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Step into the Darkness and Play
01-13-2010, 07:29 PM (This post was last modified: 07-22-2016 05:16 PM by Tyr.)
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Step into the Darkness and Play
Tyr 's Roleplay Request Thread

Rough, Tough, Rude, Lewd, Crude, and Domineering.

1. Introduction:

Hi I'm Tyr and I'm a male heterosexual. I play only male heterosexuals, though I am willing to play multiple characters if the story needs it. My preferences are for a medium to long story involving a good plot that develops over time, and has lots of smut. Not that I can't enjoy some good short term smut. As far as domination and submission goes, I'm a dominate, and have no interest in submission. Since joining this site awhile back, I've had several stories go and go and others die from missing partners. So my preference is for someone responsible enough to notify me if they are bored or no longer interested in playing. I'm a busy person, but I will try to post several times a week, if my schedule is too busy or such, I'll notify you. Given that I don't have large blocks of open time, threads, pms and Email are the best method for playing, instant messaging only on special occassions.
What do I want: A writing partner who is female and willing to contribute ....

Please send me a PM if you are interested in playing, so we may tailor the story to fit both our needs.

2. Literacy:
My preference for is for semi literate or above, with basic grammar and spelling corrected. Come on its not that difficult to run it through a spell checker. I don't consider myself any great writer, in fact the exact opposite, and so I'm not a grammar nazi. Posting length should be what makes sense, so sometimes a few sentences to several paragraphs. Huge posts running 5+ paragraphs are just too long (unless an opening sequence), and really make posting back a painful experience.

3. F-List and Limits:



Don't really have much in limits, it just has to make sense and be enjoyable for both writers. Take for example scat, I don't see the pleasure in it, but if it makes sense and works into a story so be it, otherwise it stays in the 'No' Category. Anything in the 'No' category needs to be discussed prior to it being placed in the story.

Consensual and non-consensual, I have no issue with force as long as in the end the woman enjoys it or accepts it.

Must comply with all the rules and T.O.S. on Blue Moon.
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01-13-2010, 07:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-14-2014 03:37 PM by Tyr.)
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
4. Some Plot Ideas:

Note: All ideas are just basic, and I expect we will discuss them in PM before they are to begin. If you have your own ideas, then let's discuss them. The pictures are simply ideas, I'm not set on the girl or the guy, we can modify to suit, they are just examples.

Last Update: 11/17/2012

Idea #1 Going Home
A mother is having trouble with her delinquent daughter, who is actively sleeping around. Not sure what to do, she finally gets desperate and ships her off to her father, whom she hasn't seen in years. The girl knows how to manipulate men, but soon finds the situation spiraling out of control as her father discovers and takes control of her, bringing out her inner slut, this story should delve into many dark areas.

Another variation is a single father struggling to make it, is embarrassed when he finds his daughter is a slut. He's been sacrificing himself trying to make a life for the two of them, and she's been anything but cooperative. So he seeks his revenge by taking it out on her.

Idea #2 Let's Make a Deal
Mother desperate, broken and a drug addict trades her daughter (or daughters) for drugs. While she's feeling the pleasure of a hit, the drug dealer is feeling the pleasure of one of the daughters. Not only does this drug dealer enjoy taking the girl(s), but the darkness escalates as he begins to pimp them out and hook them on drugs. Again a series of dark themes can be done in this were they are broken, used, and manipulated.

Idea #3 A Broken Education
A rich mother wants the best for her daughter, will do anything to make sure she gets the best in life. The daughter is an uncaring ruthless bitch, who controls and manipulates men. The daughter is failing a class, falling behind, and figures her mother will make things right, with a monetary payoff to the teacher. However this time it goes very very wrong, when they come up against a teacher that wants more, so much more. First the man takes the mother and uses her, ravishing her, till she is nothing more than his sexual toy. This story gets darker, when he wants more, he wants the daughter too, and the mother helps him, figuring the girl deserves it. The daughter fights back, but finally like her mother comes to be another fuck toy for the teacher. Now starts jealousy competition as each strives to outdo the other.

