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` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
10-01-2009, 07:12 PM
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` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]

[Image: moonshadow11920_xthumb.jpg]


Profile thread. Click picture above for informational thread.
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10-01-2009, 07:14 PM
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: poloroid8-1.gif]

" Insert Quote Here "

' Character role here. '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Nick name( s )
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Age
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; Birthday ( No years. )
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Gender
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Sexuality
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Height.
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Race ( ask if you're unsure. )
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Side : Good, Evil, Neutral

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Eye Color
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Hair Color
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; Appearance 3+ paragraphs.

[ � о я � ]

Six words used to describe your character in IC thread in character section.

��� [ The real me.] ;; Personality 3+ paragraphs.
��� [ The past is history.] ;; History 3+ paragraphs.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Habits
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;; Likes. List form please.
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;; Dislikes. List form.
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;; Fears. List form.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Powers. What can you do, what are your abilities and skills.
��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Weapons. 3 max. No guns or anything technological. Only swords, bows&arrows etc.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; Connection to other characters.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Characters theme songs. Link form. 4 max
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Other. Crushes, secrets etc.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; Posting colors. 4 max.

Sincerely yours,
User Name Here.

Made by Princess of Darkness. ©�


[center]"[b] Insert Quote Here[/b] "

[b]â?? NAME GOES HERE. â??[/b]
[i]' Character role here. '[/i][/center]

[b]â?¥â?¥â?¥[/b] [b][[/b] [b]B[/b]eneath the title.[b]] ;;[/b]  
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]he years come and go.[b]] ;;[/b] Age
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]he start of our existence[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]B[/b]attle of the sexes.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]G[/b]ender is nothing more than a label [b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]H[/b]ow high is high.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]A[/b]ren't we all the same deep down.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]here is no other I am servant to[b]] ;;[/b]

[center][ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ][/center]

[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]A[/b] place to get lost[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]D[/b]ivinely my own.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]M[/b]irror mirror on the wall.[b]] ;;[/b]

[center][ � о я � ][/center]

Six words used to describe your character in IC thread in character section.

[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]he real me.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]he past is history.[b]] ;;[/b]

[center][ � d а я κ � ][/center]

[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]I[/b]'m used to it[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]R[/b]aindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]W[/b]hen the dog bites.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]W[/b]hen the bee stings.[b]] ;;[/b]

[center][ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ][/center]

[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]F[/b]eel my wrath.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]C[/b]ower beneath my blade.[b]] ;;[/b]

[center][ � о и � � ][/center]

[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]T[/b]his connection is deep.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]Y[/b]our sound of death.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]F[/b]ulfil your curiosity.[b]] ;;[/b]
[b]���[/b] [b][[/b] [b]S[/b]how them proudly[b]] ;;[/b] .

[center][i]Sincerely yours, [/i]
User Name Here.[/center]
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10-01-2009, 07:20 PM
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: rose-2.jpg]

"Freedom Means Choosing Your Burden. "

â?? Naolin Neitâ??Alize. â??
' The Drunken Necromancer. '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Nao (to his friends); Neit (to his opponents); The Drunk (to others)
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty-Five
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; 13th of June
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Anyone that catches his eyes.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet eight inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Human in form, a Pure Necromancer.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Good or evil, where is the line drawn? (Neutral)

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Silver-blue
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Sun-kissed blonde
â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; With silver-blue eyes and sun-kissed hair, Naoâ??s features are that of a â??fairâ?? male. His smooth, milky skin has no appearance of being hairy or blemished by any markings from birth or battle. However, there is one visible marking, aside from battle and birth, on his body is the medium size tattoo he received on a mysterious night when he was much younger and less experienced. He may or may not have been drunk, but what he did know for sure was that on that night, he was marked with that tattoo by another male that must have thirsted for his power. The marking was a way to control him, but because he is guarded by powerful spirits, the flame of this foreign power is doused; leaving the flame that surrounded the tattoo to be black instead of red and â??inactiveâ??.

To this day, the magic bind that it entailed kept him at a distance from other people. He plays it off as teasing and mischievous, but without his gloves, his hands will bring pain to all others he touches; acidly burning the flesh he touches and if left long enough, decaying the being until death. Because he does not want to draw attention to this strange curse, he wears gloves at all times and spends his travels searching for the one whoâ??s magic signature the marking matched.

Coming from a noble family, Nao dresses in beige slacks and jacket, with a white dress shirt and black boots. He has a thin brown, leather strip he received from his first lover that he wears around his neck at all times; enchanted with her spirit after her death to guard him from being captured by the one who marked him.

Although he is well groomed and can look dashing when he tries, Nao spends almost all his time at a bar getting drunk, causing his image to be unkempt. His hair is never kept tidy and his clothes are always rumpled. What remains the same with or without alcohol are his eyes; vibrant and sparkling as if he had a very funny secret, and yet his charming smile that stretches his lips never seem to reach his eyes.

[ � о я � ]

Spiritual / Perverted / Intelligent / Clever / Witty / Resourceful

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The real me.] ;; Though he should be easily distracted in his drunken state, in strange moments, one could obtain his utmost attention. He is almost always making comments at whatever was going on around him and butts into other peopleâ??s conversations. Nao never knows when to â??read the atmosphereâ?? and can sometimes be found ruining a depressing, dramatic or romantic moment through his drunken slurs and acts. With his boyish charm and angelic face, he is often mistaken as fallen angel, allowing him to talk people that were or are close to him to consent to him to flitter through life without aim.

He lives without worry and care, never wanting to get involved in the war but knows that eventually there will be two paths for him. He would either choose a side or be forced into one; it all depends on who this person that marked him is and which side the person is on. Thus, even though he appears aimless and â??stupidâ??, he is always on the watch, retaining everything he hears as a memory and using it to his knowledge and need. Nao is always on the look out for the person who marked him and plans to assassinate him. Though he plans on killing this mysterious male to free himself, he also fears this freedom. Once he had his own freedom to choose, he knew that he would eventually be cornered into choosing which side he would fight for.

The Necromancer is a pure breed, meaning that his attachment is to all spirits, even the ones he does not summon to aid him. He feels their pain emotionally and while heâ??s drunk he is prone to unleashing the emotions of those nearest to him at the moment. This makes Nao appear a bit schizophrenic and bipolar at the same time. He has yet to regret anything heâ??s done in his life or appears to regret nothing. His words are all half truths and half lies, so one never knows what is really going on in his mind.

Though he has been continuously persuaded to stop drinking, even by worried bartenders, he has yet to show signs of stopping. In the mornings, he appears to be either hung-over or â??clearâ?? of mind and wanting a drink. He is at his most calm and almost unresponsive during these times. As the day progresses, Nao quickly finds his way towards the alcohol. When they ask him why he continues to drink daily, he tells them: â??The voices never stopâ?¦would you like to join them?â?

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The past is history.] ;; Because he grew up in a noble family, Nao was taught in many subjects, giving him an array of knowledgeâ??despite him never showing it since heâ??s always drunk. He proved to be a high ranked Necromancer when he was able to wield pure magic and summon strong spirits at the age of five. His life was fairly dull growing up, with no friends to call his own in the typical â??rich and nobleâ?? family cliché, but a loving mother and father.

At thirteen, he met the Dragon, Andusk. She was a guardian Dragon of the great North that was traveling the land to gather information for her leader, the Wise Dragon. For a year, they spent being around each other as friends, until his fourteenth birthday, when she decided to stay with him instead of return home. They were not lovers in the physical sense at such young ages, but they did share a deep emotional bond.

When Nao turned eighteen, his friends took him out for some drinks to celebrate and he was to return that night to her to share his coming of age. However, this was the night that he was marked with a mysterious seal. Andusk became the first victim of his curse, but with her death, she tore a fine strip of her flesh from her Dragonâ??s form, wrapping it around his neck and sealing her spirit there. She was a guardian by nature, and she would guard her love in the afterlife.

[ � d а я κ � ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ I'm used to it] ;; Tilts his head often when heâ??s confused, raises his eyebrow when heâ??s skeptical or questioning, rolls his eyes when drunk, gets drunk when heâ??s happy/sad/mad and any emotions in between, rubs his neck when the tattoo is mentioned, and has a strange fixation on lollipops.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
  • * Drinks of the variety
    * Singing random songs that no one understands
    * â??Socializingâ? with others[/list:u]
    ��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
    • * When someone attempts to remove his gloves
      * When the spirits he summon are not from/of the correct element/purpose (because heâ??s drunk)[/list:u]
      ��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
      • * Getting too close to people emotionally[/list:u]

        [ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Pure Necromancies are a blending of many types of powers: deadly damage combined with powerful healing. These magical abilities allow him to hit hard and fast, and heal quickly. Through summoning multiple spirits at once, he can attack multiple enemies and heal at the same time. A draw back of summoning spirits to serve him is that he would have to lend them a part of his own power, weakening that strength. At the same time, a Necromancyâ??s power is also his being, so in essence, he is lending a part of himself into another soul. That part has a chance of coming back to him altered beyond his own recognition; altering a small fraction of his own personality towards that of the spirits. With these types of results, Nao knows he is not only part of an elite group of powerful beings, but he is also part of a self-destructive power. Without another to keep him sound, each time he flickers in and out of a personality alters him to the point of insanity. But because he fears to be close to another person emotionally, he knows to use his more deadly powers wisely.

        His favorite spells are â??Sleepâ?? (a strong power of persuasion that forces enemies to stop attacking for a brief moment), â??corrodeâ?? (a powerful, destructive spell that calls forth the hands of the dead and reaches towards the enemies to scrapes along their being and attempts to drag them into the depth of the earth), and â??PsiChiâ?? (a spell that drains the magical energy from an enemy to restore his own). However, Nao prefers to stay on the defensive strategies rather than offense, so he uses â??illusionâ?? (making things disappear or appear as things they are not).

        â??Shadowâ?? was his most frequent summon that takes on various forms of any being. Though â??Shadowâ?? is not powerful (it is a deceptive summon), this being appeared to be always around somewhere, following Nao like it was his friend and guardian. Over time, â??Shadowâ?? grew stronger and the piece of Nao that it took each time began to prominently become a â??personalityâ?? on its own. It because a reason why Nao rarely called it back into him and allowed â??Shadowâ?? to roam as if it was a person; a person that shape-shifted into others and animals at will.

        Aside from his magic and spirit/summoning abilities, he is very flexible and agile, giving him mobility in battle with almost any weapon. Because of his destructive magic, he has taught himself the art of hand-to-hand combat. His body is a weapon on its own and though he appears drunk most of the, it still remembers the moves of self defense. Nao rarely attacks (aside from the playful/drunken pranks and protecting others) and is always on the defense.

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; He appears to never have any weapons on him and uses the objects in his surrounding. Got a table leg? Itâ??ll make due for his beating stick. However, he is always seen with rose and/or a deck of cards. A rose appears to be either for someone special or to be a magical sword, while he uses the cards as a medium to summon spirits or his magic. Primarily, the cards appear to be categorized as:
        • Red = Holy Magic
          Black = Dark Magic
          Face Cards = Summon Powerful Elemental Spirits
          Number Cards = Summons Mediocre Elemental Spirits
          Aces = Healers (Strength of healers goes from Hearts>Spades>Diamonds>Clovers)[/list:u]

          [ � о и � � ]

          â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ This connection is deep.] ;; Nao has no deep connections aside from â??Shadowâ?? and the spirits. He has run into both sides of dark and light and has yet to find a settled position. Who is friend and who is foe has yet to be determined for him.
          ��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Mrow!?
          â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Judging that he bares a symbol of a dark power, he fears that the man who marked him is on the side of the King of Darkness. Though it wasnâ??t the side of darkness he feared, he was a wanderer and loathed the idea of being forced into one side. Though the Female Knight attracts him with her fiery personality, he feels intrigued and is drawn in by the minons of darkness. Nao has suspicions that one of them was the one who placed the seal over his flesh and watches them carefully for any chances to assassinate. He fears them the most out of all others, even the King of Darkness, for if one of them was truly that man, he does not know what power was held over him through the marking.

          His name derived from different regions, Naolin meaning the God of the Sun, Neit meaning the God of War, and Alize meaning one who charms. If drunk enough, he would joke about his name as â??The Charming God of the Sunny War.â?
          ��� [ Show them proudly] ;; (>^.(>^.(>^.(>^.(>O.o)> *emot-rape? D8*

          Sincerely yours,
Two cocks are better than one. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

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10-04-2009, 09:56 PM
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: RanisSmall.jpg]

"Remember the death before the war. "

â?? Ranis Zaberisi. â??
' The Wise Dragon. '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Ran ( to friends ), Your Highness ( to most others ), The Troublesome Queen ( to those left in charge of the Dragon Kindom )
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty-Thousand Two-Hundred and Fifty-Eight, appears to be not a day older than Twenty-six
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; The 7th day of May
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; As it says, gender, to Ranis, is nothing more than a label.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet six inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Dragon
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Dragons do not take sides. At least, not yet.

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Gold / Gold with Red Irises
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Silver / Red and Black
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; As the gateway to the soul, the most striking feature of the dragon is her eyes. They are so intensely gold in color that they seem to glow, even in the dark. Her eyes are always, always highlighted with a soft, pink shadow to give her creamy, pale skin a healthy looking glow. Her eyebrows are short, only about half the length of her eyes. Her ears are long, sticking straight out to the sides. At about half of their length, they appear to fold over themselves as if the top is too heavy to stand upright on it's own. Ranis' lips are naturally a light pink, but she is known to color them red or gray, depending on her mood. Usually, they are gray. She's of average height in her humanoid form, standing at just five feet six inches tall. Her body seems to have been crafted to perfection, with just the right amount of curves in all of the right places. The proportion of her body seems to be rather even, thought her hips are just a bit wide.

Her hair always appears to be meticulously done. Her bangs are just long enough to cover her eyes when worn normally. Save for the bangs that do not fall into her direct line of sight, Ranis tucks the bangs that would hang over her eyes to the sides and pins it in place. Most often, her hair is worn in a ponytail which is tied with her own, braided hair. The ponytail hands down to her her hips. It is not uncommon to see her wearing a flower stuck in her hair, over her right ear usually, or wearing several earrings connected together with a chain.

Ranis is always wearing clothing that looks rather expensive. It's rare if ever to see her without a fancy, lacy black chocker around her neck. One her hands she usually wears gloves that match with the chocker. Most often, she is seen wearing a dark blue kimono, which has an intricate, highly detailed peacock design woven in gold. Several flowers are also woven into the fabric as well, and rest mostly around her shoulder and the lower hem of the outfit. The obi ( sash ) is light red in color, and tied in a most intricate fashion forming several bows which lie off center, leaning towards the right.

In her Dragon form, Ranis is a large dragon with scales that look more like rose petals than scales. Even in this form, beauty seems to give way to appearing powerful. Her head is primarily black in color, slowly conforming into a black and red mane like pattern formed of her scales. Her neck is long, segmented by plates of black traced with red. This connects with the main body, which is obviously long. The scales here can stand or sit. They usually stand when she is trying to intimidate an opponent. At times such as these, her body appears to be that of a large, black and red rose. When she is transporting others, something she rarely does, the scales sit. The thin flesh of her wings is translucent, sectioned like the outer portion of a flower's petals. Her tail is long, and like her neck, primarily black in color with a red patter highlighting and segmenting it. It appears to be much like the stem of a rose, complete with thorns. Her legs are the same black color, the nails which reside at the end are the same bright shade of red as her body.

[ � о я � ]

Wise / Powerful / Resourceful / Determined / Protective / Insightful

��� [ The real me.] ;; With more than twenty thousand years of life experience, it should come as no surprise to any that Ranis is one of the smartest living beings on the planet. Her life experience has granted her more wisdom than the most thorough library could provide. For such a wise person, one would think that she would be more serious in her undertakings, but that usually isn't the case. She has earned the nickname "Troublesome Queen" for a reason. She's a rather carefree individual who has pushed the responsibility of governing the Dragon Kingdom onto those who serve under her. Ruling is "troublesome" in her opinion, and after about twenty thousand years of doing so, she's grown tired of it. She sees herself as nothing more than a figure head now, and rarely does anything beyond signing off on the few things that she needs to do. In whatever she does, she pushes forward with a unwavering determination, not stopping until she is able to achieve whatever it was that her mind was set upon doing.

Ranis is a confident woman who takes pride in her ability, appearance, and status as a Queen ( though she doesn't carry out her responsibilities as a Queen ). Like most dragons, she has quite a bit of an ego and can act a bit self-centered at times. It is fairly easy to get on her good side by stroking her ego. It is best to compliment her beauty or her strength, which tends to automatically put her in a particularly good mood. Generally, she appears to be a bright and cheerful individual with a good sense of humor who enjoys a good laugh and having a good time. She is unfamiliar with human society, and has recently become fascinated by it. Because of her lack of knowledge in such things, humans generally see her as childish. Those who actually understand her would use the word "whimsical" to describe her.

When she grows close to someone, she tends to go so far as to proclaim them as hers. There are very few people that she's actually said this about - those people being the Queen of Light and the Four Knights. To these people, she is fiercely loyal and protective of. For them, she would do anything. Since the betrayal of the Treacherous Knight and the death of the Queen of light, Ranis has grown noticeably depressed. She feels guilty for not being able to save the Queen when she knew about the King of Darkness' plan and partially blames herself for what happened. Those two individuals are the only beings in all of her life that she has come to genuinely hate. They are also the only ones who can push her to the point where her temper explodes. The angered Dragon Queen is just as fearsome as one would expect a dragon to be - an out of control beast bent on the destruction of what angers her.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Ranis Zaberisi was born the Crown Princess of the Dragon Kingdom over twenty-thousand years ago. Being of noble birth, and an only child, she has been spoiled and it shows to this day. Her parents were loving individuals who cared for her a great deal up until the day they died. Her father died of natural causes about five thousand years after her birth, and her mother died from the grief of losing her husband about six years later. This left Ranis in charge of the Dragon Kingdom since those days. Over the years, the new Queen spent a lot of time ruling and watching over the world from the sidelines, preferring not to get into the affairs of the other beings and retain neutrality. There were many reasons for this, but mostly because she didn't want to be bothered with such affairs.

Ranis' life was a sheltered one for a time. However, after meeting and getting to know humans a little better, she has become fascinated by them. A young dragon by the name of Andusk was hand selected by the Queen to gather more information about the human world in secret, a precursor to what would be the next major event in the ruler's life. It was Andusk's refusal to come home, due to what even the socially awkward Queen could recognize as love, that the Ranis decided to just leave the kingdom one day, leaving her responsibility to the royal retainers and the council of elders that advised her. During her travels, she sought audience with the Queen of Light and met the human who would become her best friend. It was common to see her about the Palace, speaking with servants, joking, and acting more like a brute than nobility. She met with the Knight's on several occasion's befriending them all enough for her to consider them "hers" as well.

