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Londere: The Fractured West

Kovu of Avernus

Scourge of Mankind
Aug 8, 2019

The Realm of Londere

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Races and Peoples
  3. Kingdoms of Londere
  4. History
Out from my little headcanons that have been swimming in my canoodle has come a concept that I've been slowly working on with several people, and to both help myself and those other fine friends better understand exactly what it is that we're all making together. So the first 4 posts (including this one) will be Reserved so that I can create the more official pages, and I might actually reserve more but I wanted to at least have a few basic areas where people can peak if they should open up a thread with myself, or if others want to put their own adventures into my setting!
Londere is a twist on the traditional medieval settings, most of the influences are going to come more from more ancient and often exoticized cultures. Instead of elves being made up of Welsh and English posh they are split between the southern elves, kissed by the sun and building their homes in great mances, oases, or adobe buildings. The Men of the Eastern edges of Londere draw their inspirations from the Turkic and Uralic steppe peoples, with an appreciation for communities, semi-democratic traditions, horsemanship, and the appreciation for fine silks and secret rituals and music. Splitting Londere in two is a great forest filled with the Fae: Faeries, nymphs, lycanthropes, and the Franco-Gaulic inspired forest peoples who pay them an almost Shinto like of reverence. Further to the west are a number of kingdoms I haven' quite finished yet x_x so help me out people <3
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