Idea #4 Trailer Trash Extravaganza

A single mother and her daughters living the good life in the trailer park. Till mom gets a new boyfriend who stays home, while mom goes off to work. Off course this gives the new boyfriend ample time to enjoy what trailer trash girls do best ... fuck! This story can be a little tongue and cheek, played over the top. Ideas: One daughter is a stripper by night, one daughter is hoping to get pregnant or already is, while another is looking for more than young boys to play with and wants the boyfriend to break her in. Is mom willing to throw the boyfriend out, just because he's banging the girls? The drama begins.....

Idea #5 A Successful Career
You are a professional woman, with a career. Everything is going your way, except you are unhappy. Your personal life is nonexistent, you given it all up for the perfect career. Finally you are invited to a board of directors meeting, and you meet the man who controls the company, and you find yourself attracted to his power and strength. Soon you find yourself in his office and it goes beyond business and into something far more dark. The man takes control, ravishing you, possessing you, and you find yourself irresistibly and willingly giving in. He took you because he could, and now he plans to use you to his own purpose, and you find yourself wanting, no needing to please him, why does your mind say you shouldn't and your body says you should.

Idea #6 Am I a slut?

You go to parties and bars, enjoying the music, festivities, and the men. Most nights you go home with a nice looking gentleman, and have a bit of fun, he may be married or not it really never mattered not to you. Still the next morning you're ready to forget the guy and move on. Till one night you for whatever reason decide to enjoy the attentions of a very tough and rough looking biker. He doesn't ask, he takes, using you as an object for his pleasure. What he does would offend almost everyone, and should have offended you, but instead you find yourself not only enjoying it, but wanting more.

Idea #7 Ho ho ho a Pirate's Adventure
The small hamlet is raided by pirates, they are raping and killing everyone. You've been captured, what's going to happen to you, what are you willing to do to survive. Those that don't cooperate are being killed. You know what they want... a sex slave, a fuck toy, a cum dump.

Idea #8 Conjuring a Nightmare
You were new to magic, but the power seemed limitless. Summon a demon, have it frighten and scare another female competing for a guy you like. Plus while its there have it help you with sex appeal, it seemed so simple, and how wrong you were. Such a simple mistake, and now it is bound to you or is that you are bound to it. Its needs are insatiable, its in a constant hunger for sexual fulfillment, does she keep it under control by using her body to feed its deviant behavior or sacrifice her friends and family to satiate it.

Idea #9 A Good Girl Gone Bad
He was sexy, he was a bad boy, the kind that all the girls swooned over. Never did he chase girls, if a girl wanted him, they had to make themselves available for his pleasure. She was a good girl, but to get the boy she was infatuated with she would have to be a very different girl. Could she, would she be that kind of girl? He was so dirty, mean, and nasty the way he treated her, and yet she found his strength so sexually overpowering. How could she not do every despicable deviant thing he asked?

Idea #10 A Boy becomes a Man
A very well endowed young boy of about sixteen year old, discovers sex, either because of a sister or mother. However, his effect on the opposite sex and his rather large appendage, soon finds himself taking control of the women in his family. The father can no more than whimper in the corner as his son gives his wife everything he couldn't. Nor could he say a thing as his son finds his mistress and takes her from him. Soon the woman and girls of the family are openly fighting for his attention, wanting no more than another chance to be with him, even if it means demeaning themselves to get the chance. Is the need for sexual satisfaction greater than self esteem? How low would you go, to be sexually fulfilled?

Need new picture

Idea #11 Running into Trouble

You're a runaway, once of those unforgotten young adults that crowd the big city. Your money is gone, you're hungry and tired, a guy comes along and offers you a place to stay. You know better than to accept his offer, you know he's a scumbag, the kind person that has none of your interests in mind. You know what is going to happen, and yet you make no efforts to stop it, you allow it to happen, why?

Idea #12 Just Say No
Are you ready to go down a terrible path? Drugs, first it was a little pot, and then some coke, everything was wonderful, you could handle your drugs. Then your boyfriend (or could be brother), purposely hooks you on crack. He gives you the drug, knowing it will intensify your sexual drive; he uses it to turn from a caring and loving person into a crack whore to satisfy his depraved sexual needs. You know you shouldn't, but it feels so good, it has to be the drug; you couldn't want this could you?