There were several occasions when Ranis met with the King of Darkness, who was attempting to convince her to join his cause and betray the Queen of Light. Ranis thought such a notion to not only be foolish, but even threatened the King's life on several occasions. Unbeknowest them all, the King planted his seeds into one of the knights. A tragedy happened that none of them expected - that very knight betrayed the kingdom and slayed the Queen. With the forces of darkness fast approaching, the dragon had no choice but to flee with the other knights in anguish.

Since those days, Ranis has been aimlessly wandering the human world ever thinking about the stance of neutrality that the dragon people have taken up. The time is fast approaching for her to decide which side to take in the conflict, and though the choice is a simple one, making it is harder than anything else.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; When thinking, she'll often tap her cheek or flip her ear. She treats people she is close to as equals, and will often wrap an arm around their shoulders and joke with them. She is quick to remind anyone who shows her disrespect that she is a Queen and will put then back in their place if need be. Usually remains in her humanoid form.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
+ Her Humanoid Form
+ Humans and Human Culture
+ A good laugh
+ Doing as she pleases
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
- Being confined or obligated to do something
- The Treacherous Knight & The King of Darkness
- The demons overrunning the world
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
- Mice
- Bugs, especially roaches

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Dragons are creatures that are well versed in magics. As such, the Dragon Queen has a powerful repertoire of spells at her disposal. The magic that is most often seen is the magic that allows her to change from her humanoid form to her dragon form. She has come to be fond of her human form, and choses to remain in it most of the time. When she must travel long distances, or when she is transporting others, she will use her transformation magic to shift into her larger dragon like form. Ranis is capable of performing partial transformations. Most commonly, she'll create her talons to be used in battle, or form her tail when the extra appendage is needed. When she loses her temper, her grasp on her humanoid form becomes harder to maintain. At these times, her eyes will change, her irises become red while her eyes shine gold, and black or red scales will start to form on her body. Her talons and tail always pop out at this point, and it's not uncommon to see her wings start to form as well.

Fire magic is her specialty. She has both offensive and defensive spells, both of which she has used enough to have a firm grasp of, but has not mastered as she rarely uses magic in combat. When she does use magic, it's usually to reinforce her weapon in a fight, or for added damage. Her flames are purple in color, approaching white as they intensify. Outside of reinforcing her weapon, her most commonly used spell is a healing spell in which she sets her own injury or an allies injury on fire. The fire stops the wounds from bleeding, and speeds up the healing process.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Her twenty thousand years of experience haven't been spent sitting idly upon a throne. Ranis was trained in several forms and fighting styles, so that she could protect herself should the need ever arise. She has experience in both sword fighting and in hand to hand combat.

Her main weapon is a longsword with a cross guard that is horizontal to the blade. From the right angle formed by the intersection of the cross guard and the hilt a circle forms and connects with the other side of the cross guard, forming a circle. A chain with a weight is connected to the end of the hilt. Ranis is highly skilled with this weapon. Her skill with the sword is deadly, not just using it like a normal sword, but also as a ranged weapon. It's not uncommon to see her throw it at an enemy and skewer them with it, only to rip back on the chain to cause even more damage. She can use the weight on the other end of the weapon to bing a fleeing enemies feet, or use the weight itself to attack and cause a heavy injury with the blunt end of the weapon. When fighting unarmed, Ranis always tries to end the fight quickly by rendering her enemy unable to fight back, or by simply slaying them by jabbing her talons through their bodies.

She is light on her feet, and moves with grace. With the Dragon Queen, fighting isn't just combat, but a form of art.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; Ranis knows all four of the knights rather well. She was closest to the deceased Queen of Light, and generally disliked her brother, the King of Darkness. Since the death of the Queen, her love for the Treacherous knight has turned into hate, and her deep dislike of the King of Darkness has turned into loathing.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Replica, Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear, A Funeral for Yesterday
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Ranis thinks that her feelings for the Queen of Light may have gone beyond mere friendship, but never voiced such thoughts and still wouldn't dare to do this day. When she says she loved the Queen, she means as a friend. Her understanding of an emotion as complex as love is near non-existent.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; I can paint the world with flowers that grow by heaven's gate.

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: TrueColorofBlue.jpg]

"Betrayal is Nothing More than the Need to Experience Something New. "

â?? Gandrian Volwrath. â??
' The Treacherous Knight. '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Gandrian, Lord Volwrath, Annie (nickname from the knights, when they used to be friends)
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty-Three
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; July 7th
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; He has yet to find one, male or female, that satisfies this mystery.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet eleven inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Half Elvin, the other half is unknown.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Lured only to the side where his powers may grow.

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Sea-green
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Silver-blue
â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; In his earlier years, Gandrian had vibrant blue hair. The other children had thought that he had dyed his hair and laughed at him, but unlike the teenagers that thought it was â??coolâ??, Gandrian had naturally been born with such. It was strange, but not beyond those of the water element. He blended right in with the water most of the time with his hair, but as he got older, the color faded down into a silver-blue, whiter than blue in his present years.

A vibrant boy when younger, â??Annieâ?? had often been seen with a smile on his face, despite the situation being ill favored on his end. However, over the years with the King of Darkness, the only smile one sees on his face is that of sarcasm or malicious glee of death and murder. With his sparkling eyes turned haunting, there is no doubt that his victims are drawn into his gaze and usually killed right after. Gandrian had always been youthful, and even in his early twenties, the male still has the â??baby faceâ?? that gives him a false sense of innocence and harmlessness.

Dressed in black pants, the element of water keeps his body warm enough against the colder weather, and he remains without a shirt. This shows off his milky white skin, contrasting to the black and matching the silver. With rare to no blemishes on his flesh, he displays to his enemies that no one has been able to touch him to the point scarring; when in fact, it was just his natural healing that ridded of those who had been able to do so. On the very cold days of winter, does he wear a cloak. With two sleeves drawing from fingertips to mid-arm, his biceps are mainly hidden underneath the edges of the gloves. All over his body, he is adorned with metal objects that appear more like decorations than useful. The ring on his right, ring finger, represents the ring that the Queen had given him, while the one on his middle finger was the one that the King of Darkness had bestowed upon him.

Around his neck, a metal chain of sorts links around a choker; chain trailing down towards the middle of his thigh. This was to remind him at all times that no matter how high he climbed, he would still be nothing more than a lapdog for the dark king. What magic it seals there, no one knows, but rumor has it, that he might have been enchanted and the path of light is blinded from him due to that enchantment. The earrings along his right ear are enchanted to track him down, so that the king may know wherever he is at all times.

No one knows why he wears a deformed eye-patch, or the strap that covers his lower face, but some suspects that itâ??s to hide the innocence of his face, while he goes out on a â??huntâ??.

[ � о я � ]

Traitor / Resourceful / Merciless / Bold / Violent / Emotionless

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The real me.] ;; Merciless to his enemies, bold upon the battlefield, and emotionless towards those who stood against him. Gandrian is a fearful being upon his enemies and he grows more powerful and vicious every day with his violence. The great knight had not always been the cold killer though, as he had once been a kind hearted youth. â??Annieâ?? had always been rather soft when he was younger, allowing others to play around with him and didnâ??t mind the pranks that knights played against one another. Of course things had build up too far and he had broke under the King of Darknessâ?? pressure.

Before such a thing though, he remembered being a good child and to the day, it is bitter to remember those memories. Gandrian fears he always would have a weak heart though, so he strives to lose more and more of himself, yet searching for a new form of what he could become. Being part Elf naturally made his emotions sway towards gentler times, but with the years under the Kingâ??s guidance, he has managed to dormant such thing feelings.

Even to this day though, those around him would say that he was still rather childish. Gandrian doesnâ??t always know whatâ??s best for himself, blinding follows the orders given to him by a father-figure, and when he finds that he canâ??t remain emotionless, he bursts out in violence rather than give in and allow the emotions to take over. He understands nothing like a child, just the teachings of war and battle, and the advice that the King gives him, while he advises back with war tactics. If met on the battlefield, they would know nothing of his conflicting persona, as they only saw the tip of his blade or the crash of his wavesâ?¦ and forever more, they were sent into oblivion bliss.

Only the haunting glow of his sea-green eyes would trail those who managed to escape his wrath; only until he hunted them down and destroyed them. In the midst of battle or assassination, he kills his victims without mercy, but at the same time, almost with a glee that one could find in a young, cruel, yet innocent childâ?¦ killing something it may or might not have known was wrong. He stands proudly as the General and right hand of the King of Darkness.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; With such lovely eyes, you captivate the world. With such gentle and firm hands, you mold the earth. Tempting lips that could bring back life into anything you desire. Yet with such a weak heart, your breath lacks warmth. Such words had been told to him years beyond the point that he had turned towards the darker side of the kingdom. Gandrian had grown up in the stables of the kingdom. His parents had abandoned him due to inability to become parents, not caring for a child that had what they considered a weak element. He grew up around the knights that came in and out of the palace, as during the time that he had been working there, he was taken care of by the people who found him. Over the years, he found his ground as a working teen, where the Queen one day found him to be resourceful.

Much like the female knight, Gandrian had seen the Queen like a mother figure, and in return, she to him as a son figure. Because of such opportunities, the young male had been trained into knighthood, wielding the weapons of war and protection. By his later years, he had become part of the knights and had been nicknamed as â??Annieâ?? among them as a joke. The teen had been gentle and what they called â??soft heartedâ?? for many things. With the power of water, he had also had the power of healing; something that wasnâ??t too surprising from the basic element. With his power and skills, he had quickly become a great knight and a â??heroâ?? among many for his won battles.

However, because of his weak heart, Gandrian had been easily swayed by the Evil King and stolen into the darkness. There, he had been promised power and leadership, as well as the ability to harden his heart and will. Young and volatile, the silver-blue took the chance and led the attack upon the Queen he had once so loved as a mother. Blinded by this lust for power and need, he made the biggest mistake in his life by slaying the Queen with his own hands. â??Never live your life in regret.â? was what she had once told him, and even to the moment that she had died, she had not blamed him. To this day, Gandrian doesnâ??t regret what he does, as there were some things that had engrained itself into his persona, twisted into a meaning that wasnâ??t what the Queen had perhaps meant.

Previously, his title had been â??The Cardinal Knightâ?, being the great hero of a small war that had broken out years before and the savior of the Queen. Such corruption has led him to be known as â??The Treacherous Knightâ?, due to how far he has â??fallenâ??.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; In the present time, none has lived long enough around him to observe his habits. For those who are around him though, such as those on the side of the King of Darkness, they might notice him toying with the chain around his neck, or stroking the hilt of his sword. In the past, the other knights might have noticed Gandrian taking random naps in the day, which questioned if he slept well at night or not. No one has yet to observe him to sleep throughout the night though, but he has once allowed himself to fallen asleep next to the Eldest Knight, as a young teen. It is questionable as to weather or not he even sleeps any more, as there are no indications that he has laid down on a bed of sorts and rested his eyes.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
  • * Sweets
    * Bathing in the River
    * Power/Control[/list:u]
    ��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
    • * The Eldest Knight; the knights and their party in general
      * Being Weak[/list:u]
      ��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
      • * Nothingâ?¦ or so it appears [/list:u]

        [ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Gandrian controls the element of water and all that resides within that specialty. From there, it wasnâ??t uncommon for water wielders to acquire the art of healing, so at an early age, he learned to use a combination of both. His waters had been healing and soothing for the longest time he had been part of the knights. When he was drawn into the side of the dark, the waters turned icy and harmed instead of healed.

        Magic isnâ??t his first resort, even though he has an abundant of it stored within him. Easily, he could draw up water from the molecules in the air to form a protective shield, or a massive wave that would crush his foes. Only once has he formed his magic into the form of a blade, and from there, he has rarely done so again. His magic is still incomplete though, as even he doesnâ??t know all the ways that he could form and use the element and power.

        Under the guidance of the evil king, he learns new skills and unlocks numerous of powers he had not been able to do under the Eldest Knightâ??s guidance. The most recent lesson came in the form of conjuring â??Titanâ??, a massive body of water that takes form as the water god. This form reaches its â??handâ?? up to the sky and with electrons going awry, energy in the form of lightning is formed for attack and destruction.

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; His first resort had always been his sword or fists. The fourth knight had power that sparked from within, and while his body was toned, his muscles proved to be just as powerful as those bulging out. Unlike some warriors who wield large swords, his was â??just the right sizeâ??, being large enough to cut down a foe, but small enough so that he wasnâ??t wasting energy on carrying and maintaining it.

        Gandrian had a habit of tossing his sword around while resting though, so every time he came back to inform that he had finished a mission for the King of Darkness, the king would have to supply him another sword that the blacksmiths had been working on. Each had similar designs, but just a slight difference so that he wouldnâ??t be displeased, with the lack of change. He holds no other weapon, for he only needs his magic, and a sword to slice down the enemy when desired. Even though he uses a sword, he had once attempted to train with the spear while younger; though shifted into a different weapon of the current time, due to the King training him in swordsmanship.

        [ � о и � � ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ This connection is deep.] ;; His strong connections had been with the other three knights. The Eldest knight had been like an older brother figure, while the younger was like an annoying brother at times. As for the female knight, she was his opposite. With her fire magic, they were each otherâ??s weakness and strength, often training together. The Queen had been his closest relation, as she was like a mother to him, but with her death, he had lost the strongest connection to emotions in general. Now, the King of Darkness is his closet tie to the â??worldâ??. There are the other two within their darkened world, but the Drow and Werewolf dulls him. While bold and merciless, emotionless on the outside, Gandrian mentally clings to the King, the only tie he has to keep him sane and strive off the loneliness.
        ��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; "Silence and Death. When you break me, I'll still be there for you to pick up the pieces."
        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; In the middle of the night, when he sits there with his eyes opened but half â??asleepâ?? in the standards of the Elvesâ??, Gandrian has â??dreamsâ?? and visions. The past comes in and out for him, while the future is blurred by distractions that meld in his mind. He neither seeks them out nor worries over them though, as he cares for nothing that â??couldâ?? occur to â??is goingâ?? to occur. As for the past, he worries not over them, as he crushes any emotions that drift into him. Memories of the past leave no regret and no pain for himâ?¦
        ��� [ Show them proudly] ;; �����.

        Sincerely yours,
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Lynnira Zy'natae BloodMoon
[Image: Lynn.jpg]

" Sometimes, neither side truly wins "

â?? Lynnira Zy'Natae BloodMoon â??
' The Female Knight '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Lynn (To her friends), Lady of Crimson (To the officers), Lynnira (To everyone else).
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty-Three
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; 30th of April
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Pays little mind to the Genders of others, though, leans more towards men.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet, no inches.
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Human in flesh.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Good.

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Light baby blue.
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Strawberry blond.
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; A pair of glimmering baby blue orbs accent the fair, ivory skin that cover her frail bone structure. Her face was thin, with high cheek bones, a thin button nose and a set of full crimson pouty lips. A clever smirk commonly found gracing said face, those same glinting eyes gazing up towards her foes, friends and acquaintances alike. A dozen or so small orange freckles litter her skin, mostly on her cheeks and nose. Along her left hip was a large set of burn scars, from her younger years. Lynnira's strawberry blond locks were usually found tied into a long tail at the base of her neck, then rolled up into a bun under her helm. Rarely was her thigh length hair found let down to it's glory.

Short, thin, petite, tiny, small.. are all the ways her physical stature is described by others. Though 'tiny' in height and weight, this knight was not shapeless or (in other words) 'flat'. Lynnira was quite shapely, a fair sized set of hips below her waist matching the not-overly large breasts on her chest. They were perfectly shaped, perfectly rounded and perfectly accenting her body. Lynnira was also not weak, not at all! Nor was she super muscular, her tummy was touched with abs, her thighs and arms muscled enough to carry her armor and weaponry easily.

Loving the heat of battle, the rush of adrenaline and the excitement of victory this Knight was mostly found in her battle garb. She was always ready for something. Her full battle armor consisted of a thin layer of cloth and leather, to keep her skin from tearing against the metals above, and to stop any rashes. Then, a long chain mail tunic that hung past her hips and came up around her throat like a turtle neck. Then her plate. Her plate pieces were heavily adorned with her family's insignia - a crimson moon. It was specially fitted to the curves of her body, leather straps and metal clips holding it fast against her. The helm of her armor had the insignia on the left side, over where her ear was, and then a long, fluffy red plume.

[ � о я � ]

Valiant / Temperamental / Emotional / Witty / Persistent / Aggressive

��� [ The real me.] ;; Her choice of a Knightly career was a good one, she was constantly pushed by her hatred for dark not to be one to stand at the sidelines. Lynnira's persistent and aggressive personality traits add to this. Throwing herself whole-heartedly into the fray gave her joy, made her feel accomplished. With this aggressive nature, she also believes that the best defense is a good offense, and her tongue is as sharp as her blades.

An easy one to anger, many stayed clear when it seemed as if her face were to explode into flames (a sure sign of anger). Tiny things set her off into a violent anger. Her angers vary though, and you can tell what type of anger it is, she's feeling by her reactions. Even though anger was one of her strongest emotions, Lynnira seemed a bit.. moody at times. Her emotions changed quickly, her mind swayed from side to side, easily confused with different perspectives.

That didn't mean she was dumb! No! Not at all, as said before, her tongue was as sharp as her sword. Witty, sarcastic and innuendo's flew from her mouth without much thought. because it required little. Her quick mind helped her on the battle field as much on the debate table.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Lynnira had led a rough life, easily shown by her manor. Her absolute and utter hatred of the Darkness was solidified by the death of her family by their hands. Although she had had some family, her mother had died in childbirth, delivering the young knight into the world. Then, at the young have of six years old, her village was rushed by the Darkness, her people killed. Only a faint memory of that night. She had been the daughter of a farmer, nothing special. She had an elder brother (Of which she has no idea if he is alive or not). When the attack happened, Lynnira did what she was taught; hide. She remembered clearly, how she climbed under her cot, and then pushed it over to completely hide her from view, though, allow her to see clearly. Although, in this case it was a bad thing. As the legions of Darkness raped and pillaged they also proceeded to burn.

