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  1. wolfsujiyama

    Galactic Battle Girls(OOC)(Looking for people)

    Story Galactic Battle Girls or also known as GBG, they are an organization who use volunteers or those who are ill that have no cure and on the edge of death by consent the patients or their parents or guardians are allowed to sign a paper for a chance to have a second chance for life and to...
  2. PhilRP

    (Futa only!) Dawn X Delia X May car commercial fetish

    You are Dawn as a muscular dark blue car called White Tiger 2019 and you will also be my mother Delia as my model for posing around the car while I am going to be May as your daughter and car dealer at the same time. I only accept role playing on private messages and not on public forum.
  3. P

    Death is not an escape, but there are others (DeliciousLust x Penny)

    The last thing Meg Thomas remembered was hugging her knees and staring into the fire. The transition was abrupt, but at the same, not sudden; like Meg had been doing something to get here from there, but she just couldn't remember what. It was impossible to tell how long the move had taken - for...
  4. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes - Akota Region(Roleplay)(NSFW)

    I've have decided we will no longer be looking for other people to join the roleplay. The link to the character creation is below. Pogimon Heroes Ikori Village Trainers Buildings Roads North - Rout One - Linsor Fields __________________________________________________________ Kiki woke up...
  5. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)

    Pogimon Heroes is a group rp that has both Pokemon and Digimon within a story roleplay, i no longer need any more people. Rules and other things will be located Below. Story Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them...
  6. TidalYuri

    Fx Female Tori's Treasure Trove of Tremendous, Tantalizing Titties!

    Those who absolutely require their character to have a penis and/or masculine features need not apply. For everyone else: Huge, Milky, Bouncy, Wobbly, Jiggly, Squishy, Soft, Malleable, Heavy, Beautiful, Great Stonking TITS! Also, since I've had a few people come to me about this already: I...
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