Idea #13 Father Knows Best
You have been dating a young man your own age and the relationship has been fine, well not exceptional. The young man has been kind, gracious, and considerate at every turn, just what you'd expect from a good boy. He was a caring lover, but truth be told, you want more. Everything would have been fine, till your boyfriend starts to talk about his single father and how he treats woman like objects, dominating and controlling them. Your boyfriend finds it horrific that his father would treat woman this way in this day and age. Why are you wet?

Idea #14 A Very Dark Family Vacation
Father, mother, oldest son, oldest son's girlfriend, daughter, and youngest son are on a winter vacation to the family cabin in the mountains. Little do they know that someone else has been using the cabin for the winter, and is less then pleased with their arrival. This will be a story of corruption, subversion, and manipulation. A mother unhappy with her marriage and sex life, a girlfriend dating out of convenience, and so much more. The story is involved, and crosses many lines as the family is held hostage. Humiliation, degradation, violence and depravity will be common themes, as family members are forced into situations and sides in this dark and depraved story. How far will the family go, is blood truly thicker than water?

Idea#15 The Personal Assistant
The job application for a personal assistant listed some strange qualifications, which would lead one to believe that far more was required of the position was than was ordinary. Would you go to the interview, would you accept the position, knowing what would be required of you?

Idea #16 A Broken Home
A ward of the state you have been moved from home to home, learning to grow up much faster than other young woman your age. As your body has filled out, you noticed the attention men of all give you. So to you've learned to smile, wink, expose some extra flesh to get the things you want, it's worked well so far. You've even been with a few boys, nothing serious, more convenience than anything else. Everything was working out were you were living, till the wife caught you being a little too comfortable in her husband's lap, but hell it was for a new phone, couldn't blame a girl. So you were being moved yet again. Little did you know that your life was about to change in a very drastic fashion. So many terms you are about to learn first hand: Submission, capitulation, objectification, humiliation, degradation, and obedience.

Idea #17 The Artifact
Deep in the ancient temple, he'd discovered the artifact, buried in the tomb of the high priest of the long forgotten dark god, quickly finding himself drawn to it. Many wondered and questioned how such a society lasted, how such corruption and depravity could go on and on. The artifact explained it all, the physical changes, the mental powers, and the dark desires; it showed the bearer why absolute power corrupts absolutely. The artifact required sexual depravity, conquest, and submission for its bearer and the god whose power it was meant to expand. Which is worse, those that corrupt, or those that wish to be corrupted?

Idea #18 The Next Step
Science allowed us to change and manipulate things, and now we were taking the next step redesigning who we are. He is an Alpha, one of only a handful, the next step in human evolution. However something primal and dark has been awoken within them. They were perfect, the best the genetic designers could produce, and even they didn't realize what they had done. They were all men, as you only needed one man to father a thousand children. What happens to a man who is perfect, who has thousands of women vying for his attention, a man who can have any man's wife, lover, or young daughter? A man who is protected by the law, because of the next generation, the next step is at stake. What if you wanted him, what if you wanted to bear his child, how would you get his attention, and keep it? What if your dream was really a nightmare?

#19 The Inheritance
A young man's stern and rich father dies in a tragic accident, leaving him not only a substantial accumulated wealth, but something worth far more. A secretary, a mistress, a new young trophy wife, all of them now his personal property to use. Each had been selected for their willingness and desire to be owned and possessed, and though none of them knew it, they each had been given to another. Would each accept this transfer of title, did any of them have a choice?

#20 The Education of the Babysitter
Babysitting was a quick and easy way to get some extra money. You’d been doing it for several years, but things were changing, you were changing, now that you’ve been with a boy. While the child was down, you did a little exploring and discovered that the parents led a very different and active lifestyle. You watched, it should have appalled you what you saw, so many things that would have offended others, but you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen, or your hand from between you legs.