Down in ashes her village went. Bodies burnt and blackened. Her own home was in the furthest area, near the wheat fields. As her house burnt down, Lynnira was trapped. Trapped between the dirty floor, burning wall and tangled cot. She couldn't escape. Though, as she was giving up, accepting there was no way she could live, the young child heard a valiant cry from outdoors. Then the fire was gone. Only a burning feeling on her skin, clogged feeling in her throat and the ashes of her home.

For a week Lynnira did not awaken. She slept in a different bed, in a different land in a different setting. When she finally did awaken, she was confused and scared. A nice chambermaid met her there, calmed her and (without mincing words to the hard faced child who would not take 'no' for an answer) spoke to her the bitter truth of her past life.

But that wasn't the end. Lynnira was heart broken, destroyed, she couldn't think to ever being a normal peasant girl. So, to the Queen the young girl went. The six year old barged in on the court and demanded an audience with the Queen, whom was intrigued by her spirit, and accepted it. Pleading for all she was worth, she vowed her name, life and soul to the Queen and her land for one little thing.. Her Knight-Hood. The Queen thought long and hard on this, seeing as a female Knight was almost as rare as a Female Monarch. Though, after nearly three months of deliberating, she granting her the chance. And by the Gods did Lynnira prove herself. For four rather short years Lynnira acted as a Page. Then, quickly advanced into her six years as a Squire where she, at six-teen was ready to be dubbed a Knight. Already strong, toned and headstrong from her farming life, physical things came quickly to her. Such as weaponry and wearing armor. They prolonged her dubbing though, for two years, until her eighteenth birthday.

Years later.. she was what she was.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; When nervous, she rubs the side of her neck. When anxious she cracks her knuckles and rolls up onto her heels to crack her toes. Tends to play with a dagger almost sleepily when bored or waiting for something. When there is a body of water near, she moves as far away from it as possible. When she is controlling her fire, she flinches and sometimes freaks out and hurt herself. Moves close to the Eldest Knight (when she can) when it's raining.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
-> Sweets
-> Playfully Dueling
-> Battles
-> Riding on her Horse
-> Humming/ Singing
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
-> Young Children
-> The Taste/ Smell of Alcohol
-> The Darkness.. all of them in general
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
-> Being Used (Emotionally/ Sexually/ Physically)
-> Water (Feels weak when wet)
-> Spiders

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; She had the power to manipulate fire. She can turn it, throw it, twist it, start it, end it, etc. Fire listens to her whispers. She can speak to it. She's not very good, with her magical abilities as of yet, as she's a very physical fighter and personal all around. She can hide herself in fire, not very helpful unless a town is on fire.. then it may come in handy. Her skills with fire are outlandish and not very useful in everyday things. She finds herself burning herself more than anything else. She lives in fear of completely surrounding herself in fire and dying because of it. Her burns are constant reminders.

Lynnira had many skills in physical combat and other sorts of things. She was a master brawler (Well, she did grow up with boys), weapons master and gymnast. Much more flexible than most humans. She mixed her gymnastics and her fighting together to make extremely complex looking moves. She used this as a dancing style too, as she studied some of the most exotic cultures, and realized their rituals often involved dancing in such a manner.

She also had an uncanny ability to understand and communicate with animals. Domestic or not.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; With a vast arsenal of weapons she only carried a few, even though she knew how to use many. She was a master in not only hand-to-hand combat, balded weapons and long-ranged melee weapons, but very skilled with a crossbow, not quite a master.

Though, what she carried with her into battle wasn't quite that vast. She had a large two handed broad sword strapped to her back. It was a glorious looking weapon. It's metal blade crafted to be light weight for quicker attacks. The hilt's tip was encrusted with a red gem, shaped in a crescent moon. The hilt's handle was covered in silk and a soft cloth, for the best grip she could get. The Sheath across her back was leather straps with crimson embroidery.

On her wrists and on her thighs she carried daggers, for when she was thought to be caught off guard. They were plain, light and sharpened often by herself.

Her steed carried her last set of weapons. A thin bastard sword, embroidered and gemed just like her broadsword. A large shield, highly dressed up for show, but very effective. Along with her insignia for the crest, there were tiny little blades around the edge of the shield, so when she bashed in the face of her enemy, it would prick just a little.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; She had a motherly-daughterly bond with the Queen, before her throne was taken. The other Knights are apart of her party. She has a special connection with the Eldest Knight, whom she respects like a master (at least, that's all she'll admit aloud).
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; I Don't Care by Apocolyptica featuring Adam Gontier
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Lynnira is growing quite fond of the Eldest Knight, whom taught her most of what she knows now. She feels a very strong urge to be near him, and does not quite understand it. She'd never been in any sexual type situation with a man, nor woman, ever.

She fears many things she will not admit, insects, water, even her own fire! She cannot swim, never learned how, never thought she'd need it. Lynnira finds herself wishing she had never asked to be a Knight when the emotional 'You are a female Knight therefore you will never be a wife or mother' stereotype comes along. Even as strong willed as she was... she always felt as if she could have the best of both words.

��� [ Show them proudly] ;; Text. "Speech." 'Thought'

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: Ari.jpg]

" Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. "

â?? Arioch Ta'Thlen â??
' The Mystical Elf '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Ari ( by anyone who really knows her ), General ( by her subordinates )
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; One hundred and twenty seven years, though she appears to be about twenty-three
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; The Twenty-eight day of September
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; She hasn't had the time to even think about a relationship with another
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet ten inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; High Elf
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Serves only the Light

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Violet
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Blue
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; Certainly, Arioch is not the kind of person one would think of when they envision an elf. While she is tall, she doesn't exude the glow that most elves do. Unlike those who live in the canopy of the forest and closest to the sun, most of her life has been spent down in the shadows. Her skin isn't pale in tone, but closer to that of the normal tone that a human's skin would have. The violet hue of her eyes seem to pop, making her large, round optics stand really out. Her eyes are thin, and tilt inward slightly making them appear cat-like. The top of her head is adorned with a very long mane of blue hair. Left undone, the hair would reach the the ground and drag along it as she walks. It is usually worn with a large portion of it done up in a bun. The rest of it is worn like pig tails that stem from the base of the bun. Her bangs are neat and usually well kept, with a larger portion of them being swept to the left over her eye. Her hair frames her face and hand down just past her collar bone, further accenting her feminine facial features.

Her body is most unlike other Elven women. She is tall, standing at five foot ten inches, with a body not unlike that of a super model. Her breasts are a bit large in size, her hips, built so that they are wide enough to support her body and her legs are long. Her body is composed of a perfect balance of muscle and fat. Her abdomen is flat, and shows slight signs of muscle tone, as do her arms and her legs, all gained from periods of long and somewhat strenuous physical activity. Along her back, crossing diagonally from her left shoulder, across her spine, and to her right shoulder blade, is a long scar, the only flaw to be found on her flesh.

Arioch's clothing fits her status as General and a Paladin in the Elven Army. She wears a white collared shirt worn with a frilly collar around her neck under a gold trimmed red vest, which is, in turn, worn under a darker red jacket that is trimmed around the outer hem with two gold lines. The first is a thin line, and about an eight of an inch away is a much thicker gold line. The cuffs of the jacket are covered with white armor, trimmed with gold, to protect her forearms. Just above her elbows, a three sectioned piece of armor is worn to protect her upper arms. On her hands she wears a pair of white gloves. Her shirt, vest, and jacket all leave her abdomen exposed.

A good portion of her lower abdomen is left exposed as well, as her black pants have a unique design. They cover her hips, but are cut so that they expose a bit of skin. Around her hips she wears a belt to which three sectioned armor that covers her hips is connected to. On her feet, she wears a pair of armored boots. The main section of the armor covers her calves, and protects her ankle. Up to about three inches from her knee, the armor forms a "v" shape and circles around her leg. From the middle of that shape, a single bit of armor protrudes to protect her knees. The actually boot part of this armor is white in color.

Atop her head usually sits a red had that matches the color of her vest. The brim of the hat is trimmed with gold. Two pieces of cloth is worn around the center. The red cloths matches the color of her jacket, white the second cloth, worn wrapped in the red one, is white in color. The cloth is held in place by a single gold clip adorned with an emerald.

[ � о я � ]

Mysterious / Melancholic / Ignorant / Spiritual / Impatient / Strong

��� [ The real me.] ;; Most people think Arioch to have a bad personality. They see her as a hard headed individual set in her beliefs and unable to change or adapt to things around her. She is known for being a bit impatient, the kind of person to jump into a situation without thinking the consequences through entirely. And yes, there are times when she may appear to be ignorant, and many times, she appears to act that way by choice. These are just things that people see of her on the surface. And after seeing such things, most people decide they want nothing more to do with her and turn a blind eye to her. Those who truly know her know that underneath her hardened exterior lies a very kind and loving individual. Her unit of warriors know this better than anyone else, after experiencing this other side of her first hand so many times; watching her mourn for those lost in battle, witnessing how hard she'll fight and how far she will go to try to save someone important to her, even to the point of nearly losing her own life.

After living most of her life on the battlefield, Arioch has only gotten to know the darkest side of life. She has seen atrocities committed against innocent men, women, and even children. Villages pillaged, people killed. . .love is something that she has neither seen or experienced much of in her life. Even she realizes how sad and grim her own existence has been, which has lead her to fall in a sort of depression. Her impatience stems from her melancholy attitude, a need to be doing something so that she doesn't spend too much time alone with her thoughts. Keeping herself busy is a way of medicating herself. There are periods of time when she has trouble sleeping, and is prone to going through periods where she will appear to be feeling down. She prefers to distance herself from others, physically and emotionally, but will warm up to people she's often around over time.

Even with such problems, Ari displays a great amount of strength and determination. Her strength is not only physical, but her undying perseverance helps push her forward and continue to live despite all of the tragedies and atrocities that she has witnessed. Her faith in all that is good and holy still exists, shown in how she begins and ends each day in prayer. She is in tune with the magical and the spiritual, and will at times speak of being able to sense and feel the spirits of things most people consider to be just things.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Arioch Ta'Thlen has lived a hard life. She was born under the tree-top haven in the Elven Kingdom, living most of her earlier years in poverty, watching many and most of the people she met die of disease or starvation. It was not uncommon for someone to have to fight for even a scrap of food. Even as a child, she displayed a great amount of strength and determination fighting her hardest to keep on living despite her circumstances. There were days when she could not eat, and went hungry, and there were days when she was so sick she wished to collapse and die to escape from her torment. What got her through that time was not only her own power, but a greater power beyond herself she believes. Because of this, she has devoted her life to serving and upholding this power, this Light, above anything and everything else.

Some years later, now a young woman, Ari has found herself in the midst of several conflicts that have erupted in the dark shadow of the Elven Kingdom, and served as both a scout and a soldier on the battlefield. From this young age, Ari witnessed many atrocities of war. Massacres, rapes, pillaging, lynchings, beatings, murders, and mutilation. For her, this world was normal, her home, but she knew in her heart that these things were wrong. She broke off from the main army with a group of like-minded fellow soldiers and formed a small, rag-tag militia of her own. This group moved about with no name, but their faces and skills became known far and wide, even in the upper kingdom. Eventually, a group from the lower kingdom plotted to revolt against the upper kingdom and launched an attack that ravaged a part of the tree-top town. In this battle, Ari and her group fought to defend the upper kingdom and helped the knights of the Elven Royal Court quickly end the rebellion. Because of their selfless actions, they were all knighted and were finally freed from their dark hell.

The coming of the Eclipse and the news of the death of the Queen of Light spread around the world like wildfire. The Elven people all grew uneasy, but decided to believe in the remaining Knights. Arioch felt that it was foolish for them to depend on people who had gone into hiding. After a heated and passionate shouting match with the Elven leaders, she discarded her position as a General and cast aside her title as a knight, then foolishly marched out of the kingdom. She had come to the conclusion that she would save the world herself if need be, rather than waiting for someone else to save it.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; When first venturing into a town or unfamiliar place, it is not uncommon to see Arioch climb up to the highest point in her field of view and survey the area. It is easy to tell what kind of mood she is in by looking at where he hand is in relation to her weapons; the more relaxed she feels, the further her hands will be away; when she's feeling threatened, her hand will wander to the hilt of one of her weapons; when she's feeling uneasy or apprehensive, her hands will be somewhere close to one of her weapons, but she still show no sign of reaching for it. She is also known to talk or mutter to herself.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
+ High Places
+ Nature
+ The Light
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
- The Darkness
- The Demons Overrunning the Earth
- The Four Heroes ( Or the Three Cowardly Bastards and the Traitorous Bastard as she affectionately calls them )
- Being Unable to Heart the Voice of the Earth
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
- That the World is too Far into Darkness to be Saved
- Large Bodies of Water

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Those of Elven Lineage are closely related to nature. Arioch is no exception to this. Her magic is earth based, which allows her to control and manipulate earth in it's purest form. She has extensively used techniques involving this element in battle, but has yet to have realized the full potential of her element. In battle, she often creates thick, solid walls of earth to defend herself with. One of her offensive spells is usually cast immediately after this move. The spell shatters the rock like wall and hurls the remnants at her enemies. Dust can blind and choke them, while the heavier bits cause damage as they strike their target. Vines and flora are not beyond her ability to conjure either. She can use a mess of vines to trip up and entangle and enemy. She has been known to strangle her enemies with this move, and has also been seen breaking limbs by having the vines tighten around an arm or a leg and forcefully snap in one direction.

While capable or doing damage to her enemies, Aricoh is also well versed in healing spells. Her magic has, on several occasions, saved her life and the lives of her comrades. She is able to heal heavy wounds, mend broken bones, and stop major bleeding. Healing things such as lost limbs is beyond her abilities.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Arioch is no stranger to combat. She attained her title as a General and a Paladin for good reason. She possess great skill in combat, which is shown in her military history. Her forces have won way more battles than they have lost. Her ability to think and plan under pressure is to be commended. Unlike most general's, she preferred to fight on the front line with her forces rather than hide behind them. It was all too often that she was seen, charging forward with her two hand axes and striking down her foes.

The axes are fancy in design, being forged of a similar white steel as her armor. Each of them have intricate patters both carved into them and melded onto them in gold. The blade of each ax resides on a single, circular cylinder of metal that is around two feet long. Though each is usually wielded in each of her hands, she has been seen using one with both hands, greatly increasing her attacking power. Her third weapon is a rapier. It is worn connected to a separate belt that she has only been seen wearing recently. Using this weapon, she incorporates quick spins, twirls, and other slight, yet fancy movements in combat.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; In the beginning, Arioch knows none of the other characters personally. At one point in her life, even she worshiped the Four Knights as heroes, but feels that they have let the Elven people and the world down after the fall of the Treacherous Knight
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Cadence of Her Last Breath, Brackish, For the Heart I Once Had, 7 Days to the Wolves
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; There isn't much to know about Arioch that you wouldn't know from meeting her.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; Reckless like a stormy ocean, I can cover them with hate.

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: 0236918fa093cbafd6ba71676c02e855-2.jpg]

" Victory always comes with a price. "

â?? Valen Al'yan Fel â??
' The Eldest Knight '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Vali, Windwalker (to enemies) The Dragon Knight or the Champion Knight
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty Six, nearing Twenty seven.
��� [ The start of our existence] ;;, 20, October
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male, of course.
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Fairly open when it comes to sexuality
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Six feet
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; He believes he is Human, but he isn't really certain, he never knew his mother nor his father, and he exhibits some very inhuman traits, like in his eye color and powers.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; The side of Light

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Crimson
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Gold/Crimson
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;;


Valen Fel, the eldest of the four knights in the queen's service is a man renown for his good looks.

Valen is incredibly handsome, with golden hair that flows down from his head in peaceful, gentle waves, past his shoulders and down past his waistline. The hair flows in the wind even when wind isn't present, and is one of Valen's more unnatural features. Valen wears his hair loose on occasion, but most often gathers all of it that hangs down freely and gathers it into a single carefree ponytail. Valen's eyes are a beautiful shade of gold, almost molten in color the eyes show the intensity of the Paladin's gaze and the power of his wrath. Valen sports a handsome face, with well defined facial feature features and a kind, caring expression usually on them Valen is a man many women have fallen for.

Valen grew up in the harsh northern climes being raised by the Hiyamoran monks that live in the north mountains, the training he did up there shaped his body and mind in what he is today. Valen sports a strong and lithe physique, muscled lightly and highly athletic, sculpted by years of training and running, also built around his preferred style of combat, pure speed. Valen's form is tall and well sculpted, stand ing at six feet tall, he isn't a giant, nor is he particularly short.

When Valen served under the queen he wore armor that fit his standards as a knight, made from Mythril and other rare metals the armor is incredibly sturdy and at the same time far lighter than any other armor that could be made. Valen's armor is light, and fits well against his frame, making it very easy to hide under civilian clothing if he wears it in several pieces instead of a full set and actually makes him very formidable when fully dressed in it. Since he and the other knights have gone into hiding Valen has taken up a very modest outfit, consisting of a simple robe that is wound a little more tightly to his body, a gray and black coloration, with green mixed in The robes were a gift from the monks of his homeland, he is thankful to have them.

Lately Valen's appearance has seemingly gotten sickly, his skin has been set upon with a pallor and his cheeks have become more gaunt. The sickness that has overtaken him has subtle symptoms, otherwise Valen seems healthy, but maybe lacking sleep.

[ � о я � ]

Intelligent / Brave / Modest / Reserved / Loyal / Chivalrous

My element reflects my attitude. The air is serene and stable, gentle at times, yet at other times fierce and strong. I keep a stable head at all times, as conjuring my powers takes much concentration, as do striking out at my targets. I need to act as a stabilizing element amongst my companions, who can be anything but stable.

I tend to keep to myself, there are something I just canâ??t let out, I hold my emotions to myself and I am not incredibly outspoken unless something needs to be said. I often make decisions for our group, but I ask them for their opinions before doing so, a leader needs to know these things before he performs these actions.

I do smile and laugh, but I do not have much of a sense of humor, I don't take jokes all too well, though the younger and female knights are both good at making me laugh. I like to be happy of course, but recently it has been just hard.

Finally, my loyalty to my friends is my best quality; I would do anything for my friends, even in my plans, I am careful to take risks, I will happily give my life to ensure their safety.

��� [ The real me.] ;;
��� [ The past is history.] ;;

Valen Fael, the Champion Knight, never knew his real parents, he was abandoned as a baby, perhaps for his strange appearance, or perhaps because it was destiny. In the cold north in a village that rested at the foot of the Icy mountains, The village elder found the freezing toddler on his doorstep, wrapped tightly in a bundle. The elderly man had never had a child, being a monk who had retired to the village decades before. The boy had strange features, golden eyes and golden hair, traits that he never really learned why he had in the first place. The elder took the boy in and raised him as his own son from that very day.

