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Fx Male Story based plays & Fandoms[nsfw]


Sep 17, 2018
Hello there!

Thank you for checking out my little corner of bluemoon.
if you open with "hey wanna do X?" Or "want to rp?" I simply won't reply
  • Only play by PM
  • I havd no limits - but will abide yours
  • I will allways have one female character but i am not against doubeling as a trap
  • Friendly chitchat is encouraged.
  • Plot based stories
  • Multiple character plays
  • I have a prefrence for dark / scary settings
  • I like playing varied characters like mom / dau, dislike playing twins
  • I consider myself semi-literate

I prefer story oriented plays, this does not mean i do not like smut, but i am not looking for a smut fiesta.

My current craving:

I would like to explore a play where i get to be a court sorceress, this could be fandom based or in an original setting.

I would like to include some form of political intrique or nations at war

You could be the young prince coming off age, a magical colleague, the king, a council member with ambition hopeing to sway me to your side, or perhaps the kingdom's top knight who is skeptical of magic users. Or oerhaps something of your own creation.

Potential faceclaims i would like to use:
1, 2, 3


I would love to play with a Dystopian setting, something inspired by the last of us or a similar setting.

The main thing i want to explore is a pair or group of scavengers and their adventures, and the relationship being build upon being dependant one one another.

Other themes that would be fun to explore is 'innocense' in a scary and hostile world.


Fandom list i am looking to explore:

Final fantasy 7 remake
Breath of the wild (i'm picky here)

My pokemon interrest is currently rather low, but i could be swayed for more unique ideas.

The pokemon fandom is vast and allows for a lot of creativity, if you have ideas i'd love to hear them but here is a few of my own:

1) the classic idea.
Required kink : romance

I think the most common idea for pokemon play is playing out a pair of trainers on their journey. There are numerous ways to take this, are we traveling in a group? Just the two of us? Do both trainers have the same goal.
This is pretty open ended so hoping it sparks discussions ^.^

2) Love triangle
Pairing : M x M x F
Required kinks : pending

So the idea of a group of trainers with multiple pairings taking place is quite appealing to me, ideally i like this idea with an M x F pairing with a friend interrested in M x M. Which ofcourse can lead to threesomes and the like,i could imagine this leading to some drama aswell for those who enjoy stories that tug on heartstrings.

3) Team rocket / Rival pairing
Required kink : non-con

4) Wierd circumstances
Required kink : sloppy seconds.

This idea revolves around a pair of trainers meeting under unusual circumstances. Yhe idea i have in mind is a female trainer has been raped by a hypno and just left on the wayside of the road, she's left cumcovered and completly out of it and the plot starts with your rraction.
Do you you take this chance to lose your virginity? If so what happens if she wakes up in the middle of it? And if she doesn't do you feel guilty or lucky.
Do you nurse her back and ask what happend?
There is a lot of options.
A thing that is paramount to this is the idea of a more innocent boy and not just a sex god character.

Idea coming soon

Inspirational pictures:
This is going to get wierd
Potential characters : 1 2 3 4 5
I allways feel so sore after meeting a hypno.. i don't know why
Spoooky costume
Is this nescesary proffesor
Loseing is rough
Wouldn't mind walking in on this (MxM warning)

Other fandoms

Fandom inspiration: Naruto/boruto

The thing that interreats me about the world of naruto is the idea of the hidden villages, i would like to explore the lives of characters that lives in a world at war and those acting as mercenaries.

As the title suggestes this includes 'Kunoichi training'. I don't see 'seduction missions' to be a pretty common thing, and well girls could use some training in this regard, but the same process could be applied to men. Overall this is pretty open ended, so i'm excited to brainstorm

Space colonies
Fandom inspiration: knights of sidonia, and plenty others

I would like to explore a story based on humanity abandon ing earth and traveling throughout space on various large colonies, i don't have any specific pairings in mind for this.

It could include such themes as : humanities enemies / survival, infighting amongst the colonies, or general exploration of planets.

Metal gear solid:

So this one is a bit odd and very open ended, but i am quite curious about a potentail play in this setting, it should be noted i am not particular strong in this fandom

But some thoughts i have on the matter is the military setting, i am quite a fan of Quiet and i do find the military setting to be quite intriquing.
Bonus points: since military settings are often male dominated i think adding extra characters with some boys love to be a nice addition, but hey not a must ^.^

I would love to do something based of gantz, it could bd creating an entirely new group of participants. It is a sci-fi setting that has a lot of obscure pontential for messed up stuff. I'll leave a doujin here for those who are curious.
Warning very dark

Inspirational gifs:
A character i would like to play
Monster rape
Being a dogs plaything (beastiality warning)
Monster deepthroat
Being caught has consequences
I wouldn't mind a Futa friend
Bad ending

Fandom gifs:
Tifa x Cloud

Quite the naughty doujin
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