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The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)
05-17-2018, 07:06 PM
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The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)
Launt sat at a elegant white desk, books on books, stacked on top of one another, of all different colors and sizes. The young prince took in a deep breath before closing the book before him, letting the breath escape him as he leaned back. He would look around the large room that held him. For any regular person, this would all seem lavish and they would surely kill for. Almost everything in the room either had gold embroidery or silver engravings. To him, they were nothing more than just another part of the castle.

He could not complain, he was well fed and could have anything he asked for. In every since of the word. His father was a just and fair enough to the surrounding lands and the planets beyond the one they were on. He was told of all sorts of things that walked the other worlds and while they were interesting in story, that was what they were, stories. Launt had never set food outside of the grounds and even then, he was sheltered. Never without guard. The only friends he had known were maids and butlers, a couple guards knew him on a first name basis but these could have just been people trying to be nice in order to suck up to his father.

That was the life he lived. Not a worry in the world but nay a need had. Though he imaged what the outside world might look like, he also knew that it could hold just as many dangers.
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05-19-2018, 10:06 AM
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RE: The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)

The kingdom of Anarean was tucked away in a luscious green and warm forest. Marble buildings with emerald rooftops were dotted along the base of the majestic overgrown cliffs that spewed the raging waters that coursed through the maze of carved archways below the city.

The kingdom was a prosperous one; it knew no famine, no sickness, barely any crime. And it managed to stave of war with the neighboring kingdoms for centuries. Anarean's reach went far, from coast to coast with many villages and towns that enjoyed its protection. Where many races lived peacefully together.

And soon it will all belong to Launt...

Armand was staring out the stained window of the young prince's study room. The tutor was a tall elven man with a healthy physique, shoulder-length brunet hair and matching brown eyes that shined with wisdom.

His white sleeved arms were crossed in front of his chest while a hand was gently caressing his lips in deep thought, his brows furrowed with concern.

He was looking down the royal gardens. Armand liked it there. It was peaceful, hidden, private. You could think and clear your head for a moment. Why you could easily forget the palace was under the watchful eye of the Elven Guard.

What Armand didn't like, however, was the presence of two individuals having a heated discussion over something...

Ever since King Maeral announced that he would step down from his role as king, the nobles and royal family have been buzzing around like vultures. But the King had already made up his mind to pass the crown to his son, Launt.

Armand didn't mean any disrespect to the boy but he was naive and young. His sheltered life did more damage than good. And despite Armand's advice to let the boy at least explore outside the palace walls...Maeral would not have it.

He clutched to the boy, fearing his only child will succumb to the same fate as his mother. It was all for his protection he would say. The boy would have everything he'd ever need. All the luxuries that most would kill for. Servant that wake to his every beck and call... His father would exaggerate in having servants practically bathe the boy themselves.

Armand's gaze turned from king Maeral's to the nobleman that he was speaking with. Lord Zaos, a Drow and long-time friend of the Royal Family.

Armand, however, questioned the 'friend' part...But Lord Zaos had the king's ear, and this worried him.

The tutor continued to watch until the king made gestures that the conversation was over, and it seemed to anger the noble as he stormed off.

When the gardens were empty again Armand sighed and turned around, turning his attention to the prince.

The middle-aged man smiled at the man, he had that look about him again. Daydreaming about adventures and damsels in distress...

"Nervous for your coronation tomorrow, Prince Launt?" the tutor asked as he approached the pale desk. "People from all over the world will be there to formally recognize you as their new king..."

Armand prepped him for this day, taught him everything he could to be king, to know all that comes with it.

But can one truly learn to be a leader by reading books?

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05-19-2018, 07:43 PM
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RE: The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)
Launt would be broken from his dreams of grandeur and glory as Armand would call to him. He wished to simply know just what it was that he was feeling about his coming to be king. The question seemed to be on the lips of, well, everyone. It was only right, royalty usually fell onto the lips of every passerby, peasant to royalty. This though, this was an entirely new type of talk, one that brought Launt into the limelight, willing or not. "I-I think I am. I mean, father has given his faith to me to do the empire proud." He would shake his head and move his hands onto the book before him.

"I had just wished I could have gone off an adventure before my time. Mother used to have so many of them, going out to other worlds." He would pull himself up into a standing posture. "To meet fantastical creatures and fighting the evils of universe." He would move a hand to a single jewel near the edge of his neck that seemed part of a pair. "I miss her but I have to be strong for her too. For father. For my people. I will be a great leader that my father will be proud of, that you will be proud of Armand. You've taught me well and I'll use that righteous knowledge to bring everlasting peace to the entire universe!"

Launt felt that in his heart of hearts this to be true. He felt he had everything given to him for a reason and it was with all of these things that he would be a great king, maybe even surpassing his own father one day.
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05-21-2018, 06:42 PM
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RE: The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)
Armand listened to him with a small smile as he wandered around the room, fingering the spines of books that align the walls.

Solana. She was a beautiful woman. Strong and courageous too. Armand didn’t really got to know her since he only took residence in this castle after her death. But he heard many tales about her adventuring days and caught plenty of glimpses of her when she roamed the streets of Anarean.

From what he remembered Solana used to belong to a group of adventurers that helped out villages and towns with problems. Like skirmishes with Orcs for example.

“Your mother, Solana…” Armand sighed with a small smile when the boy talked about her. “I heard that she captured your father’s heart when she was assisting him on a mission involving the Dark Elves.”

Armand cleared his throat and dismissed today’s lesson. “Why don’t you enjoy some free time while you can. Tomorrow is your coronation, and you’ll need your sleep.”

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05-21-2018, 07:40 PM
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RE: The Broken Benevolent Bond (ImaginationGoneWild & Leon)
His mother was such a paragon to Launt in any way that one could believe. Her tales were that of legend, books of her exploits seemed to be the stories one would tell their children to get them excited about adventure. Some were surely falsehoods but they still kept the moral of those that read them in high spirits, Launt included.

Armand would bring up the story of how his parents met, a somber story but it brought a smile to his lips regardless. "He told me that he knew, right then and there, they were destined to be together for the rest of their lives." There was a bit of sadness toward the end of his words. It seemed that it would be for the rest of one of their lives. Armand would then interject by saying Launt would be able to enjoy the rest of his time to do as he liked, the coronation being so close. "Yes, I think that I shall travel the grounds, maybe play around with the swords and the guards."

He would chuckle at the statement as he would wave his goodbye to Armand.


Launt had just finished attaching the blue cloak over his shoulder, attaching the emblem to hold it in place. He would look at the mirror that was almost double his height to give himself a once over, making sure that his outfit was as pin point as possible. This was to be the day of days, when he would become the rightful king in his fathers place, to prove that he was as capable of a leader as those before him.
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