Life in the village was comfortable, though Valen preferred to spend most of his time in the Monastery grounds that rested above the village, he was unhappy in the village, a black sheep amongst white lambs, the only member of the community possessing golden hair, and truly the only member that posessed such strange eyes. The villagers often whispered behind his back and called him cruel names such as "Snake eyes". It wasn't suprising that Valen found peace amongst the monks, who embraced him despite his differences, treating him with kindness whenever he toddled through the snow to reach their monastery, which he would often visit for weeks, practicing the art of the spear with the monk's younglings. Valen's life changed when he was a tender six years old, the bandits that had been watching the region for a while took action while the monks were performing their rituals of prayer to the great Silver Dragons. The raiders crushed any pathetic attempt at resistance, burning the village as they looted and plundered. Valen's father was the last to fall, mortally wounded by the bandit leader's blade as their home burnt around them. Valen charged the man with his training spear, little more than a stick with a sharp rock on the end, the bandit easily knocked the boy across the room and with a dagger slowly made a deep cut across his chest that Valen still bears today.

That was when Valen lost control, everything went black as the and the house collapsed around them.

When Valen came to, he was buried in the rubble of his home, covered in blood that was not his, the bandit leader was dead, torn to shreds as if he was attacked by a beast. Valen's father was on top of him, dead, having used his last breath to shield his little one from debris. Valen's screams alerted nearby monks, who dug him out of the rubble. The entire village had been flattened, crushed by an awesome force which buried everything, and the leader of the bandits had been brutally killed by something, his throat torn out and his body shredded in a way that almost looked like he had been murdered by some wild animal. It took a couple years to get the boy to speak again, and the scars he received that night still remain, with Valen losing control of himself and his powers if he is restrained to trapped. When Valen's mind returned to him, he begged to be trained in the ways of the Spear, and the monks gave him his wish, accepting him into their numbers. Valen trained with the Monks for most of his life after that, training in the use of the spear and blade, learning how to fulfill his duty as a Monk, learning how to tame, and ride drakes, and how to slay dragons if need be. Valen built his own spear, constructing on a base level of near unbreakable Dragon's bone, and the head out of a black, incredibly hard material that fell from the sky in a ball of fire. Valen used his newfound and newly trained gift over the wind to shape the shaft and blade

Valen didn't leave the monastery until he was sixteen, striking out on an errand when he came upon a group of bandits at the foot of the mountains, they were attacking a caravan, raping and killing with abandon, a sight which drove righteous fury into the male's chest. Valen descended upon the bandits, effortlessly slaying them all with his spear. One of the nobles that Valen rescued that day took a liking to the young man who had just slain people easily twice his age. The noble was a member of the Queen's court, and took Valen to introduce him to the queen to be knighted for his brave and valiant act. Upon meeting the queen Valen was shy and a little frightened, though he was astonished by her purity, and upon being in the presence of the one truly pure soul he had met in his life. Valen knelt and swore his life to the queen, a decision that he never came to regret.

During his service to the queen Valen did many wonderful things, aging into a beautiful young man, then into a handsome adult. The other knights joined shortly after, and those knights became his third family. Valen trained and thought the knights as much as he could, having been raised in a society where every man is a brother, and every woman a sister, he treated them like family the moment he met them.

The night the queen was murdered, Valen received a deep cut into his back from the man who he had previously called his best friend, taken out of the fight so the assassination could continue, that was when the pain began, a deep pain seeming to come from. Valen wept the night after away from his allies, unable to let them see him in tears. The queen was dead, and her death rested on his shoulders.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Whenever my emotions flare, it gets windy, I need to keep them under control at all times, unless I want to demolish everything around me. The fury of the wind is unmatched, so I must control my own fury or face the consequences.

Lately, I have taken to smoking, it helps me relax, though I know it destroys me on the inside, It isnâ??t an uncommon sight to see me pull out my pipe after a fight or when I am stressed. I donâ??t want to know what the others feel, so far only the youngest has spoken up about this, worrying about my health when I do so.

��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
Dragons: Valen has a very special relationship with Dragonkind, He is very fond of dragons, respecting their might and enjoying spending time amongst their numbers. Dragons have always been very kind to him, though he is not sure why. Valen possesses a Drake, or a nonsentient Dragon known as "Highwind" that he uses as a steed.
The other 2 knights
Open areas
The Queen
Natural beauty

��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
The King of darkness.
Enemies of the Kingdom of Light

��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
Enclosed spaces- Valen suffers from extremely severe claustrophobia, having spent hours trapped in the rubble of a fallen building and under the corpse of his adopted father. The events scarred him for life, and any time he is stuck in an enclosed area or physically restrained he loses control, fortunately this is a weakness that is best left unexploited, as making Valen lose control means facing hurricane winds capable of literally ripping humans apart.
That his illness will consume him before he is able to avenge the queen.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;;
I am a master of the air, able to control the flow and power of the wind itself. Many underestimate the power of the air element, but that is usually the last mistake they make... The element of air is balanced and flexible; it has methods for attack, and for defense. Wind makes my movements easier and allows me to soar through the air if I need to. To defend myself I prefer to evade my foe's attacks than deflect them. My element is also everywhere, meaning it is nearly impossible to deny me of my power short of suffocating me.

My favorite use of this power is to imbue myself with the element, making me fast as the wind. I can easily evade attacks and strike many times with the speed and agility I gain through the infusion. This ability has granted me the title "Windwalker". This ability allows me to quickly and easily dispatch a number of foes without any possibility of harming innocents, something I have sworn never to do. A second use of this power is to imbue my spear with the power of wind, making it sharper than any blacksmith could hope to achieve.

The power of Air also has more destructive uses. I can summon storms cyclones to my whim, Gale force winds ripping apart my enemies, literally tearing them asunder with the speed of the winds and the debris, I can create blasts of air by focusing it to a point and releasing it, I can even suck the air around me or a target, creating a space with no air at all, my most dangerous ability however, is my ability to create blades of wind that rend my enemies to pieces, nearly invisible and as fast as winds, I will use these as a last resort or to finish a huge number of foes as quickly as possible. I come up with more uses at times for this... but the strain... the strain is too great to use it continuously.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;;

Valen's primary weapon is his spear, a simply exquisite weapon forged of Dragonbone, silver, and a wide, tall spearhead forged from a material that fell from the sky. Valen's spearmanship is unrivaled in all the world, even amongst his fellow monks back at the Monastery of Ice, he has become fabled and legendary as the Champion Knight, using his spear to defend the queen from any threat he believed she faced. Valen's technique with his spear utilized his powers well, moving faster than the eye can see and striking with uncanny precision, using sweeping attacks with the blade or strikes with the blunt edge of the weapon. Valen's spear is nearly indestructible, and the spearhead never dulls and can punch through thick armor with incredible ease, a couple of the finer traits of the metal that it is made from.

As a backup in case there is a time where Valen cannot use his spear in combat, such as in extreme close quarters he possesses a pair of slim scimitars named Sol and Luna. both blades are small enough to be considered off-hand weapons, meaning Valen can wiled them quickly and accuratly, even holding Luna in one hand and his spear in the other.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; Valen is close to the other knights... Acting like an elder brother for them. He once shared a friendly rivalry with the Cardinal Knight, sharing the Queen's affection with him and treated him as a brother.
He despises the traitor and the King for murdering the only woman he has felt feelings for.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Nightwish - Dark Chest of wonders, Ghost love score, Planet Hell, Nemo
Dragonforce- Through the fire and the flames
Luca turilli - Throne of Ice, Where heroes lie (Battle anthem), Prince of the Starlight (General theme)
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Since the queen died Valen has felt a strange pain in his chest, that of an illness gnawing away at his soul. Valen hasn't told the other knights, but at times when they aren't looking he may clutch his chest in pain. He bears whatever wound he has silently, avoiding frightening the others, but he fears it may claim his life.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; .

Sincerely yours,

This will have to do for now, I need to get to bed, but I can convert the rest of the stuff to third later...
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: Blonde.jpg]

" There is Nowhere to Run when Judgment Day Comes, but Redemption can Save us All. "

â?? Brand de Zeus. â??
' The Youngest Knight. '

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Beneath the title.] ;; Name translates into â??the Sword of Zeus (thunder god)â?; many simply calls him â??Zâ?; Lord Brand (formally).
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty One years-old
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; February 14th
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Male or female, he believes love and loyalty is above all else.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Six feet, one inch
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Half Necromancer, Half Elf.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Where the light shines justice; Good

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Caramelized amber
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Vibrant gold
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; The Youngest Knight has what others would call youth, which is, of course, correct in saying, and almost redundant when he thinks about it. Many had thought he looked much younger for his age, which underestimates him in many battles. Z knows that it is better not to get mad though, and instead, he uses that to his advantage to strike down his foe. With fair skin and a childish feature, he had even been dressed up as a child for a mid-autumn festival once; a joke courtesy of the other knights in their happier days.

When in battle, he used to wear armor of the traditional knight in Elzier. However, as time wore on, he slowly drifted towards shedding his heavy armor so that he had more agility, since his magic needed speed. Grabbed in only clothing items, he wears a simple tunic that has had the sleeves torn off, with neckline that used to be part of a cloak. Black breeches finished off with brown sandals completed his outfit, as he had learned early on that it was easier to swiftly move with less heavy materials.

Each item was thick enough to keep him warm, but thin enough so that when the wind picked up around him and sparked with lightning magic, his clothes would flutter about at the edges. After the betrayal and the Queenâ??s death, his smile wears thin, but he tries to keep a bright view on things. However, whenever he faces an enemy, his eyes harden and there is no mercy for those who cross him and those he cares for. Sometimes, itâ??s hard to tell when on the battlefield, that he is the same, kind and gentle male.

[ � о я � ]

Considerate / Kind / Optimistic / Attentive / Loyal / Daring

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The real me.] ;; Instead of speaking his mind, Z is often found to just press his lips together and remain silent. He is more of the observing type than asserting himself, which was quite different from those around him. Back then, he had always been smiling, but in the recent times, the gleeful smiles had become short in supply. Not many could be happy during these times though, and he strives to stay positive for his comrades. For the most part, he is very optimistic, but he has also taken a bit of pessimistic turn and mixes it in as well. If anyone says â??weâ??re going to die!â?, heâ??d respond kindly â??at least weâ??re going to die quicklyâ?; which leads to what they think is his dry or random humor.

The blonde tries to be as attentive as he can be, and is kind to all those around him. Towards the two knights, he is especially loyal, and wished that he could spread his loyalty towards others, so that they would understand that betraying hurts not only others, but oneâ??s self. Being kind and considerate are two different things for some people, but for Z, he mixes them both and tries to be polite and thinks about what would be best for others, while benefitting the group as well. There is nothing he wouldnâ??t do for his companions though, yet there has always been lingering feelings. Anything that bothers him is kept within, so no one, not even the Eldest or Female knight, knew what he sometimes felt.

On the other hand, Z sometimes had a daring streak flare up. It was bound to be part of his personality though, as his elemental power was lightning. The unbound, reckless and ferocious power was reflected upon his persona at times when being kind was the last thing on his mind. If anyone were to threaten his closest companions, then they would feel the wrath of the sky upon them, and the godsâ?? wrath was anything but kind. In retrospect, while he was perhaps the most offensive power based knight upon them, he only focuses on defensive and outside of battle, one could never tell he was so vicious.

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The past is history.] ;; Growing up in the farmlands in the outskirts of Elzier, Z had only known of his mother and father for most of his childhood. They sold things to others that passed by, but mainly, they were self sustaining. Not having much education, he was looked down upon from others when he had rejoined the â??societyâ??, but that was nothing that bothered him. Brand had spent most of his time helping out his parents, while listening to stories of strange things and travels.

His mother was an Elvin woman, with beautiful white hair that just bleached against her vivid, green eyes. As for his father, he had been a necromancer. Because of their different races, at the time, the two kingdoms within the races had shunned upon them. A necromancer was not something the Elves were comfortable with accepting into their society at the time, as his father wasnâ??t even of traditional necromancy. At the same time, there werenâ??t enough necromancers in the world to have had a land on their own, so the two adults were forced to scatter outwards to the outskirts.

By the time that he grew up, the parents mentioned about regret and for him to find his lost brother. It was then that he headed towards the Elzierian kingdom and trained hard to become part of the knights. At first, it was because he figured it would lure his brother towards him. When he learned of the path of light though, it was like a calling that drew him into understanding what he could do to make a better place for others to live in. Quickly, he became attached to the already three knights there, filling the gap of the four corners of the world. It was there that he learned of what later became his greatest secret.

Before anything was resolved though, the Queen had been murdered, and thus, the world had been upturned by the King of Darkness. It was then, that Z stuck close to the other two knights, so that they would be able to take down the King of Darkness together. Whether or not he could be of aid, was something he doubted. Kind and attentive, they place Zâ??s effort in trying to get the Treacherous knight back into the light, as something too optimistic for the darkened knight. When asked, he just brushes off their question of why he does it, and replies that everyone deserved a second chance, if they would just take it. The blonde firmly believed that as knights, and the former members that were like family to him, they needed to be the ones to open back their arms for the knight that had been led astray.

[ � d а я κ � ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ I'm used to it] ;; Constantly underestimates his own strength, Z sometimes uses a bit too much effort in his magic and ends up frying something. He loves to cook, so the youngest knight cooks for the group while theyâ??re out traveling. Sadly, each meal is like an experiment and might not come out well, so his traveling companions are always leery of what might be for dinner. His habits extend beyond cooking with some flare though, as he always squeals like a little girl when a worm is near, and presses his lips together; a sign that he was thinking or had something to say, but kept it in.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
  • * The other Knights
    * Peaceful weather
    * The taste of something sour[/list:u]
    ��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
    • * Evil (King of Darkness)
      * Traitors
      * Lies[/list:u]
      ��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
      • * The Treacherous Knight
        * Worms[/list:u]

        [ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Feel my wrath.] ;; If facing a foe, he would draw up more strength and form a sword made of pure thunder and light. Metal is his best conductor, but he doesnâ??t always need it. His power is destructive and best for offensive, yet sometimes, one would see him using it more in a defensive way, such as creating shields. Based on elements of nature, he is weakest towards earth based, but strongest against wind and mainly, water.

        ��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Z carries a slim sword that mirrors the sword of the legend, King Arthur, of Excalibur. The strong blade is not what is dangerous though, as it is the power that he surrounds it with. Pure lightning ripple from his form and joins one with the sword, making it destructive and even if he missed, the sparks that flew from it was dangerous. Whenever he is parted with his sword, the blonde sometimes forms just fist sized balls of thunder, calling upon the heavens for the power.

        [ � о и � � ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ This connection is deep.] ;; Since he was younger, Z had always been close to nature and his surrounding. When he got older, he found the motivation to become a knight, in which he bonded well with those around him. The Queen had been a gentle figure, while the other knights were like his family. Sometimes, he wonders if protecting the Female knight is because he likes her, but heâ??s so wrapped up in his world sometimes, he forgets about finding a relationship.
        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Your sound of death.] ;; â??I know not what the worldâ??s harm can do upon me, but I know that the memories ease the pain inside.â?
        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; While he doesnâ??t share much verbally, those around him usually is able to figure out where heâ??s heading in any direction. However, his greatest secret is hidden deep within that no one knows, but his dead parents. Z fears that one day, heâ??ll have to challenge and take down his own brother. While the Eldest Knight appears to be the one to do this, Z doubts himself of being able to not attempt to prevent this. Being from a prophetic Elf, he has visions; sometimes of past, sometimes of future. The past brings bittersweet memories of what could have been, and the future scares him, with the many possibilities.
        ��� [ Show them proudly] ;; �����.

        Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: Pink.jpg]

"Even in Your Darkest Hour, Iâ??ll Always Watch over You, my Beloved Knights."

â?? Cecilia Von Kali â??
' The Queen of Light '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Kali (by the four knights and wise dragon), Your Highness, Cecilia (by the King of Darkness)
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Thirty years-old
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; Unknown
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Sadly, sheâ??s deadâ?¦
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet three inches
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Everyone has light within them

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Dark Gold
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Soft pink
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; She wears a flowing gown that is made of the purest of white, and wherever she walks, there is brightness that is her magic emitting out from her form. It is neither painful nor overbearing, as it is a soft glow that sooths the eyes and soul. Kali has a golden necklace around her collarbone that her mother had given her, and similar wrist bangles.

Her hair is of a soft pink that is said to represent those who had died for their kingdom, while her golden eyes represented the light of the world. Soft pink lips and a beautiful body, the Queen is an image of grace and warmth. With the Amulet of Marosia physically within her heart, no one would ever see the amulet whole unless torn from her.

[ � о я � ]

Loving / Gentle / Kind / Righteous / Virtuous / Powerful

��� [ The real me.] ;; Standing atop of the center of the world, the Queen of Light is both powerful and virtuous. She holds the Amulet of Marosia within her, emitting the light that beckons to all those who are lost and needs to find the path back home, into the light that is good. Kali had always been gentle and kind to all those around her, showing a special loving side to those of her knights. While she has a strong duty as the Queen of Elzier, the pink haired woman finds herself going out and playing pranks with the Wise Dragon. Many times, it had been upon the four knights. Pink hair on the knights (violet for the Female knight) had made her laugh to the point of tears.

She cares for them like they were her own, despite them not having been that much difference in age. Her virtues were said to have been directly from the gods above, and her power was ascending from the path of light. Kali had always believed that if one strayed from the path of light, that there had to be a beckon to lead them home. While she wished to be that signal, she also encouraged those around her that they were a beckon on their own as well.

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The past is history.] ;; Ascending to the throne of the kingdom when she was barely fifteen years old, Kali had been ruling as a firm and righteous ruler since she could remember. As a child, she had been wild and at the same time, reserved when she needed to be. Her parents had died of old age though, despite her being rather younger, so she wasnâ??t surprised that she became the Queen of Light so soon.

After a few years of serving as the Queen, she met her first and Eldest Knight. Soon followed was the Female knight, of whom she bonded to like a sister-like daughter. When the Cardinal Knight joined their ranks, she felt a ripple of the peaceful nature in the world. Kali had been in tuned with the hearts of people, and while she saw the weakness of his heart, she loved him all the same. It was her that had foretold him that his breath lacks warmth, but she believed that if he was to always come back onto the path of light, he would be the one to lead them back into peace. This had been proven to her when a small war between dark minions and Elzier had broke out in the early years. With almost acidic waters, the healing properties vanished and singed the enemies. He had saved her from death that day, becoming known as the Cardinal Knight, the Great Hero of the Kapathian Wars.

