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Good Omen (mxm / mxf)


Nov 12, 2017

Aziraphale and Crowley
Cheers... to the world.

I have a few different story ideas and of course welcome others.

Idea 1: Pretend to be husbands. Aziraphale tells a group of "friends" that he is married to stop the advances of another man. Crowley comes in to help and well they discover there is another demon that's friends with the Angel... then the man who made advances happens to be an Angel in disguise and seeing the two of them behaving like husbands. How will they escape this one?

Idea 2:
Standing on the side of the road Crowley wishes Aziraphale goodnight. One thing he doesn't notice is his powers are weakening since the demon wards around the city are breaking down his barriers just to be close to Aziraphale. It's so bad he never sees the car coming. Thrown from his body on Earth it clings to life as his spirit form follows after them trying to contact Aziraphale. In order to get Crowley back his Angel has to enter hell and figure out how to rescue him. After finding an old book of Crowley's he realizes there are rules to returning a demon to his post.

Idea 3: Either one of them falls or the other rises. Crowley puts things in place to help protect his Angel just in case he falls. He strikes deals with other demons in fear that maybe he'll accidentally drag Aziraphale down. Then all of a sudden he realizes he's doing more helping than mischief. God appears before them, talking through a bubbling tea pot, and explains that he's forgiven and Crowley is restored. (or vice versa)

Idea 4: Heaven and Hell have caught on and are now stalking them to figure out the best way to take them down. Sending demons and Angel's in to cause trouble and fear in them. The easiest way they realize is to capture Crowley seeing as Aziraphale possesses the flaming sword and the last they knew he figured out how to breathe hellfire. Stepping in as all literal hell is breaking loose, God gives Aziraphale a promotion making him a new age sort of Angel that's a protector of Earth for the people. He's given the power to take their powers away or give them to demon and angel alike. He's proven himself to be the Angel she was looking for to take over the Earth in a way she hadn't.

I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone is interested. Also please let me know if you have an idea of your own you'd like to see.

I've been roleplaying for 10+ years. There is a link to my F-list :F-list - Warning. You don't have to match all of them and if some of them are deal breakers that's okay. Please let me know of any ideas you have or if you have any questions.

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