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An Amped Up Problem


Aug 8, 2019
A bright blue bolt streaks through the air on a clear night, going from place to place, bringing a blackout wherever it went. The bolt soon hits a power line, and the light dissipates, a figure taking its place. The figure itself appeared human, but was mostly protected beneath the veil of darkness.

"Los Angeles, Chicago, New where to?" It asks itself. "I've gone all over looking for the best places to get power. And I better keep going if I don't wanna go back to bein' a lab rat."

The figure paused for a moment, staring out towards the distant wharf.

"I got it! Paris!" Thet exclaim. "Of course, what better place than the City of Light to get more energy? Now hopefully there's a cargo boat headin' for Europe and I'll just go from there."

The figure turned back into a bright blue bolt, heading off towards the wharf in order to stow away on a cargo ship.

But who is this mysterious figure? Are they good or evil? Why do they need so much power?
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