Soon after, the Youngest Knight joined their group, of which gave her the ability to send her greatest knights to the four corners of the world to watch over the lands. Kali worried for the knights though, as she knew each had their own problems to deal with. The Eldest knight was worrisome for her, as she knew that there was something within him that caused him pain. One day, he feared it would consume him, while she assured him that they would solve the mystery. For the Female knight, she worried like a mother, knowing that the fiery redhead was sometimes out of control and got herself into more than she could handle. The Youngest knight was sometimes too kind, of which she was glad for, but feared he would be taken advantage of. As for the Cardinal knight, she worried for his future, as a seer could not view upon another seerâ??s path.

Upon one of the times that they were to meet and discuss the dealings of the world, the Cardinal Knight betrayed them and turned towards the Darkness. â??Sweet Annieâ?¦stray not too far from the light, for it shall always be with youâ?¦â? was her last words, before she gifted him one last gift. Her body glowed a beautiful light, before disbursing out into the world and forevermore, lost to those who had known her.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Her habit had been to pet all her loyal subjects as an affectionate gesture.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
  • * Almost everything
    * Brittle Candies
    * Cherries[/list:u]
    ��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
    • * Appears to be nothing she â??hatesâ??[/list:u]
      ��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
      • * That she canâ??t save someoneâ??s life or soul[/list:u]

        [ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Most of it is unknown, as those who had defied the light had been banished without the use of power, or had been annihilated due to their darkened heart. One thing one would have noticed, was that her most magic used in front of others, was Eminence; a glowing light that came from her palm, in which healed and drew back a lost personâ??s soul into the path of light.
        ��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Magic is her strongest suit, so there is no need for any channeling object or arms to bear.

        [ � о и � � ]

        ��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; During her life, she has had but a few close relations. Her brother, younger brother in fact, had turned towards the side of darkness, but that did not prevent her from loving him nonetheless. As for those closest to her, there were the knights and the wise dragon. She tried to treat them all as equals, as the Queen of Light should not show favoritism.
        â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Your sound of death.] ;; â??Bring me ecstasy in the form of love, and when the starlight shines down and calls, please donâ??t forget me.â?
        ��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; During the time she lived, Kali had never had love in the sense of her emotions of a one-on-one. Her crushes swayed many times though. There had been something emotional with the Wise Dragon, something almost tangible that drew them together. Her crush had landed on the Eldest Knight for awhile, lavishing him in her affection. She had also shared a sweet kiss, with a cherry between their lips, with the Cardinal Knight, though shocking him. Whether or not she might have found love between those three was put up to questions, as she had died before revealing anything.
        ��� [ Show them proudly] ;; ****.

        Sincerely yours,
        (~*-*)~ [NPC] ~(*-*~).
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: EvilAnime3.png]

"Beg for your life, and your death might be swift. "

â?? Alaphraxion â??
' The Tyrant Dragon '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Xion
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Two Thousand, Eight hundred and thiry-seven, appears to be roughly around twenty-four
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; The 31st of October
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Prefers Females, is often violent toward males.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; In human form he's 5'10", he hasn't been measured successfully in his natural form.
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Red Dragon
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; This dragon takes a side: the dark side.

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Like molten orbs of lava in his natural form, glowing red in human form.
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Scarlet red with black-tiger striping.
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; In his human form: Xion stands five-ten with a toned build leaning toward the muscular side, his eyes shine red with an undying hatred for those that've wronged him in the past and toward humanity in general. But they seem to ignite on fire when faced with the mystic elf, the bitch (his term) that caused his separation from his hoard. His skintone is a dark orange color like the heart of a burning fire with a handsome enough face with sharp features, giving him a distinctly youthful or even noble appearance. His ears are pointed back like an elf's, which is just a cover because he hates to be thought of or mistaken for a mere human. His body overall is strong but produces strength that doesn't seem proportional to his appearance.

His hair doesn't seem to ever really be kempt, he doesn't pay any attention to it and it changes lengths depending on how he feels when he changes forms. Sometimes it's long; but usually it's short with brow length bangs, tapered to the base of the neck in the back. Xion likes to keep his hair the same as his scales or darker, it often appears to be soaked in blood with the striping running from side to side.

In his Dragon form, Xion is absolutely colossal. His overall length is nearly two-hundred and seventy-five feet long from the tip of his muzzle to the tip of his tail. His wingspan is large as well, he's easily capable of flight and enjoys soaring for lng periods of time. His scales are a bloody red color with a tiger-stripe pattern stemming from his back, his wings are the same color with the trailing edge being a dark blue and the underside of his body lightens to nearly white. He has two large horns protruding from the top of his head from the brow ridge over his eyes. Down his back grow tail pointing spines connected with a tough membrane between them that shortens toward the middle of his body and flares out again somewhat along his tail.

[ � о я � ]

Aggressive - Irritable - Greedy - Intelligent - Destructive - Demanding

��� [ The real me.] ;; Xion is a simmering cauldron of rage and anger, bitter toward the world and hateful to the thieving humans that surround him. He only truly respects the Dark King for the man's iintelligence and tactical wisdom, the others can burn in hell for all he really cares. Being a dragon, he's extremely greedy and often has no problem at all bullying someone into giving him what he wants; then because he feels like it: he often kills them just as often. Even so, he's very smart and enjoys planning out what to do and how to do it, particularly when it comes to the mystic elf: whom he wants to slowly torture until she screams him to kill her and end the suffering.

On the other hand, he does have two daughters he cares dearly about and sneaks out to go visit them and usually brings them gifts to keep them happy. All things considered, these two: Corona and Lyra are the only factor in the world that he cares about and he'll protect them if need be. When he visits them, he behaves himself and assumes his humanoid form; but conceals his face using a hood in public until he gets there. It may seem strange that an evil dragon would would care about anything; but they usually do have something to balance them out; and they are Xion's. Other than that he really doesn't have any other positive traits, he's only as honest as he needs to be to accomplish his goals. He doesn't trust the traitorous knight: as he is just that: traitorous. He doesn't have an opinion on the other members of the elite group though; he doesn't usually stay around long enough to know them better.

When it comes to the other dragon somewhere in the world; Xion views her with a mixed outlook of contempt for the fact she's older than he is and grudging respect due to the same thing in terms of experience. If push came to shove, he'd fight her just like he would anyone else, even if he doesn't have a chance to win. Dragon's usually have a massive amount of pride when it comes to others of their own species and Xion is no exception. When it comes to his goals; he very aggressively pursues them, often by demanding lesser beings to submit to his power and dominion or outright destroying their homes to get what he wants. When forced to tail the traitorous knight, he's always in an irritated state at the cool arrogance of the "pathetic" human and would like nothing more than to transform and bite the man in half. But due to an order to "behave" from the dark king: he doesn't and is often forced to at least be the human's ally.

In battle, he almost always transforms to his true state and attacks from the air with his breath weapon or power dives/crushes them, snapping his jaws at anyone that gets within striking range.
��� [ The past is history.] ;; The past may be history, but Xion is so old that he too is history in the area he grew up in and dominated for more than five hundred years. He's earned the title of the "Tyrant Dragon" due to his aggressive and oppressive regime in a small kingdom after destroying the castle and consuming the royalty contained therein. But that was in the distant past and when his reign of terror ended; he was defeated by a group of heroes that had been covertly hired by the joined guilds that had sprouted up in the kingdom, after a desperate battle, Xion fled; wounded in both body and pride to a distant region that: at the time: was uninhabited. But that didn't stop him from re-establishing himself, using resident tribes of monsters to do his bidding through use of magical spells and fear to compell their cooperation and soon was on top again as an unrivaled tyrant. But such a ruthless dragon didn't just get born that way: Xion was born to a clutch of eggs laid by a great wyrm red dragoness and has at least a dozen brothers and sisters scattered through the world or have already been killed by pesky humans and their allies.

During his second reign, he permitted a group of people to move into his territory on the basis they, once a month sacrificed a virgin to him due to the fact he'd developed a taste for succulent tender flesh and had discovered a way to use the virgin's purity to strengthen himself and his own essence. Using this ritualistic massacre, he grew to incredible strength and size; in his paranoia at being defeated again he developed new lair ward spells as well. Currently, nobody in the entire world knows where his main hoard is; only he knows this because when his life comes ot it's end he plans to consume the entire lot of it and transform into a draconic god if he can impress a patron diety to sponser such an ascension.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Xion has a marked preference for doing battle in his natural form, using his ability to stay out of enemies reach while blasting them with his breath weapon or bowling them over with his tail. Usually he remains in his human form when not in combat though and uses it to his advantage. He enjoys insulting weaker enemies to make them angry which leads to them making mistakes.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;

His Dragon form
Making humans beg for their lives
Consuming virgins
His two daughters
Seeing people run for their lives when they succumb to his draconic aura of fear.

��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;

The mystic elf (above all else)
The traitorous Knight
being forced to negotiate or play by "pathetic" human rules.

��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;

Losing his children

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Xion is a very large dragon and as such has several powers. Thanks to his enormous wingspan, he can fly a long distance in a relatively short time. He can also breath out devasating blasts of fire (the breath weapon) in the form of a cone of flame sixty feet long by 50' wide at it's terminus by 60' deep. Or in the form of a line of scorching flame 120 long. This power comes with a need to "reload" which creates a lag time between uses though. He can also use virtually any form of fire magic in existence thanks to his elemental alignment and base; though he does know several other spells to alter combat conditions (like creating fog banks, orbs of darkness and the like). In human form he loses the ability to useh is breath weapon and isntead fights with his sword lit on fire for damage. As a dragon: he can also smash his tail into the ground and create a shockwave effect from that epicenter.
��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Long sword in human form: bite, claws, wings, tail in dragon form

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; He distrusts and dislikes the Traitorous Knight thanks to the constant irritation of having to follow him. He absolutely despises teh Mystic elf as an absolutely unbreakable rule. Grudgingly respects Ranis for her superior status as a dragon, but is willing ot treat her like crap if she's in human form. The others he doesn't give a rats' ass about because he tries not to associate with them the best he can. He laughs whenever someone speaks of teh deceased queen.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Namenloses Licht, Roar of Delirium, Gun Blaze
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; His two daughters are named Corona and Lyra
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; .

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: 19d7087740a8334f27212f02bd962b5c35d.jpg]

" You told I had the eyes of a wolf, search them and find the beauty of the beast "

â?? Nekar Xofanavo. â??
' The Vengeful Drow. '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Sometimes called Nek by the other Dark Generals
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Two hundred and twenty five years old, though she doesn't appear to be a day over twenty four
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; March 2nd
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Though she prefers the company of women, has been known to accompany men when lonely.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Five feet seven inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Drow
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Seeks the solace and silence of the Darkness

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Red
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Lavender
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; There are few who have even been able to capture even a glimpse of this Drow and lived to tell the tale. Her charm lies in an almost overwhelming, exotic beauty not unlike most Drow. Her skin is dark in color, taking on a pigment more befitting of the darkness of the underground civilization in which she was born. Red eyes, seemingly devoid of emotion take in her eyes peer at those around her, a bemused grin often playing at her lips. Her hair is a very light shade of purple, approaching lavender in color. Rather than doing something overly complicated with her hair, she maintains a rather simple style. Her bangs had down to just above her eyes, with a few hairs in the center being just slightly longer. On the sides of her head, her bangs are their natural length falling into line with her mouth, curling inward slightly framing her face. Left alone, her hair hangs down to about her mid thigh. Normally, it is done up in a high ponytail, which blocks anyone's view of her rear when standing still. Her ears are long and pointed, like those of all elves.

What most people first notice about her upon a first glance is not her eyes or her hair, but her body. Nekar is a woman of generous proportions, with a body that would make any man or woman trip over themselves upon seeing. She knows this, and like most of her kind, she flaunts her physique for any who may wish to gaze upon it. Because she is so physically active, she maintains a fit build. Her abdomen and her legs each show slight signs of muscle build up, but it is easiest to see this muscle in her arms. Many find themselves surprised at just how quick, agile, and strong she is.

Normally, she can be seen wearing a rather plain outfit. It consists mainly of a black, backless leather unitard. around her neck, the piece forms a turtleneck like collar. It is almost never seen, as she wears a long white scarf around her neck over it. On her hands are a pair of white gloves that fit snuggly around her hand, but are much looser around her wrists. Her boos are similar in their make. They fit well around her feet, but gradually become wider and more lose around her knees. When going on missions, she is usually seen wearing another outfit. Around her neck, a small, metallic collar type piece of armor is worn beneath a large collar. From the collar come two, dual layered pieces of armor that form shoulder pads. They are primarily black in color and are trimmed with fancy gold patterning. Her top is made up of intricately woven black strips of cloth, which all conform to a single place in the middle of her chest. On her arms, a light scale armor is worn, partially covered with a similar kind of cloth. Her bottom consists of what could only be considered a thong, with several straps holding it in place. Connected to these straps is a light armor that covers her outer thigh's and her lower legs, all the way down to her feet.

[ � о я � ]

Violent / Malicious / Vengeful / Greedy / Envious / Stealthy

��� [ The real me.] ;; There are many words that can be used to describe Nekar. She is, for the most part, a quiet and withdrawn individual. She doesn't talk much, but when she does, it is painfully clear that she isn't exactly a nice person. When she speaks, her words are often biting and show an ill intent. She often teases those around her, forcing them back into a corner and seeking to over power them, which isn't as hard as one might think it would be for the Drow. She is not one to be pushed around, or crossed for that matter. The one thing she hates above all is for someone to wrong her. Should anyone do such a thing, she will sit back and plot ways to repay them tenfold for their wrong doing. Forgiveness is not something that exists in her mind.

More often than not, Nekar will look after herself rather than worry about other's. When she has claimed something as her own, it is hers. No one is to question it or challenge it, as she will no hesitate to cut anyone down who dares stand against her. When she feels threatened, stressed, or when someone ignites her short fuse, she is known to snap. There are many times in the past where she has shown a more violent, almost psychotic outburst of rage which has resulted in many a massacre. It comes as no surprise when her companions see her walking around with wide eyes, covered in blood, and on edge after returning from a mission given to her by the King. They know to stay out of her way, she she knows to stay alone until she calms. At those times, she thanks herself for her ability to disappear for long periods of time without being noticed by anyone.

Though she hates the light with a passion, she is envious of it and those who bask within it, primarily the High Elves. They are known for their grace, beauty, greatness, whereas, Drow are known for being violent, dark, and aggressive. Most people tend to look down on Drow as a whole, and entire race of people who were banished to walk in the darkness. Oddly enough, she finds that there is something that drives her to seek the light, but knows that she will never be able to truly enjoy all that is has to offer as she has already been tainted by the darkness beyond salvation.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Drow are a race that are cursed to walk amongst the darkness. Many of them embrace this curse, joyfully and willfully walking the path of chaos and carnage for their own satisfaction. Somewhere, in the middle of the madness that was their life, Nekar's parents managed to find each other. And after sometime, Nekar Xofanavo was born. Her early life was spent like that of most children, enjoying their youth. However, she was forced to quickly grow up after her parents were both killed in a battle with the forces of light. Since that day, she had come to loathe the light and turned herself into an instrument of destruction for the darkness. From a young age, she began to train as an assassin, honing every single skill that she would need to do her job the best it could possibly be done.

Most of her training was done in real life or death situations, in which she was taught not to fear, but to embrace that feeling of desperation, anxiety, and overwhelming fear. In doing so, she is able to trigger her own, primal instinct. Rather than be limited into a certain frame of mind, she learned to let it all go. Concern for herself, concern for her comrades, those things meant nothing to her. The only thing that mattered was crushing the enemy. And crushing the enemy she became very good at doing. All of these years later, there is no need for her to hold anything within so that she can enter that animal like state of mind. All it takes is a passing thought of "kill the enemy" and she's already making strides toward staining her daggers in blood.

Nekar rose through the ranks as a top rated assassin until even the King of Darkness took notice of her skill. After proving herself time and time again, having been employed as one of his own personal guard, she was promoted to becoming a general in a division of his army based solely on stealthy missions, assassinations, and immediate conflict resolution. In short, when it comes time to clean up those who dare oppose him, she moves in with her group and makes all of the King's problems disappear. She has shown a fierce loyalty to the King and all that he stands for, however, there is a sliver of her self left that yearns to transcend what she is and become something completely different, completely new. This little piece of her has affected her actions in no way before, and shows no signs of becoming too big of a problem to be quelled by the darkness that resides within her heart and the hatred for those who embrace it.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Nekar often fiddles with her daggers, spinning them, tossing them around, performing little tricks with them to amuse herself. She seems to take great joy in sneaking up on people and seeing their reactions when they notice that she's there. When she's not working, or scaring the life out of one of her subordinates, she can often be found walking about, seemingly searching for something. Teasing Gandrian appears to be her favorite pass time.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
+ The Darkness
+ Feeling Powerful
+ People giving her a reason to hurt them
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
- High Elves
- Those Born Into Privilege.
- The Light
- Extreme Heat
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
- Being pushed back into the shadows after finally tasting the freedom of the surface world
- The Light, to an extent

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; More often than not, Nekar finds herself able to function without relying heavily on her special abilities. Most extensively, she makes use of her ability to blend in with her surroundings and make it hard to sense her presence when she does not want to be noticed. From these positions, she is often able to hit the enemy with several fatal blows before they even notice they have been hit. For most weaker enemies, this is more than enough to take care of them before they even have a chance to see the person who took their life. She has rarely encountered anyone who has required her to make extensive use of her abilities. Fire, to her, is like a kiss of death, usually turning her ice into water. If her body temperature rises too much, it becomes near impossible for her to use her magic. Area's of extreme heat, also make it harder for her to use her power, if not, impossible.

Her power lies in ice, and she uses such a power proficiently. She has been known to employ several tactics to help conceal her own presence, such a breathing a cold mist and making visibility in an area difficult before attacking. There are times when she has created daggers made from her magic to hurl at enemies, formed ice on the ground to slip up on opponent or restrict their movement, or have even frozen an enemy before impaling them with a larger piece of ice or her daggers. Only her most powerful foes get to see her really make use of her ice based powers. The most brutal tactic she has ever been seen using involves her repeatedly freezing and smashing her enemies limbs over and over again, thoroughly destroying them slowly and painfully.

