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Stories from the Grimoire

Aug 4, 2016

'There was a place nestled away within that magic book,
for poetry and prose, available for those who wished to look,
short stories, and roleplay starters, gathered together to puruse,
some spur of the moment, others made with time and a muse,
so don't turn pages expecting all to be quality of a high degree,
some may surprise, but remember, all were written by silly little me.'


⌘ Table of Contents ⌘

I. A Game of Switches (Medium; F/f, bondage, slice of life, short story).
II. This Grove has a Price (Medium; F/f, monster girl, dubcon, short story)

⌘ Legend / Story Codes ⌘
(Just a cursory guess at what might come up; more will probably be added.)
(If you enjoy my writing, feel free to message/leave a profile comment.)​

Characters / Pairings
X/y ==[X-gendered dominant to y-gendered submissive (eg M/f, F/f).]
XY ==[X/Y-gendered characters involved (eg MF, MMF, MFF).]
Group ==[Group of people involved in smut.]
Les ==[Females-only involved in smut.]
Solo-X ==[Contains a single X-gendered character.]

creatures ==[Smut involves a fantasy creature/monster of some description.]
monster girl ==[Smut specificallly involves a monster of the female persuasion.]

Length / Genres / Setting
Short ==[Less than 1000 words long.]
Medium ==[Between 1000 and 3000 words long.]
Long ==[Greater than 3000 words long.]

Fantasy ==[Set in a medieval fantasy setting, or has fantasy elements.]
Modern ==[Set in a modern setting, typically without anything fantastical.]
Scifi ==[Set in a science fiction or far future setting.]

Short story ==[Content is a short story with a beginning, middle, and end.]
Prompt ==[Written as an RP prompt but considered good enough to stand alone.]
Share ==[Snippets/stories of an RP shared with permission only.]

Slice of life ==[Snippet in the life of two characters, usually present-day setting.]
Horror ==[Attempted erotic horror lean, may have darker kinks.]
Nonsexual ==[There is absolutely no smut involved here.]
Lighthearted ==[Story has a playful/lighthearted lean.]
Dark ==[Story leans more on the darker/grimdark side of the spectrum.]

Xpov ==[Written from X-gendered character's point of view.]

Fetishes / Kinks / Etc.
bdsm ==[Has a focus on B, D/s, S/m themes.]
bondage ==[Contains bondage-focused or heavy scenes.]
breathplay ==[Restrictions/control of breath.]
costumes ==[Play focuses on cosplay/costume play.]
dubcon ==[Consent is uncertain/unknown; gray area between con and noncon.]
noncon ==[Warning of nonconsensual interactions between characters in story.]
oral ==[Oral interactions are a large/heavy element of the story.]
restraints ==[As bondage, but using nonstandard or unexpected restraints (e.g. roots, hair).]
teasing ==[Teasing plays a large/heavy element to the story.]
tentacles ==[Involves heavy use of tentacles; fleshy, mechanical or otherwise.]

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Words: #; tags
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\ ⌘[/FONT][/CENTER]
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Aug 4, 2016

⌘ \_______________________________________________________
A Game of Switches
Words: 1662; F/f, les, bondage, teasing, lighthearted, slice of life, modern, short story
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\ ⌘
"Please, please let me have it... please! It's been so long since I've gotten my treat... " Lilly begged softly as her green eyes stared on longingly toward the glistening folds of Emma, who sat on a wheeled office chair not more than an arm's length from her face. Leaned forward, and straining against her restraints, the begging woman had been there for a good fifteen minutes now. Her arms were sheathed in a sleeve, a black armbinder, and a chain connected her wrists to a hook on the underside of the desk while a pair of leather straps kept her legs pinned shin-to-thigh, and thus, her on her knees. Once Em had finished restraining her, the other woman had simply plopped down on the chair and let her momentum carry her a short distance away.

That was where Emma had sat, in silence, the whole time. Just listening to Lilly beg, watching her struggle, and squirm, all the while just sipping on a glass of water. Without a stitch of clothing covering Emma's bare, tanned skin, and with her legs spread wide in that taunting pose, little was left to the imagination. Dark hair, done in a bun, was a stark contrast to the messier, light-coloured hair of poor Lilly, whose struggling had left those long locks spilled down all over her shoulders and down her front.

Unlike Emma, though, Lilly wore a kind of latex one-piece. It stretched from her neck, and down between her legs, but left her paler shoulders, arms, and legs bared. Although not too much a fan of latex on herself, Emma just loved the way it looked on others, and with the deal the two had in place it wasn't like the harder access to Lilly's more sensitive bits was necessary. Poor Lilly wasn't going to cum anytime soon, but Emma? Emma was still trying to decide: to give Lilly her treat, to get that nice climax even if it meant giving up control. It was kind of nice not having to endure relentless teasing.

