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Mx Female A cyberpunk 1on1

Apr 14, 2019
I'd like to do a Cyberpunk RP with you but first here's the plot.


Welcome to Willow Creek where the strange and crazy come to have fun. On this season you will see that the town is much more advanced with people having cybernetic implants, hover cycles, and cool looking guys and gals. The main characters will be dropped in this world and will have to be a punk and join the chaos or be civil and try to keep the peace but fuck that shit obviously your going to probably most likely go against the law and be a Cyber punk.


On the East side of town there are the Weeping Willows, there nothing but chicks who will basically seduce you, steal your shit , and maybe kill you while harvesting your organs, there vicious with knives and blunt weapons but there nothing but crazy people. They hate almost about everyone.

On the north side of town we have the Chipsters, they are the high tech class of technology and cybernetics, it's most of the people who worked for the company called Cyberware but were fired or let go, they are sometimes harmless just try not to start shit and these half human robots won't try to dismantle you and sell you to the black market. They dislike the Shooting stars.

In the south are the people of mostly style called the shooting stars which are basically people who love cloths, music, and experamenting with the screams of tortured people and try to make it into music but it dosen't work out to well. They dont like the Weeping Willows and chipsters much.

On the West side is the Rough riders which are people who race and try not to kill each other in there roller derby like arena. There all about family if your tough and earn your keep with some skills then you'll be in. There that biker who is rough on the outside but tries to protect there own and they try to just keep the peace with most of the people though they dont like the chipsters somewhat but it depends on how there feeling or the weeping willows but there fine with the shooting stars.

So that's about it. Now you can choose any faction you'd like, our characters can fall in love or not, you can even be a police officer if you'd like to just fight for justice. just know this world will be lively and filled with fun. So if your interested just Reply to this thread.
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