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Queen of Obscure Pairings
Apr 29, 2012
I'm looking of detailed, long term plot line, involving characters in the “Big Mouth” universe.
As in from the Netflick Series. And no BM staff it will not involve the children cast, don’t worry about that. ( though they will be present as they are the main cast)

Am seeking someone to play as Shame Wiz for me(as well as multiple characters since this will be one on one. I will do the same)
along said my OC Thee Addiction Sorceress. You can find her Bio below.

{My Guidelines}
•I’m seeking expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ‘ Hard Core Roleplayeing action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I.
Who loves to escape reality, by entering their our own words.
Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandoms.

•Seeing as I do ‘ One on One ‘ roleplays It goes without saying,
that we both will have to play multiple characters.
(but am open to group roleplays too)

•I only do long terms. I’m in this for the long run,
while seeking long-lasting friendships.

•No one-liners. A love detailed paragraphs.
And if you’re on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it,
when my partner ends up writing a “novel” gives me more to work with.

•I’m not a Grammar Nazi.
I merely require your writing to be readable.
Clear and understandable.


IMAGE REFS OF TAS Uploads 4524

[Title/Job Profession]
Thee Addiction Sorceress

[Full name]
Her real name is unknown. Since she was abandoned, at a foundlings home (only a couple months old) She has chosen to go by the abbreviation of her Profession “TAS” Finally giving her self her own name.

Amityville Horror/Tim Burton reject (Slurs by Connie)

Poltergeist /Phantom
She is also a personification of Pyromania. But sadly, being born as a ‘deadly personification’ is a blood curse past through monster families.

She still caught in human years, then monster years. 19 going on 20, but she doesn’t act her physical age.
She’s has a precocious nature. She mentally thinks/acts like a thirty years old. Though still being a late-teen/young adult, she does have her moments, where she does indeed act her age.


5’6’’ in shoes

[Place of Birth]
Somewhere in the Monster Dimension. But if you want to get technical, she was born in their version of England/Wales.

[Lives in]
The main city of the Monster Dimension

Since she is a Poltergeist, and the root-word does link back to German. So she is of Germanic roots. Or the Monster Race’s version of Germanic roots

Given her Profession, she knows them all. Though admittedly some may be difficult, then others.

And as her name implies, she is THEE! addiction monster. She comes to all ages, once puberty hits.

Think of her like demonic possession, hence her Poltergeist nature. She manifests when the addiction gets stronger.

But she handles all addictions! No matter how benign, or dangerous they are.


Tas’ life started in a foundlingS home ( and she likes to joke, she was born out of thin air, she had no parents. Though nowadays does question, ‘ Maybe I was right, after all?’) In these days she had not a name, but just a number. This wasn’t the best of foundlings home either. Not because there was neglect or abuse, the staff didn’t want to get attached. They choose to be professionally indifferent. Hench having numbers replace names, believing naming would cause attachment problems. Now let us fast forward to her early adolescence, as her infant/toddlers years are of no real great importance.

Her adolescence years were far more competitive, as schooling and business opportunities would be offered to the foundlings. Foundlings who past would be great the position of imaginary friend, and from there, could leave the home and go live with their selected human. That was when Tas’ darker side start to take root. As people know there only two main core emotions, fear, and love. And she feared she would lose. So to lessen the competition she started to turn foundling against foundling, to have infighting. Then seek a way to work on her studies, and graduated top of her class, as all others were far too busy fighting. Choosing not to work together as a classroom stood. All part of her plan to look better in compression. She felt no guilt for her actions, she wanted out of this shit hole! Only at 6, she saw a bigger picture.

And frankly cared not for her classmates, she was what you called a social loner if that could even be coined a real term. She didn’t really wish to insert herself to a group, but if asked, she was more then happy to Tagalog, or interject some witty conversion. She wanted others to make the move, actions spoke louder than words. But this wasn’t always the case, she learned the hard way. She tried to make friends, but she always came off a bit ‘touched’ to them. And only called upon her when they wanted some entertainment. She was not here for their amusement, so she was ‘screw them!’ what soon created her now ‘ social loner’ behavior. She came around now when she wanted too, for her own amusement. To twist and mess with their emotions of her own enjoyment.

...What said early about her it didn’t take long for her human to reject her. She started to give her additive personal traits and was far too clingy to her. Wanting her around all he time, not letting her go off and be alone with her family. Doing things that cause her human to get blamed, with her human saying“sparkles did that, not me” (Tas’ name at the time don’t ask)

The final straw that broke the camel’s back was when Tas give her human pyromaniac trendies. It was all fun and games until she demands her human to burn down her house. When her parents refused her human(who was now 8, Tas had him with her 4 years. Making Tas one year older) her wish to get newest and fancy game system that was on the market. Waiting for them to fall asleep, then dragged her out, spun her around to face the house from the driveway.

Then pointed an index finger towards the house, demanding that she “BURN IT DOWN!”Then slowly her image started to change before the girl’s eyes. Her icy blue eye begun to glow an eerie glow, and talons formed from were normal fingernails once where. The human didn’t like what she saw, stepping away slowly. That was when her human denounced her. Stunning Tas, her friend denying her very being. Tas then offered the girl grin. A very wicked grin. Snapping her fingers she formed aflame in her hand, then send that fireball flying into the house. Tas too looked stunned at what she did, all. “Wait...I..did...this?” Then started laughed, loving this new form of power and freedom.