"Don't use the word please," Emma said, finally, breaking her silence.

"I--... y-yes ma'am. Would you pl-... " Lilly started, her face scrunching up as she averted her gaze from between Emma's legs and upward the other woman's face. "I beg you, let me have my treat... you've been teasing me with it for a week... and it's... it's been... ah... " Softly panting, Lilly interrupted herself for a second to think. "A month... more than a month, since you let me. Please-!"

"I said don't say please," Emma interrupted, "Now you can't use the words beg, or treat, either."

Lilly leaned her head back and groaned, then gave a few fervent tugs on armbinder's chain. If she had one obsession, one weakness--it was getting her face between someone's legs. Man, woman, it didn't matter, it was so satisfying to hear someone moan, and feel them squirm using only her lips and tongue. Plus, she genuinely enjoyed the taste. That made this all the more cruel! Cruel, and awful torture!

"You're awwwful!" Lilly whined out, then slumped with her head low. A heavy breath, a moment to think, and she raised her gaze back up. "I... I, strongly, desperately... wish to get between your legs, to lick, and taste, and hear you moan, and, I just... agh... !" There wasn't even a thought given to the fact that she'd be the one in control after--to say her thoughts were a little clouded at the moment would be an understatement.

Emma licked her lips, and finished off her glass. Slowly, she scooted the chair closer, which caused Lilly's eyes to light up. Immediately, the light-haired woman's tongue was out passed her lips, lapping at the air in anticipation, however, Emma only brought the chair close enough for Lilly's chin to rest on the edge. After, she set the glass down, and settled back, leaving poor Lilly an inch or two short of the thing she'd been begging for.

"Emmmmm!" Lilly whined out again, as she bounced herself up and down in place trying to scoot that little extra space forward. Huffing as she got no closer to her goal, the poor girl's shoulders bore the brunt of the strain as she tried to lean forward as much as she could, to the point the chain pinning her to the desk was pulled taut and the wood groaned in its own protest.

Without warning, Emma scooted just a little closer. Both her hands snapped down to grab Lilly's hair. No further prompting was necessary--several shorted breaths escaped the dark-haired woman's throat after as her little submissive wasted no time in getting to work. That desperation which had been built up in her left Lilly's initial efforts coming out as a frenzy, indulging herself like someone who'd not had a drink of water in a week and was just given a pitcher.

'Four... five... six... ' Emma counted in her mind, and the moment she got to ten she wheeled herself back. Just out of reach again, drawing another delightful whine from the woman on her knees. Who, as she looked up, received a light, playful slap to the cheek ahead of Emma grabbing her chin. "No," she said, sternly, "This is for me--not you. You're not a ravenous dog with a bone. You're my toy, and you haven't forgotten how I like it, have you?"

Lilly answered with a few heavy pants, and then a little nod. "Yes ma'am... nice and slow."

"Gooood girl," Emma said, her tone low, the words rolling off her tongue.

Shivering, Lilly kept her tongue behind her lips for the moment. With pleading eyes she stared up at Emma, but said nothing, did nothing. Her patience, and obedience was rewarded with Emma rolling herself forward again and back into reach. Despite the overwhelming urge, with a little whimper, Lilly bit her tongue and asked: "May I taste, ma'am?"

Softly, Emma stroked the other woman's hair. "Mhm," she agreed, and then, exhaled a slow, content breath as Lilly got to work. That tongue was quite practiced, and oh-so hard to resist once it got going. Falling back into her leather chair, Emma's hands settled amidst Lilly's hair, while her eyes fluttered closed. It always started with fluttering kisses, and teasing little licks; the kind that made her arousal grow with each passing second.

Emma's breaths were measured and slow. Each exhale came with a little moan, noises Lilly listened closely for. A whimpering little moan told her to pick up her pace, but more measured, softer ones told her to keep on as she was doing--which for the moment was gently circling Emma's clit with her tongue, with the occasional pause for a kiss. She kept her eyes turned up on her lover's face, trying her best to ignore her own growing desire and need.

It wasn't long before Emma's hips were shifting, and rolling, grinding herself against Lilly's face. The hands she had buried in Lilly's hair tightened their grip. Toes curling and dragging across the floor back toward her. Emily's moans grew louder. Her breath quickened. Face and body flushed. Rapidly approaching that edge.

Lilly sensed this too. Her eyes closed. Tongue eagerly working away as she nuzzled in firmly to rub against Emma's clit. On the peak of a rush of pleasure of her own, that high of having done a good job coupled with that euphoric rush her more empathetic nature gave her. Just... a little... m-!

