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Lagoosh island
09-01-2013, 04:07 PM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2013 08:59 PM by serapet.)
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Lagoosh island

( this rp is an idea i had one night recently i havent been able to find individual to do it solo so im trying here the lagoosh island chain is a small set off the coast of florida were tourist barges are known for passing.
Please go here for more information on the story and weather you want to join)

Lagoosh island and he smaller islands surrounding it are known for there beautiful lagoon but more.They are known for the pirate garon who once used the small chain to sink small trade ships and cargo ships that once used the island chain as a passing mark for there trading with the mainland.After his death the island chain was abandoned until more recently the small left over buildings remolded and used to build a set of bungalows and smaller houses along different portions of the connected pieces of the islands.TO this day reports of ship disappearances still frequent the area though most are during storms and thus put off as a simple mistake or blip in the weather having caused the shipwrecks. As a storm turns on the south coast of the island several trees are whipped by the wind a beautiful woman watching out the window as the lightning cracked and a monsoon tore at the sand of the beaches.IN the distance a large white object was often flashed into view thanks to the lightning.Though no one would dare go out at night after all thats when the beasts roam they stalk the island and they own the uncivilized ones. Only a fool would travel out at night and who would in a storm anyway.

Aboard the floatsome.

The waves rock the small tourist ship cold rain slicking the deck as the ship bobs up and down in the wake of a horrible storm. The passengers are told to remain calm but no calm can be had as the deck hands work to get everyone on deck and into the lifeboats waiting below.Inflating more of the emergency lifeboats as the ship makes a screeching noise.The crew and the passengers work to get off the ship as the storm gets worse black oil flooding the churning waters were the ship had beached on an unseen reef in the dark water.A huge Tidal wave crashes over the ships deck throwing men women and children into the water as the ship starts to visibly go under turning on its side from the force of the storm.
( im looking for players to be passengers of the ship and up to four players may play im also looking for a spy of some sort investigating the island if possible im looking for a good story based rp more info will be in the OOC
( )
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09-02-2013, 12:56 PM
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RE: Lagoosh island
This is a thriller and conspiracy rp you will have a chance to die .IF your character does something stupid they will die if the situation is dangerous however there will always be a way out for that character .
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