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Fx Male Seeking partners.


Jul 11, 2019
New information-

I have Ideas I would like to play out, I'm starving for more roleplays.

My ideas are based on demons, werewolves, and vampires, I also have a hellsing idea.

My punctuation isn't great but, it's understandable, my posts are long, 3+ paragraphs of 10+ sentences and I am very detailed, I prefer quality over quantity.

My initial ideas are short only because I want to reveal information in the story rather that spilling every secret in the idea itself, also it leaves room to be flexible, incase my partner wanted to incorporate/remove some aspects like fetishes.

You can find my ideas My ideas here.

These are my fetishes, tell me yours too.

My fetishes are A-Z-

( *)- My favorite/( -) -My likes

-Being bitten
*Being fed from
*Being turned
*Domination (receiving)
-Hair pulling
*Hypnotism/mind control
*Multiple partners
-Multiple penetration
*Non con-con
*Rough sex
*Tit fucking
-Incest (sister/brother)

- Try me

-toilet play

My smut/plot ratio is at least 30/70 - 40-60 I can play M/M, but with F/M I will only play female. I play Sub in story but, in bed I prefer switch.

Please check out my ideas. If you have your own I would love to hear them and possibly incorporate them into mine
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