Naturally, this got her now x-client toss in a mental ward, since adults would never believe it was Her imaginary friend that started the fire. Where Tas herself was tossed in monster’s world version of Juvie.

Tas was in lockup, till she was 13. During her stay, they realized she was one of those unlike ones, a creature born to be a personification. It seems she represented of Addiction, and her subcategory was pyromania. They worked hard to get her back to the stable mental state, but it seems Tas was always going to be bit ‘funny.’

While in there she was tossed into another program, only this time it was trying to find jobs for deadly/wicked personifications. Naturally, Tas did the same there as she did back in a foundling home, on the sly. And managed to rise to new heights, and claimed Thee main face of Addictions.


Which brings us today...

And here was a bio I worte on how I see their ship
{ Shame POV }​
Given their jobs, a good % of their ' Clients' (children) do overlap.​
Since with Addiction, feelings of shame do follow behind.​
This isn't always the case for everyone, but mostly, yes.​
Wouldn't you agree?​
They look at each other as sparring partners.​
Always trying to outdo the other. (trying to outdo the other),​
till they burn one another,​
and watch the utterly strange organized chaos they have created.​
(of course, in the end, the children always suffer.​
As these two, have yet to find a balance.​
Not yet knowing they should work together, then against one another)​
But of course, when on the job they do fight a lot,​
but in a very professional manner.​
And surely shit must be said under their breath,​
in hopes the other will hear, to get a rise out of the other.​
And Shame is irked at how he has to deal with a ' child' too.​
(Though it seems a lot in the department over this, or trend to forget completely)​
But in they are still co-workers, she is his peer and equal (in a sense)​
Even if she is old enough to be his granddaughter!​
But Tas precocious nature does draw him in and intrigues him.​
And he has admitted to her, he enjoys her company greatly when sparring,​
or when they are being civil in the break room.​
She is a nice little distraction.​
And frankly, she offers more input and thought into​
things,then their other Co-Workers.​
And her being the first to genuinely enjoys talking to him,​
or giving him a few smirks/chuckles at his stories/jokes,​
may have explained why she has earned a special spot in his heart.​
Feeling he can call her, something close to a friend.​
And soon Tas becomes his own shame.​
Yes! Shame had ended up manifesting feelings for tas.​
Which makes him a GRADE-A-Hippocratic.​
Since she is old enough to be his granddaughter and that is pretty shameful.​
(it also seems Maury has become aware of his truth. And now chooses to torment him,​
just like how he has tormented Andrew and himself on many occasions)​
Shame Does indeed carry his own ' hellfire' of his woman.​
However, he keeps this hellfire of his, to himself.​
He is nothing like that one french archdeacon/judge.​
But still, such an eternal hellfire rages​
inside his very soul, whenever he sees this woman.​
Yet he continues to hide it well, and not letting it interfere with this work,​
though there have been times he has slipped.​
But he masterfully manages to talk Tas to another topic.​
Or by some odd chance, some outside interrupt happens, drawing their attention to that.​
{ TAS POV }​
When first coming to the department, she kept to herself.​
It was Shame who she met her last, when dealing with one of her clients,​
that just so happened was also his. They had heard about one​
another in passing, but their ideas of the other were completly off.​
He told her, he hadn't accept her to be so young.​
And she taking offense to that told him, she didn't accept him to be so old!​
He laughed it off. Calling her 'Plucky 'It became clear to them,​
they shared a huge portion of the same children.​
So they started off rockey.​
She loved playing the ' anything you can do, I can do better' game with him.​
And when Addction was higher on the charts, and Shame was dropping,​
she happily rubbed it into his face.​
Telling him he as been replace, she is regining supreme.​
(linking back to when he was ' feeling irksome' by her, having do​
deal with what he consired as an self-entitled child.​
Still baffled at how someone so young landed such a job.)​
It was only little bit later did Tas notice, how people talked about him,​
behind his back. Or how they treated him, out right.​
And secterly, she did hate it. As it remined of herself back in the foundling home.​
So she could realte. (Tas is not without a heart, but rarely does she use it.​
takes to much effort, on her part)​
She then decied to pull back a little, on her own fighting with him.​
But kept her facade of them being Frenemies,​
when around him, or when on the job with him.​
But like Shame, she too ' slipped' many times, and ended up letting him in.​
Even going as far as forgetting herself, at times.​
Like laughing at his joke, nor did she force it.​
They were real chuckles. Or when Tas was having an off day, and he offered her hand.​
A place to vent. And she took it. And realizing how many hours passed​
so fast, with them merely talking.​
Soon it become complaicted, as it seemed both of their​
higher-selfs knew they liked eachother. But their pride/egos refused to bend​
to the other's will. Even going as far as trying surpress their feelings,​
to themselfs, and to eachother.​
But even thru all this, they still managed to fuctional properly,​
when around eachother. But the tension​
( as well as sexual tension),is slowly buliding up.​

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