#21 The Cult of the One Eyed Snake God
Joining was easy; the group was loving, caring, and thoughtful. A charismatic leader of unquestionable power and strength led the group. He led by divine right and absolute conviction; his word was law with the group. The determination of who stayed, who left, and whom you may lay with were his alone. If he wished or desired something, nothing was denied him. It was clearly understood as the chosen one, that morality and law were his to define and break at his whim. Are you going to willing serve if asked, because of course you have no option about serving.

#22: The Halls of Academia
You’d been told it was a prestigious all girls school, the best in the nation. Only the finest, smartest, most beautiful attended these halls of academia. The pictures, the brochures, everything expounded on this grandiose institution. This very same institution held a very dark secret, a covenant made between powerful and rich men. For each daughter or girl you sent, you got a graduate in return. Graduation ceremony was no more than an auction the highest bids going to those with the highest grade point average. The highest grades of course went to those who had most proficiently passed their classes in servitude, submission, and obedience.

#23 An Immoral Marriage:
You married him, you were young and he older, maybe you really loved him, maybe you didn’t, what you really loved was his money. At first you hid the affairs, making sure that no one found out, but as the brief dalliances came and went, rumors swirled and people began to talk, and you didn’t care. Your husband may have known, but he never said a thing, the wimp. Everything would have continued and nothing changed till you had a repairman come over to fix something. You didn’t know it but the tough looking bastard was going to use you, abuse you, and make you cum like never before. Worse than that, you were going to serve this man for he was more man than your husband would or could ever be. That you would let this man do anything he wanted, even while you husband watched, was nothing compared to letting him fill you womb with his virile seed, till you were with his child, one that everyone would know wasn’t your husbands. You don’t care, a few minutes with him was far better than a lifetime with your husband. Are you ready to make that call, something needs to fixed?

#24 A Very Bad Neighborhood
There were so few choices to a young girl in the bad side of the city. It was a place were even the cops didn’t even go at night. Prostitution, drugs, violence and gangs were so common place that no one even looked twice at a girl sucking some guy's cock in an alley way. What choices did you have, most girls were already unwed, pregnant and unemployed. Many of the girls were reluctant to join a gang, or to accept what it meant to be a gang bitch, but secretly it made you wet. How many times had you slept in family’s filthy little government subsidize apartment and rubbed yourself to orgasm thinking about being initiated by a gang of ruthless men. Now you were old enough to join, even if you weren’t old enough to vote, but it didn’t matter, you were going to show them you had all the skills to be a member.

#25 A Different Kind of Girl

Everyone had their kinks, their fetishes, but you were different. The more objectification, the more humiliation, the filthier, and the more degradation the more you relished the experience. Your friend might have thought it was kinky to get on her knees and suck a guy’s cock, but you wanted to suck a guys cock after it had been buried deep in your ass, then to kneel there as he pissed on you, your mouth wide open hoping you got to drink some down. Your friend told you how sexy it was to swallow a guy’s load, but you thought it would be even sexier if her boyfriend fucked you in the ass, and she sucked that same load out of your ass, now that would be sexy. She told you about her fantasy to have two guys at once, and you thought why not the whole well hung basketball team. All of these fantasy had been buried so deep, and then one day your dad’s depraved friend came along and you found your sick soul mate. Is daddy's little girl ready to get nasty?

Need new picture

#26 The Lawless Land

You came to help; you came to offer assistance in this trouble land. This was once an area ruled by the great powers: Europe and America, now its was a lawless land(Liberia for example) with the only power coming from the point of a gun. The locals had broken up into gangs and groups, looting, pillaging and raping, as they liked. Your compound was safe, you had guards, but the brutality, the primitiveness of it called to you. The men outside the compound were so strong, so ruthless, and yet you were attracted to them, so you ventured out, you weren’t even sure the reason. Are you ready to learn what life would be like if you were a modern day slave, with no laws, no rights, the only thing you have to give to survive is your body?

#27 The Virgin Slut
You promised your family that you would keep your virginity, till you were married. You didn’t want to get pregnant and you didn’t have birth control. Still you felt the constant pressure, your peers were actively engage in sexual activity, the media bombarded you with images, and most of all, there was a very strong yearning for sexual relief. Some of your friends felt that sucking on a guy’s dick wasn’t sex, so that was okay, and though you enjoyed it, it didn’t seem like enough. What could you do? Then a friend joked that if you took it up the ass, you’d still be a virgin. The real question though is can a virgin be a slut?

