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Exploration Of Zendikar


Mar 17, 2012
Fort Keef, was built at the bottom of a valley, water pours down from the mountains and roil above. Here there is enough space to sustain a population of 800 or so men and women. Fort Keef is one of the larger settlements on Akoum thanks to the rich mountain walls which provide safety around the valley from larger predators and also provide precious minerals to be collected. Veins of Iron discovered years ago helped to craft military tools that the town now uses to stave off the violent world outside.

Here the majority of the population is human, while other races vary in percentiles elves would be the second most common due to how close the forested canopy is to the towns walls. Water is provided by the falls above, and run down to the water ways that link up to other villages and tribes for trade.

two weeks ago Zendikar shifted, the natural world screamed in pain, as a tremor larger than most would feel in a generation ripped through her, causing damage to the walls outside of the city, and some of the roil to shift and even fall from the sky. The damage to the town has not been fully cleaned up, smaller town houses on the outskirts and especially areas outside of the taller walls have been left crushed. A few of the farmland fields have started to wilt due to the losses of families that can no longer harvest them. But with each shift in the earth comes a wave of good with the bad. As when the earth shifts secrets of old are often revealed.

Travelers from around Akoum have begun traveling towards Fort Keef, as new ruins in the wild forests have come alive, there is movement along the west and talk that burried treasures and old civilizations having been uncovered.

Fort Keef has a few notable locations inside of it:

Nancy's tavern: a bit of a rockus place, filled with live music, and people trying to drink away their problems, after the loss and damage there is no shortage of people looking for a way to ease their ills and drink away their problems. Rooms at Nancy's are 3 silver, including a sub par meal and a stiff drink. Nancy herself is an Elf a staple of the community longer than most of the community can remember.

The Riding Dog: More upscale, it fancies it's self as a place for nobles to roost, survives on those who want a good rest, and a good food, the inn here is fine quality even hosting a bath house with hot water, a night here costs 7 silver pieces.

notable Shops and locations:

Hagel's Alchemy: Unfortunately this was on the edge of town, Hagle himself survived along with some of his inventory, but many of his potions were smashed to bits as the wall came down, the shop survived but so many potions fell off their shelves and mixed together that the entire place and a bit of the eastern side of Fort Keef stinks because of him.

The temple: Near to the town square the place least affected by the shift in the earth is the temple which houses a preserved shrine to the three gods. The statue was damaged, but with their significance they are already hiring artisans to fix Emrie's left wing which broke apart, and the parts of Cosi which fell when the statues fell from their normally secure podium. The temple gardens and church walls have become a housing ground for many of the injured that are receiving healing treatment or trying to rebuild their homes.


Jul 12, 2019
Stepping through the main gate of Fort Keef, a wood elf pulled back the hood of his green cloak and curiously looked about the strange human settlement. The wood elf, Talas, wore a simple leather tunic, boots, and a bow and quiver slung over his back beneath his leaf green cloak. At the age of 129, he was rather young by elvish standards. He could see that the town had suffered from the recent tremor. Not surprising though, considering it was built on the ground. In his homeland, the wood elves lived high among the trees, for the forest floors teemed with deadly predators. Even now, the young wood elf felt a little uneasy being down on the ground, frequently looking over his shoulder or perking up his pointed ears.

Walking down the main street, Talas soon took note of the sign hanging over Nancy's tavern. He could hear the music and voices from outside. This seemed like as good a place as any to learn about the current coming and goings of the town. He needed to find out if anyone knew what caused the recent tremor. Even high up among the forest trees, the elder wood elf druids had felt the great tremor. But more than that, they heard the cries of the earth itself. Thus they sent Talas to Fort Keef in order to find out more about the effects of the tremor as well as if there were any clues as to the cause.


Jan 14, 2019
When the earth shifts, old ruins are often revealed. Such ruins may contain artifacts of great power or value. It is for this reason Damaia finds herself at the bar in Nancy's tavern, drinking ale. Her purple tale which comes out from underneath her dark blue dress sways from side to side as she drinks. Her eyes scan her surroundings every few moments.

Damaia was born from the unholy union between in an archfiend and a human as part of a cult contract. However, wanting to steer her life with her own hands, Damaia has come to Fort Keef, intending to join an expidition into the old ruins. Any artifacts or tomes she finds, she hopes to use to buy back her freedom. So there she was, the rebellious daughter of an archfiend, disappointing her parents at the low age of 22.
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