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The Legend of Zelda: 1940 (WIP)

Sep 28, 2016
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Hey world builders, this is a thread I decided to make around a concept I have role played twice before, a universe based on a world war 2 era Legend of Zelda thing. Mostly my ideas, though let’s be real and just say I’m taking things I like and mixing them together. This was posted to share a cool bit of my writing with you guys, and see if anyone has any ideas to improve it. Keeping things open to interpretation, in the event I can use this to create a roleplay.

Basic premise:

Hyrule has entered Into an era of uneasy peace. Society is ruled by three houses, one of power, the ruling family and military branch, wisdom, the house of political bureaucracy and technological innovation, and the house of courage, law enforcement and of course, Anti-Ganonic training and investigation. Hyrule town is now a massive city, characterized but the four districts, one for each house, and the slums or common district. With growing elitism and classism on the continent, Highborn Hylians look down upon the lesser people, and the lesser people try to join the upper ranks as best they can, or at least, not be unfavourably noticed by them.

In this case, the Ganon character is a young man that grew up in the slums, and is not inherently evil, due to not having “connected” with the dark forces of his blood line. Few know of the Gerudo being sexually uneven in birth rates, so he lives as other common district people do, finding work, helping the area stay trouble free, and heading to the local tavern to talk with “the boss”, an elderly but strong Goron that runs a popular tavern and often uses his muscles to keep the common district from fighting over scraps, and keeping the peace when the guards are too lazy or often caused the problem.

Let’s begin properly now, shall we?

Hyrule is, as a continent, rather open and large. Few major bodies of water aside from the famous lake Hylia, with the castletown of Hyrule dominating the center of the map, the northern death mountain home to mines and industry worked by the goron tribes, the western ocean domain of the Zora peoples, and the south a military occupied desert of the Gerudo people.

Central Hyrule


“People come from all over, to see the castle, work, and if you are lucky...catch a glimps of her majesty~!” -Tour brochure

The castletown of hyrule is the large urban centre of the capital, Hyrule city. Situated around Hyrule castle itself, people from all over come to do business, find work, or enlist in the armed forces via the power district. The city is separated into five parts, the castle, power district, wisdom district, courage district, and the common district/slums.

Castle district:

“The seat of power, where the useless king and his governors plan new ways to ruin our way of life...” -The boss

The castle of Hyrule is a sprawling fortress, sporting a grand total of no less then three armourd combat teams at every entrance, with railway access for use by royal guards and the royal family to use in their daily needs. The castle is staffed by over 4000 maids, cooks, and soldiers to keep it running. The triforce of power is kept here under strict watch, to keep the corruptive forces of Ganon from recovering it. The castle is an impenetrable fortress...unless you know the way in.

Residents of import:

The king of Hyrule: (need a better picture)
King Roland Dalphes Hyrule, aged 65, has ruled over the land for many years, and always once a far more fair and kind king. These days, he has delegated most of the law making to the elected governors of each house, leading to a complicity to their schemes. While he knows they are doing things that are wrong, he mostly feels that it is nessesary to control the potential return of Ganon, since it has been many years since his last reincarnation. Generally speaking, support for the king is fairly lowly regarded by the average citizen, but high among the wealthy and noble classes.
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