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May 14, 2019

Kylie Cameron stepped from the limo and smiled that trademark smile at the flashes of camera's and the pap's who always seemed to yell out the same questions every time she appeared someplace... but it came with the territory and at 25, she had already had a career that spanned more than 20 years. From the 3 year old darling in a sitcom, through Disney's productions at 11 before getting her own iconic show at 16, she had been the sex symbol of a generation of teenage boys and some girls for a 4 season run of Tuesday's Troubles, awards and more exposure than you could shake a stick at. Her marriage at 20 to a man 17 years her senior had been a bit of a contraversery, but she still smiled and even wiggled her fingers at one of the women that she had done an interview with a couple of months before about her plans for the future and whether she would match her mother someday on the silver screen. Kylie had perfected a clothing line, cosmetics and even wrote a book that hit the best seller list from the start; she had more than enough money coming in that she didn't have to work another day of her life if she decided to do that. Not that she planned to retire anytime soon. She was still a hot commodity and she intended to make the most of it.

So, she smiled and strolled up the red carpet... fuming inside with enough heat to fuel half of Hollywood. Her husband, a man who she felt... something for one minute and hated the next. Her husband of 5 years and she were suppose to be a happily married couple and these appearances were suppose to support that image. But Blain, her husband had called her less than an hour before they were due to go to the premier of her mother's newest film and he was running late; he would meet her there. She would lay odds that he was screwing that little 18 year old assistant that he had hired a few weeks before. Blaine was nothing if not persuasive when it came to getting into women's panties; she should know... he had done it to her as well. "Where are you, you bastard!" she swore under her breath and walked up the red carpet. There would be weeks of questions about their breakup, a separation or even a divorce until they appeared again as a couple... and who got the questions? Not Blaine!

Kylis lightly ran her hand over the silken material of the dress that she wore for the big event. She had put her raven hair into an up-do to leave her shoulders bare in the strapless black number that hugged her D-cupped breasts and slender waist... and did wonders for her ass before it stopped just 3 inches above the stocking clad knees and, of course, the slingback heels that everyone expected to see. Her deep brown eyes scanned the people ahead of her and her smile grew warm and sincere as she spotted the next heart-throb of the big screen. She wondered if he was involved with anyone... she wouldn't mind keeping him company for the next 3 weeks of filming for Law And Order. She had, of course, met him months before when he had started filming the movie with her mother and tonight, the movie would be viewed for the first time.


"Hey Kylie" she heard a voice approach behind her, just before turning to see the handsome supporting actor of the film she was about to see, Jonathan Crow. Crow was thirty five and in line to be the heir to the legacy of George Clooney. Preternaturally handsome, with no sign of aging anything but gracefully, the man was single, a commodity in Hollywood, and an unquestionable leading man for decades to come. Her eyes smiled as broadly as her mouth as she turned to say hello. No sooner had she done so, he greeted her with a warm, simply friendly hug and kiss upon her cheek.

"Hey Jon," she said.

"Where is Blaine?" he asked, away from the ears of any paparazzo at the distant photography line, leaving them only to fill in the imaginary, flirtatious conversation they conjured up and wanted to report. While they would be wrong, they actually wouldn't be far off. She certainly wondered if Jon Crow was available at the moment and would not mind finding out.

"He's on his way," she said. "He had some late work that kept him." The movie star with her stood a moment and offered his arm to escort her into the premiere.

"Well let's go inside," he said. She smiled again and took his arm, walking in with him, then quickly outside the eyes of any media, again leaving them to create a narrative of their choice. A while later, shortly before the movie was set to begin, as she mingled with Crow and others, including her mother, wine in hand, she saw her husband sneak through the entrance nearly undetected, finally ready to be by her side. As he did, she released Crow's hand, hoping he hadn't seen it. She didn't want to have the fight now, if she could avoid it.

"There you are," she said, clearly annoyed, but where nobody could hear, as he approached. "Where have you been?"

Blaine Kennedy gave an annoyed scowl toward his wife upon hearing her words. He knew exactly the arrow to fire from his quiver.

"The Markets are always working and never outgrow their usefulness," he said as he kissed her cheek so as only she could hear. He pulled back with a wry grin, looking proud of his wife for the crowds, while beaming only at the free and easy shot he had taken. He had grown wealthy on Wall Street years ago, first at Goldman, then replacing Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan. Having excelled at banking and finance at a young age gave him the freedom to pursue other pursuits and one of those had been the creation of an investment group that sought to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. While he had always been an east coast guy, the warm weather and beautiful women of California suited him, and he had made the golden state his home when he was thirty. It was there, however, that he had first met Steven Frates, an angel investor in a number of tech startups in San Francisco, whose owners and CEOs Blaine coveted for their business. Soon, he had struck a friendship with Frates, who later introduced him to a number of the West coast elite, including many who found their way to Frates' Gatsby style parties in the hills over L.A. It was at one such party that Blaine had first noticed the golden skinned girl with the firm body and tight build - Kylie Cameron, with whose work he had been unfamiliar , never having kids of his own to inform him of her popular appeal. Making a swift introduction, he learned she was the daughter of an incredibly famous actress, and though Kylie was only twenty, he found her ever more appealing. Weeks later, he asked Frates for a number and, while at first hesitant, the financier set them up on a first get together which all involved hesitated to call a date. A quick and raging year later, they were married in a small, private ceremony in Aspen.