#28 The Perfect Teacher
The new teacher was one cold hard bitch, though she looked great, she treated all the men and boys of the school like trash. She snubbed their advances, scorned their comments, and in every way was cruel and vindictive. She acted as if she were above them, better then them, and there was little that could be done about it. The laws protected her, she’d sued a school once for dismissing her, and so she was feared. That she taught the sex education class only made it worse, she enjoyed humiliating the boys, and even the girls. What if someone found her secret, her flaw, and turned the tables on her, how far would they go to get revenge? What if she were made to pay for every slight and every wrong.

#29The Abused Scientist
A super intelligent man/young man has been snubbed by a very beautiful woman, who has teased him for years. Knowing he has a crush on her, she's been cruel, telling him of her sexual exploits and he sexual conquests, while of course turning down all of his advances. The scientist has spent his incredible intellect on growing his cock and ball, so that he's got incredible set of equipment able to please any woman even the hungriest of cum sluts. Further, he genetically altered his cum so that its addictive, like crack cocaine, such that it not only is irresistible, but its an aphrodisiac. The perverted scientist now plans his complete revenge upon his unsuspecting female nemesis.

#30 Daddy's Slut
A father discovers inappropriate pictures of his daughter, that a friend at work shows him. He's been working hard, not dating, putting his child totally first after the death of his wife. He thought it unfair to try to bring someone else into the family when he should put his daughter first. So he was sacrificing everything including his personal life. Now he discovers that she's been anything but a good dutiful daughter. So he heads home to confront her, only to arrive home, and find her engaged in very inappropriate activity ... say with two boys. Dad chases the punks off, and flips out, and takes control of his slutty daughter.

#31 The Proud Slut
You enjoy sex, you really enjoy sex. You're a young girl, whose hunger has never been truly satiated, and you've gone from boy to boy, and though at times its been satisfactory, you're hunt continues. For a while you could thrill in taking and using another girl's boyfriend, but even that has waned in satisfying your need. You have now begun to seek out older, more experienced men, hoping one of them knows how to treat and use a slut like you.

#32 Bad Girls Club
A small group of young girls gather and do what young girls do, talk about pop stars, movie stars and boys. Well not exactly boys, for this group had quickly given up on young men, and now set their sights on older more mature men, the kind of men that were skilled and experience and knew how to take care of their growing needs. They might have been dirty old perverts, but those were the exact kind of men the girls wanted the most. Growing up was about learning and the girls were definitely getting an education. What would the newest girl to the club say or do when it was explained what was required and expected of her.

#33 A Dirty Man

He lived in a cardboard box, he was probably unwashed and smelled. Yes he had all of his teeth, and didn’t appear to be an alcoholic, and yet there was something dark and depraved in the way he watched and looked at you when you passed. You are young and tender, coming of age, and yet you couldn’t help it, you had an attraction for him, something that caused you to purposely go by his little camp ground, and his box. You were told by others to stay away, and yet you couldn’t. You didn’t know why but you feel a tingling sensation every time he looks at you, a need to get closer. You know he like your sexy outfits, and you’ve been wearing more and more revealing clothing each day as you try to get his attention. Maybe today you’ll wear the cheerleading outfit without panties.

#34 Mom’s Boyfriend
You’re growing up and filling out. Your single mother and you live together, and even on occasion get along. For the most part you fight and argue about just about everything, from clothes, to curfew, to school. Nothing seemed to change till your mother’s newest boyfriend starts to be a regular fixture around the house, and you expect that now that she’s getting it regular its got her calmed down. That was till you came home early one Friday night, a miracle in itself, that you heard the two of them going at it, and not as in an argument. Your mother’s boyfriend was verbally humiliating and degrading her, calling every foul thing imaginable, and promising to whore her out to his friends, when you heard the most surprising thing of all. Your mother was pleading no begging him to do it. Telling him she’d make a good whore, and that he shouldn’t charge much. The conversation was shocking enough, but was more shocking was that your hand was sliding between your legs to give some relief to another problem.

