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Original and Fandoms (mxf & mxm)


Nov 12, 2017

Please call me Akira! I've been roleplaying for 15+years and usually post anywhere from a paragraph to 2-5 paragraphs. I enjoy detail but I don't write novels lol. If that's alright with you than awesome! I roleplay anything from fandoms to original characters. Usually I roleplay 40% plot, 60% smut, but of course that ratio can change depending on story.

I play either female characters or submissive men (uke’s). I don't mind switching to on top every once in a while. I just don't like it constantly.

Either OC’s or fandoms


F-list: F-list - Warning

Quick List:

Bondage from light to hardcore
Hypnosis/mind control
Living clothing
Orgasm denial/control
Puppy play
Toys (also in public)



Original Character:
Depends on the story we're coming up with and if there's a certain type you'd like to play against

Final Fantasy 7
Good Omen (Lovelovelove)
Doctor Who

Dragon Ball Z
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Gundam Wing
many yaoi mangas (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Finder series, Blood Bank, Crimson Spell, Maiden Rose, Fake, Hidoku Shinaide, Love Stage)
Nana to Kaoru

Games: (I've played many just ask)
Dragon Age
Red Dead Redemption
Last Of Us

Story Ideas:

((Any ideas can be changed for m/m too))

((Also open to more and different ideas under any category if you have something specific in mind))

Alien x Space Explorer

They collect an alien off a planet and slowly she starts to notice strange changes in her body. It’s like the creature has telepathic abilities and is brainwashing her. No she shouldn’t open that cage! But it promises those wonderful feeling to continue. No just a taste of it! Sliding back the small door on the side she’s able to touch a piece of it. Would it feel good inside her? She has to let him out!

Chasity Suit x Woman

A package is delivered at her door from someone she doesn’t know. She decides to check it out and discovers a Chasity belt. Laughing she puts it on but soon realizes the key is missing! Soon she discovers the belt has toys inside it. It’s able to plug both her holes and vibrate against her driving her insane. Then there’s a message on her phone with instructions telling her of wicked times ahead if she follows his instructions otherwise she’ll never orgasm again!

Hypnosis x Woman

After another failed relationship she decides to find someone to help her in the romance department. She goes to a hypnotist to see if he can help her be a better lover but bites off more than she can chew as he turns her everyday life against her!

Chikan Express x Woman

A woman rides the train every day after work and it’s a long hour trip! During one trip she feels a man touching her but because she’s squished between so many people she can’t get away or figure out who it is! Over time he uses all kinds of toys, creams to turn her on and maybe even locks her in chastity to keep her coming back! She eventually becomes addicted and can only seem to get off when he touches her. Ashamed he tried to deny it but those skirts and soaked thong are the real answer on what she wants. Over time she gives him her information and he starts controlling her everyday life! How many edges will he make her do today before he fucks her on the train again?

Fandom Story Ideas

Good Omen

Aziraphale x Crowley (mxm or mxf) Finally they're free but are they really? Aziraphale and Crowley notice they can't be far from each other without getting very ill. What kind of trick was this? Did they figure out they tricked heaven and hell? Although when they're close to one another they got back to normal. It's as if their souls are still linked. Maybe even a piece of each other is still left inside one another. Trying to figure out how to fix it a confession is made… that they have always loved one another.

(4 Other story ideas in mind, please let me know if you're interested :) )

Doctor who

Master x Doctor (mxm) Captured on the Valiant the Doctor struggles with the every day of the Master's torture. Then suddenly it turns more sadistic. They're telepathic creatures and bonding to another is something huge without their kind. A sort of mental marriage. The Master pages the Doctor's limits along with his bodies limits. Can the Doctor hope to stop the Master? What if the Master won and the Doctor broke?


Inuyasha x Kagome (or the male version Kaname) (mxf or mxm)

This can take place either during the series or after when they get together. They try to hide it but mating and bonding to his mate is something Inuyasha has wanted to do with Kagome for a long time. She gives in to his hanyo desires and cannot hide it from his powerful nose

Sessumaru x Inuyasha (mxm)

Naraku is able to mess with the Inu Taisha's and causes Sessu to seek a mate rather violently. In order to stop him Inuyasha is informed of his brothers crazed alpha state. Being an alpha himself he refuses to allow his brother to beat him or do anything else to him for that matter! His companions misunderstanding the situation all pitch together and tell him he needs to help his brother. Outnumbered in his mix-matched pack, Inuyasha agrees and submits. It's the worst thing he'd ever faced and after he heals he realizes a tiny growing problem in his stomach. Without being bonded to Sessu he faces a challenge to be able to have their babies alone, but he refuses to talk to Sessu even as more problems arise!


The story I've really wanted to play out for this is.... It's mating season and Sessy still hasn't chosen a mate. He prefers to travel and maintain his territory. Although now the council is really pushing for it so he's having to make a choice, but then his choice is made for him...

Inuyasha comes into his first heat. He doesn't understand what's going on even as Myoga tries to explain it. Breaking away from the group he tries to figure out how to fight this crazy heat. Myoga told him not to go alone and don't expose your neck to a wandering demon otherwise they would mark you and that would be it for him. Although there is a heavy familiar scent that stops him in his tracks.

Please PM me with any idea's you'd like to do! I'm open to new ideas as well. Thank you for your time!

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