Suddenly, Emma's hands left Lilly's hair and thudded into the desk. The wheels of the chair screeched as they more slid than rolled back, and the woman doubled over while she let out a panting little whimper once she was free of the bound woman's tongue. Just in the nick of time from rolling over into a climax. Lilly answered with a loud whimpering-whine of her own at how she was denied too, body rocking back and forth as she tried to reach and finish what she'd started--Emma had gone back way too far for her though.

Face dripping with Emma's juices, Lilly quickly gave up the fight and slumped back to lick her lips clean the best she could. She had the biggest pout she could muster across her face as she watched Emma recovering from that edge, knowing it was likely more the way she denied herself taking it out of her after so long over the edge itself. A minute or two passed, and Emma sat herself back up into her chair, and stared down at Lilly with her head slightly tilted.

"Let's... play a... game," Emma said through a few heavy breaths, causing Lilly's pout to fade some and her to perk up a little. "Mmm... hold on... " Kicking her heels into the floor, the dark-haired woman wheeled herself back across the room and over to the coffee table where both their phones were resting. Snatching up hers, she flicked over to her browser as she rolled herself back over.

"Here we go. You scoot back under that desk and be good, and every twenty minutes or so--" Emma showed Lilly the screen, where there was a six-sided dice on the screen with a big green button that read 'Roll,' "I'll let you roll. Four or higher, I'll let you have another taste. And no, I won't just let you have your treat. You'll have to work for it. Make me want to not pull away. Let's see what gives in first: my willpower, or your tongue."

Emma offered her phone. Lilly's eyes flicked between the screen, and Emma.

"If you want your treat, you'll have to wrestle it, and control, from me. What do you say? Seal the game with the first roll?"

Lilly didn't hesitate. She immediately leaned forward and poked the roll button on the screen with her nose, eyes widening as she watched with baited breath as the digital die rolled against the screen.​
Aug 4, 2016

⌘ \_______________________________________________________
This Grove has a Price
Words: 1558; F/f, les, monster girl, oral, restraints, dubcon, fantasy, short story
‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾\ ⌘
Her breath was quick. Heart pounding in her chest. Twigs snapped under her boots as she ran. Shrubs and small bushes scraped her lower legs. Each awkward dip in the soil made her stumble, but never fall. Amelia had been going for what felt like hours, but truly had only been a few minutes. Finally, just as two large bushes gave way to a small clearing, she skidded to a stop. Doubling over, hands on her knees, she panted, trying to catch her breath. Long, brown hair fell down around her face, and her green eyes stared at the toes of her leather boots.

Then, she grinned, and shifted from side to side as she tugged and wiggled her bare feet from each boot. Stretching up, one arm above her head while the other grabbed its elbow, she peered around the small clearing. The pond--her pond--was just as she'd left it, the shores lined with that same abundance of flowers just like she remembered. A canopy shaded the area; the leaves of an old, thick knotted oak tree, which grew right against the shore. Arching her back slightly, Amelia let out a soft groan before she grabbed her dress, tugged it up over her head, and stuffed it into the pack she'd brought.

Bare now, from head to toe, the tan-skinned woman shrugged off her pack and other gear then stepped into the pond's crystal clear waters. Just like when she had discovered the little grove at the end of the fall before winter set in, it felt heavenly against her skin. Warm, tingly, even magical, like the grove itself. The flowers left a pleasant scent in the air, and tall bushes made it rather secluded even from the animals she could hear skittering around. A perfect place for a little refreshing dip, as she'd learned when she traveled through months ago and was in desperate need of a wash. It was a shame the pond had been frozen over all winter.

Passed her knees, up her thighs, up to her waist, each step brought her deeper--she wasn't sure how deep it got. By the time she had walked a quarter of the way through it, last time she'd been here, it had been up to her neck, but this time she settled for pausing with it only waist high to crouch down. She sighed softly as everything below her neck was submerged, and relaxed, once more enjoying the soothing feeling of the water. There was something special about this place, and she couldn't wait to get back once the winter had gone and she'd the chance.

If she had but waited a moment, she might not have wanted to disrobe. Suddenly, she had that feeling of being watched come over her. A feeling she was familiar with, and made her wish she had her sword by her side. Both of her arms moved to cover her chest, and she quickly stood up, leaving water cascading down her body and dripping back into the pool. She turned, slowly, keen eyes peeled for the slightest movement as she debated making a move for her things--they weren't too far away. Before she could decide, though, she found herself staring at something which hadn't been there on the first pass of her gaze, but was now. Something she wasn't sure if she should call a person, a woman, or a beast.

