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The Guild

Sunset Drifter

Feb 27, 2019
Underneath a sky of blue and gold
Within the large castle city of Garnet lay a variety of guilds. Stretching from the lower districts all the way to the higher, mercenaries and those who are able to fight find themselves drawn to these guilds. Some come to find fortune, some come to fine romance, some come to fine fame. No matter what Garnet City is a boon for trade being in the center junction of the three continents. In one such corner of the city lies the Silver Chalice Guild. Unlike most it allows any and all within it's wall. No matter if rich or poor, holy or unjust. Quests are delivered to this guild and are littered about a group of tables. What makes this guild famous is it's large bar and exotic, yet homelike atmosphere. As the other guilds around the Kingdom grow steadily the Silver Chalice watches in the shadows.

This is the guild where the story is set, the pawns are placed upon the table of the Gods. What fortune will you seek?
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