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Game of Thrones (Dark, fantasy, orgies, violence and intrigue)


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Apr 8, 2019
Hey, who all here would be interested in doing an open Game of Thrones thing? I have a story in mind, but a few of us should flesh it out more.

It's troubling tims in Westeros. The King is deep in debt to the Iron Bank, right in the midst of a costly and mysterious gold crisis, and the bank is calling to collect.

At the same time, noble family members are being assassinated on the streets, threatening civil war between houses.

Meanwhile, mysterious reports of shadowy creatures, demons perhaps, haunting the countryside reach King's Landing from every corner of the Seven Kingdoms. And in the Iron Islands, sedition and malcontent is brewing under the whispers of open rebellion.

It is a time of great trouble and strife, and the actions of the few and many will together decide the future of the ancient kingdom and its people.

I'm thinking it would be fun though. As dark, intrigue-y and sexy as the TV series, with the sexiness, decadence and dark, kinky orgies from the Roman Empire thrown in for fun.

I'd like it to take place independently timewise from the TV series, with original characters, but tell me what y'all think.

One idea I have for an event there is a big party at the castle in King's Landing, which turns into a full on orgy. I think that would be fun, personally. :O

Either way, I'd like this to be large scale, everyone doing their own side threads and such, like a living brrathing setting, but with a kind of smut covered intriguing main storyline.
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I added a solid description of the story I had in mind. But again, I want input and the personal touch on the story from my fellow roleplayers, so tell me what you think and hit me with your suggestions!
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