The upper half of a woman protruded from the old oak, as if her lower half had been absorbed by it. Her skin was a lighter brown, matching the tree, and looked so alive and vibrant at the same time, almost glowing. Her skin was a strange meld of flesh and bark, while her hair was a long, flowing brown with bits of foliage dotted in here and there. Amelia's green eyes locked with the unnatural emerald of the creature as the women stared at each other a moment, then the instincts of her warrior side when faced with some kind of creature kicked in and Amelia turned on her heel.

Deep enough in the water that the first few steps were hard and slow, she dashed, fast as she could, back to the pond's shore. Stumbling on the uneven ground beneath the water, which ended up making her take a tumble as she reached the edge. Scrambling forward on her hands and knees, she snagged her sheathed blade, and jumped back to her feet. Sching! The blade came from the scabbard in the blink of an eye, Amelia spun back toward the creature and froze.

She, or it, was gone.

Amelia took a step back, then another. Monsters in the woods were nothing new to her, though fighting with nary a stitch of clothing... well, that was new. She turned in place, on guard, keeping an eye out, as well as an ear. It was still there, she could feel the eyes on her still, but where? Where was--!

The thought was interrupted as her blade-hand was grabbed. Startled, Amelia tried to raise her sword as her other hand came around with the scabbard--yet was caught mid-strike. Struggling with the creature, it circled her, and forced her to turn with it. The warrior couldn't help but to note it now had legs, rather than its lower half being a tree, and it was as bare as she was. Twisting her hand left and right, Amelia tried to wrench her blade free of the creature's grasp until it sharply shoved her backward, while releasing her.

Grunting as her back hit the tree, the brunette grinned and brought her weapon to bare. "Big mistake!" However, before she could press her attack, her attacker turned, darted off to the side, and right into a tree. For a few moments, Amelia could only stare, and blink, mouth hung slightly open. That hesitation cost her--a pair of arms suddenly came out from the tree behind her and grabbed around her body. Gasping, she cried out a sharp: "What!? No!" Those arms shot up her body, coming from under Amelia's arms, grasping them, and forcing Amelia's arms above her head where little vines sprouted right out of the bark of the tree. They wound around, and between, the brunette's limbs, in a matter of seconds binding both of her hands to the tree itself, pinned above her head.

Amelia hissed, and struggled, while the creature stepped from the very same tree she was pinned to. It strolled around in front of her, and giggled. Narrowing her eyes, the warrior glared at it, while in the back of her mind, thinking--this was it. She was done for. Bested by some monster in the middle of the woods. Naked, too, she couldn't even have the dignity of dying with her clothes on.

"Why are you in my grove?" the forest woman asked, leaving Amelia once more just staring, and blinking.

"Y-you can speak!? Why did you attack me!?" She practically snarled the words.

"You were bathing in my pond. I didn't give you permission for that," it answered, with a little shrug. The words 'needing permission' made Amelia twitch. "I don't need your permission!"

"Mmmhm, you do!" The creature's voice had a slightly playful tone to it, as if this was a game, or highly amusing. "Now you have to pay the price." Those words made Amelia shudder, and grit her teeth. Yes, just like she'd thought, this was it. She was a goner. She gave her arms one last, final tug, but finding them still completely trapped, she growled out a little: "... Fine, just get it over with and make it quick..."

Beaming at that answer, the lady of the woods stepped in close. Amelia closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew the other woman's face was buried between her legs, and a pair of hands were on her thighs keeping her legs apart. Amelia shuddered, and gasped, eyes popping back open to peer wide-eyed down at the creature on its knees. "Wh-what--what are you doing!? Get--get away from there!" Both her blade, and the scabbard, fell from her grasp and into the dirt around the tree's base. She squirmed, and wiggled, hips trying to help her pull away, legs trying to close, and her arms returning to trying to get free.

Emerald eyes peered back up her body at her, a mischievous look to them as the creature neither moved away, nor stopped. Amelia felt her folds parted by a soft tongue as it delved, and wriggled into her, forcing a slight moan along with a faint, gasped: "N-no... ! Don't do that... ! St-stop... !" It was just like the pond, though. It felt absolutely amazing and despite her words, her hips were already starting to rock. Each exhale came with a little whimpered moan, disbelief and humiliation twisting together with arousal, and desire, in a set of emotions Amelia's mind could barely process with that tongue working between her legs.

"But-" the lady of the woods said as she paused, "--a moment ago you said to get it over with! So I will! But, I am not going to make it quick!" Those words were followed by a muffled giggle as she dived back in, Amela's own objections catching in her throat in favour of another moan, one that was drawn out, louder... and needy.​
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