Even more rarely, when Nekar is faced with facing an opponent head on rather than trying to use her stealth as an advantage over them, she proves that she is more than a capable fighter. Her speed is nearly unrivaled, and with expertly timed moves, she has been known to overwhelm many with the sheer ferocity with which she battles. Taking advantage of an unsuspecting enemy is what she does best, and is the tactic she employs mostly.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; If anyone asked her what her weapon was, Nekar would answer herself. She sees her own body as her greatest weapon for many reasons, but mostly because she has great confidence in her own physical abilities. Her main weapons are a pair of short, scimitar fashioned daggers with small metal loops attached at the end of the hilts, and her ice magic. She has been known to make copies of her daggers with her ice magic, and create small, throwing knife like bits of ice to hurt at her enemies.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; Nekar's bonds with the other General's have been loose at best. Her feelings towards them all are still unknown, as she isn't very vocal about such things. She seems to have a fixation on 'Annie' though, often seen pushing him into a corner and whispering something into his ear. He isn't the only one that she has done this to nor is he the only one that she will do this too.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Beauty of the Beast, Awake, The Last Call
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Nekar really, really, really hates being called Nek. Most of the troops fear getting on her bed side, so they tend to avoid talking to her in general. She may or may not have feelings towards Gandrian, but even she doesn't really understand what her obsession with him is.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; Beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers.

Sincerely yours,
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Gerrit Jerrod
[Image: guy-1.jpg]

" Ever felt you spine rip through the skin of you back? No? Then shut the fuck up. "

â?? Gerrit Jarrod â??
' The Ferocious Werewolf '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Gerrit. Just Gerrit. Call him by something else and he might just rip your lips off.
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Twenty-five.
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; 8th of November
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Heterosexual ("Dicks don't touch. Got that chickie?")
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Six feet and seven inches
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Werewolf (Humaniod)
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Evil

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Deep purple-blue (Human). Royal purple (Wolven).
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Dirty Blond
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; Gerrit is... rough. His demeanor reflects his physical appearance. His dirty blond hair is worn shaggy, down, over his deep purple-blue eyes that seem to glint with hatred... of everything. His face is quite structured, the bones carved with skin stretched perfectly over it. Home-made piercings are worn, as physical memories of the past. Each it's own story. A thin sheen of stubble gracing his chin.

He stands quite tall when his back is straight, but is usually found hunched over, her arms hanging low to his thighs. His hands deep in his leather pockets. He prefers no clothes over armor, as the pain of his skin ripping it tripled with clothes causing more tension. Though, the King demands a little bit of over, and so he wears by leather pants.

Although a cruel, sick, disturbed man, Gerrit's wolven form was quite a wondrous sight. Over six and a half feet on his hind legs, his width is nearly two and a half on it's own. Big, burly and muscled, covered in a thick wave of dark brown hair, the tips blond. His crazed, unseeing, uncaring and blood lusting eyes shimmer purple.

[ � о я � ]

Uncontrollable / Ignorant / Brute / Rude / Vulgar / Tactful

��� [ The real me.] ;; Unruly, he takes orders from none. No one. He listens to the Dark King as if he were merely giving suggestions. His proper response to such things are a mere snort, shrug and blank stare. Ignorance aids his uncaring personality, his shrug-it-off-and-ignore-it attitude and pure unwillingness to 'help' anyone. He has a 'meat shield' like first impression on people.

Racist, sexist, and just utterly insulting. He doesn't care about peoples' feelings, emotions or.. body parts. You need to lose a limb for his self preservation? Alright. Will he thank you? No. Will he make fun of your stupidity for doing so? Of course! Being all of the above, he's also quite the pervert. He has the tendency to grab something in an inappropriate place from time to time. He's also stolen the clothes of females while they bathe just to be able to see them scramble around nude.

Although, he may seem like an all around dick, asshole, jerk, dumb-ass with no sense of priority... he is very useful on the battle field. Plans for battle pop to his head like what a kleptomaniac is going to steal next.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Gerrit had a very odd upbringing. He was born a monster, raised a monster, and taught to be just that: a monster. He knows nothing more than that. His mother was a turned werewolf, his father a purebred (like himself). He hunted his entire life. He wasn't vengeful, annoyed, angry or upset at anyone. He knew he was a sick child, knew what the humans hated about him, and accepted that..

There was some people who couldn't let it go though. Vampires. Mortal blood enemies. On a hunting trip, Gerrit came across a wounded 'human' and approached him. Rolling the pale boy onto it's back with his cold nose, Gerrit sniffed him down. He preceded to lick the wound clean to help the boy. It turned out it was a Vampire. Gerrit was so innocent and untainted he never would've cared.. if he hadn't been caught. By them. Another Vampire found him over the young boy, assumed he'd attacked him and was getting ready to feast. Even for his young age, Gerrit was a large beast, he was to be an Alpha Male, a leader. So, they found his family, and killed him.

To a human, he'd have been 11. He came back to his den, his mother and father torn to shreds by a dozen Vampires, their organs and there contents sprayed across the walls. Since then on; everything had to die.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; Even in his human form, Gerrit growls while angry. Spits a lot. Hates to be touched. When angered by his 'party' he wanders off to a human town and sees how many women he can lay with in one night (his record is 7 so far).
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
-> Being pet behind the ear.
-> Sweets.
-> Rough play (sexual and not).
-> Curvy women..
-> Snow (Being cold).
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;
-> Anything living.
-> Insects.
-> Fleas.
-> Sticky food.
-> Crying.
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
-> Water (cannot swim).
-> Fire (Fur is flammable you know).
-> Being too warm (Makes him delusional)

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; No real magics or abilities other than his transformation, which makes him much stronger, faster, smarter and blood thirsty.
��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Carries only one weapon. A long knife carried around his neck on a magic rope (expands when he transforms to fit his body). The knife is plain, dulled and rusting. But it has a lot of meaning to him.

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; Hates the Drow, with a bloody passion. Respects the King and pays little mind to the Traitor (If he's willing to turn once, why not a second time?).
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; --
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Absolutely hates Drow and Vampires. Thinks the Female Knight is kinda cute, as well as the Magical Elf and Wise Dragon (He'd tap that). Has a surprisingly beautiful singing voice. Refuses to love ever again; women are merely for breeding.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; "Speech" 'Thought'

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: f12a477c637d7a8fadf702fa2e46e3ff-1.jpg]

" Power is knowing your enemy, how to get close to him, how to get near him, how to find everything he holds dear... Then to crush him without mercy or regret. "

â??Lord Malak â??
' The Deceptive Warlock '

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Beneath the title.] ;; Lord Malachai of Darkwood- The name that Malak has given to his Facade, his double life as an eccentric but kind nobleman, he takes his true name from his teacher however, preferring to go by the name Lord Malak, a name taken from the only being he is willing to call â??Masterâ?
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; 24
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; October 31
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Malak simply doesn't care about gender. He is attracted to aggressive individuals more than others though. He also has a fetish for elves, Dark and Light.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; 5'9"
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Corrupted Human- Black Magic has twisted Malak's body and his soul, he looks human and was once human, but possesses inhuman traits one can be sure he wasn't born with.
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Malachi is ally of the Darkness.

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Yellow, Malak uses magic to change them to a soft violet when in disguise.
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Black
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;;

On the outside, Malak appears to be a handsome young man in his prime, He possesses a lithe build and a strong form, lightly muscled and possessing an average height for men of his age. The true nature of Malak's beauty is in his face. Malak is quite attractive underneath his shadowy hood, possessing mysterious yellow eyes and a devilish grin. Malak can be quite alluring at times, and other times he can be frightening. In the moonlight for example, the light reflects off the pallor of his nearly alabaster skin, reflecting the flawless nature of his face. Malak is about as handsome as he is twisted on the inside, though the Dark mana he uses has taken an effect on his face, whenever he uses his powers that attractive nature fades, his eyes glow and his lips part to show sharpened teeth and fangs. Purple or green flames appear on his person and the once clear and beautiful skin produces veigns that can clearly be seen.

When Malak acts as himself he wears clothing that is truly fitting for a warlock like himself. Black robes and cloak enshroud his form with shadows, a dark hood obscuring his face save for his glowing yellow eyes (One is often covered by his hair) Malak resembles the Warlock he truly is, a frightening, mysterious being with great powers over black magic. This clothing is in no way subtle, and Malak changes to this whenever he is not in his home or working for the King on a mission. The clothing underneath the robe is expensive, protective cloth with light reinforces sections that protect his vital areas in case a spell fails to defend him. This outfit is far more decorated than his â??civilianâ? guise, with dark-gold runes that cover the cloak and pieces of jewelery, including the Ruby Amulet he wears under his neck, another ruby brooch that holds his cloak around his shoulders, rings on his uncovered hand, and a suspicious black gauntlet on his right hand.

Malak is an expert in the art of deception, for years he has maintained a public façade that has protected him from potential enemies and those who grow too curious as to what happens inside the walls and in the great basement of his manor. When Malak assumes this disguise he runs his hand over his face, seemingly dispelling all signs of corruption from his face, turning his eyes from a violent gold to a peaceful violet. Malachai appears truly friendly and kind, all of the harshness Malak cherishes vanishing into an act designed to throw off potential enemies and fooling foes into underestimating him, a lethal mistake.

Malachai often wears the clothing of a noble of the Darkwood lineage, royal purples, reds and blues. The outfit is that of a Noble Spell Caster, even though the family that Malak obliterated was not strong in magic themselves. Malak has several outfits, never sticking with one for all too often, though most of all of them have an overcoat with a matching cloak, embroidered with beautiful patterns and arcane symbols. Malak is often fond of robes, wearing them whenever he desires. Malakâ??s clothing has a degree of a protective nature, making him able to shrug off sparks or small amounts of flame, though they are in no way. Malak always wears this outfit when acting as Malachai

Underneath his clothes however Malak bears many scars from the slavery he endured as a child, deep scars from when whips which split his flesh, deeper scars from blades, and even some burns from the various tortures that were inflicted on him as a youth. Malak has erased the most disfiguring of these scars by taking the lives of innocents with pure skin, especially virgins, and absorbing their purity, mending and restoring his flesh, he does however keep many, unable to get rid of some, and keeping others as reminders of his life as something lower than an animal.

Full Image

[ � о я � ]

Sadistic / Deceptive / Malicious / Intelligent / Unpredictable / Eccentric

��� [ The real me.] ;;

On the outside Malachai seems to be an eccentric nobleman, he possesses many quirks and eccentricities, passing as a man who has lived his entire life in wealth and comfort. The truth is far from this, Malachai, the kind lord of the Darkwood area was never a noble, he had slaughtered the noble family that once ruled the land and passed himself as a much kinder nephew of the cruel lord who once lived in his manor.

Malak is simply a skilled actor, and though he despises his gentle façade he carries it out since it allows him to fool potential enemies into believing he is incompetent or unwilling to do real damage. He is also capable of fooling those he wishes to do harm to that he serves the side of the Light, while in reality he is as dark as they get. Malak hides behind an attractive and innocent face, wearing a smile and a mask to disguise the true monster that he is when meeting with those whom he wants to destroy to weed out their weaknesses and fears before using them against them in force or stabbing them in the back.

When dealing with allies Malak reverts to his true personality. He seems to be callous and cold compared to his guise, but is uncomfortably precise and polite to allies, often using their titles instead of speaking their names. Malak is capable of sounding like he respects others, and doing it well, he is a very skilled actor, even if he has nothing but contempt for others, often though, he does not hesitate to let someone know he doesnâ??t like them.

Malak truly takes delight in performing vile experiments on innocents; he is fascinated with pain and human suffering, and will often spend great amounts of time experimenting on a single poor soul, victims taken to Malakâ??s home often find themselves being tortured, mutilated, or otherwise treated horribly until they finally reach the release of death, only to be resurrected for more. Malak tests his spells this way, casting them on individuals or summoning creatures to determine the effect and the horror they cause. Malak has no regard for human life whatsoever and is especially careless regarding the lives of innocents. Malak will waste subordinates without hesitation using fear to drive them though he makes an excelled commander, and does fight by the sides of his troops, casting buffs over the ones he wishes to perform more admirably while leaving the units he deems worthless to die in combat.

Malak sees himself above all others, he believes he is better than anybody at what he does, and whenever he discovers someone who can best him, he becomes enraged; his pride is his greatest sin, and greed is his second. Malak truly believes himself to be better than those he meets, he may or may not express this belief and in many cases he is in fact superior. Malak hates the king for this reason, as the king is superior in power to him, though he also accepts the Kingâ??s rule, as he has proven to be effective as a leader, and is much more gentle and open to the Warlock than he is to those he has conquered.

Malak hates the idea of being controlled, and he hates following orders from others who he regards as inferior, blatantly ignoring orders most times and doing his own thing. Fortunately he often proves more competent than those he works for, being an extremely skilled strategist and an intellectual of the highest degree.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; In common knowelege, lord Malachai was born as a member of the Darkwood family in Elzier, raised and trained in a prestigious magical academy and having come over to the Darkwood region upon hearing of the tragic demise of his family due to a mysterious plague that killed everyone in the manor.

This of course is far from the truth.

The warlock that now calls himself "Malak" was born a slave to the family that controlled the Darkwood region in Lassadar. Malak was unlucky enough to be born to a slave, a woman known Tara, a slave in the household of the powerful Darkwood family, a family of very rich nobles and collectors of artifacts. The boy was a slave from birth, and his masters were cruel ones. Tara protected her son for as long as she could, but that was exhausting as an effort, and she died shortly after she gave birth to her son. The boy was beautiful, but he was still a slave. The family raised him to childhood for that reason, depriving him the kindness and love that every child deserves. The boy's master gave him no name, preferring to address him by a title, as "Slave", as a result he learned to despise that word whenever it was spoken. The master also ignored him in the favor of his own children and as a result the boy often had to scrounge and steal food to manage to get along without going hungry.

As the boy grew up he learned how truly malicious his masters really were, they worked him hard, beating him whenever he was unable to do his chores or whenever he did not speak to them with the utmost respect. It didn't matter that Malak was small and fragile, the beatings were just as harsh as they were on the other slaves. Certain members of the family, especially the head of the family, The man hated the young slave for his attractive nature, and took it out on his body, beatings and whip[pings were commonplace.

When Malak grew to be a preeteen he began to have dark dreams, there was secrets in his master's homes, secrets that had been long forgotten. The boy took these dreams literally, and one night sought out the secret, finding a hidden door in the castle basement. The boy entered the door and found himself in the hallowes halls of one of the greatest, and most evil magic users to ever walk the land. Maloch. It was there he discovered the Talisman, and the moment he picked it up it spoke to him, telling that it could help him, that there was evil running through the blood that his masters callously spilled, that blood had awakened him, and that blood was what would give the boy his new power, the power to change his life.

The boy stayed in Maloch's lab, the amulet speaking to him, teaching him how to read the many books scattered around, and that is what malak did, learning ancient, forbidden spells in the short weeks he spent there. He named himself, casting aside his status as a slave and taking one as an apprentice, naming himself after his master... Malak. Malak stayed in the passage for weeks, forgetting to sleep, to eat, but oddly not needing to, the magic fed and energized him. Malak lasted and waited, learning as he went.

When Malak emerged from the secret passage he had changed, the boy had almost a year down there, and by then the family had assumed he had made a successful escape attempt. The first member of the Manor to spot him as he emerged, dressed in black rags and carrying a book under his arm and an amulet around his neck was an overseer who, doing his job, ordered the boy to get back to work, brandishing his whip and prepairing to land a punishing strike with the weapon. The boy acted first, reaching out and catching the blow in his new gloved hand, watching as it burst into flames before vile incantations slept from his lips, the guard's body being ripped asunder by evil spirits that followed Malak as he went and one by one slaughtered the noble family, drinking deep of their blood and consuming their souls, watching as he absorbed their vitality and youth and his scars vanishing. Malak trook over the manor, dressing hismelf in his old master's clothes.

Malak introduced himself to the people as Malachai, a nobleman who had moved in to the manor after the family passed away so tragically. Malachai presented himself as a kind lord, taking the region over almost immediately. Malachai's behavior at first was completely normal, seeming to be a kind young lord. However one day people started to vanish. Malak's magic required him to perform sacrificed, and he wanted to know more, unfortunately that meant a couple of experiments had to be made. Malak used orphans at first, seeing as how no one would miss them and that he could claim he was uniting them with loving families. Malak was careful at this point, and did not exactly love his experiments at that point, having not been truly corrupted yet.

Malak met Naolin in this period, having encountered the young noble necromancer on a trip into the city. The males got along famously, despite their conflicting personalities. Malak at this time was not too far from his alter ego in personality, he still had warmth inside him, though he was jealous of Nao's noble blood and his great spellcasting powers, he also experienced feelings he hadn't known he had before, both for Naolin and the dragon that he was friends went.

One day Malak couldn't take the frustration any longer, he challenged Nao to a duel, he wanted to defeat nao, to prove to himself that he wwas better than him, all those years of being second to him were to come to a swift close. Malak was outmatched, as nao was a far better necromancer, however, Malak briefly turned the tables with a spell he had just learned, the Eldritch Blast. Naolin won, even though Malak used forbidden spells and Malak was forced to his knees, his emotions clashing within him even though Naolin spared him and even though he had been attacked, forgave him for the incident, as they were after all friends. Malak had before just wanted to express himself, but now the black hatred burning inside of him for his friend had grown to a pitch, the male wiped the tears from his eyes and apologized, taking Naolin's hand even though his movements were truly false.

Malak was defeated, and broken by Nao's victory, Nao was still kind to him, he showed mercy, this burned Malak up, and made him hate him far more than ever before.

Malak would not let this slight to his honor go, his jealously and rage brought him to Naolin's side as he slept on his eighteenth birthday, bending over him and whispering dark and baleful words into his ears to ensure his sleep, his fingers carving a dark mark, the mark of his master into his flesh. The mark would ruin the necromancer's life, destroy all that he allowed himself to grow close to. The Necromancer would later find a method to releave himself of the curse, but only temporary, and it took the loss of the he loved. Malak met Naolin the next day, a sympathetic, kind look on his face, stating that he was felt his loss, and his sadness. the two split paths later, Malachai telling that Naolin was welcome in his home at any time.

When When Malak finally turned twenty, the king came to him. of course the king saw through his guise, and the number of orphans and criminals he had cut through testing out his powers. The king offered the Warlock a deal, telling him that he could supply him with a fresh supply of maidens and youths to conduct his experiments on so long as he conducted his experiments in the name of the king. Malak did not have much of a choice, seeing as even though this was before Vayne took Elzier, Darkwood was a province of Lassadar, but the king was smart, avoiding angering the male to earn a powerful ally. Malak agreed to the king's deal, and began working his experiments for the king's army, augmenting various soldiers with the magics he had learned by torturing countless innocents.

