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Golden Coast Academy (A MHA system roleplay)

Nov 4, 2011
My Hero Academia

Welcome to the recruitment thread for a Discord based roleplaying group based in the MHA universe! This school is American based, located in sunny California, nestled into the Golden Coast! Located right outside Venice Beach, children with superpowers or "quirks" are taken in to the prestigious private school and trained to some day take up the mantle of Pro Hero! We are looking for people who want to become a part of a new, budding community! Be a teacher, a student, a pro hero or even a villain! The sky is the limit!

Some stuff you should know
We are trying to be inclusive, but we are also cultivating a sense of security and safety inside our community of roleplayers. There is a waiting period for more then one character, but if you are active and play well with others then you will get more. We also use a basic system to track stats, and a rudimentary leveling system run by the admins, who are the general gamemasters. We are striving to create something that people can enjoy, and get invested into. If a roleplay based around anime is cool for you, and if you like to talk to people about anime and other generally nerdy things, then this is the place for you. We are not unreasonable, and the admins will all be open to hearing your issues and helping to set them straight. We all want to have fun with this, so lets have some fun with this yeah? do you get in?
Well its simple really. Just message me on Discord Tiametdragonborn#9861, or message DA, at darkangel76#8091 to get an invite. Check us out and see how we fit!​
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