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Pokemon: The Egaia Region

Dec 19, 2018
Hey BlueMoon,

Just throwing this up as a place to organize my thoughts and ideas for the Pokemon Story I'm currently writing. Figured I'd write down little details about the world, character bios, etc to help me stay consistent with the world.

I don't mind this also becoming a chat area for questions/comments and all that good stuff.

So let's get right to it!

The Egaia Region:
The Egaia Region is a small island continent nestled just between the Kalos, Hoenn, & Unova regions. It connects to the greater continent of Hoenn's southeastern coast. This region is populated heavily by Pokemon from the surrounding regions as well as Pokemon from the Kanto & Johto regions. Aside from the main landmasses, there are several small islands adding to the Egaia region's Southern Sea: the tropical isles of Akardia.

Mainly flatland, Egaia has massive plains that stretch the entire surface of the mainland. Dense forests also sprout across these plains; all seemingly linking to on massive, mysterious forested area that to this day, still has not been completely explored by humans. Mountain ranges divide up sections of the mainland with some being easy to traverse, while others require air or sea travel to navigate. Northeast of the mainland, the Mercer Strait connects the mainland of Egaia to Unova's parent continent. The Mercer Strait is a marshy zone nearly impossible to cross by foot. This area floods regularly and, once every 13 years, is completely swallowed up by the sea for several months, making land passage impossible. South of the mainland are the Akardian Islands. Once serving as tropical tourists destinations, the indigenous people of Akardia sought emancipation from the mainland in order to protect their culture and people. After a very recent civil war, Akardia has once again fallen under the control of the mainland and is slowly being enveloped by Egaia's urbanization.

Egaia, because of its geographical location, sees many Pokemon from the surrounding regions of Kalos, Hoenn, & Unova as well as a handful of Avian & Aquatic Pokemon from the Kanto & Johto regions. Being an extremely wealthy nation, the Egaian Government regularly imports other species of Pokemon from regions around the globe with a strong consumer-base for Kanto & Johtoian Pokemon.

The Egaia Region has a vastly diverse population of inhabitants as well as a diverse socio-economic scale. Because of strong political and governmental initiatives, Egaia is on track to becoming the wealthiest region of them all. Much of this profit deals in the acquisition and distribution of Pokecentric Goods & Services. Some highlights include the creation of DexTec: the global service provider for Pokemon scanning, logging and capture technologies. The Dexter initiative is another program designed by the Egaian government to offer monetary rewards for logging and tracking information regarding all Pokemon whenever possible.

Much of Egaia's major cities orbit around the center of the region; becoming increasingly larger as they approach Hkori City. Several smaller towns and suburbs spread out around these larger cities closer to the island's edges. Outside the mainland, the Akardian islands flourish as a main vacation attraction for much of the world. With beautiful beaches and clear seas, many people travel to these islands for a relaxing getaway.

Teams Aqua & Magma have massive recruitment influences from Egaia and are a strong criminal presence within the inner cities of the mainland. These terrorist groups plague the region with violence and transport of illegal substances. Aside from both gangs actively clashing against one-another for control over Egaia, they also fight tooth-and-nail to tear down the established government and plunge the island into anarchy.

Across the Mercer Strait, Egaia has expanded into Hoenn's parent continent, however, due to heavy Pokemon Ranger influence, Egaia's colonization has halted. Only after the Scientific Ranger's Treaty was signed would Egaia be allowed a small alcove on the continent where many Pokemon Rangers and Scientists live to study Pokemon and create technologies to better improve the relationships between Humans and Pokemon.


Dec 19, 2018
I'll add some cleaner formatting and such later on to make it easier on the eyes. For now, this is a pretty good start. I'll update the first Post as new information is entered in and also post the new information as replies to both keep this bumped and keep you up-to-date :)

Again, if anyone would like to add to or interact don't be shy. There is only but so much my mortal brain can come up with on its own. Mainly, names of towns, cities and badges would be awesome if you guys wanted to help out :D
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