#35 Paying the Bills
The family always lived on the edge, barely making ends meet. Mom got pregnant young and already had three girls before she was 18; this only made things more difficult. Dad or boyfriend was unemployed as often as he was employed, various government assistance programs being the only thing consistent. The streets were rough, the neighborhood tough, and life was getting harder as the economy languished in a deep recession. The girls were starting to grow up and rebel, and things around the house were getting more difficult, when finally Mom came up with an easy solution. Get each of her daughters pregnant and she would soon be rolling in money. Now all she had to do was either set it up, or make sure it happened. Time to hide or mix up the birth control.

#36 Family Problems:
A young single mom had raised her two kids the best she could after the death of her husband, who had been shot by a rival gang many years back. With her own days in the gang behind her, she concentrated on giving her kids the life she thought they should have. However, her son had fallen in his father’s footsteps and now was a leader in that very same gang. That would have been all okay, except the young single mom had given in to her own weaknesses, letting her daughter’s boyfriend have his way with her. What she hadn’t realized or didn’t know was that very same young man was part of a rival gang. So when her son discovered her indiscretion, which was horrible enough, what she didn’t realize was what her son was going to do to exact punishment on her for her betrayal.

#37 What Happens when the Genius is a Pervert:
Medical and gene advancement were supposed to be used for the betterment on mankind, giving hope that the ills of the world would be solved, or at least that was the promise. What if that very same genius thought this was the perfect opportunity to reconstruct the world into his own depraved fantasies? Tweak a gene here, modify a gene there, enhance certain physical features, remove certain inhibitions, and all would be a better place.

#38 A Daddy's Club:
Where fathers share their trained daughter sluts. The story would begin with a man wanting to become a member of the local prestigious club, so he breaks his daughter in so he can join. He starts the process of training her. The members take pride and prestige in showing how well trained and obedient their little daughter sluts are. They exchange, trade and generally play with their young girls at the club. The men with the most depraved and slutty of daughters, gets the most opportunity to try the other young girls, and to show off how well he trained her. What daughter wouldn't want to be her father’s pride and joy?

#39 Pussy Sale:
Most girls ended up slaves, but you were lucky your father had a successful business, and could easily afford the Freedom Fee, that began on your 16th birthday. So rather than a life of humiliation and degradation, you were going to get an education and be something more than just a sexual slave. So as your friend one by one were sold, you were able to sashay your sexy nubile body through school and life without a fear in the world, life was good. You had no fear that you would ever had to debase yourself and do all those horrible things your girlfriends new masters required of them. If only you knew your father’s business had made a very bad investment, and he needed cash now, or lose it, at least he still had one asset to that he could sell quickly.
Based somewhat on:

#40 Dark Family Secrets:

A mother, a son, maybe even a daughter. What happens when mom’s secret is discovered? A widow whose husband once took care of her depraved desires, is now alone and in need. She’d hidden them to protect her children, so they wouldn’t be embarrassed or even worse appalled and hate her. She’d tried to discretely find a man who knew how to use a cumdump like her, how to degrade and humiliate her, the way her beloved husband used to. The vibrator has worn out, her fingers not enough, and the ache and need only grew worse with each passing day. If only she knew that her son took after his father, or that her daughter took after her.

#41 Daughter Like Mother

Mom is a slut, she knows she's a slut, and she loves being a slut! What's a mother to do, her young daughter is growing up, filling out, and reaching that age? Everyone telling her to set an example, to be a positive part of her daughter's life. Then a simple realization came to her, she could make her daughter popular, her daughter could be desired by men, all it took was showing her how to be just like mom. Then she'd know the joys of being thrown down and used, or kneeling before a man and sucking on his cock, or taking a tasty load in the face. Yes mom was going to raise her daughter right and be the perfect example and show her daughter the joys of being a slut!
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Reserved - Future Expansion
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01-14-2010, 09:42 PM
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Sent you a PM, although I hadn't read all of the plots in this thread. . .I was on my phone, scrolling is a pain. The plot idea I sent you is very similar to Idea #8 Conjuring a Nightmare, so we can build off either.
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Updated with a few more ideas.
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04-10-2010, 08:56 PM
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
I'd love to try the Let's Make a deal plot with you. Maybe with the third and second pictures as the daughters?
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
I sent you an Email... but.. I'm excited, and decided to post here as well.. just in case... as its been a wile since i got your email to me... confused.. good. This idea can and should be altered to make it better for both of us, it is merely a template.