"It's not like you were having problems finding company," he nodded toward Jon Crow.

"Fuck you, Blaine," she replied as he stepped past her and toward the bar, where he ordered an Old Fashioned with Rye whiskey. She watched him move away before turning back and walking toward a group where her mother now stood. Blaine got his drink and turned with a coy smirk to look over the gathered crowd. Hollywood was never his scene, certainly more for his wife. Years ago, she had been a shark in these waters, the fierce, dangerous creature everyone sought to contain, though none could. He had never tamed her himself, though the dark nights overlooking magnificent views and vistas as he pistoned in and out of her tiny body in an effort to do so were as close as any had seemingly come. He enjoyed the tabloid attention a bit, but Kylie had eaten it up, playing to it as much as possible, and he grew to resent it when she quit working steadily, instead hamming for the cameras in New York, Las Vegas, London, Rio, and anywhere else she could spend his money and waste her own time.

He stepped from the bar, then listened as the studio attendants began ushering people into the theater. He noticed a cute attendant, perhaps no more than twenty, standing near the entrance and cast a wink in her direction as he sipped from his drink. He turned to look over his shoulder and quickly made eyes with Kylie, arms crossed and head cocked as if asking him if he seriously dared to disrespect her in front of these people. He shrugged and finished his drink before clenching his jaw and walking toward her, offering his arm to go into the movie.

"Shall we?" He asked in monotone. Kylie looked at him for a moment in silence. Then, she opened her crossed arms, placing one inside his own.

"Don't act like I don't know," she said. He raised his eyebrows.

"Don't act like you're not a whore, either," came his pointed response. Knowing they would step along a windowed corrider where the photographers outside would see, the girl put on a grin as if he had said the most delightful thing ever while they walked past the cameras lenses. She was a pro at making things seem perfect.

"Don't even think about staying in the apartment tonight," She responded, maintaining her grin.

"One of us should," he said, jabbing her again, referencing the opportunity she might have with Jon Crow, or perhaps another. She smirked at him, begrudgingly impressed and also holding down a fury just beneath the surface. As they stepped into the theater, she unclasped his hand and stepped down the aisles away from him, intending in no way to sit with him any longer than necessary. He swatted her ass playfully in the dark, finding it remarkable still just how firm it was and how much he liked it even though he often couldn't stand his wife. She was still good for something. She turned with a slight start before continuing on her way.

"Don't even think about that either," was all she said before joining her mother and friends in a row to itself as the opening credits rolled. Blaine walked up the stairs, in the opposite direction, giving no response. He would save it for the room later and see what she said then.


An old prompt of mine that I wouldn't mind exploring again.

Wanting the ups and downs of a couple in the limelight as they love/hate each other throughout their lives and go on escapades by cheating with numerous other people. Thinking of having more focus on Kylie's endeavours in general, also thinking that she might try to launch her career back into acting and such.


Some rough ideas.

- A young typical wealthy, socialite, daddys girl that fucks around and has some fun. Maybe she has this new annoying bodyguard her father has assigned her, perhaps a weird relationship occurs between them despite her having a boyfriend. An older business rival of her fathers would also be another nice pairing option. Open to more character ideas for this!

- A post apoc wasteland with celebrities, thinking this can get quite dark and depraved.

- Boss and Secretary pairing, haven't got much in mind for this yet.

- A young, upcoming hot shot guy that's the talk of the town coming from humble beginnings but now a star in his respected field (acting, music, sports) Starts a romantic relationship with a celebrity but after a while finds himself succumbing to the temptations of the rich and famous lifestyle, going in a downwards spiral of drugs, sex and drinking.

A few things about me. I'm a detailed and long term orientated writer that has been doing this kind of stuff for a number of years. I do like quite a mix of plot to go alongside the smut.

I'm happy to discuss things in OOC chat, brainstorm and plans things before we dive into it and get to know my partner a bit if we are in it for the long haul but all good if you aren't into that.

I'm happy to write through a thread, pms, discord or Google docs.

My preference is for long term orientated stories.

I tend to do a few paragraphs and would prefer the same back. My posting frequency varies from daily, to every few days to perhaps once a week.

Do let me know what gender/characters you intend to play since some of my prompts are in other thread categories and I don't mind playing either gender.

My kink list.
F-list - Warning

Hope to hear from people soon
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