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Two Ideas


Aug 3, 2015
Details: Looking for literate, para+ orientated players. People who can commit and will not poof on the group. 1 - 3 posts per week, more if possible and based on scene/partners etc.

Players: I am looking for an equal number of Female + Male Characters. Since I will be playing a MALE, that means I am looking for: 2 Male Characters, 3 Female Characters. Initially, all players will only be allocated 1 Character. If we're having trouble filling the other roles, then I will open it up to more.

Ideas: I am posting two VERY DIFFERENT ideas here. If you're interested in either, please label your POST in regards to which one you're responding to! Better yet, put your response in a SPOILER TAG so its easy for others to skip to the info on the idea they are interested in! And if you're interested in both ideas, even better!

For this idea, I am looking for 3 Young Couples (18+) who go on a vacation together. It could be to some beach resort, or a cabin in the woods. Maybe a ski-resort.

Either way, sexual tension exists between them all. Alcohol comes into play one night and maybe things get a little out of hand, a blowjob competition that results in a partner swap....which leads perhaps to some jealously and lust. As things progress, partners are swapped, people try things they've never done before, and the couples relationships will never be the same as they were before.

Idea 2 is a Family Incest pairing, with a twist.

The Smith (name subject to change) Family has been off the grid for the past month, going on an epic camping trip away from civilization. They return home late one night, driving through the darkness. The power is out once they get home but they're too tired to worry until the morning.

In the morning, they discover that while they were away, the World has ended. (Details on all of this will be explained later). They're going to have to stick together to survive and it only brings them closer, right into each others arms. The family that sleeps together, stays together....right?

Father - LRDGRat - 44
MOTHER - This Role needs to be filled first before I accept other roles, as its always the hardest to fill.
Oldest Son - 18
Oldest Daughter - 17
Twin 1 - Male - 16
Twin 2 - Female - 16

If interested in either idea, please respond with a Spoiler for the idea, the role you're willing to play and a brief blurb on the character you envision!
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