Malak proved to be one of the most twisted and terrifying beings in Lassadar shortly, all the while holding the beloved name of Malachai. Malak, not referred to by name became a boogieman in Lassadar, as some unfortunates surely would end up in his "Care" Malak served the king, though not as a member in his army usually, and serving as a commander or a general whenever taking control of the King's magical corps.

Malak was there when the king overtook the city in Elzier, having personally blown down the doors and demoralized the troops so King Vaynes men could rush in and take the city.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;;
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;
Power- Total, unlimited power. That is what Malak wants, and that is what Malak intends to gain.

Experimentation: Malak is a scientific type, he enjoys a variety of sadistic experiments he performs on innocents.

Sex- sometimes Malak enjoys sexual pleasure more than he does pain, as sadistic as he is he does quite like having another under his power squirming naked beneath him, powerless to resist him.

The Drow: Malak has a fetish for elves, he also likes the elf due to her solitary and aggressive nature.

The Elf: As Saidâ?¦ Elf. Fetish. Of course it is more likely that he is interested in experimenting on her more than anything. Her personality could use a fewâ?¦ adjustments after all.

��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;

Being controlled- Malak doesnâ??t take orders well, he long ago decided that he answers to no man or god. The King of Darkness however has wizened to this and does not give him orders, but merely offers him opportunities to perform mutually beneficial tasks.

Being reminded of his past- Few people know that Malak was once a slave, but being taunted with this fact reminds him of all the horrible things that his masters did to him in his bondage, Reminding him of his life of slavery is a death wish, as Malakâ??s Gauntlet doesnâ??t discriminate and once the petrifaction curse takes effect, it canâ??t be stopped.

The Necromancer- Malak positively hates the necromancer, dumbfounded with the fact that he defeated him in his dark power. The necromancer is older than him, a noble, and skilled with the use of his spirits. Naolin defeated Malak once in a duel, and Malak has never forgiven for that, going to extreme lengths to make his life miserable by inflicting one of his most unpleasant curses on him in his sleep, a curse that would stifle his power and destroy all he loves, then to finally control and destroy him utterly. Malak is driven to kill Naolin, wanting greatly to absorb his soul and gain his power.

Dragons- Malak just doesnâ??t like them. Both the Noble and Tyrant dragons irritate him, though he seeks to consume the Noble one, as she is far more powerful.

��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;
Enslavement- The thought of being forced to bow to another is something Malak canâ??t stand, he would be easily willing to destroy himself through magic rather than obey anotherâ??s whims by force.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;;
Black Magic- Black Magic is Malakâ??s preferred and ultimate form of offense and defense, spells that are easily cast and cause great pain and death to his enemies. Black Magic is the most diverse of all Malakâ??s magic. Black magic is composed of forbidden spells that cause harm to his enemies in ways that conventional magic users wouldnâ??t dare. Black magic draws on the very evil of Malakâ??s soul, and the soul that is sealed in the Amulet that Malak carries to generate its power, feeding on the corruption and darkness of the earth and in the hearts of humans.

Seeing Malak use Black Magic is a terrible sight to behold, his eyes glow a molten yellow color as black and green flames spill from his hands and sometimes even his eyes and mouth.

The most basic form of attack that Malak uses is called an eldritch blast, a simple blast of dark energy launched from the hand. The blasts can be altered to form piercing, long ranged, or even scattered blasts which burn and harm those they touch. Malak can form these blasts into whatever form he pleases, sometimes forming a sword or bow from the energy. Eldritch blasts scald and burn the flesh of the living and create wounds that are not easily healed.

Malak also has other forms of attack, summoning sweeping darkness, twisting living beings into monsters, enslaving spirits and supernatural beings, physically harming others, draining their energy, striking fear into their hearts, and ripping the souls out of mortalâ??s bodies (a personal favorite). The more complex spells take more time to cast, but Malak is a deadly spell caster none the less.
Black Magicâ??s only weakness is great holy power, unlike light and dark it takes power from evil, not lack of light. A holy attack can cancel his power.

Necromancy- Malak is a powerful Necromancer, using spells to manipulate the spirits of the dead, or more specifically the bodies of the dead. While Malak is able to control spirits he uses other forms for his magic, summoning undead creatures to fight for him rather than having a peaceful relation with spirits. Malak is a master of the darker forms of necromancy, and his alter ego Malachai is an accomplished spell caster. Malakâ??s skill in Necromancy is limited due to the fact that he is not a full blooded Necromancer; his power is â??borrowedâ?? from the Ancient Necromancer named Malach. Malak also uses this, paired with Black Magic to raise corpses from the dead as undead slaves.

Conjuration: Malak loves to summon creatures, whether they are familiars or demons. His favorites are monstrous hellhounds, beasts that resemble wolves but are often but are somewhat skeletal in nature, billowing green flames from their eyes and mouths and creatures called Hydras, venomous snakelike demons which emerge from his shoulders when it comes time to strike. Malak also uses spells from this field to change his clothing with a flash of green flames or to summon his weapon, but not much more, Everything but clothes and weapons may take a long time to summon.

Curses- Curses are the most powerful long-term effects that Malak has in his possession, and with the most numerous effects. Curses are spells that Malak uses to inflict a rather permanent or long lasting effect on an enemy, not all are deadly, but all are unpleasant, curses have many, many effects but generally cause pain and suffering on the victim, from transforming someone into something or branding them with a mark that causes death to follow them, striking down all who are close to them while leaving them agonizingly alive, or having food turn to ashes in a personâ??s mouth. Malak inflicts curses on enemies he hates and sometimes on allies as a punishment for irritating him. Curses are sometimes able to be lifted by holy magic, but some of them, like the Curse of the Seal he left on Naolin and the Curse of the Gorgon can only be lifted by Malak himself. Malakâ??s favorite curse is the Curse of Gorgon, which slowly, but surely turns an enemy into a unliving statue, immortalized and in constant pain for all eternity. Curses have no real offensive purpose, instead Malak merely uses them to torture other living beings after combat.

Hexes- Hexes interfere with enemy thought and sanity, causing them a variety of effects from simple ones that confuse and muddle foes to complex ones that take control of an opponentâ??s body, forcing them to attack those close to them. Hexes can also affect the body. Hexes can also physically harm someone, though curses do that far worse.
��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;;

In close Combat Malak is relatively helpless, up close he doesnâ??t stand a chance against a knight armed with a sword, though he is usually able to jump away and evade a foe long enough to get some distance so he can start slinging spells again. If he has to fight he prefers to use close ranged spells or his gauntlet, the Hand of Amon-Sul

Malochâ??s Talisman- Malochâ??s talisman is a Talisman that once belonged to the evil sorcerer that once ravaged both of the lands with his dark magic, responsible for the corruption of Lassadar in general and strangely the presence of roaming undead elsewhere. This Talasman possessed a portion of Malachâ??s soul, and is the source of Malakâ??s necromantic powers and knowelege, as well as his ability to consume the souls of the living. Maloch himself is available as a spirit, still wielding all the fury he had in life in death, having given his Protégé and successor the rest. The Talisman is Malakâ??s prized possession, and woe to any thief who manages to steal it. This is noted as a weapon because whenever Malak interacts with his dark lord, he gains an absurd boost in his magical power, guided by the king of the dead himself.

Hand of Andum-Sul- The Hand of Twilight- The Hand of Twilight is a powerful, ancient artifact of evil power that Malak wears. The hand takes the form of a long black gauntlet, worn on Malakâ??s right arm; The Hand covers his hand and forearm, all the way up to the elbow. The upper part of the glove appears to be made of thin black metal that fits the skin so smoothly and tightly it appears to be a glove, in no way bulky or cumbersome, with craftsmanship that almost rivals that of the elves of Greatwood. The gauntletâ??s hand is even more unique, on the back of the hand is a large, demonic looking eye seemingly embedded in it, the eye on the back of the hand remains closed when inactive, but when it opens, the gloveâ??s power is activated. The fingers are long and sleek, matching Malakâ??s fingers perfectly, though when activated the fingers can grow into deadly talons, increasing the weaponâ??s already terrifying look. The Hand seems to be able to change shape, growing bladelike attachments at its userâ??s will when activated. In its activated state the eye glows and lines run through the glove, ritual designs highlighted in blood red cover the glove. The Hand of Twilight has numerous powers, able to channel a curse with great effect, like the curse of the Gorgon, enabling their use in combat. allowing him to rapidly petrify foes.

The hand of Amon Sol has also displayed other abilities, more terrifying ones. Using The Hand Malak is able to grab a living being and drain the life force from them, rapidly aging them until they are nothing but bones and ash, Malak has also been seen tearing the soul from a human being who angered him. The Hand also has another power, when Malak uses it and touches an object, it is destroyed, either shattered or disintegrated, crumbling to ash whether it was stone, steel wood, or flesh. Malak is never seen without it (Usually keeping it in Glove form) The Hand has its inherent weaknesses too, of course it has an extremely short range in order to work, leaving Malak vulnerable to ranged attack nearly at all times, it also makes it difficult to fight more heavily armed enemies, and nearly impossible to fight multiple enemies. One on one however, Malak can be quite deadly.

[ � о и � � ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ This connection is deep.] ;; The Drunken Necromancer is Malakâ??s worst enemy (Or at least that is how Malak feels, Nao is unaware of his old rivalâ??s malicious nature), a noble at birth the man is a powerful necromancer, gifted in the arts. Malak believes that the Necromancer is an insult to the art of the dead, and his hatred is what drove him to lay his most powerful curse on him to chain his powers

Malak doesnâ??t particularly like many on his own side, he despises the King for his power, yet follows him purely out of respect for that same power, that and the fact that the King has offered him even greater power.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;;
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Malak was born and raised a slave. He guards this secret and many others with his life, and will personally kill anybody who finds out.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; White, Green, purple.

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: bleach.jpg]

" Burn this image into your memory and disappear! "

â?? Renate Anselm â??
' Sellsword '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; Ren
��� [ The years come and go.] ;; 25
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; February 1
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Female
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Either Or, I don't waste time worrying about it.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; 6'1'
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Half-Demon, half-Human
��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; Money

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Azure Blue
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Dark Brown
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; She has messy long dark brown hair and a fair skintone with blue eyes, seriously that's all you really need to know. You want to know more? Ugh fine dammit. When she looks in the mirror, she sees a cursed individual; someone that has to exist between two realms of life: that of a human and that of a demon; to blend in with human population, her mother gave her a pendant that conceals her true appearance from the world so she can avoid having problems relating to people. Renate sees a young woman with milk chocolate colored hair that sticks up in a spiky fashion from her head with some spikes curving over the brow to form thick bangs with a left whorl to the rest of it. She usually keeps this sometimes unkempt mass of brown in a ragged appearing ponytail that drapes down her back and terminates around her rear. The color of my eyes in both of my forms is a straight, boring blue color that changes tint and shade based on mood or lighting. Her physique is something alot of women claim they want to share, she has long toned, fit muscles with a bountiful bustline that suits to be more of a pain in the ass than a boon; though she's not adverse to the attention it gets.

Ren prefer to wear a formfitting thin rubber...corset (I guess you could call it, though it's more like a bodysuit.) A sleeveless, midrift displaying red jacket, usually worn open to expose cleavage with an attached belt on the underside to fix it in place under said rack. Over the legs she prefers loose clothing in the form of low-slung dark blue pants cuffed into a pair of half-boots and fingerless leather gloves with forearm bracers. She also tends to wear a belt around the waist with two obvious daggers belted to it and a couple pouches for carrying other items she might need. Other than that she often appears to be unarmed, but the gloves she's wearing are magical and is storing her main weapon in the right one and a ranged weapon with ammo in the left. (each can hold up to 60 lbs of equipment due to an extra-dimensional space).

In her real form I have darkly tanned skin and the sclera of my eyes bleed over into a blackish-blue color and the irises glow, hair gets longer and mane-like as well as the fact her fingers become clawed and usable as weapons, not to mention the horns that grow from the forehead and curve around the head and form points behind the ears.

[ � о я � ]

Indifferent - Tease - Free-willed - Charismatic - Skilled - Impious

��� [ The real me.] ;; What can she say? She's an outcast from "polite" society, personally she thinks those damn stuffy bastards can stop staring at her boobs while they insult her heritage and think of her as less than them because of that dual heritage. Ren doesn't mind the attention usually but the least someone could do it be nice to her while they talk or at the very very least: keep their negativity to themselves. She'd would describe myself as indifferent, as in not really caring about what's going on around her if it doesn't directly involve her, the job she's doing, or helps her with my ambition to destroy a slavery ring that took her mother from me when she was a child. But she does like to tease people with her appearance, She knows they stare no matter what she does so why not enjoy turning the males on while enfuriating the females that can't match it? She gets a huge kick out of starting barfights over it as well, most of the time she joins in because Ren loves a good fight as well.

However, she does take news of slavery and the like seriously and willl pursue rumors to their conclusion whether she finds out what's going on and destroy it not remains to be seen half the time. But she does know of a massive network in the underground that does all sorts of trafficking and plans to take it out. But for that, She needs to get more money; so she doesn't swear fealty other than to the golden coin and will work for higher bidders regardless of their own ethos or morality: trade and money know no alignment so neither does she half the time.

��� [ The past is history.] ;; Like I said before: Renate is the offspring between a demon and a human. She lived with her human mother for her entire life until a few years ago when she was kidnapped by pressgangs and hauled into the underworld of human trafficking, debauchery, greed and avarice. Life was hard when she was a child but with her mom around to protect her, she didn't have to worry about a whole lot, just bullies every so often but now without her help or advice, Ren just feel lost in the world. she doesn't know who er father is, more than likely he raped her mother and she bore Ren while he ran off to fuck some other tramp instead of trying to help out..that bastard. She lives by the sword and has traveled a good long way in life, starting from when she was the tender age of 16 when her mom vanished; she's worked for kings, merchants, anyone that would pay a good price for what they wanted done, hell she's even been a whore periodically.

Hey, what the...don't look at me like that dammit, other work was sparse and I had to eat right?

But that was only recently, until that point she spent most of her teenage years learning how to fight, steal, lie, coerce and barter for just about anything she needed from food to a place to sleep for a night. Renate doesn't choose to take a side in this hunt for the shards of some dead queen's heart.

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; plays with dice when bored, likes to swim in the nude when it's warm.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;;

Gambling (Dice games, poker)
Sex (naturally, who doesn't?)

��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;

Travelling alone (though she does it alot, she just gets lonely)
Idiots, bigots, "tyrants"

��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;

Never finding her mom or her fate.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Renate uses a two handed Falchion and a handcross bow (for range) with the crossbow often armed with debilitating poison. She's also skilled in hand to hand fighting though she's no martial artist, just using skills she picked up throughout her life.

��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Renate uses Energy. Able to create rays of rays of pure magical energy or lob magical "grenades" thanks to a shard of a magical diamond she keeps in her left glove (she doesn't know it's not one of the importnat ones but it looks similar)

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;; While she doesn't personally hold grudges against anyone. She is fond of the Necromancer because he's a good drinking buddy and never seems to take offense to her sometimes crude humor. As a part of her job though: she doesn't like the vampire; he kind of creeps her out a bit.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; The dry dusty sound of the desert wind
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; She's quite blunt when she speaks and tends to curse when irritated.
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; . black/white

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: Night_color_by_heise-1.jpg]

" Are you afraid of the dark? Perhaps you should be... "

â?? King Vayne of Lassadar â??
' The King of Darkness '

��� [ Beneath the title.] ;; "Your highness" - Anybody speaking directly to him who does not wish to die a painful death.

��� [ The years come and go.] ;; Appears to be around 35
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; Oct. 31
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; The King take whoever he pleases. He seems however to enjoy the supple flesh of a woman more than men though
��� [ How high is high.] ;; 6' 4"
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Some say the king is more Demon than Human now...
��� [ There is no other I am servant to Master of] ;; The King rules over the side of Darkness with an iron fist

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Black
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Black
��� [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;;

The King in his "Casual" attire

In battle uniform, holding an inactive Souldrinker

The King of Darkness is a surprisingly handsome man, almost as attractive on the outside as he is twisted, evil and hateful on the inside. The King has inherited his familyâ??s natural beauty, intense eyes, and well sculpted facial features that he and his sister both shared, though far more masculine in nature. His features are attractive, but they give way to his dark and unnatural evil and over his life they have become corrupted. His once kind but bold features are now overcome with malice and cruelty.

Vayne stands six feet three inches tall, a rather impressive height for his projected age and has an athletic physique, complimented by his strong, intense features of his face and body. He bears many scars on his pale skin from past battles when he still fought for a good purpose before his powers settled in and he began his path to darkness, one directly across his body from left to right, another along his arm, and a couple of them

Vayne wears his long Jet black hair free and loose around his face, black bangs framing his handsome features and other locks scattered aimlessly around his back and neck. Rings of steel rest on black backgrounds, intelligent and intense. Whenever he uses his powers, his eyes turn black and deep as the darkness wells around him and his power grows and flares, making him a frightening figure.

The Kingâ??s glare is said to be terrifying, as if he was looking through the very soul of the one he is gazing at, the intensity of the cold, intense gaze is stunning. It is said that this is how he sees the darkness in a person's soul.

Vayne wears prefers to wear clothing that serves more for function than for fashion. He doesn't bother adorning himself with gold or jewels aside from his onyx ring and his earrings, and prefers to wear simple, yet useful clothing that serves more of a purpose than looking flashy. His outfit is meant to provide balance in movement and protection. Mithril woven into his shirt protects him from injuries in case he is caught off guard, a present from the Dark Elves that worship him. The king wears a slightly heavy coat extends to his ankles and his boots, wrapping slightly around to conceal his legs and allowing him freedom of movement for the King. Around his waist are two belts which cross in an X at his front, holding up the leggings and providing a place for him to attach his sword and it's cover at his left side.

The King's connection to the powers of darkness and his flirting with demons has effected his appearance. Most of the features that he has developed are easily hidden, but in the dark his eyes seem to glow and his canines have elongated into fangs.

[ � о я � ]

Evil / Merciless / Dangerous / Deceitful / Selfish / Intelligent

��� [ The real me.] ;; The King is a powerful man, and he reflects that power with the iron grip he holds over the kingdom he has just conquered. The king has been known for several things, his ruthlessness being one of the top ones. The man is one almost completely without mercy when it comes to his enemies, denying them any precious mercy. He destroys all who oppose him without regret or mercy, possessing no tolerance for anybody who gets in his way.

