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Mx Female (Updated) Ignore your morals, delve into the taboo


Aug 22, 2019
Are you the type that craves taboo scenes? The kind you know is so wrong but you love it anyways. The type that ignores all moral boundaries for the hell of it. Young girl picking up that homeless man on her way home, hiding him away in her room. Cousins rolling around the room all night, their parents just a few rooms down. Finding some alone time with your fathers best friend. Stealing your sisters boyfriend from her. Waking your daddy up right beside your sleeping mother. Getting in a routine with your brother. Inquire for more! They’re all so wrong, immoral, even illegal! Yet, you still want it...

Hello, thanks for clicking on my thread!

Heres a quick intro to me as a player and person!
-Ive been roleplaying for nearly 10 years, starting on chatango, journeying to f-list, and now here!
-I started doing combat roleplay and now do more Mature roleplay.
-I play in third person, averaging 4+ paragraphs per post
-You do NOT have to play an underage character to play with me.
-You do NOT have to play an underage character to play with me.
-I have a passion for roleplaying, due to my love for reading and writing. I will give my 110% in every roleplay, and if either of us arent having fun, say something. Maybe it’s a simple fix, maybe we just dont click. Either way, I want both parties to enjoy themselves, and crave that little notification on their inbox.

Top kinks(none required):

-Plot Twists
-Age difference
-Risk of being caught
-Taboo (doing something illegal, immoral, or incorrect in any way shape or form.)
-60/40 smut/story, and vice versa.​
I love stories with a hefty amount of depth and intrigue behind the smut. Plot twists, surprises, and drama all fuel the passion behind the story. Detail, rhythm, natural flow, and lust fuels the smut. I have some very random GENERAL ideas, all up for changes and such. Theyre here to get a jist of what i like. Feel free to suggest your own!

Note: I dislike fully discussing a scene. I prefer only setting up the pairing, and the first encounter at most. We’re creating a story together. I dislike knowing whats going to happen in a book/movie, I treat my roleplays the same way!

King x Guard/Maid
Off on an adventure, his caravan is attacked, the only surviving members are the king and his personal guard or maid, leaving them to survive far from the castle in the midst of a deep,dark and monster filled forest.

King x Villain/Vigilante
Peter knows the villain or vigilante during the day, possibly as a maid, daughter, or noble lady. During the night the two battle as arch-enemies. And during the day they have a calm relationship. Maybe they eventually find out who one another are?

Slow Warrior x ?
I love the idea of a warrior that cannot intelligently verbally communicate. Either he never learned the common tongue, or an injury/birth defect lead to him unable to speak properly. Maybe he saves a royal, or comes across one?

Vampire x ?
A vampire unable to control his urges, or perfectly able to and sneaking into a council against vampire without them batting an eye.

Father x Daughter
A classic, hard to put a twist on that? How about a homeless father, and a daughter that is forbidden to see him that still visits, and the journey they take together to get him back on his feet.
Peter takes his wife and daughter out to a concert out-of-state, so the trio get a hotel rather than sit in traffic. Only thing is a lot of people did that, so they have to not only share one room, but one king sized bed! Hopefully his wife is a deep sleeper. This can also be swapped with his daughter and her best friend, or in an uber back home.

His daughter begs him to come to yoga with her, months and months of pleading, before he caves. He lets her sign up, and he’ll be there, simple enough, right? But its not only yoga, its couples naked yoga. She signed them up as boyfriend and girlfriend yoga, with no clothes! A room full of naked people around them, and you have to follow the instructors guidelines to a T.

Hero x Villain
I love this pairing, it was recently introduced to me and ive been heavily craving it. I play the villain or hero, YC being the vice versa. I love adding them knowing one another personally, whether theyre related, teacher and student, boss and secretary, etc. It adds a whole new flair and risk of being caught.
Possible Superpowers:
Super speed
Addictive/Arousing scent. (Musk, usually. Not a dirty scent, but pheromone infused and amplified scent.)
Or anything you can think of!

Photographer x Model
The pays great, but a bit sketchy? That friendly DILF down the road isnt too odd, is he?

All alone on an island, or so he thought. Maybe another passenger survived the plane crash? A woman already on the island? Was he already on the island when your character showed up?

Prisoner x Guard
A romance behind bars, the guard falling for the criminals seductive nature. Or possibly the guard is simply the only friend the prisoner has.​

Scientist needs escorting
I love to play this reversed of the norm, the male being the scientist and the female being the one defending him, mostly. Its a good twist and adds some humor to the scene.
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