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[MxM] Log snippet of my character Tristan wrecking some demonic asshole

Jun 16, 2019
The person who plays the character Sanguine is someone I've been writing with for fourteen years. Tristan's face claim is the muscled and tattooed model Stephen James (my profile picture) and Sanguine is about 6'1" with ivory skin and a lithe and toned build, tribal tattoos, and long red hair. This is the introductory post I wrote to a story we started the other night. Tristan and Sanguine have been written together many times over the years, we just do new things with the couple sometimes or revamp them. In this RP Sanguine has come to Earth from the Demonic Realm - which is much different than Hell, more like a fantasy world - to become Tristan's "patron" and mentor him. Little does Tristan know they are predestined mates. If anyone is ever interested in chatting or playing hit me up at (Jungle Fruit Carnage#1989) on Discord.

Six months ago two offers had been made to Tristan. Sanguine would be both his patron and pet as long as the young man asked no questions about his origins or the world he came from. It was strangely similar to one that had been offered to Alexander the Great several thousand years ago. Sanguine would know that Tristan was different because he accepted the patronage but outright refused having Sanguine give up his power and become his pet. He claimed that if he was going to tame Sanguine it would be through the sheer force of his own strength and merit, therefore turning down ownership. Tristan said that by the end of it Sanguine would be begging for him to make the demon his pet instead of presenting it as an alluring carrot on the end of the stick. Six months in and it seemed Tristan was well on track to make that a reality. The twenty seven year old had Sanguine in his thrall and he'd know the oracles he consulted which identified Tristan as his predestined mate - an extraordinarily rare occurrence - were right on the money, but that was something Tristan did not know yet. He already had far too much power over the demon as it is. No need to give him more.

Right now they were in Tristan's playroom at his residence in Venice. It was a luxurious and spacious nine room apartment in an old and historic building. The playroom had floor to ceiling mirrors on all four sides including the ceiling - each one large panel - that created an infinity effect with fireplaces burning in each wall to make it sweltering. The large room was filled with BDSM apparatus - St. Andrew's crosses, racks, stocks, and walls lined with toys and instruments of punishment, along with a four poster hand carved bed made of mahogany and red silk with furniture of the same wood of red velvet. Right now Sanguine was bent over in the stocks with his ankles manacled to the floor. His body was covered in sweat and dried cum. Tristan had kept him here for seven days straight with no food and only sparing water used as a reward, fucking his ass and mouth on and off and his body was littered with bruises and welts from being hit with whips and riding crops, there was blood on his skin as well. Each night Tristan would leave him here with a toy shoved up his hole with t he video cameras going - and even though he could use his magic to leave, Tristan knew he didn't want to.

"Look at this hole," Tristan murmured softly. His hands were gripping Sanguine's sweaty ass cheeks and pulling them apart while his thumbs pressed against the edges of the demon's asshole and spread him. Cum was oozing out of Sanguine's hole and down his taint to his balls because Tristan had just finished wrecking him for what had to be the fiftieth time this week but it was still as tight as a teenage virgin's. "It's trembling," Tristan whispered, "As if it's afraid of what I might do to it," he said in a voice that was borderline sociopathic. Tristan had spent plenty of time using a riding crop directly on his asshole until he bled so that hole had plenty of reason to be afraid. "Right now I just want to give it some kisses, because you've been good," Tristan said softly and then leaned forward to press his lips against the demon's hole and bury his nose in Sanguine's crack to take in his scent, parting his lips around the demon's hole and sliding is tongue inside, tasting himself.

Tristan buried his face between those cheeks and took a long, deep breath of the demon's scent and then he began to eat his own cum from the demon's hole. Tristan's tongue was pushing inside of him swirling around to taste Sanguine's tight demon-cunt and his own cum. The young man's drool was dribbling down Sanguine's taint to his sweaty balls and he was burying his face as deep as possible in the round globes of his ass, tightening his fingers on them to bruising and squeezing them against his face to smother himself in that perfect bubble as he let out a deep groan that reverberated all throughout Sanguine's asshole as he devoured him. Finally he pulled back and moved his mouth to those heavy balls and took one inside of his mouth and slurped on it and then did the same to the other, covering those heavy orbs in his spit and caressing them with his lips and tongue before removing his mouth from them and saying, "Do you want me to crawl beneath you and suck your cock you pathetic, sex-addicted whore?" and from the tone in Tristan's voice Sanguine could tell he meant those words. The venom was there, and made it even hotter.
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