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The Sweet Science - Archfiend & Nightsorceress


Feb 18, 2019

This was a virtue that had allowed Dr. Eric Williams to thrive, even during his youth when his incredible intellect had made him the target of much disdain on the part of his peers. It had never been a source of discontent for him though, he rarely saw other people as obstacles, rather he say them as stepping stones with which to maneuver along his path to greatness. It was this cold and efficient mentality that had allowed him to graduate at such a young age, and it was that same intrinsic focus that saw him working long hours as he formulated his research and became known for being one of the worlds leading experts on gene experimentation and manipulation. Yet, here he was seated in his immaculately organized mansion, sipping a glass of scotch in an attempt to calm his nerves. It wasn't that he was anxious, rather for the first time in ages he felt a genuine excitement. He had been waiting for her to arrive, the young girl from his class that had sparked his interest with her curious genetic make-up and beautiful physical expressions; she had been invading his thoughts for weeks and he had properly bid his time until he could get her alone.

Lillian Hart oozed with a innocence that bordered on naive, and that quality made her all the more attractive to a man like Eric, a man that defined himself by his cold intellect, yet found himself unable to resist the allure of her warm qualities. She was the perfect subject, and regardless of what it might take he fully intended to use her in every way possible until she was panting and drooling like an animal in heat and aglow with the vitality of pregnancy. His large hand gripped the arm of his chair, knuckles turning white with the force as he smirked knowingly and swirled the glass of scotch around in his free hand. The man had a few monstrous qualities, that much was clear, but it was also apart of his enigmatic charm.

The house was relatively quiet, only a handful of lights had been left on so that the general air was one of relaxation, but that was also because he preferred the silence when his mind was at work, and in this moment the cogs turned violently as he played over all the possible outcomes and implications his future actions might create. It also made it that much easier to hear her ring the doorbell upon arrival, something that sometimes escaped him when he was on the furthest end of the house and engrossed in music or other things. The ding dong of that bell permeated the silence, and Eric rose with slow purpose and smiled in his wicked way. He downed the glass of scotch before pouring a second from the decanter and then slowly sauntered his way into the main foyer so he could greet his guest. It had been rather easy to convince her of the mutual benefit they would share should she agree to assist in his research, the poor thing had no idea what was in store, but he longed to get his thick hands on her lithe young body and show her just how much pleasurable abuse she could really take..

"Good evening, Lillian." his voice was deep and gravelly, which suited him considering his imposing stature at six feet and five inches. Eric had devoted much of his spare time to ensuring that his body was as powerful as his mind was sharp, and it showed in the way that his clothing clung to each defined muscle and how his black dress pants bulged suggestively, leaving very little to the imagination. It was frequently something that produced giggles and whispers among his students, but never once did he allow that kind of attention to draw a reaction from him. It was best not to let his students have even an ounce of power over him.

He stepped aside and gestured with his empty hand for her to step inside. "You can leave your jacket here if you please, we will be conducting most of our work in my study this evening.." at least to begin with. He towered over her petite frame, but the disparity in their size only furthered his animal attraction to her and fueled the desire coursing through his veins. "I would offer you a drink, but you're not quite of age.." he stated a simple fact, but it was clear from his tone that he wouldn't stop her from helping herself as he gestured to the cocktail cart that sat beside the couch in his richly decorated study. It was warm with earthy tones and the crackle of a small fire going in the hearth, his desk was mahogany and meticulously organized.

"Are you curious about what kind of work we're going to be doing?" he asked casually, though his knowing smirk was a tad telltale if she had only known what kind of devious beast he could be. That smirk seemed to create a glint of something mischievous and carnal within his emerald eyes, which only stood out more from his dark features, brown hair and the thin scruff of a beard upon his handsome face. He placed his large hand on her small shoulder as he neared her from behind, and with ease he turned her to meet his gaze so that he could peer deeply into her soul, as if probing every aspect of her being with his perceptive eyes.

"I hope you can endure, I can be very... demanding.." he smiled.
Jan 9, 2009
New York
Lillian started the school year with great drive. High school was easy for her, so was her freshmen year in college however sophomore year proved to be a little challenge for her. Dr Williams class seemed to challenge her to no end. She had to study twice as hard for his class. She still made top grades but it was hard. That was why when he offer came along she almost had no choice but to take it.

She thought about the idea of moving out of her dorm for the year and helping him with his research. With the promise of getting added to his paper once the experiment was completed. She didn’t even really ask many questions she accept with out any idea how her life was going to change.

She packed up her things and took a cab to the address he had given. She looked at the large home from the window of the cab before getting out and getting her two modest bags from the truck. She was a very modest girl. Not even taking note at how guys looked over her body. It was amazing naive she was. She drew a breath and rang the door surprised how quickly he answered given the size of his home. “Hello Dr Williams, please call me Lily” she said warmly as she stepped inside.

Her eyes looked around now. “Your home is lovely” her voice held that sweet innocent that many girls tried to fake but her tone was true. “Oh um I dont drink so dont worry, I do have a silly Coke-a-Cola habit though” she laughed a little trying to break the ice. But then she felt his hand on her shoulder and she was now looking up at him. “I am sure I can handle it” she said so softly
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