My Idea is based on your First.

Sheri Was growing into womanhood, her mother though was being... Mom. Forgetting what it was like at that age, and that times change, they Change alot. Sherri Was dressing sexy, and interested in sex, but was not as her mother assumed, the town slut, She was more or less a good girl when it came to it. Did she want to... yeah.. But she was saving herself for a Man, not the boys she would run into at party's. Dd she do some heavy petting, yeah, Hand jobs, yeah.. was figured,, yeah.. but that's about as far as it went so far.

Whats more Sherri was Tired of the Mid West life style, She wanted to move to the West Coast, to be with her father, and Do the Big City Stuff that came with that. She loved her father, and though he had visitation rights, Mom made sure that they were kept essentially to the bare minimum she could get away with.

The problem came when Mom called the police one too many times trying to locate her daughter, Child services got involved, the Judge was quickly convinced, By Sherri testimony, and that of CPS That her mother could not control her, and that despite everything about the divorce a trial with daddy was not only warranted, but necessary in this case. Mom lost all custody, and she was shipped off to live with her father.

The divorce was an ugly one.. He was caught with the baby sitter, doing some bondage games with her... the Babysitter was of legal age actually.. but Just barely , if her parents pushed it he probably would have been convicted of a sex crime, but the daughter openly admitted that she initiated it, and wanted it.

The First Few months go great with the new arrangement, Daddy and Daughter back together again, Daughter loving her daddy, Sherri's Grades are at 4.0 status again. Than comes heShe wants a small just father daughter day. And has One .. quasi Odd Request that she tells him the day before. Sherri Remembers that daddy was into BDSM. Daddy is the perfect man in Sherri's Eyes, so what if she wants her birthday spanking bare assed, Half with open palm.. the other half with daddy's belt.
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05-23-2010, 05:08 PM
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Updated with additional ideas.
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07-23-2010, 04:23 PM
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Again updated
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07-23-2010, 04:50 PM
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Re: Step into the Darkness and Play
Good plots, though not something I'd expect from someone who takes the name of a God of Justice.
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08-14-2010, 04:09 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2010 04:21 PM by Tyr.)
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
To Hel: Well true, but so too he is the god of many other things, and as a Norse god they are more prone to a combative situation.

Oh and a bump for new plot idea.
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09-05-2010, 06:34 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
Bump: Updated with a few more pictures.
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09-05-2010, 07:19 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
I quite like Idea 5, and I'd love to give it a try if you're still looking.
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09-17-2010, 08:42 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
I would like to do Idea #2 with you.
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10-02-2010, 05:37 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
Some additional ideas.
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10-03-2010, 01:39 AM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
The cult rp sounds interesting!
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10-03-2010, 03:23 AM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
If you're not already drowning in requests I would love to play Idea #1 with you. Please PM me if you're interested!
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12-18-2010, 06:58 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
Additional ideas with a Bump!
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01-18-2011, 08:45 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
More Ideas with a Bump!
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02-26-2011, 04:58 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play

For you sir!
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02-26-2011, 05:41 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
I would like to do #24 with you.
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02-24-2012, 05:51 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
Just added a few more ideas.
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08-08-2012, 12:37 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
I really like the ideas of three, thirteen nd fifteen. I a semi literate player and i can try and reapond at least once a day. I will tell you if otherwise. I like long roleplays that can go on for a while so I would like this. Three and Thriteen are my top two as of now between those three.
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08-08-2012, 12:52 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
I like number 16 if your interested in starting one of those? Pm me if you are.
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08-25-2012, 11:38 PM
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RE: Step into the Darkness and Play
Hey, if you have time to add another roleplay, and are craving something right now that you aren't currently roleplaying, feel free to pm me with any plot. I'd love to roleplay with you!
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