-related), slavery, and possibly other dark themes, so consider yourself warned.

I’m a female Dane, (GMT +2 time zone) recently turned 22 with a passion for writing and fantasy, but you can call me Pots.
I’m open-minded, creative and mature soul, capable of managing and weaving together a coherent story, as well as creating and maintaining an intriguing and realistic world and cast. I’m able to operate and control several characters at all times while consistently offering detailed and descriptive posts.
I’m a friendly fellow with a welcoming mindset and I’m willing to brainstorm and discuss details, as well as adapt to accommodate my partners’ needs, whether it be post length or certain kinks or desires.

I seek a few literate, dedicated writers, preferably two (gender's irrelevant to me), with a nag for realistic world and character building.

Preferred platform is Discord, but I'm not opposed to using Bluemoon
Discord: SmashingPots#2447

I won't reply to half-assed messages, so put some effort into it. Make a case for yourself, your characters, your ideas and your thoughts on this post/idea.
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