It is easy enough to say that Vayne is a strong man, his drive is powered and backed by his iron will. Despite his power he is a man known for his self control. Vayne refrains from violent outbursts or acts of megalomania, keeping a solid head on his shoulders and never getting carried away with what he does. He may be evil, but he is not stupid or insane, he had goals and rules he follows and will do anything to enforce order.

The king's wrath is something to avoid. When Vayne becomes angry his powers flare, his form darkens and his eyes turn black as a wicked smile creeps across his lips. It is when he is angry that he becomes truly fearsome.

The king is powerful, but his most dangerous attribute is his intelligence. The man is no fool, and he is always on top of things, always prepared with another tactic or method to subdue his enemies. He has always been smart enough not to oppress his subjects, to treat them like people on occasion and encourage hatred towards rebels by rewarding proper behavior and making sure all he demands is their obedience, denying rebels of any manpower and suppressing them through fear and making the occasional example.

Vayne does not tolerate insubordination in his soldiers, and anyone who disobeys him is punished with death.

The king is also a skilled actor and manipulator, a master of the false smiles and smooth words when it comes to his allies, whispering lies and deceit into his enemies, demoralizing his foes before crushing them completely. Vayne has a sadistic streak, he loves nothing more than to see his enemies squirm as they are turned against each other, to drink in the despair and horror of his foes before he finally strikes them down with his blade. He loves to corrupt innocence of others, peering at his foe's weaknesses and using them to his advantage.

Vayne might be cruel, sadistic, and generally evil, he can actually be quite pleasant around his allies. He isn't nice or incredibly easy to amuse, but he can be pleased or amused by others like the Dark elf and the werewolf. He was once a good man, and perhaps that pleasantness is something that remains of that long-gone kindness that the queen once cherished.
��� [ The past is history.] ;; The King of Darkness was born prince Vayne, the second in line to the imperial throne after his older sister, who would later be called the Queen of Light. The boy was beautiful just like his sister, and his parents, the current king and queen of the then small kingdom that they ruled loved them both, they were a balance, while their daughter had beautiful light hair, their son had dark hair, just as beautiful, they were the siblings of Light and Darkness.

Vayne grew up happy, with his parents and his sister watching over him and helping him learn and grow. During his youth he showed no signs of any special abilities unlike his older sister, and everyone was relieved, with the prophesy looming over their heads. The prince lived the first ten years of his life without incident, but one night a group of people broke into the castle in an attempt to kill the ruling family of Elzier, The princess was away having become ill that night. Vayne was with his parents when the assassins stormed into the room and killed the King and Queen in cold blood.

The men came after the boy next, but his powers activated, shadows gathering around him and his eyes turning black as shadowy tendrils wrapped around their bodies and literally tore them limb from limb. The princess heard the screams of the men and the cries of the boy and rushed into the room with the loyal guards and helped subdue the boy before the emergence became too deadly.

Vayne never really got over the moment of his parent's death, the rush of power he felt was intoxicating. He spent the next few years helping his sister, who had just become the queen due to their parent's sudden demise. The two relied upon each other, using their strengths to their advantages. Vayne turned out to be am incredibly efficient general, quickly learning from the best of Elzier's army and quickly taking command and pushing the Barbarians away from the land even though he was barely even the age that most young men are when they joined the army. The Prince and queen ruled Elzier and with the Prince's help, the queen was able to expand her kingdom to the size it was before her death.

Vayne knew his mission wasn't over. The lands to the south were still filled with evil beings who desired nothing more than chaos, then called the lands of darkness. Vayne bid his sister good bye and left with a devision of troops, vanishing until he came back years later, having conquered the kingdom to the south, making it his own as it was his birthright. Lassadar had quickly changed since Vayne took over, the rabble and raiders that once roamed the countryside had become organized, the people enslaved by the clans that once ruled there destroyed.

Vayne had almost single-handedly turned Lassadar from a lawless country to a civilized but warlike kingdom, though the Queen would quickly learn that Vayne had changed, his rule was accomplished through an Iron Fist... People were flocking to his kingdom, the only place in the south where crime did not exist, happily trading their freedom for their security and fueling Vayne's quickly growing war machine. In only a few years, a gigantic Citadel was built into the side of a mountain to the far south away from the desert, this fortress would later become the King of Darkness's home.

The queen did not protest with her brother's style of ruling his new kingdom, instead she welcomed him back to her kingdom on his visit with open arms. She sensed that he had changed, her once kind brother had become cold and almost cruel, his stance changing when the queen accepted him into her castle, he wore all black and he did not smile during the whole visit, leaving without saying goodbye. The queen would later hate herself for not seeing this first sign of curruption, and curse herself for her inaction for the years that followed. The desert between the kingdoms of Elzier and Lassadar kept intruders away from the Kingdom of darkness

Over the next years the King became more and more currupt, qiuickly putting down any form of resistance, and in a short matter of time the local species were worshiping him as a god. The Dark Elves, one of the most notable of the species, and elementals had devoted themselves to him completely. The King had quickly become one of the most powerful beings in Marosia. The Queen was horrified by the changes her brother, he had changed so much over the years that had passed, and his hatred and curruption grew with each visit.

Finally, on his last visit he attacked her. Vayne had learned of her amulet and attacked her on his last visit, the two siblings only fought briefly, and once the queen had won, the King of Darkness fled the room, vanishing into the shadows promising revenge. It was then she learned his plan, to gain immortality to rule over the world for eternity. Though she was initially shocked, the queen knew it would only be a matter of time before he returned, and he had been building an army since he left.

Many years passed since then while the knights were growing up and darkness had settled over the south, even north of Lassadar. Reports came from the south that Demons had begun walking the lands to the south, grotesque creatures and monsters also began to run free, forcing more of the free people to the king. The King had become cruel, merciless, his behavior, even his appearance beginning to change as his power grew and grew and grew until the day that Elzier was attacked.

The king attacked without warning or remorse from the southern volcanic region. Elzier's gates were blown open and the forces of the kingdom rushed to defend the city and the castle. When the castle doors were blown open and heavily armored soldiers that would be later known as blackguard stormed through the castle, slaughtering anyone who resisted as the king himself made his way to the throne room. When he arrived the royal guards confronted him. Vayne killed them without pity or mercy, drawing a black sword from his side and cutting through them effortlessly before blowing down the door with a spell.

Now the king has taken over his sister's entire kingdom, and his rule is spreading quickly, threatening the elves of the forests and the merfolk of the east

[ � d а я κ � ]

��� [ I'm used to it] ;; When Vayne starts to get irritated, his teeth show a little, it is a subtle sign, but one his subordinates are quick to pick up on. When Vayne smiles, the message is often not a good one, a kind, gentle smile is a BAD sign. while a more evil smirk is generally positive.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;; Power
His rule
The prospect of becoming a god and achieving true rule over the world.
Ultimate power.

��� [ When the dog bites.] ;;

Dragons- Pesky creatures, individually they pose no threat to him, though as a species they can be.

The Knights
Blind followers of "light"

��� [ When the bee stings.] ;;

Vayne has long since killed his ability to fear, he is utterly confident in his victories and has many, many exit strategies reserved for if things go wrong.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

��� [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Vayne possesses absolute power over darkness. Every shadow, even the smallest one is at his command, and the uses he has found for this power are many and varied. It can be used for attack and defense, blades of shadows striking down foes at range or shields of shadows rising to protect their master. The power has more insidious uses as well, stealing the life from others, dragging foes into the void, impaling others on spiked tentacles that extend from the King's fingers or crushing them with solid constructs. The king can travel through shadows, vanishing and reappearing wherever it is dark enough, he also seems to peer into the soul's darkness, drawing out things he can use against a person caught in his glare.

To supplement his power Vayne is a skilled sorcerer, a user of magic of several kinds, curses, hexes and pacts he can use against his foes. Unlike his powers, using a spell costs a little bit of time for an incantation, but when used they can be deadly.

Vayne is rather strong and skilled even when not drawing on his darkness but when he does, his strength and speed multiply enough for him to be a threat in combat to almost any foe. That and being in the darkness of his eternal eclipse, his power growing by the night he had become unstoppable. The only thing that still pose a threat to him are the knights, but only if they united would they be able to defeat him, and he works to break those bonds with every moment.
��� [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; The Souldrinker: The evil blade the King wields, appearing as a warped longsword with a wicked obsidian blade, curved in the front and straight in the back, almost like a katana or a scimitar. The blade serves as a focus for Vayne's power, enhancing the cutting power of his blade and allowing him a weapon that won't dispel when exposed to light.

The blade is not all it seems. When Vayne seeks out it's true power he whispers to the blade and a red eye appears on the hilt, followed by the blood red runes appearing over the blade, which then takes on an evil aura the color of blood. This is the Souldrinker's true form, a demon sword which feeds on the souls and life of the living being it kills to amplify it's own power. Enemies that get too close to the sword find their life energy and strength fading rapidly, the happiness sucked out of their bodies every time they parry a blow from the evil weapon. Eventually, the unlucky foe is unable to lift their own weapon, and with a final blow their very soul is consumed by the sword. When Vayne uses the blade his eyes take a red hue and his features become slightly more demonic. His personality also changes, his aggressiveness and bloodlust rising as long as he uses the weapon in it's activated form

Vayne can create weapons out of darkness easily, though these can be dispelled with a light source.

Finally, though not technically a weapon Vayne is in control of the most powerful army currently existing. His regular troops are well trained and well armed, each one pushed on by a powerful and fanatical devotion to their king, the only man who had brought them power and prestige.

The king has three forces, each divided into units with a stable chain of command in the Regulars and Elites.

Irregulars, the rabble, cannon fodder and mercenaries that Vayne regards as expendable, the soldiers he is unable to control either through greed or vices. These men are usually a disgrace, bandits and marauders that joined the King's forces so they could loot, rape, and pillage to their heart's desires. Vayne controls these men and women through gold and fear, but he holds no respect for them, and they often end up the casualties of his own regulars or sent on suicide missions... oddly, for the most part they are humans.

His regular forces are mostly made of humans, dark elves, and other "evil" races that are capable of discipline and follow the orders of their officers. These soldiers are highly trained and are used for something other than senseless slaughter like the occupation of important Elizer's cities and the capture of important objectives.

Finally, Vayne has his elites, warriors who have stood out in the name of their king in their devotion and skill and strength. Elites guard The Citidel of the King, their skills and powers are numerous. The most notable and feared of these are the Blackguard. Heavily armored creatures encased in black armor and enshrouded by cloaks as black as night that have proven a match even for the knights. Blackguard are demonic warriors and are the most fanatically devoted of the Dark Army's forces, and the most fearsome, though they have only been used once in open combat, the capture of Elzier's castle since he prefers to use them as bodyguards. [/align]

[ � о и � � ]

��� [ This connection is deep.] ;;
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Scream- Avenged Sevenfold
Demonheart- Luca turilli
��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; The king is attracted to one of his closest subordinates... who can it be? I am not telling >..>
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; Dark colors, whatever I need .

Sincerely yours,
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Re: ` ℮ с ℓ ι р ѕ ℮ - [Profiles]
[Image: l11.jpg]

" If you have no purpose in life...your life has no meaning. "

' Artificial Naturalist '

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Beneath the title.] ;;Tsuâ??Ro â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The years come and go.] ;; Appears 22
��� [ The start of our existence] ;; November 24th
��� [ Battle of the sexes.] ;; Male
��� [ Gender is nothing more than a label ] ;; Women, men...there's no difference to me. All that matters is that they can please me when the time comes.
��� [ How high is high.] ;; Six foot four
��� [ Aren't we all the same deep down.] ;; Demon ��� [ There is no other I am servant to] ;; The side of Light

[ â? â?? ι g н Ñ? â? ]

��� [ A place to get lost] ;; Back/Hazel
��� [ Divinely my own.] ;; Black
â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Mirror mirror on the wall.] ;; Tsuâ??Ro has eyes the color of darkness that reflects peopleâ??s fears and deepest fantasies. He has silky lips which are a deep pink color that are often slightly, curved giving the illusion of happiness to others. His face is rarely seen for it is covered by a white hood which overshadows it only allowing people to see his chiseled [which takes on a slightly feminine look] jaw and sensual lips.

Tsuâ??Ro wears a long cloak like outfit that covers up his frame making it hard for people to determine his sexuality. Underneath all of that is a slender frame molded with muscles which often drives, who he chooses to lie down with, to grow simply hysterical with arousal, losing themselves in pure ecstasy.

When Tsuâ??Ro isnâ??t hiding his identity his eyes take on a warm hazel color which enhances his soft crème colored skin. His demon traits become awfully obvious when heâ??s pissed, two inch fangs peak through his sensual lips, green nails that grow and retract at will, hair growing to insane lengths often down to his feet. Tsuâ??Ro has beauty unmatched by anyone, giving him a slight doll-like look at timesâ??a trait which had gotten him into so much trouble as a child. His left arm has a rose that is always wrapped around it, scars from its relentless thorns tearing up his hand up to his shoulder. Around his neck is a white rose, like on his left arm, and scars remain there as well from the thorny accessory.

Underneath the cloak, his attire consists of a traditional green chinese royalty outfit. His left sleeve is torn off to reveal his scarred arm and the rose that is the cause of such--no shoes.

[ � о я � ]

Emotional, daydreamer, mysterious, narcissistic, nostalgic, seductive

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The real me.] ;; Tsuâ??Roâ??s personality often varies so it is not clear to anyone just who he is. Sometimes he is kindhearted, and other times he can be a coldhearted being. It all depends on if heâ??s in favor of something or someone or totally against it for whatever reason heâ??s conjured up in his mind. Most of the time though, he keeps a rather nonchalant air to himself, often daydreaming letting his mind wander which often keeps people wondering just whatâ??s going on in that head of his.

To some he seems evil because of his past of killing with no causeâ?¦. And to others he is perceived to be a guardian angel of sorts, willing to throw his life away to protect his goal in life. It is hard to know when Tsuâ??Ro trusts you or not because he doesnâ??t show his true self. He is quite nostalgic and is always reflecting on his life, the past, and how things are around him. He seems extremely narcissistic but in actuality it is just a façade to hide his beauty.

His beauty and elegance is what granted him a horrible childhood. His seductiveness is also a defense, using it to cover up his need for love. In a nutshell, Tsuâ??Ro is one emotional demon. He never reveals his identity unless he feels you are trustworthy and wonâ??t loath him because of his beauty, like so many have done in the past.

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ The past is history.] ;; Tsuâ??Roâ??s past was a rocky one. Born into a family of demons, in disguise as rogue magic wielders he was an outcast at birth. While giving birth to Tsuâ??Ro his mother died from extreme loss of blood. She was a beloved member of the tribe and so, for killing his mother the infant was left to die. An innocent bystander took the infant in and decided to raise him as her own naming him Tsuâ??Ro, meaning â??One of Beautyâ? in his ancient laguage.

The older he got the more he realized just how different he was from the people around him. Tsuâ??Ro had divine beauty and his unusual powers had always scared the townspeople. They claimed he was a demon in an angel's body always saying cruel things about him claiming he was going to be the death of them all. His mother was murdered by a mob believing if they killed the one thing he was attached to that he would just disappear. It only pissed him off and he ended up slaughtering the whole village with his destructive powers, forcing him to destroy all that he loved.

Tsuâ??Ro tried to live peacefully in many villages and one after another he was resented.No matter if he were kind or just in the shadows people hated him. He took on multiple personas trying to make people like him which explains his personality. He finally gives up and throws on a cloak hiding his true form roaming the lands searching for a purpose in a world which seemed to hate him even though he tried his best for them. Finally he found himself drawn to the kingdom of Elizar, where the queen took him inâ?¦and finally he felt like he had before his mother was taken away from him.

He immediately fell for the Youngest Knight more than the others, simply admiring his passion for the side of good. There he had decided to fight for what the Youngest Knight didâ??justice. However when the Queen fell, and the knights were forced into hiding; again he had felt everything was taken from him and well, reverted back to trying to find a purpose for his wretched life. On his journey to find a life, a tiger came upon him injured and starving. He cared for it, having a companion of sorts. Such an event brought back a passion which gave him the sudden realization that he should look for the knights. Such an epiphany gave him a purpose again.

[ � d а я κ � ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ I'm used to it] ;; Tsuâ??Ro has a habit of losing himself, constantly yammering incoherent words and phrases when his past resurfaces and haunts himâ??he does this especially when he feels lost in life, like he has no purpose. When he is pissed watch out, for he has a habit of going all out and losing himself in a rage that shakes the earth and seems to disturb the natural balance of nature itself.
��� [ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.] ;; Nature itself
Sexual encounters
His pet Firuâ??en, which means beloved in his motherâ??s ancient language.
��� [ When the dog bites.] ;; Unwanted conflicts
People who despise the knights, especially the youngest.
��� [ When the bee stings.] ;; Not being loved or appreciated when he does something for a person.
Losing his purpose in life.

[ â?¦ Ñ?нâ?®Ñâ?® саи оиâ??γ вâ?® â?¦ ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Feel my wrath.] ;; Tsuâ??Ro controls the very essence of nature many ignore or neglect. He can talk to animals and sometimes command them. Tsuâ??Ro uses the nature around him to inflict harm on his enemies. For instance, he could summon the roots of a tree to bind an enemy and stab him to death.
â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ Cower beneath my blade.] ;; Tsuâ??Ro wields no weapon. However if he believes he needs one, he will often break off a sturdy branch and strengthen it so it can be used as a weapon. When his magic is used on a limb of a tree it often resembles a katana. Other than that, he sometimes uses his nails.

[ � о и � � ]

â?¥â?¥â?¥ [ This connection is deep.] ;; There used to be something between the knights and Tsuâ??Ro. However when the Queen fell and they were forced into hidingâ?¦ Tsuâ??Ro fell into all types of illusions and tricks of the King of Darkness; simply distraught that everything around him had crashed down around him again. Tsuâ??Ro refused to take the Youngest Knightâ??s head, even in his condistion, and when he did word spread that he had agreedâ?¦.creating a distance between him and the others.
��� [ Your sound of death.] ;; Xiah-Beautiful Thing, Versialles-Episode, Maaya Sakamoto and Steve Conte- Garden of Everything

��� [ Fulfil your curiosity.] ;; Is fond of the Youngest Knight
��� [ Show them proudly] ;; (>x.x)>,(>..)>

Sincerely yours,

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Don't wait to bring me down. Drown me in your darkness. Cleanse me now. This meaning of life. My meaning of life.
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