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Question Sorting PMs - Creating Folders?


Aug 24, 2019
I'll happily admit I may be overlooking something basic here. But how do you create new folders for your PMs? I'm trying to organize mine, but I'm not really sure where that function is.

Likely a silly question, but if anyone can point it out, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

The Goodman

Unseelie basterd
Oct 12, 2017
In the "show all" conversation screen where it lists them all, there's a conversation folders button up top on right side, next to the start conversation button. In there, name a new folder and save. Go back to the screen where all convos are listed, check boxes of those you want moved, then go down to the bottom and in the "choose action" box, select "move to folder" and press "go". A pop up will appear Choose the folder you wish to move the conversation(s) to. Inbox is the default, but you press it and your new folder should appear in there. Select your folder and then the save button.

That being said, putting things in folders doesn't actually move them anywhere. You're just giving them labels that you can use the filter to view them separately from other folders. They still remain in the main "show all" list....with the folder name now tagged next to them.
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